Real Name: Phillip Benjamin "Phil" Urich

Identity/Class: Human mutate/technology user

Occupation: Professional criminal;
    former journalist, intern, video store clerk

Group Membership: Goblin Nation (Casey, Goblin King/Norman Osborn, Menace/Lily Hollister, Monster/Carlie Cooper, Painmaker, others);
    formerly Daily Bugle staff (Meredith "Merry" Campbell, Jacob Conover, Ken Ellis, Derrick Gratham, J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, Ben Urich, Lynn Walsh, Norah Winters, others), Excelsior ("Chamber"/Geoffrey Wilder, Darkhawk/Chris Powell, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Red Ronin/Namie, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo, Spider-Woman/Mattie Franklin, Turbo/Michiko Musashi)

Affiliations: 8-Ball (unrevealed), Meredith "Merry" Campbell, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Fast Freddie Glazer, Gypsy Moth (unrevealed), Hand, Hollow, Killer Shrike (unrevealed), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Melter (unrevealed), Missile Mate (John Myers), Montana (Jackson Brice), Runaways (Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Victor Mancha, Nico Minoru, Old Lace, Chase Stein, Gertrude Yorkes), Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Squid (unrevealed), Tinkerer (Phineas Mason), Tiger Shark (unrevealed), Unicorn (unrevealed);
    formerly Liz Allen, Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tiberius Stone, Ben Urich

Enemies: Agent Anti-Venom/Venom (Eugene "Flash" Thompson), Liz Allen, Angel Face, Arcade, Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor/Thor Odinson, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Bennie the Broker, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Cardiac (Elias Wirtham), Excelsior (Darkhawk/Chris Powell, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Red Ronin/Namie, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo, Spider-Woman/Mattie Franklin, Turbo/Michiko Musashi), Firefist, Bella Fishbach, Fly (Rick Deacon), Gaunt (Mendel Stromm), Hammerhead, Hercules (Heracles), Hob-Heroes (D-Man, Leather Boy/Larry, Queen Cat/Lily Hollister, Razorback, Water Wizard, Wildstreak, others), Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley), J. Jonah Jameson, Joystick (Janice Yanizeski), Daniel Kingsley, Gwen Stacy Miles, Warren Miles, Mister Negative (Martin Li), Max Modell, Nekra (Nekra Sinclair), Netshape (Jonathan Gatesworth), Onslaught, Purge, Red Goblin (Norman Osborn), Rhea, Rhino (Alexei Sytsevich), Ricko the Sicko, Joe Robertson, Randy Robertson, Salt and Pepper, Sentinels, Silk (Cindy Moon), Sisterhood of the Wasp (All-Mother, others), Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Steel Slammer, Steeplejack, Tiberius Stone, Judge Elias Tomb, el Toro Negro (Sergio Torres), Ultron, Ben Urich, Wraith (Yuri Watanabe);
    formerly Runaways (Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Victor Mancha, Nico Minoru, Old Lace, Chase Stein, Gertrude Yorkes)

Known Relatives: Arnold "Arnie" Urich (father), Mindy Urich (mother), Kenneth "Kenny" Urich (brother), Ben Urich (uncle), Doris Urich (aunt, deceased), unidentified cousin

Aliases: Goblin Knight, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, "Gobby";
    impersonated Agent Dalrymple

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Goblin Underground, beneath New York City;
    formerly a warehouse in Brooklyn

First Appearance: (Green Goblin) Web of Spider-Man I#125 (June, 1995);
    (Hobgoblin) Amazing Spider-Man II#649 (January, 2011);
    (Goblin Knight) Superior Spider-Man I#16 (October, 2013);
    (Goblin King) Amazing Spider-Man III#5 (October, 2014)

Powers/Abilities: Urich could unleash his "Lunatic Laugh" on command; a loud, disorienting cackle; it grew in strength with time, and could eventually immobilize or even kill his foes. The Goblin formula also gave him superhuman strength (lifting 8 tons) and durability; he initially believed it required his original Green Goblin mask to activate it, but later discovered it was actually psychosomatic. In all four of his identities, he wore an armored costume and gloves with built-in blasters; he also used a variety of pumpkin bombs, containing gas or explosives, razor-bats, a dagger, and disorienting gel-ghosts. As the Hobgoblin and Goblin Knight/King, he wielded a flaming sword, and wore boots with grappling claws; his costume incorporated a pair of flight-capable wings using similar magnetic-repulsion technology to those of the Vulture's. His Green Goblin mask activated his superhuman strength and durability, and had a built-in targeting scope, gas mask, and radio. As the Green Goblin, his boots contained retractable "goblin blades," allowing him to glide through the air; they didn't function without the mask. As the Green Goblin, he rode a goblin glider equipped with a remote control, and used a remote-controlled camera drone; he occasionally used one as the Goblin King, as well. He briefly possessed the powers of Darkhawk, transferring his consciousness into an alien android body with superhuman strength and durability, energy projection abilities, and flight. He had some electronics skills. He was mildly hypoglycemic.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown (dyed black)

(Green Goblin#1 (fb)) - Teenage slacker Phil Urich befriended Fast Freddie Glazer.

(Green Goblin#1 (fb)) - Phil worked at Kidd Video before being fired.

(Green Goblin#1 (fb)) - After leaving school, Phil was hired by his uncle, Ben Urich, to work as an intern for the Daily Bugle.

(Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil#1) - Phil dropped into Ben's office; Ben gave him the first manuscript for his book on the Osborns, Legacy of Evil.

(Green Goblin#1) - Phil ran into Fast Freddie on the street near Kidd Video, who told him that he'd got neighborhood lowlife Ricko the Sicko to ransack the place as revenge for them firing him. Phil was distraught, but when the police showed up, he distracted them with a fake story about a mugging, letting Ricko and his crew escape. Afterwards, Ricko thanked him, and gave him a ride home. The next day, at the Bugle, Ben assigned him to do some research on some property once owned by Harry Osborn, as part of his Legacy of Evil research. That night, he had dinner with his family, where he had to deal with their questions about his career. The next day, he successfully completed the research, locating Osborn's warehouse for Ben, who was impressed. Later, he ran into Freddie, and told him about the Osborn warehouse. That night, Freddie called him, letting him know that he and Ricko had broken into the warehouse. Phil rushed down - and found that Ricko's goons had found Ben sneaking around. Phil hit the lights to throw them off, grabbed Ben, and hustled him away from the criminals. He accidentally triggered a secret entrance, revealing a stash of high-tech Green Goblin gear. Startled by a rat, Phil stumbled backwards into a tank of Goblin serum, shattering it and getting drenched in the substance within. Hearing Ricko's goons grab Ben, he grabbed a Green Goblin costume to disguise himself - and found that the mask triggered the formula, giving him superhuman strength! He quickly dispatched Ricko and his goons with his new powers and weapons, saving Ben, then took off when the police arrived.

