Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: human, technology-user

Occupation: assassin

Affiliations: hired by Bennie the Broker on behalf of Judge Elias Tomb

Enemies: Daredevil, the Green Goblin (Phil Urich)

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none known

Base of Operations: unknown, but in a different state than New York

First Appearance: Green Goblin#6 (March 1996)


Powers/Abilities: Purge carries a rod-like arm-mounted rifle which fires "specially ordered and highly expensive ammo" which nonetheless seems to do no more damage than conventional bullets. He is also a reasonably skilled martial artist.

History: When New York judge and crime figure Elias Tomb put out a contract on reporter Ben Urich, his middleman, Bennie the Broker, hired "out-of-state mechanic" Purge for the job. Hoping to build up a reputation in New York, Purge took the job almost "at cost" as "an introductory offer," only to learn that Urich was being protected by Daredevil and the Green Goblin (Ben's nephew). After a brief fight, Purge was defeated, and the Goblin left Purge's weapon at Judge Tomb's home as a warning. Purge was presumably jailed afterward.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Scott McDaniel, and Derek Fisher.

Purge was perhaps the least distinctive of the Green Goblin's small rogue's gallery. His costume was vaguely reminiscent of a HYDRA uniform, but this was probably coincidental.
--Yeah, I thought it was one the characters from "The Von Strucker gambit" when I first saw it--Snood.



CLARIFICATIONS: Purge has no known connection to:

         Purge, a.k.a. Paxton, of the Bacillicons @ Digitek #1

         Purge, a member of the High Evolutionary's Purifiers @ New Mutants Annual#4

Judge Elias Tomb

His record of case decisions benefiting the mob called him to the attention of reporter Ben Urich; after Urich wrote some "wild allegations" in his news articles and confronted the judge outside the courthouse, Tomb hired three hoods to beat him up, but Urich refused to back down. Tomb's next move was to put out a hit on Urich to Bennie the Broker, who contracted the job to Purge. After the Green Goblin left Purge's gun as a warning, Tomb presumably backed off, but how Urich's campaign against him concluded remains unrevealed.

--GG#5 (6


Bennie the Broker

He was an underworld middleman who hired Purge in response to Judge Tomb's hit order on Ben Urich. When the Green Goblin and Daredevil paid a call on him, Bennie was terrified by the Goblin (while Daredevil played "good cop") and quickly filled them in on Purge.






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