Real Name: Elias "Eli" Wirtham

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Physician, surgeon, owner/operator of the Wirtham Institute

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alfonso, Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor/Thor Odinson, Wolverine/James Howlett), John Blaze, Amy Chen (child), Nurse Collins, Ashley Croix, Killian Fox, Sajani Jaffrey, Jay Jameson, Kevin, Nolan Morelle, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Nightwatch (Kevin Trench), May Parker, Peter Parker, Solo (James Bourne), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Drake Trench, Stephanie Truxton, Vanisher ("Telford Porter"), Dr. Vargas, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Venom (Eugene "Flash" Thompson), Wraith (Yuri Watanabe);
    formerly Gerald Stone

Enemies: Gerard Anders, Aria, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Black Panther (T'Challa), Boomerang (Fred Myers), Albert Brukner, Cardiaxe (Chris Paxton), Chance (Nicholas Powell), Children, Inc., Code: Blue (Fireworks Fielstein, Jock Jackson, Mad Dog Rassitano, Rigger Ruiz, Marcus Stone), Greg Coruss, Charles Davies, Joe Faulkner, William Gant, Mr. Gerbik, Goblin King (Norman Osborn), Goblin Knight (Phil Urich), Goblin Nation, Justin Hammer, James Johnsmeyer, James Kapoztas, Damon Morelle, Steven Polk, Mr. Preston, Project: First Strike, Rhino (Alexei Sytsevich), Herschel Sapir, Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Slayers, Stone (Gerald Stone), Styx (Jacob Eichorn), El Toro Negro (Sergio Torres), Enos Warwick, White Tiger (Kevin Cole), Wolverine (Skrull)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents, Joshua "Josh" Wirtham (brother, deceased)

Aliases: "Purple-Puss"

Place of Birth: Roslyn, New York

Base of Operations: HEART (Hospital for Emergency Aid and Recuperative Therapy) Clinic, Avenue A, Manhattan, New York City;
    Wirtham Tower, Midtown Manhattan, New York City

First Appearance: (Wirtham) Amazing Spider-Man I#342 (December, 1990)
    (Cardiac, partial) Amazing Spider-Man I#343 (January, 1991)
    (Cardiac, full) Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (February, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Wirtham's heart has been replaced with a compact beta-particle reactor; in addition to maintaining his life functions, the reactor's energies grant him superhuman strength (lifting up to 15 tons) and agility. Wirtham's skin has been replaced with a Vibranium mesh, which absorbs energy and impact. The Vibranium mesh is covered with a layer of pseudo-skin, which perfectly mimics human skin. If the mesh is damaged, Cardiac has great difficulty controlling his beta-energies. Cardiac can channel his beta energies through his staff, which fires powerful energy blasts; he can also fire these blasts from his hands, although they are less focused than those from his staff. He can vary the power of his blasts, setting them to stun or kill; he can also discharge low-level bursts of beta energy from his hands to act as a defibrillator. He can also send low-level bursts of energy to other parts of his body - for example, he can burn off Spider-Man's webbing from his eyes. The staff can only be wielded by Cardiac; anyone else who touches it experiences a powerful shock. The staff can also convert to a walking stick, allowing Wirtham to carry it unnoticed while in his civilian guise. Cardiac also employs a remote-controlled beta-powered glider; the glider can hook on to Wirtham's staff, allowing him to use it as a method of conveyance. Wirtham is a highly skilled doctor, a brilliant medical engineer, and a superb businessman.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I#360 (fb) ) - As a boy, Eli Wirtham idolized his older brother Josh. When Josh was stricken by a rare, incurable disease, Eli was shattered as the disease sent his brother into a coma, and then killed him. Eli vowed to become the greatest doctor the world had ever seen, to ensure that nobody would have to suffer as Josh did.