(Green Goblin#2) - Freddie dropped into Phil's apartment a few days later, telling him that Ricko was out on bail and looking for him. Over at the Bugle, he was pleased to see that comely fellow intern Lynn Walsh was intrigued by the new Green Goblin. He accompanied Ben on a trip to talk to one of his sporting idols, New York Smashers running back Johnny Dare, about a story on match-fixing. Seeing how Dare's skills had made him rich and famous, he thought about doing the same - and looked through his uncle's files to find a team he could join. He settled on the New Warriors, and dropped into their Crash Pad unannounced. He battled the startled team, briefly, before explaining himself. The others were reluctant, but Justice was willing to hear him out. The Goblin took off, half-heartedly promising to think about joining; he felt like the Warriors were too serious a team to have him. Later, at the Bugle, Dare called in, telling him that he'd be meeting with a criminal contact in twenty minutes, and needed backup. With Ben out of the office, Phil went alone as the Goblin, intending to break the story himself, and learned that the contact was the Rhino, who had been sent to kill Dare! He saved Dare from the Rhino, and battled the monstrous criminal himself, enraging him when he destroyed the Rhino's briefcase of cash. The enraged Rhino tried to kill him, destroying a police helicopter in the process, but the Goblin used his strength to grab the Rhino by the horn and throw him into a pier, wedging his horn into the wood and trapping him.

(Web of Spider-Man I#125) - Phil dropped into the Daily Bugle, looking for Ben, but found the place deserted. Later, as the Green Goblin, he came across an incident on the George Washington Bridge where the Scarlet Spider (actually Peter Parker in a borrowed costume) was chasing down a speeding car driven by the fugitive clones Warren Miles and Gwen Stacy Miles. The car crashed, and the Goblin pulled Gwen from the wreckage, dropped her atop the bridge, then tried to return for Warren. The terrified Warren instead fired on him and plunged his car into the river, dying instantly. The Goblin retreated, and regretted having made the situation worse.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#225/1) - With a superhuman killer stalking the city's homeless population, the Goblin staked out a homeless man, waiting for the killer to show himself. Instead, he was attacked by Spider-Man, who believed the Goblin was the killer. Their battle took them through a busy restaurant, even as the Goblin protested his innocence. They emerged from the building - and spotted the real killer, the fanatical Firefist. The Goblin saved his latest would-be victim, then returned to save Spider-Man from Firefist, hitting him with razor-bats and the Lunatic Laugh. As Spider-Man took down Firefist, the Goblin took off.

(Amazing Scarlet Spider#2) - A woman (secretly the villain Joystick, who was looking to defeat the Scarlet Spider as part of the Great Game) came into the Daily Bugle looking for Ken Ellis. Ellis wasn't there, so she gave her card to Phil. Soon afterwards, he ran into Ellis, who was trying to poach Ben's Green Goblin story - so Phil gave him a fake location where the Goblin had been spotted. He then followed him as the Goblin, intending to scare him, but had to save him from the crossfire of a battle between the Scarlet Spider and Joystick! He dropped Ellis on a water tower, then flew to assist the Spider - only for Joystick to blind them with a flash of light and escape! He and the Spider introduced themselves, and agreed to meet the next day to track down Joystick.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1) - Phil briefly talked with Ellis about how, with Peter Parker leaving town, the Bugle wouldn't have its main source of Spider-Man photos anymore.

(Green Goblin#3) - After daydreaming about Joystick, the Goblin flew off to the hotel room on her card to find her. Unable to locate her room from the outside, he was spotted by a pair of kids who mistook him for a "caped cartoon crusader"; he took advantage of this, and had them direct him to the right room. Inside, he found a note addressed to the Scarlet Spider, directing him to the Con Edison sub-station, warning that people would die. After accidentally triggering the gas bomb attached to the note and alerting hotel security, he flew off. Later, he met with the Scarlet Spider as they'd agreed; the Spider told him that Joystick's note was an obvious trap, and recommended they call the cops instead. Infatuated and reckless, the Goblin went to the Con Ed station the next day. Joystick ambushed him, but her rival el Toro Negro attacked moments later, seeking revenge for a previous defeat. The Goblin defended her, but el Toro swung him into some power lines, downing his glider. He held his enemy at bay with his Lunatic Laugh before the Spider arrived to assist. He finished off el Toro while the Goblin got Joystick to safety - and was rewarded with a kiss for his efforts as he let her go. The Spider berated him for letting her escape, but the Goblin laughed him off and flew back to his apartment. As soon as he changed back to street clothes and stepped outside, however, he was confronted by Ricko the Sicko!

(Green Goblin#4) - Ricko demanded that Phil pass along information he learned at the Bugle, to help with Ricko's criminal activities; Phil meekly agreed. As Ricko left, Phil noted the Hobgoblin was prowling the neighborhood. The next day at the Bugle, he researched the Hobgoblin, and found that his ex-wife and her new husband, Ronald Vancolder, lived in his neighborhood, meaning that he wasn't looking for the new Green Goblin at all. That night, he saw the Hobgoblin scouting the neighborhood again, and called the police. At the Bugle the next morning, he learned from Lynn that Vancolder was the MTA's new receiver of revenues, and would be holding an event on the subway's "money train" that night. Suspecting that the Hobgoblin was planning to rob it, he called the Fantastic Four, but the Thing gave him the brush-off. Wanting to protect Lynn, who was on the train for the event, he went himself; sure enough, the Hobgoblin attacked, but the Green Goblin struck back, enraging the Hobgoblin and leading him on a chase through the subway tunnels. Phil held his own...until he crashed into a support pillar. Luckily, the Thing arrived on the scene and handled the Hobgoblin, having believed the Goblin after all. Later, Phil met up with Ricko at a pool hall, and refused to give up Bugle information.

(Green Goblin#5) - After reading Ben's book on the history of the Goblins, Phil had a nightmare where he was tormented by his deceased predecessors. Unable to sleep, he went to see Freddie, whose super hero mechandise-strewn apartment gave him an idea to make some cash. The next day, he left the Bugle early, although not before getting an invite to Anthony's Pub from Lynn, who was celebrating her first Bugle byline. After tinkering with his Goblin gear, he dropped in to Cards'R Bucks, a trading card company, to offer them the rights to his likeness, but they weren't interested. He flew off, stopped a robbery at a pizzeria, then flew around the city aimlessly for a few hours. He dropped into Anthony's, where he found out that Ben had been attacked. Phil rushed to see him in the hospital, where he was recovering; Ben insisted that he was fine, and soon checked himself out. Phil headed out as the Goblin, determined to find the perpetrator.