(Nightwatch#5 (fb) ) - As a student at Empire State University, Wirtham befriended his roommate and lab partner, the brilliant Kevin Trench, and was greatly saddened when he was seemingly killed in a terrorist attack at JFK Airport.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (fb) / Amazing Spider-Man I#360 (fb) ) - Now a respected doctor, Wirtham learned a company had developed a drug that would have cured Josh's disease. Switching focus, he used his genius to build the Wirtham Institute, the most powerful medical and biological research company in the Eastern United States. He based it in Wirtham Tower, a midtown Manhattan skyscraper adjacent to Blessing Hospital, a research hospital run by the Wirtham Institute where Dr. Wirtham also saw to patients.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#345 (fb) ) - Wirtham met and befriended high-tech tycoon Tony Stark.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#377 (fb) ) - Wirtham worked with researcher Gerald Stone on a project to cure the common cold, paying homeless people to act as test subjects. Unbeknownst to Wirtham, Stone used the project's resources to develop a cancer vaccine, but inadvertently turned one test subject, Jacob Eichorn, into a living cancer. Stone left Wirtham's employ, and teamed with Eichorn to become the mercenary team Styx and Stone.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#360 (fb) ) - Wirtham bought the company that had developed the drug - looking through the records, Wirtham discovered that they had developed the drug years earlier - early enough that it could have saved Josh. It had been held back to be released during better market conditions.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#376 (fb) ) - Inspired by Spider-Man, who he greatly admired, Wirtham set out to become a vigilante, taking on corporate criminals who considered themselves above the law. With the aid of his close associates, he subjected himself to extensive, agonizing cybernetic surgery, replacing his skin with a Vibranium mesh coated with pseudo-skin, and his heart with a miniature beta-particle reactor.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#342) - Wirtham and Nurse Collins were examining a patient at Blessing Hospital when she started to flatline. While Collins went for the crash cart, Wirtham used his beta energy powers to restart her heart. Collins returned, thinking the patient's recovery was a miracle, but Wirtham told her that sometimes miracles had to be made.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#343) - At Blessing Hospital, a cocaine-addled patient slashed Wirtham's arm; hiding it from the staff, he repaired it in his office, ensuring that he was as good as new so he could take on the evildoers of the world as Cardiac!

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (fb) ) - At an award ceremony, Wirtham overhead a drunk senator talking about Sapirdyne Chemicals, a company that was selling precursor chemicals to drug lords.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344) - Cardiac blasted into a warehouse where Sapirdyne's chemicals were being processed for shipment; he was happy to find Spider-Man there, as well, as he'd long admired the web-slinger. However, Spider-Man was unwilling to go along with destroying the warehouse, because Sapirdyne's dealings were perfectly legal - as he told Cardiac, "it's not a perfect world". Cardiac wouldn't fight Spider-Man, so he blasted the warehouse ceiling, collapsing it, and left, feeling guilty about harming Sapirdyne's security guards. Later, at Wirtham Tower, his secretary, Stephanie Truxton, briefed him on the day's schedule; Wirtham cancelled his dinner plans, intending to strike another Sapirdyne facility. He found the Bronx Sapirdyne plant totally deserted and unguarded - save for the Rhino, who Sapirdyne's owner, Justin Hammer, had sent to deal with Cardiac. The Rhino charged him, making him drop his staff; to escape, Cardiac climbed a metal ladder and melted it so the Rhino couldn't follow. The Rhino clambered up a cable and cornered Cardiac on a catwalk, but Spider-Man knocked Rhino off, then saved Cardiac from the collapsing catwalk. Retrieving his staff, Cardiac blasted the Rhino, saving Spider-Man, then fired into the facility's chemical tanks. He advised Spider-Man to leave before the spilled chemicals reached the live wires; both Spider-Man and the Rhino fled.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#345) - Cardiac broke into the offices of Sapirdyne CEO Herschel Sapir. Blasting into the vault, he found that the records he wanted had been removed earlier that day. When guards arrived, Cardiac leaped out the window, then escaped in a Blessing Hospital ambulance. That night, at Wirtham Tower, Wirtham's media scan found a new report on Sapirdyne transporting a massive shipment on the SS Palermo. Before he could spring into action, Cardiac's artificial heart malfunctioned; he took the elevator to his private lab, where he stabilized it. Soon, he sneaked aboard a tugboat and infiltrated the Palermo, where he found Spider-Man (who had been hired by Silver Sable and Sapir to take him down). The two battled for some time; once they were both tired, Boomerang (who had been hired by Hammer to kill them both) attacked, hitting Cardiac with a disrupterang, which destabilized his artificial heart. While Spider-Man defeated Boomerang, Cardiac recovered and blasted through the ship's hull, sinking it. Satisfied that Sapirdyne was ruined, Cardiac summoned his glider and flew off.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359 (fb) ) - Cardiac began targeting the subjects of a series of corporate exposes in the Daily Bugle. His first target was a crooked meat-packer.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359) - After reading about him in the Daily Bugle, Cardiac attacked savings-and-loan scammer Albert Brukner in his suburban mansion. With his staff, Cardiac burned Brukner's money and destroyed his vauable art, setting the house on fire before finally destroying Brukner's sports car. Later, he read the Bugle's latest expose; enraged, he cancelled his dinner with the Mayor and set out for Techtoy, a company that put out unsafe toys that had maimed a child. After blasting in, Cardiac gave the security team the opportunity to flee, even after having to destroy a loading rig they sent speeding towards him. All but one man fled when Spider-Man arrived on the scene; Spider-Man tried to convince him that vigilantes couldn't just ignore the laws, but Cardiac disagreed. They fought; when Spider-Man grabbed for Cardiac's staff, it discharged, sending Cardiac against a vat. It cracked, dousing him in molten plastic; overwhelmed by the noxious fumes, Cardiac collapsed on an assembly line...where he was about to be lobotomized by the automatic machinery.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#360) - Spider-Man tore up the assembly line, throwing Cardiac to safety. Recovering, Cardiac thanked Spider-Man, then headed for the control room, where he found data about Techtoy's tests on human subjects. He blasted through the floor and escaped underground. Back at Wirtham Tower, Wirtham repaired his pseudo-skin; as the new skin set, he studied the data he'd stolen, learning that Techtoy was working on something that damaged the human nervous system. Later, Wirtham attended a charity gala at Lincoln Center; there, he spoke to a city councilor whose campaign he'd donated to, and who was also on Techtoy's board. Using the promise of future donations, he learned that Techtoy was secretly owned by Stane International. That night, he assaulted Stane's Long Island headquarters, confronting company head Joe Faulkner. Faulkner admitted that Techtoy was working on a sonic missile with similar effects to nerve gas. He insisted that it was legal, but Cardiac prepared to kill him - until Spider-Man webbed up his staff. Cardiac tried to persuade Spider-Man by telling him how his brother had died thanks to corporate greed and indifference, but as he did so, Faulkner summoned Stane's high-tech security forces. Cardiac and Spider-Man fought side-by-side; Cardiac began leading the security forces deeper into the building until he found where the sonic missiles were being stored. He tricked a guard into firing on them, destroying the missiles and blowing a hole in the wall. Through the hole, Cardiac saw Faulkner escaping...right into the arms of the police, who arrested him for producing munitions in a residential area. Pleased at the result, Cardiac fled, leaving Spider-Man a note reading "One down...a world to go."

(Amazing Spider-Man I#376) - Cardiac went to the studio of exploitation filmmaker William Gant, whose films had inspired a boy to slaughter his family. On the studio's roof, he found the mercenaries Styx and Stone, who Gant had hired as security. They attacked him, and he fought back, blasting Stone and hitting Styx with his staff. His blast damaged Stone's mask, and Cardiac recognized him as his old colleague Gerald Stone. Stone gassed the shocked Cardiac, then blasted him through the roof, sending him falling into the studio, which an earlier battle between Styx and Stone and Spider-Man had set ablaze. Satisfied that Gant would be neutralized for the moment, Cardiac departed to repair his torn pseudo-skin. Back at Wirtham Tower, Cardiac reflected on his past, and had his employee Kevin track down Stone's address. He arrived at Stone's penthouse as Cardiac, but had to intervene in a domestic dispute first.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#377) - After dealing with the abusive husband, Stone heard a loud noise coming from the penthouse. Inside, he found Styx and Stone battling Spider-Man. He took on Spider-Man to allow the mercenaries to escape, then blasted their pool, escaping in the ensuing cloud of steam. As Wirtham, he met Stone in a diner; Stone explained how his Wirtham-funded experiment had turned Styx into a living cancer. Wirtham offered to help cure him, telling him to meet his associate Cardiac at a Wirtham facility in Hoboken; Wirtham left the meeting having sensed his former friend had gone completely insane. Cardiac was waiting for them there when they arrived; when Styx refused to be cured, Stone knocked him out, and loaded him into Cardiac's diagnostic tube. Cardiac activated the machine, but Stone soon realized it was killing Styx - which had been Cardiac's intention all along. Stone objected, and Cardiack knocked him out, as well. Spider-Man had followed Styx and Stone and burst in, questioning Cardiac's right to determine matters of life and debt. As they argued, Stone recovered and grabbed his weapons. He blasted the two vigilantes, then took a weakened Styx out of the machine and escaped on their turbo-hopper. Spider-Man slowed it own with a web-line, allowing Cardiac to blast it out of the air, rendering both Styx and Stone unconscious. Spider-Man announced his intention to bring Cardiac in, too, prompting Cardiac to raise his staff in a feigned gesture of surrender - right before his glider whisked him away. As he flew off, he assured Spider-Man that he really had been his inspiration.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#1/3) - Cardiac blackmailed Assistant Commissioner of Public Works Gerard Anders and construction contractor Steven Polk with knowledge of their corruption, which had caused the death of an infant at City Hospital. He lured them to the top of an under-construction skyscraper, trapping them atop a precarious girder. He blasted Anders, sending him plummeting to his death; after Polk told him that their other projects were similarly shoddy, Cardiac prepared to do the same to him, but he was rescued by NYPD squad Code: Blue member Jock Jackson. Cardiac engaged in a running firefight with Code: Blue officers Ruiz and Rassitano as he ran to where Jackson had stashed Polk. Before he could kill him, Jackson sucker-punched Cardiac and dove off the building, opening his parachute before he hit the ground. Satisfied that Polk would at least face justice, Cardiac fled on his glider.