(Green Goblin#6) - The Goblin watched Judge Elias Tomb, who Ben had recently exposed as corrupt, from above. Distracted, he crashed into a chimney, and was joined by Daredevil, who was also stalking Tomb. They joined forces, and Daredevil led the Goblin to a dive bar where they found Bennie the Broker. Bennie confessed that he'd contracted with the assassin Purge to kill Ben Urich. Later, at the Bugle, Phil accidentally collided with an irate J. Jonah Jameson, then was hauled off by Ben to help him track down leads on a story on the new Spider-Man. Later, he and Daredevil watched over Ben, who was supposed to meet up with a source, but was actually being set up for the hit. They spotted Purge on a nearby rooftop, and attacked him; after a pitched battle, a pumpkin bomb knocked Purge off the roof, leaving him dangling from a wire; the Goblin was prepared to let him fall, but a weakened Daredevil convinced him to save him. Purge rewarded him by grabbing his throat, but the Goblin flew him head-first into a ledge, knocking him out. Later, the Goblin took Purge's gun and tossed it through Tomb's window, as a threat. At the Bugle the next day, he met Liz Osborn, who was there to see Ben Urich. She asserted that, as Harry Osborn's widow, she owned the Green Goblin's name and gear - and she wanted them back!

(Green Goblin#7) - Phil watched from outside as Liz and her lawyer, Foggy Nelson, demanded Ben's Goblin files. Then, Lynn offered Phil a pass to the Idelson Museum of Modern Art with her. He was excited to go - but less excited when he saw that she'd invited a number of other Bugle interns, too, like Derrick Gratham and Meredith Collins. In short order, the museum was attacked by the armored Steel Slammer; and Phil was unable to do anything without his Goblin gear there. The Slammer stole a sculpture and left - apparently specifically to spite museum donor Stewart Ronalds. At the Bugle, Phil researched Ronalds, looking for the Slammer's next target - and also learned Ben was planning to hand his notes over to Liz. Later, as the Goblin, he successfully tracked down the Slammer, who engaged him in a furious aerial battle that ended when the Goblin knocked him in front of a speeding train, knocking him out.

(Green Goblin#8) - Ben and Phil led Liz into the warehouse where Phil had found his Goblin gear, but they were startled to find that the entire place had been cleared out! Later, he went back to his apartment; Freddie dropped by and jokingly donned Phil's Goblin mask, not realizing what it was - however, it didn't activate for Freddie the way it did for Phil. Later, Phil called Liz as the Goblin and offered to meet her; she agreed. When she missed their meeting, he raced to her hotel, where he found her being held hostage by the deranged Angel Face and her henchmen Salt and Pepper. He quickly took down the latter two, but Angel Face escaped with Liz's son, Normie. The Goblin pursued her to the parking garage, blasting her hand and allowing Normie to escape. They fought, and the Goblin unleashed his Lunatic Laugh, disorienting her; she fired her gun wildly, and a ricocheting bullet hit a steam pipe, permanently scarring the right side of her face. Liz gave the Goblin her blessing, hoping that his heroism could redeem the Goblin legacy; he flew off, elated.

(Green Goblin#9) - Phil attended the Consumer Games Show with Freddie, and ran into Lynn and Meredith. Freddie and Lynn immediately hit it off, much to Phil's dismay - but their reverie was soon interrupted by the arrival of Netshape, a disgruntled inventor with a grudge against Compuboot, one of the companies at the show. After causing a ruckus, Netshape departed, and Phil and Freddie left; Phil admitted his interest in Lynn to Freddie, who told him he needed to make a move. Later, at the Bugle, Meredith shared the background material she'd collected on Compuboot, revealing that Netshape was their ousted co-founder. After rigging up a video game controller into a remote control for his glider, Phil went back to the expo in-costume as the Green Goblin, where he was mistaken for a costumed fan. Netshape struck again, so the Goblin called in his glider and did battle with his foe, who shapeshifted into a variety of characters with his virtual reality suit. Eventually, the Goblin damaged his suit with a barrage of razor-bats, rending him powerless. However, he was displeased to see the villain immediately handed a number of offers for the rights to his technology. He ran into Lynn and Meredith - while Lynn ran off to file her story for the Bugle, Phil and Meredith went out for pizza.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#235) - Phil rushed the Dreckston report to Jameson, but accidentally caused some sort of accident, leading to him fleeing the enraged Jameson.

(Green Goblin#10) - Phil spotted an ad in the Bugle offering a $10,000 bounty on the Goblin (secretly placed by the assassin Arcade, working for Norman Osborn's agent Gaunt); needing cash, Phil came up with an idea to turn himself in for the reward! However, after he called in a tip to the mysterious advertiser, he was promptly confronted by Ricko, who wanted Phil's Goblin information so he could claim the reward himself. A few days later, Gaunt called him back, and set up a meeting with the Goblin. The Goblin went to the spot - only to find Ricko, who had followed him there. They were immediately captured by one of Arcade's dump trucks, which took them to Murderworld. There, the Goblin had to battle Arcade's robots and save a terrified Ricko. One of his pumpkin bombs exposed a service shaft, letting him escape with Ricko while his glider spied on Arcade and Gaunt in their control room; he had the glider attack them and return to him, letting both men escape the deadly amusement park. Once they were clear, the Goblin intimidated Ricko informing him that the criminal now worked for HIM. Back at his apartment, Phil found a package - the $10,000 bounty!

(Amazing Spider-Man I#413) - At the Bugle, Ben introduced Phil to his old colleague Peter Parker, who'd recently rejoined the Bugle.

(Green Goblin#11) - Phil bought a suit with his new funds and went to the Bugle with flowers, intending to ask Lynn out. Lynn cornered him before he could ask, and asked if he could give her Ben's files on the recently-escaped Angel Face, to give to Ken Ellis. Phil refused, and warned his uncle - who gladly handed over the files to Ellis. Distraught, Phil left the Bugle - and was promptly kidnapped by Angel Face and her henchwomen, Salt and Pepper. They took him to their dockside hideout, where they were trying to assemble a gang. Angel Face demanded he hand over Ben's files on her, but he told her they'd been given to Ellis. Shortly afterwards, Ellis and Lynn were captured, too; desperate to save Lynn, Phil leapt out the window, using his remote-controlled glider to catch him. As the Goblin, he burst back into the hideout, making short work of Angel Face's dockside gang; Angel Face grabbed Lynn and fled to a waiting boat. The Goblin followed them; now fully deranged, Angel Face fired at the Goblin with her electric prod and missed, igniting a number of fuel drums. The Goblin grabbed Lynn and flew off before the building exploded, apparently taking Angel Face with it. Lynn kissed the Goblin as a thank you before he flew off. The next day, Phil overheard Lynn talking about how she had faked any affection for the Goblin in the hopes of landing an interview. He was somewhat upset - until Meredith comforted him, and he offered to take her out after work.

(Green Goblin#12 / Amazing Spider-Man I#415) - Phil was with Ben when Sentinels commanded by the psychic entity Onslaught attacked Manhattan. Unable to call into the Bugle, they made it to the office, where they tried to report on the crisis until a Sentinel attacked the building, knocking its power out. Phil went up to the roof to survey the battle, then summoned his glider and donned his costume. With his powers activated by his mask, one of the Sentinels recognized him as a superhuman and attacked him; all of his weapons were ineffectual against the massive robot, even his Lunatic Laugh, and the Goblin was swatted to the ground. Desperate, he took off his mask; no longer picking up his powers, the Sentinel left. After composing himself in an alley, he rededicated himself to the fight, and attacked the Sentinel again, strapping his pumpkin bombs to his glider and ramming it into the robot's head while he leapt off. He destroyed the Sentinel, but a piece of shrapnel from it hit his mask, badly damaging it.

(Green Goblin#13) - Phil took the mask to Freddie, in the hopes that he could repair it; however, it was beyond his skills. The next day, he received even more bad news at the Bugle, which was dramatically downsizing. He ran into Lynn and Meredith, who had already been laid off, and saw the disgruntled Jacob Conover storm down the hallway, having received his own pink slip. Ben came to see him, and informed Phil that he was being fired, as well; but promised to call his parents to let them know that it had nothing to do with his performance. Unwilling to give up superheroics, he donned his costume, a ski mask, and his bicycle, and went out to fight crime. He tried to stop a mugging, but without his super-strength, couldn't throw his pumpkin bombs far enough to make a difference. Luckily, Spider-Man saved him from disaster. Moreover, had to walk back home, because someone stole his bike. He went to Anthony's to commiserate with the rest of the fired interns; Lynn tried one more time to sweet-talk him into giving up Ben's Goblin files, and started to leave - but Meredith grabbed him, and they had a talk about their futures. Later, Phil returned to the Osborn warehouse and tossed his remaining Goblin gear into a garbage can, ending that chapter of his life.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#422 (fb)) - Phil went back to school, taking journalism classes at Empire State University.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#16) - Phil was in the Bugle offices to see Ben when he and several Bugle staffers saw on the news that Betty Brant had been arrested by Latverian forces.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#422) - On the ESU campus, Phil blundered into fellow student Paul Stacy, who walked off screaming at him. Peter Parker helped him up.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#425) - Phil and Meredith ran into Mary Jane Watson, who stopped to talk. Phil mentioned that J. Jonah Jameson had been attacked at the Bugle a few days back, and was unsympathetic.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#433) - Phil and Meredith snuck into Joe Robertson's farewell party, where they ran into Peter and Mary Jane. Shortly afterwards, a battle between Mister Hyde and Peter (who was avoiding using his Spider-Man identity, and had taken Phil's hoodie from the coat check to disguise himself instead) spilled into the ballroom.

(Daredevil II#16) - Phil had dinner with Ben and Doris.

(Daredevil II#19) - Ben brought Timmy Lange, orphaned son of the super villain Leap-Frog, home, where he met Doris and Phil.

(Runaways II#1 (fb)) - Phil relocated to Los Angeles, getting a job with the Los Angeles Times.

(Runaways II#1 (fb)) - Phil met Michiko "Mickey" Musashi, formerly the teen hero Turbo. The two of them got an idea about starting a support group for ex-teenage heroes.

(Runaways II#1) - Phil and Mickey held the first meeting of the group, dubbed "Excelsior," in the basement of the Holy Trinity Church; in attendance were Chris Powell, formerly Darkhawk; Julie Power, formerly Power Pack's Lightspeed; Johnny Gallo, formerly the Slingers' Ricochet; and "Chamber" (actually a disguised, time-travelling Geoffrey Wilder). During the meeting, a mysterious benefactor (actually Rick Jones), called Mickey and offered her a million dollars to find a group of missing teens - the Runaways.

(Runaways II#2) - Meeting in his cousin's garage, Phil pulled up the LA Times' records on the Runaways and presented them to the group. Even though all the members of Excelsior were trying to get out of heroics, he justified taking the money and using their powers to find the Runaways because they intended to use the money to open more branches of Excelsior. Later, at the Times, Jones called Phil, telling them that he had a lead on the Runaways.

(Runaways II#3) - The team (minus Phil, who didn't have any powers) found the Runaways at East Angeles High School, but they escaped - Phil kept in contact with them, and told them that the Runaways' craft had been spotted over Studio City.

(Runaways II#4) - The team met Phil atop the Times building, having lost the Runaways twice. They scuffled amongst themselves, as Darkhawk was becoming unhinged, but things soon calmed down, and Jones called again, this time asking if Phil was ready to take the "next step."

(Runaways II#5) - Phil and the group travelled to a storage unit, as directed by Jones, where they found a prototype min-Quinjet, the Excel. Jones told Phil that the controls had been retrofitted to resemble the controls for his old goblin glider.

(Runaways II#6) - Phil took the group out in the Excel, hunting for the Runaways; he found that he had perfect command of the craft. They eventually located the Runaways battling Ultron, and helped them defeat him. The Runaways escaped in the confusion, but soon Rick Jones arrived, revealing his identity to Excelsior. He explained that he still wanted them to keep an eye on the Runaways, but suggested that they could be a heroic presence in California, which was becoming increasingly dangerous with the Pride gone. Phil and the others accepted his offer - except for "Chamber," who abandoned the team.

(The Loners#1) - Phil talked to Julie on the phone, trying to talk her out of using her powers to go flying, but didn't succeed. Later, he chaired another meeting, now including newest member Mattie Franklin, the former Spider-Woman. The group bickered over the incident with Julie, and eventually Mattie stormed out, with Chris, and later Johnny, following her.

(The Loners#2) - At the next meeting, Phil mentioned that some mystery super heroes had been in the news, not knowing - but suspecting - that it was actually Spider-Woman, Darkhawk, and Ricochet.

(The Loners#3) - When Julie was hospitalized after an encounter with the mysterious razor-skinned Hollow at a Fujikawa lab, Phil and the rest of the group were called to the hospital by Ricochet. The stress began to cause Phil to suffer from the madness induced by his long-ago exposure to the Goblin formula, and he threw up in the hospital's washroom. He angrily accused Johnny of betraying the group. When they left the hospital, they found Hollow outside waiting for them; the team prepared to attack her, but Phil told them to wait, and approached her. She kissed him, and although otherwise mute, pointed at him and said "Like." Shortly afterwards, they were confronted by Fuyumi Fujikawa and her security forces; however, Turbo made peace with her, and allowed them to leave with Hollow, who went home with Phil.