(Web of Spider-Man I#108/2 (fb) ) - Cardiac learned that Tamco Drugs had produced an anti-cancer drug that had been rejected by the FDA as toxic; Tamco then intended to ship it to less-discerning countries.

(Web of Spider-Man I#107/2) - At the docks, Cardiac attacked a moored ship carrying the tainted Tamco medication. In short order, he defeated six mercenaries who had been hired to defend it, but he had not anticipated the ship's last line of defense - the Scorpion! The Scorpion knocked Cardiac's staff out of his hands, and repeatedly struck him with his tail, keeping him from reaching his dropped weapon. With Cardiac knocked down, the Scorpion prepared to land the killing blow...

(Web of Spider-Man I#108/2) - Cardiac summoned his glider, which picked up his staff and knocked the Scorpion off-balance, allowing Cardiac to grab the glider and fly away to safety. From the air, he blasted the ship, destroying it and its cargo. The next morning, Cardiac attacked Tamco's headquarters, stunning the security guards. He took the elevator to the top floor, where he found the Scorpion again. Cardiac had anticipated his attack, and blasted his tail mechanism, sending it thrashing out of control. As the Scorpion plummeted down the elevator shaft, confronted Tamco CEO Greg Coruss, who told him that if he was killed, Tamco's employees would be out of work and their patented medicines would go out of production. Cardiac agreed...and killed Coruss anyway. Coruss' death sent Tamco's stock price into a tailspin, allowing Wirtham to buy it at a bargain price keeping its employees employed and its drugs available.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#388/3) - Cardiac set out to destroy Warwick Enterprises' production of sonic enhancers, devices that promote muscle development at the cost of brain damage. Cardiac was pleased to see that company head Enos Warwick was overseeing production himself, so he could watch as Cardiac destroyed his products...but he was less pleased to see Chance, a super-powered assassin who had come to kill Warwick at the behest of one of his rivals. Cardiac insisted that he could stop Warwick without killing him, but Chance disagreed, and blasted Cardiac in the chest, scorching his pseudoskin. Cardiac shot the ceiling, bringing it down on top of Chance. Chance blasted his way free, but Cardiac hit him in the chest with his staff, stunning him. Cardiac charged his glove to finish Chance off, but Chance tripped him, and hit a sonic enhancer, activating it. They heard a scream from within, and opened it to find Warwick had hidden inside it - and that the device, enhanced by Cardiac's energy, had totally wiped Warwick's memory. The threat of the enhancers gone, Chance left. Cardiac was disgusted that Chance had won his contract, but mused that it wasn't a perfect world...

(Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#22) - Cardiac learned that Children Inc., a children's charity, was not actually helping children in need, and was only enriching its executives. He attacked their Manhattan offices, engaging in battle with both Children Inc.'s security forces and John Blaze, who had been guided there by a psychic vision from his friend Clara Menninger. Blaze's hellfire shotgun tore Cardiac's pseudo-skin, forcing him to retreat, but he swore he'd return. He was true to his word, and came back, only to find Blaze there again, this time joined by his ally Vengeance. Dismissing them, Cardiac used his staff to blast through several floors into the basement, where he battled security robots. Blaze and Vengeance joined him, having decided that the alleged charity was highly suspicious. In the basement, they found Children Inc.'s true purpose; child trafficking. After Blaze and Vengeance evacuated the children, Cardiac destroyed the entire building.

(Nightwatch#3) - Kevin Trench, long thought dead, called Wirtham's home - in his Cardiac gear at the time, Wirtham let his answering machine take it, but Trench didn't leave a message.

(Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#1) - Cardiac attacked Morelle Pharmaceuticals, a company that engaged in unethical human experimentation, but was stopped by Spider-Man, who battled him atop Morelle's headquarters. Spider-Man was soon joined by the Black Cat; she knocked Cardiac into an air-conditioning duct; his baton hit the power supply, causing it to explode and burying him in rubble. He summoned his glider to pull him out and withdraw; the Cat snagged his ankle with her grappling line, but the pending explosion of the air conditioning control box made her abandon her pursuit.

(Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#2) - Cardiac returned to Morelle and broke in. He followed the Black Cat's trail and found her in a secret lab, battling the cyborgs of Project: First Strike.

(Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#3) - Cardiac and the Black Cat joined forces to fight the First Strike cyborgs; his calculated fighting style clashed with her impetuous nature, but the two of them eventually took down their opponents. The intrusion had triggered the lab to self-destruct; after blasting the computer to stop it from downloading its data to Morelle, Cardiac left, and encouraged the Cat to do the same. She refused to leave the cyborgs to die; Cardiac had a change of heart and sent his glider to retrieve her while he dragged the cyborgs and security guards to safety. She asked him about the "Chimera" she had been seeking from Morelle, and he told her that it was a person; he intended to deal with it himself at a later time, however, and flew off. The Cat fired her grappling line at him, but he was already too far away.

(Nightwatch#4) - Killian Fox, an employee of the community center Trench had called from, called Wirtham back; Wirtham answered this time, and told her that while he'd love to hire Trench, he'd been dead for ten years.

(Nightwatch#5) - Wirtham met with Fox at Wirtham Tower, and was quite taken with her. He told her that Trench was dead, and suggested she call Ashley Croix, the only survivor of the incident that had killed Trench. Fox, who knew Croix, then left abruptly. Suspicious, Wirtham planned to investigate as Cardiac.

(Nightwatch #7) - Wirtham met Trench at Wirtham Tower; overjoyed that his friend was still alive, he showed Trench around his facilities. He left Trench to catch up on the past decade of technology on his computers while he went to dinner with Fox. He told her about Trench's return, but wished to respect his privacy about his disappearance. Noticing that the power in Wirtham Tower had gone out, Wirtham left, and changed to Cardiac. He found the shadowy vigilante Nightwatch (secretly Trench) battling Chris Paxton, an industrial spy who had stolen one of Wirtham's prototype suits and dubbed himself Cardiaxe. Cardiac saved Nightwatch from Cardiaxe, but had to be saved himself when he took a blast meant for some security guards. Cardiac recovered and knocked Cardiaxe out a window - using his glider, he caught him, but when he refused to name his employer, he dropped the spy. Nightwatch saved him, and fought off Cardiac when he swooped in for the kill. Cardiac left, but promised Nightwatch they'd meet again.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#7/2) - Cardiac attacked James Kapoztas, head of Az-Tek, a car company whose faulty airbag systems had killed a family of four, in his office. After defeating Kapoztas' security detail, he prepared to kill Kapoztas, but Spider-Man burst in at the last minute. As Kapoztas escaped, Cardiac and Spider-Man fought; Spider-Man broke Cardiac's staff in half, but the energy discharge knocked him out. With the police arriving, Cardiac fled, not wanting to hurt any of them. Cardiac glided back to Mercy General, where he took on the guise of Eli Wirtham - only to find Spider-Man there, having brought in Kapoztas, who had suffered a heart attack during Cardiac's attack. As he anguished over whether his desire to kill Kapoztas overruled the oath he'd sworn as a doctor, Wirtham operated on the CEO, and stabilized his heart. Later, as Cardiac, he pondered his decision, lurking outside Kapoztas' hospital window. Spider-Man attacked him there, having guessed that Cardiac would return to finish the businessman off. As they fought, they debated the morality of killing - Spider-Man asserted that every life was worth something, which convinced Cardiac to kill Kapoztas, who had taken lives. When he moved back to the CEO's window, however, he saw that Kapoztas has passed away. Cardiac left the battle, then changed back to Wirtham. In Kapoztas' hospital room, Wirtham reassured a heavy-hearted Spider-Man that he had done his best; privately, Wirtham wondered if he had subconsciously botched Kapoztas' surgery.

(Nightwatch#9) - Learning that Cardiaxe had admitted he was employed by Damon Morelle, Cardiac attacked Morelle Phamaceuticals' New York offices. After defeating a few security guards, he found the building largely empty until he stumbled across Killian Fox and Ashley Croix. Needing answers, he grabbed Fox and flew off.

(Nightwatch#10) - Back at Wirtham Tower, Cardiac asked Fox what she knew about Morelle's attempts to infiltrate the Wirtham Institute. She refused, and asked him why he cared. He unmasked, revealing to her that he was Eli Wirtham...

(Nightwatch#11) - ...except Fox refused to look at his face, not wishing to know him. However, she did agree to cooperate with him to take down Damon Morelle. He accompanied her back to Morelle, where she introduced him to Croix and Kevin Trench's uncle Drake. Together, they agreed to investigate the shadowy conspiracy that threatened them all. However, they soon learned that Nightwatch had apparently been killed in battle with Warbringer, an enigmatic time-traveller clad in a futuristic version of Nightwatch's costume.