(The Loners#6 (fb)) - Phil contacted Fujikawa, making some sort of deal with her.

(The Loners#4) - Phil was doing the dishes in his apartment when he hallucinated the image of the Green Goblin in a plate; he freaked out, but was comforted by Hollow. Later, at a group meeting, Phil listened to Julie talk about how she'd presented the group with a false image of her - until the meeting was crashed by an enraged Nekra.

(The Loners#5) - A somewhat-delusional Phil tried to fend off Nekra with a pipe, but she easily swatted him aside. She had the rest of the group on the ropes until the amnesiac android Red Ronin took her down; during the course of the battle, Phil realzied Turbo, who he was in love with, was actually in love with Darkhawk. Later, at his apartment, Phil fought a losing battle with his madness, finally shattering his mirror with the Lunatic Laugh. He went with Hollow to Turbo's home, ranting at her and Darkhawk and hitting the latter with a vase, knocking him out. He grabbed the amulet from the prone Powell, transforming into Darkhawk himself!

(The Loners#6) - Powell recovered, and transformed into a second Darkhawk body. The two Darkhawks burst out of the house and battled across LA, causing enormous amounts of damage along the way. Soon, the rest of the group geared up and attacked Phil. Blinded by one of Ricochet's discs, he fell prey to Red Ronin, who took the amulet from him. Darkhawk handed the depowered Urich over to Turbo, who punched him out. He revealed he knew the details of Turbo's deal with Fujikawa, then fled with Hollow, who retained some loyalty to him.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#648/1) - Phil relocated to New York (without Hollow) and helped Ben move the Daily Bugle to its new offices; there, reporter Norah Winters caught his eye, especially when she mentioned she was investigating the Green Goblin.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#649) - Phil broke into the warehouse he'd acquired his original Goblin gear from, hoping to find something to impress Norah, and found that Norman Osborn had restocked it with new high-tech weapons. When the Hobgoblin (actually Roderick Kingsley's brainwashed brother, Daniel) broke in, Phil hid, but was soon discovered. The Hobgoblin prepared to kill him with the flaming sword he'd found among the new weapons, but Phil unleashed his Lunatic Laugh, disorienting Kingsley. Phil took the sword and decapitated him. Later, he dropped by the Bugle and swiped a file on Horizon Labs and their artificial Vibranium substitute. Soon after, he redesigned the Goblin gear he'd found and attacked Horizon as the new Hobgoblin! Spider-Man (newly employed there as Peter Parker) arrived to stop him, but the Hobgoblin immobilized him with his Lunatic Laugh, and prepared to land the killing blow with his sword...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#650/1) - Horizon scientist Bella Fishbach patched into the PA system, overriding the Lunatic Laugh with music. Revived, Spider-Man avoided the killing blow and struck back against the Hobgoblin, who fled to where the Reverbium was being kept. He took down the still-disoriented Spider-Man and made off with a slice of the metal - all the while accompanied by a camera-equipped bat-drone. He presented the Reverbium to the Kingpin, who hired him over the objections of his right-hand man, Montana. Later, at the Bugle, he sold them his footage of the Horizon heist - although he was disappointed that Norah celebrated it with her boyfriend, Randy Robertson, and not with him. Later, he used one of Norman Osborn's Goblin gangsters to feed information to the Black Cat about where he'd taken the Reverbium, hoping to film the resulting confrontation; he found the informant, tied up and abandoned by the Cat, and killed him to ensure there were no loose ends.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#651/1) - The Hobgoblin returned to Fisk Tower, where he met Montana, Kingpin, and their Hand allies, and told them that Spider-Man and the Black Cat were coming to steal the Reverbium back. The Hobgoblin led the ninjas to find them in the building. Finding Spider-Man, he unleashed his Lunatic Laugh, killing his Hand allies, but Spider-Man was wearing an anti-sonic stealth suit that baffled the Laugh. Their fight took them to the lab of Kingpin's scientist Tiberius Stone, where the Reverbium was being studied; Hobgoblin's flaming sword strikes missed Spider-Man, but damaged Stone's equipment - until Spider-Man tagged the sword with an anti-metal spider-tracer, melting it. Frustrated, he used the Lunatic Laugh again, activating the Reverbium and shaking the entire tower to pieces. The Hobgoblin fled the battle, eventually finding the Kingpin and saving him from plunging to his doom; he did not bother to save the similarly-imperiled Montana. Later, he relocated with Kingpin and the Hand to the Shadowland fortress in Hell's Kitchen; Fisk declared Hobgoblin to be his new right-hand man. The Hobgoblin flew off to see the Tinkerer, who agreed to repair his gear - for a hefty price. Luckily, the next day, he sold more Hobgoblin footage to the Bugle.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#653/1) - Phil and Norah were at the Bugle when Randy dropped by, complaining about the long hours Norah had been working with her new videographer. Before the conversation could continue, the Bugle was attacked by Alistaire Smythe's cyborgs, seeking out Joe Robertson. Phil encouraged Randy not to be a hero - "there's just no profit in it".

(Amazing Spider-Man II#654/1) - As the Bugle staff evacuated the building, Phil knocked over a pillar with his super-strength, which fell on Randy.

(Spider-Girl II#5) - Phil used his camera drone to record a fight between Spider-Girl and Ana Kraven.

(Spider-Girl II#6) - Norah and Phil interviewed Spider-Girl at the Baxter Building; Phil became annoyed at how impressed Norah was with the young heroine. As the Hobgoblin, he lured her into a fight by bombing Times Square and flying off the Boradway, where she found him. They battled, but despite her lack of powers, she held her own, overcoming his Lunatic Laugh by putting chewing gum in her ears. She snatched his bag of tricks from him, clamping a grappling rope to him, secretly attaching the other end to a lamppost, then goading him into chasing her. He was thrown to the ground, but a concerned Spider-Man intervened, stopping Spider-Girl before she could knock him out. He escaped, embarrassed but unharmed.

(Herc#2 (fb)) - The Kingpin sent the Hobgoblin to the Kings Yard construction site in Brooklyn to kill Rhea, a waitress at the Athena Diner who was convincing the diner's owner not to sell his land to the Kingpin.

(Herc#1) - Hobgoblin found Rhea there with the newly mortal demigod Hercules, and knocked the building's framework on top of him, seemingly crushing him.

(Herc#2) - The Hobgoblin then turned on Rhea, chasing her through the site until Hercules re-emerged, taking out the Goblin's bag of tricks with an arrow and shattering his flaming sword with his own blade. Hercules knocked Hobgoblin down with his bow, and prepared to land the killing blow - until the Hobgoblin pointed out that his camera drone was streaming the entire thing to the Daily Bugle's website. He took down the distracted Hercules and gained the upper hand until Rhea hit the Goblin with his own weapons from his fallen bag of tricks. Disoriented, the Goblin fell prey to Hercules, who used his sword to slice both of the Goblin's wings off and took him down hard into the ground. The Hobgoblin explained he'd been sent to kill Rhea; Hercules dragged him to the Athena Diner, where the Kingpin picked him up.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#664/1) - Phil arrived at the F.E.A.S.T. Center to cover Martin Li's press conference, but found that Randy was operating the camera for Norah, instead of him. He was irked, but she insisted that she just hadn't wanted to bother him for a puff piece. He imagined that he'd have to come up with a permanent solution for his "Randy Robertson problem." Later, at the Bugle, he and the rest of the staff watched as Li was unmasked as the crimelord Mister Negative.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#666) - Phil and Norah, looking to cover the bizarre rash of multiple Spider-Man sightings, ran into Peter outside Horizon Labs; Phil had to save the now-spider-sense-less Parker from a speeding bus.

(Spider-Island: Deadly Foes#1/1) - From his hideout, Phil spied on Norah with his bat-drone. He watched her try to call him to report on the spider-powers outbreak, then saw her try Randy, instead. He set out as the Hobgoblin to finish Randy off, once and for all. He found them in the street, and attacked Randy - only for him to counteract with a super-powered punch, because he'd developed spider-powers, too! The two fought, with Randy deploying poisonous stingers and organic webbing, tearing off Phil's bag of tricks, which landed at Norah's feet as she filmed the battle. However, the more experienced Hobgoblin gained the upper hand, and had Randy at his mercy until he blinded the Goblin with webbing, then hit him with a burning van, forcing him to retreat. Changing out of his costume, Phil arrived on the scene, claiming to have been mugged - and found that Randy had broken up with Norah because she hadn't thought to help him with the Hobgoblin's fallen weapons during the fight. She kissed Phil.

(Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl#1) - Assigned to deliver Spider-Girl to the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin found her in the middle of a battle between the Hand and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, the latter of which had gone berserk with the spider-powers outbreak. He disabled the combatants with the Lunatic Laugh, then punched out Spider-Girl and hauled her to Shadowland, dropping her off in the Kingpin's office.

(Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl#2) - After killing several Wasps, the Hobgoblin found Spider-Girl again, and led her to the Sisterhood's queen, the All-Mother. He attacked, but the All-Mother zapped him with her stinger. They were quickly overwhelmed by the All-Mother and her minions, and had to be saved by the spider-powered Kingpin. They flew off to safety, where Spider-Girl agreed to work with the Kingpin.

(Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl#3) - Alongside the Kingpin, the Hand, and Spider-Girl, the Hobgoblin battled the Wasps in Madison Square Park. However, when the residents of Manhattan started mutating into giant spider-monsters controlled by the malevolent Queen, Spider-Girl convinced the Wasps to work with her against them. Working together, they all drove the spiders back - only for the Hobgoblin to strike the All-Mother down with his sword, killing her. The Kingpin was enraged, and nearly killed him, but Spider-Girl convinced him to stop.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#674) - The Hobgoblin was with the Kingpin as Fisk raged about the loss of his own spider-powers; the Goblin tried to console him with the footage he'd shot of New York's populace totally nude after returning to normal. Shortly afterwards, Tiberius Stone entered, and the Goblin reacted violently when Stone blamed the loss of the Reverbium on him.

(Venom II#16) - When the Fly stole millions of dollars from the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin was sent to kill him. The Fly was being sent via train to the Raft, so the Hobgoblin disguised himself as Dalrymple, one of the agents assigned to watch him on the train. As Dalrymple, he informed Agent Venom, the Avenger who'd been sent to supervise the transport, that one of the Mandroids guarding the Fly had accepted the Kingpin's bounty on the Fly. With Venom distracted, the Hobgoblin slew both Mandroids and offered Venom a deal - help him kill the Fly, and he'd help Venom kill his enemies Crime-Master and Jack O'Lantern. Venom agreed - but then signaled the Fly to use his acid vomit on the Goblin. He used his Lunatic Laugh on Venom, hurting the symbiote, but then Venom tackled him out of the train. Hobgoblin flew back to intercept the Fly, who was trying to escape; the Fly regurgitated more acid on the Goblin's sword hand and Bit into his neck, but the Goblin stabbed him with a dagger before finally being taken out by Venom, who hit him with a motorcycle.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#690) - The Hobgoblin overheard the Kingpin talking with Stone on the phone, and jokingly offered to kill the scientist.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#691) - The Hobgoblin watched as Stone unveiled his spider-sense jammer to the Kingpin, and jealously speculated that he'd have to make sure Stone didn't take his place...

(Punisher IX#12) - Phil and Norah were in bed when someone buzzed the apartment at 3 in the morning. He told her not to answer, but she did anyway.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#695) - The Hobgoblin and the Hand attacked a biker bar in Brooklyn, stealing a case with the Goblin Key (the master key to all of Norman Osborn's hideouts) in it. Spider-Man burst in to stop them; Tiberius Stone activated a spider-sense jammer on the roof to hinder him, but it actually enhanced it, rendering the wall-crawler untouchable and allowing him to retrieve the case, instead. The Hobgoblin, irked, flew off with Stone and the jammer. Later, he offered footage of the fight to Norah, but she dismissed the Hobgoblin as a small-timer - Osborn was the real catch. Growing jealous of the attention Norah was paying to Peter Parker, who had just been revealed as the builder of Spider-Man's high-tech gear, Phil talked to the Kingpin, who wanted Spider-Man located. As the Hobgoblin, he tracked down and captured Parker...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#696) - The Hobgoblin took Parker to Shadowland, presenting him to the Kingpin. He sent a message to Max Modell, head of Horizon Labs, demanding Spider-Man bring the Key to them alone. With Spider-Man unavailable for obvious reasons, Modell brought the case himself. No sooner had they opened the case, than they were attacked by the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, who was seeking revenge on Phil for killing his brother and stealing his identity. Phil took off to battle with Kingsley in the air; the older man revealed that he knew everything about Phil, and had reprogrammed his camera drone to kill Norah. Parker snagged both Goblins with a webline, slamming them both into the jammer and destroying it. He and Modell fled with the Key, and both Hobgoblins temporarily put aside their differences to hunt them down!