(Nightwatch#12) - Wirtham went on a date with Fox, but both of them were still grieving for Trench. As they toured Wirtham's facilities, they were ambushed by Warbringer, who tried to get Fox to come with him. As she fled, Wirtham changed into Cardiac; the two fought until the exasperated Fox told them to cut it out. "Warbringer" revealed that he was Kevin Trench, having taken Warbringer's armor; relieved, Cardiac unmasked for the both of them. Shortly, Trench tested the armor's power in a testing chamber, under Wirtham and Fox's supervision; before long, however, the massive power of the Warbringer weapons created a time anomaly. It destroyed several floors of Wirtham Tower; Wirtham grabbed Fox and used his glider to fly away while Trench absorbed the time anomaly into himself, seemingly dying in the process.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#14) - After Nightwatch was murdered by el Toro Negro in the course of kidnapping Ashley Croix's son, Nolan Morelle, Cardiac sprung into action, attacking the offices of James Johnsmeyer, the mastermind behind the gladiatorial Great Game that had designated Nolan a prize. Johnsmeyer's assistant tackled Cardiac, giving him time to escape; Cardiac threw her off him, only to come face-to-face with Spider-Man (Ben Reilly). Cardiac tackled Spider-Man (who believed Cardiac was another player in the Game) out the window; Spider-Man tried to save him, but he glided to safety until Spider-Man kicked him in the face, grounding him on a rooftop. With Johnsmeyer long gone, Cardiac cleared up the misunderstanding, and told Spider-Man to stay out of his way. Later, he tracked el Toro Negro, who was assassinating Great Game sponsors for Johnsmeyer, to the penthouse of his latest target, J. Jonah Jameson. He saved Spider-Man from el Toro Negro and Game player/sponsor Chance, and followed when Spider-Man led them to Johnsmeyer's Johnscorp headquarters. When Johnsmeyer's scheme was revealed, Chance captured el Toro Negro; Cardiac told Spider-Man to let them go so they could rescue Nolan. After they did so, Johnsmeyer's crimes were exposed, and he was arrested.

(Wolverine II#134) - When the alien Aria sent Wolverine on a rampage across New York City, Cardiac was among the throng of heroes who attempted to stop him. Joining forces with Solo, Cardiac blasted Wolverine with his staff, but unlike Solo, refused to kill the mutant; when Wolverine slashed Solo with his claws, Cardiac reconsidered. Before he could strike the killing blow, Wolverine clawed through his psuedoskin, making him drop his charged staff; the staff blasted a wall, which then fell on Cardiac, burying him in rubble.

(Wolverine II#140) - Cardiac heard that Wolverine had resurfaced, and tracked him down to a bar, unaware he had been replaced with a Skrull imposter. He found him engaged in battle with Solo again, and blasted him with his staff. The three soon had a stand-off, which was broken when Wolverine's friend Nightcrawler explained that Wolverine had been mind-controlled during their earlier encounter. Solo left in a huff, while Cardiac thanked Nightcrawler, and hoped that the next time he met Wolverine, it would be as friends.

(Superior Spider-Man#25 (fb) ) - During the superhuman civil war, Cardiac encountered Iron Man and the two reached an uneasy understanding; while Iron Man knew Cardiac's identity and allowed him to keep operating, he did not compel him to join the Initiative.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Cardiac as a potential Initiative recruit.

(Marvel Team-Up III#5) - Cardiac attacked a docked ship carrying a Drugco shipment of low-quality Catazene Seven, an ingredient in many medicines. He took out six security guards before Spider-Man (Parker again) swooped in and fought him. Spider-Man knocked Cardiac's staff away, but when he tried to pick it up, it shocked him. Cardiac then leveled the staff at Spider-Man and fired...into the Catazene Seven, destroying it. Amused, he flew away, leaving an exasperated Spider-Man behind.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/4) - During the mass riots inspired by the Serpent (Cul)'s crusade of fear, Cardiac, clad in a more streamlined costume, found Charles Davies, corrupt CEO of Jerixo Healthcare, in a wrecked car, along with his meningitis-stricken son. After fighting through rioters, Cardiac ran the Davies boy to the nearest hospital, but not before hesitating, wondering if he was only helping his enemy; by the time he got to the hospital, it was too late, and the boy died. Cardiac wandered out of the hospital, consumed with regret.