(Amazing Spider-Man II#697) - The two Goblins squabbled as they chased the fleeing scientists, eventually losing them as they ran into an Osborn hideout and locked the door behind them. They tried to batter it down, but it was heavily-armored - and even Phil's threat to kill Norah didn't get them out. After some time training their weapons and their strength on it, they made it through - only to be attacked by Spider-Man, wielding a number of Goblin weapons! They both battled Spider-Man while Modell went to save Norah; before long, Osborn's hideout self-destructed, rendering their struggle moot. Spider-Man swung off, and Kingsley turned on Phil, sending him plunging into the river. Kingsley pulled the half-drowned Phil out, and made him a deal - he'd let him live in exchange for an exorbitant cut of his criminal earnings.

(Superior Spider-Man I#6) - Phil and Norah covered one of Mayor J. Jonah Jameson's press conferences at City Hall - which was interrupted when the Jester and Screwball pranked him.

(Superior Spider-Man I#7) - Phil and Norah interviewed Dr. Elias Wirtham outside the newly-reopened HEART Clinic (formerly the F.E.A.S.T. Center).

(Superior Spider-Man I#14) - Hobgoblin was in a strategy meeting with Kingpin and the Hand at Shadowland when Spider-Man (now possessed by Otto Octavius) attacked the fortress with an army of Spiderling henchmen and mechanized Arachnaughts. As the fortress crumbled around them, Kingpin and Hobgoblin fled to a hidden chamber where the Kingpin killed his genetic double, Smedley Kornfeld, then to a one-man sub, which the Kingpin escaped in, ending their business relationship. The Hobgoblin flew away, escaping Shadowland's destruction - and escaping Spider-Man's ever-watchful Spider-Bots, thanks to their inability to detect Goblins.

(Superior Spider-Man I#15) - Hobgoblin went to the Tinkerer, needing his damaged gear repaired, knowing it would be costly - but unaware that the Tinkerer employed Tiberius Stone, who still held a grudge against him. At the Bugle, he sold his footage of Shadowland's destruction, then got a call from Kingsley, demanding his already-late monthly fee. Needing to pay Kingsley, Phil went on a one-man bank-robbing spree, blissfully free of Spider-Man's web of surveillance. It continued for weeks until Spider-Man located and attacked him. The Hobgoblin drew his flaming sword - but it shorted out, thanks to Stone's sabotage. Unable to trust his gear, the Hobgoblin fled, leaving most of his weapons and armor behind - but not before Spider-Man tagged him with nano-tracers, capable of broadcasting audio. He escaped to the Bugle, where he frantically asked for an advance - but was heard by Spider-Man, who hacked into New York's computer systems and broadcasted to the citizenry that he needed help tracking down the Hobgoblin - alias Phil Urich!

(Superior Spider-Man I#16) - Accosted by Bugle staffers, Phil couldn't bring himself to deny being the Hobgoblin. Norah and his co-workers quickly realized the truth - just as Spider-Man came in to collect him. Cornered, Phil grabbed Norah and took her hostage with his sword. She elbowed him in the face and escaped, but he unleashed the Lunatic Laugh - until Spider-Man detonated the nano-tracers embedded in his flesh and tackled him out into the streets, where the police took him away. He was put on a police transport to New Jersey, but as they prepared to enter the Holland Tunnel, the villainous Menace destroyed it and took Phil to the subterranean Goblin Underground, headquarters of the Goblin Nation gang. There, he was given a new costume and a new identity - the Goblin Knight, subordinate to the Goblin King, who was Norman Osborn himself!

(Superior Spider-Man I#17) - Phil demanded to be let out of the Goblin Underground to get his revenge on Spider-Man, but the Goblin King insisted they stay put for now.

(Superior Spider-Man I#23) - Phil watched as Menace and the Goblin King investigated police scientist Carlie Cooper.

(Superior Spider-Man I#24) - When the Goblin King returned from impersonating the Hobgoblin to fraudulently collect money from his villain franchisees, Phil was waiting for him, and was incredulous that he'd just thrown away the money.

(Superior Spider-Man I#25) - The Goblin Knight staked out Spider-Man's new headquarters, Spider-Island, looking for weak points in the security. Later, he followed Menace and Cooper (who had been transformed into the new goblin Monster) on the latter's first mission, where they battled three of Kingsley's franchisees. Two of them fled, and the third, Steeplejack, was critically injured; once Menace and Monster were gone, the Goblin Knight finished off Steeplejack with his sword and used his communicator to taunt Kingsley. Back at the Goblin Underground, he and the other Goblins watched as Kingsley and the Goblin King declared war on each other.

(Superior Spider-Man I#26) - The Goblin Nation, including the Goblin Knight, battled Hobgoblin and his franchisees at an abandoned Oscorp factory in Rosebank, Staten Island. To space unnecessary losses, the Green Goblin battled the Hobgoblin for gangland supremacy. The Green Goblin was victorious, killing the Hobgoblin and absorbing his forces into the Goblin Nation - but Phil examined the Hobgoblin's body and discovered it wasn't Kingsley at all. He destroyed the body to keep the secret, fearing where the true Hobgoblin had fled to.

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#9) - Goblin Knight and Menace stood by as the Goblin King directed an attack on Spider-Island by turncoat Spiderlings.

(Superior Spider-Man I#27) - Goblin Knight, Menace, and Monster led an all-out Goblin Nation assault on Spider-Island, leaving it in flames.

(Superior Spider-Man I#28) - Goblin Knight and the others continued their assault until Spider-Island was razed to the ground. The Goblin King visited the ruins to congratulate them, then sent them to attack New York to draw Spider-Man out.

(Superior Spider-Man Annual I#2/1) - Goblin Knight located Ben Urich in an alley, and told him that despite all the chaos, he'd be safe if he stayed inside. Later, told by an informant that Norah (who had written an unflattering tell-all book about him) was hiding out in Gramercy Park, Phil broke into her hideout, only to find Ben there, who had planted the information about Norah. He tried to convince Phil that Osborn was using him, hoping to use a Horizon Labs Goblin serum antidote on him, but they were distracted by the entrance of several other Goblin Nation members, who'd found Joe Robertson sneaking around outside. Irritated, Phil swatted the antidote aside and slashed Robertson with his sword. Ben yelled for help, setting off Spider-Man's surveillance bots; the Goblin Nation goons tried to kill him, but Phil killed them instead, as only he gets to kill his own blood. Before he could execute his uncle, however, Spider-Man arrived. The two battled until Spider-Man overloaded Phil's Goblin gear; however, Joe was still alive, and Spider-Man had to get him to the hospital. Phil escaped, the last of his ties with his uncle severed.

(Superior Spider-Man I#31/1) - Goblin Knight led the Goblin Nation and Mayor Jameson's hijacked Goblin-Slayers in battling the Avengers, Cardiac, and Wraith in midtown Manhattan. Spider-Man (now Peter Parker once more) attacked him, and he fled, letting the wall-crawler know the Goblin King had a hostage.

(Axis: Hobgoblin#1 (fb)) - After Menace was arrested, Phil attacked her prison transport and blew it up - not realizing she'd been given an antidote for the Goblin serum that gave her superhuman durability. He could find no trace of her in the wreckage, although she'd actually fallen into the river and been rendered amnesiac.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#5 (fb)) - With Osborn missing, Phil took over the remains of the Goblin Nation, taking the name of "Goblin King" for himself.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#5) - The Goblin King attended a meet with Mister Negative to divide up New York's crime. The Eel was supposed to attend, representing the Maggia, but the Black Cat attended instead (bringing the unconscious Eel with her), having taken over a slice of the city's crime.

(Axis: Hobgoblin#1) - Irritated by Roderick Kingsley's magic-induced turn to heroism, Phil had one of his Hobgoblin-costumed Hob-Heroes brought to him, and killed him. He swore he'd take Kingsley down.

(Axis: Hobgoblin#2) - The Goblin King staged an attack on an abandoned building and took some children hostage, hoping to draw out Kingsley. He succeeded - only for Kingsley to pin him to the wall with his glider while a Hob-Hero, Missile Mate, rescued the hostages. Getting free of the glider, the Goblin King claimed Kingsley owed him for keeping quiet about the double Norman Osborn had killed, and demanded 60% of his operation's take. Kingsley flew off, leaving Phil with only his business card. Enraged, Phil brought the warehouse down with his Lunatic Laugh. Later, he came to Kingsley's headquarters in civilian garb, still demanding his cut. When Kingsley refused again, Phil drew his sword, only to be attacked by the newest Hob-Hero - Queen Cat, alias Lily Hollister! He told the Hob-Heroes that Kingsley would betray them at a moment's notice, but to no avail. He retreated, and left a flaming message for Lily (who didn't remember him) in the sky. He returned to his hideout enraged, but was followed by Missile Mate, who had believed him about Kingsley - and had been joined by a number of Kingsley's abandoned villains!

(Axis: Hobgoblin#3) - Goblin Knight, Missile Mate, and their new ally Queen Cat plotted against Kingsley. They struck at the Hobgoblin Day festivities at City Hall with the abandoned villains, but the Hob-Heroes counterattacked, and Phil called a ceasefire in favor of taking on Kingsley one-on-one. However, Kingsley had anticipated everything - after slamming Phil into a tree with his glider, he revealed that Queen Cat had been a double agent. The police took Goblin King and his conspirators away.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#17.1) - The Goblin King met with Hammerhead at the Hotel Knickerbocker, where they agreed to settle a dispute over Tombstone's former territory by having two representatives fight each other. As they made the agreement, Spider-Man burst into their gathering, the Goblin King fled. Later, he brought his fighter, Painmaker, to the Empire Royale Theater, where he was to fight Hammerhead's challenger - Hammerhead himself! Hammerhead made short work of Painmaker, but Spider-Man and the Wraith crashed the party. The vigilantes took down the Goblin King's men, but he escaped.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#20.1) - A gang war erupted in the Third Precinct, and the Goblin King led a raid on a drug shipment, attracting Spider-Man's attention.


(Silk II#4 (fb)) - Phil began rebuilding the Goblin Nation, constructing an underground castle and recruiting at-risk teenagers, injecting them with a knockoff Goblin serum that mutated them into goblin-like creatures and made them more suggestible.

(Silk II#1) - Goblin Nation member Casey reported to Phil that he'd lost his stolen Alchemax technology to Silk, the Black Cat's new lieutenant. As a show of loyalty, the Goblin King had Casey inject himself with Goblin serum.

(Silk II#4) - Silk invaded the Goblin Nation's castle, having been abandoned by her supposed ally and actual Goblin Nation agent Killer Shrike, and eventually found her way to the Goblin King. He considered her a "guest," and gave her a tour; he showed her the teenagers he'd put to work, claiming he was giving them a home and a true purpose. He then sat down to a feast with her, where he claimed that the Goblin Nation was no mere gang, but a new way of life - and asked her to join him. She refused, but he wasn't giving her the choice, and had her injected with the serum, mutating her into a goblin!

(Silk II#5) - The Goblin King ordered the berserker Silk to kill the Black Cat, and turned her loose. After she left, he saw that Silk had been going through his files, and wondered who she had been looking for.

(Silk II#6) - The Black Cat and a cured Silk came to the Goblin Nation castle on a mission of revenge. They put the Goblin serum antidote into the ventilation system, rendering the Goblin Nation and their King powerless, then fought their way to Phil. Silk soundly thrashed him, then threw him off the castle's parapet. He landed safely, but watched as the duo liberated his gang members and burned his base to the ground.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#796) - The Goblin King and the Goblin Nation attacked a demonstration at an Alchemax facility in New Jersey, looking to steal the explosive metal Tritium. He sliced off a security guard's hand, then stole the appendage to unlock the palm scanner required to access the metal. Spider-Man and the new Agent Anti-Venom confronted him - only for Anti-Venom to steal the hand and run off, hoping to reunite it with its owner. With only Spider-Man left, the Goblin King used his Lunatic Laugh - but it was disrupted by an extremely loud phone call from J. Jonah Jameson, who was trying to aid Spider-Man. It provided sufficient distraction to let Spider-Man kick Phil in the throat, silencing him. He grabbed a chunk of metal and flew off as the rest of his men were apprehended.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#797) - Phil broke into the Osborn hideout beneath an abandoned gentleman's club on the Upper East Side, looking for more Goblin gear to steal, but he only found standard-issue equipment - and Norman Osborn, who had bonded with the Carnage symbiote! Phil tried to kill his old master, but Osborn impaled him on his symbiote claws, apparently killing him.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Steven Butler, and Randy Emberlin.

What an extremely strange journey Phil Urich took. From '90s-slang-slinging slacker hero, to supporting character, to crazed stalker, to deadly villain, to criminal mastermind, to dead guy.

Could Phil still be alive? Well, Norman famously took a goblin glider to the heart and lived, so it's entirely possible!

A noted sports fan, Phil is seen in New York Smashers gear - but at other times, bedecked with the logos of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers - likely because original Green Goblin artist Scott McDaniel is a Pittsburgh native.

I'm not sure what happened to the money Excelsior was supposed to be getting from Rick Jones, or the Excel.

Phil's setup as the Hobgoblin, where he sold footage of himself committing crimes to the Daily Bugle, was a pretty clever mirror-image take on the traditional Spider-Man setup.

This profile was completed 7/27/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Phil Urich, alias the Green Goblin, alias the Hobgoblin, alias the Goblin Knight, alias the Goblin King, should be distinguished from:

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