(Superior Spider-Man#7) - Wirtham bought the FEAST Center, a homeless shelter owned by philanthropist Martin Li and used as a hideout by his crimelord alter ego, Mister Negative. Renaming it the HEART Clinic, Wirtham turned it into a hospital for New York's disadvantaged, while using the secret chambers within to perform unlicensed experimental lifesaving procedures on desperate patients. He staffed it with a team of elite doctors and powered it entirely with energy from his beta-reactor heart, keeping it off the city's power grid. After being interviewed by Daily Bugle reporters Norah Winters, Wirtham slipped into his newly-redesigned Cardiac suit and surveyed his secret hospital, checking up on his doctors and patients. He learned that Amy Chen, a girl suffering severe brain damage, needed the Neurolitic Scanner to survive, and promised to acquire it. He broke into Yardale Storage, a police impound lot for super villain paraphernalia; stunning the guards, he searched frantically for the device. Spider-Man (whose body was occupied by Otto Octavius at the time) ambushed him; not recognizing Cardiac, Spider-Man fought him with considerably more ferocity than usual. As they battled, Cardiac stumbled across the device, and tried to escape with it, but Spider-Man stole it back. Realizing that the device was one he'd invented as Octavius, Spider-Man battered Cardiac and prepared to land the killing blow until the lingering traces of Parker's spirit stayed his hand. Desperate, Cardiac fired an unfocused blast of beta energy from his hands and escaped on his glider with the device, but not before Spider-Man tagged him with a spider-tracer.

(Superior Spider-Man#8) - Placing the Neurolitic Scanner on Amy, Wirtham, assisted by Dr. Vargas, prepared to begin the procedure; however, Spider-Man had followed the spider-tracer and was invading the HEART Clinic. He demanded the Scanner be returned to him, but Wirtham refused, changing into his Cardiac gear. As they fought, Cardiac pleaded with Spider-Man to stop, as they were in a hospital; Spider-Man ignored him, and moved to pluck the Scanner from Amy until Cardiac explained she had been hurt by one of Dr. Octopus' schemes. Seeing a chance to right one of his misdeeds, Spider-Man offered to conduct the procedure with Cardiac. The procedure was a success, and Spider-Man and Cardiac reached an accord. In gratitude, Wirtham agreed to lend Spider-Man the Neurolitic Scanner - unaware that he planned to use it to erase the last traces of Peter Parker from his brain. When Amy awoke, Wirtham and Spider-Man visited her; she gave Spider-Man her prized stuffed animal, Mr. Pinky Penguin; to replace it, Wirtham gave her a plush Spider-Man.

(Superior Spider-Man#22) - "Peter Parker"'s newly-founded Parker Industries brought on Wirtham as a consultant. He attended the grand opening, then gave Parker's Aunt May and her husband Jay Jameson a tour of the building's medical research wing. They met Parker, who explained to May that he and Wirtham could repair her damaged leg.

(Superior Spider-Man#23) - At Parker Industries, Wirtham repaired May's leg with nanotechnology - however, "Parker" wasn't there, due to a battle with Venom and the Crime-Master. Shortly afterwards, "Parker" brought Wirtham a new patient - his old friend Flash Thompson, who he told Wirtham he was making prosthetic legs for. "Parker" left, and sent Spider-Man in his place. Together, they gave Thompson mechanical legs, but the machinery also extracted the Venom symbiote from Thompson, as Spider-Man had planned. The symbiote was stronger than Spider-Man had believed, however - and it soon broke out of containment and bonded with him!

(Superior Spider-Man#24) - Wirtham charged up his hands to fight the new Venom, but it slashed him in the chest with a clawed tentacle, damaging his Vibranium mesh and left him writhing in agony. PI employee Sajani Jaffrey patched Wirtham and Thompson up, and forbade Wirtham from going into action again until he could replace the mesh.

(Superior Spider-Man#25) - With Thompson dying thanks to his separation from the symbiote, Wirtham tried to go into action, but with his Vibranium mesh damaged he was still immobile. With the Avengers battling the new Venom, Iron Man arrived at Parker Industries. He used his repulsors to seal Wirtham's torn mesh, and consulted him on his plan to place Thompson in his armor and send him into battle to reclaim the symbiote. Their plan succeeded, and Thompson was saved.

(Superior Spider-Man#29) - When the Goblin King's Goblin Nation gang ran riot through the streets of Manhattan, Cardiac guarded the HEART Clinic until the Goblins bombed it.

(Superior Spider-Man#30) - Cardiac, Iron Man, and Captain America evacuated patients from the burning HEART Clinic. Iron Man vowed that Cardiac would have to answer for operating an illegal medical clinic.

(Superior Spider-Man#31/1) - Cardiac battled the Goblin Nation and their Spider-Slayer robots alongside the Avenger and fellow vigilante Wraith until Spider-Man (Parker again) and the futuristic Spider-Man of Earth-928 helped turn the tide and defeated the Goblin King.

(Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6 (fb) ) - When his abilities began to wane, Wirtham exposed himself to raw Vibranium, strengthening him and giving him more time to investigate his mysterious power loss. With Vibranium increasingly hard to come by, Wirtham had to buy it from the criminal Vanisher.

(Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6 (fb) ) - Discovering that a group of yuppies were making trips to Sokovia to commit unspeakable crimes, Wirtham offered to surgically enhance them all...only to methodically murder them one-by-one. The police dubbed him the "Yuppie Butcher".

(Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6) - Cardiac took one of the group, Mr. Preston, to a warehouse in Long Island City, where he prepped him for surgery. Before he could begin, he was ambushed by the White Tiger, who had been sent by the Black Panther to investigate the Vanisher's Vibranium-smuggling ring. Cardiac blasted the Tiger and fought him to a standstill until the Tiger revealed he was working for the Panther. Cardiac surrendered, and told him that he was to meet with the Vanisher at the Bar With No Name that night. He then offered to help the Tiger, but he knocked Wirtham out and left him handcuffed to Preston, then called the police on both of them.

Comments: Created by David Michelinie, Erik Larsen, and Randy Emberlin.

Man, there were just a couple of years there where Cardiac Fever was sweeping the nation, huh? Somehow, though, he never got his own miniseries, unlike lesser lights Solo or Annex or Nightwatch. It's great that Dan Slott brought him back, though, and certainly his crusade against corporate malfeasance is more relevant than ever.

During the flashback sequence to Wirtham becoming Cardiac in Amazing Spider-Man I#376, we see two people, a man and a woman who he refers to as "close associates", assisting with the procedure - which makes sense, because it's awfully hard to replace your own heart. Cardiac always seemed to work alone, though, so whether those associates continued to assist him as Cardiac is unclear.

Surprisingly, despite their similarities as cool execs with hearts of steel and Cardiac co-creator David Michelinie's long run on Shellhead's solo book, Cardiac and Iron Man didn't cross paths until Superior Spider-Man, although they allude to a superhuman Civil War-era "untold tale" that I'd love to see...

As Wirtham's skin is artificial, his hair must be as well - I applaud his restraint in retaining his receding hairline.

I wonder if Wirtham is named after noted anti-comics crusader and author of Seduction of the Innocent Frederic Wertham.

Cardiac consistently refers to his flying method of conveyance as a glider, even though it clearly flies under its own power. I guess he's a doctor, not an engineer.

Cardiac's not-actually-a-glider has been referred to as, variously, "eagle" (Web of Spider-Man I#108), "hover-hawk" (Black Cat#3, by the Black Cat, who admittedly might not have known its proper name), and "stingray glider" (Spider-Man Unlimited I#14).

Turns out James Arthur Kapoztas was based on a real person named James Kaposztas.

Cardiac has Handbook profiles in the Master Edition and in the Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

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Joshua Wirtham

(Amazing Spider-Man I#360 (fb) ) - Josh Wirtham was idolized by his younger brother Eli. In his youth, however, Josh was struck down by a rare disease that sent him into a coma before taking his life. Josh's life and death would inspire Eli to become a doctor, then a businessman, and finally the vigilante Cardiac.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (360 (fb), 344 (photograph)

Nurse Collins

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344) - A nurse at Eli Wirtham's Blessing Hospital, Nurse Collins was attending to a patient when he went into cardiac arrest; Wirtham told her to get the crash cart. When she returned, the patient had stabilized. Collins called it a miracle, unaware that Wirtham had used his powers on the man.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#344

Stephanie Truxton

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344) - Secretary to medical entrepreneur Eli Wirtham, Stephanie Truxton gave her boss his schedule for the day. He told her to send his regrets and a double-sized donation to the charity dinner that evening.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359) - Wirtham had Stephanie cancel his dinner with the mayor.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (344, 359

Herschel Sapir

(Amazing Spider-Man I#344 - BTS) - Herschel Sapir was head of Sapirdyne Chemicals, a front company for Justin Hammer. Sapir shipped chemicals used in the manufacture of illegal drugs to South American druglords from the US; although this was completely legal, his operations were disrupted by the vigilante Cardiac.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#345) - Sapir moved sensitive company documents out of his private safe hours before Cardiac broke in to steal them. He then hired Silver Sable to help him with his Cardiac problem; the two of them met him at the Symkarian Embassy. Sapir offered Spider-Man $5000 to battle Cardiac aboard the SS Palermo, and he accepted, unaware that he and Hammer had hired Boomerang to ambush both heroes. However, Boomerang failed, Cardiac destroyed the Palermo, and the Sapirdyne cargo it was carrying, dooming the company.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#345 (344 - BTS, 345

Albert Brukner

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359 (fb) ) - Head of a savings-and-loan institution, Albert Brukner invested the money his clients gave him into a non-profit owned by his brother-in-law - a non-profit that paid him a six-figure salary. He then declared bankruptcy, leaving his investors penniless. Brukner used his wealth to buy a suburban mansion and several works of art.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359) - While Brukner bought a custom Ferrari from shady businessman Rudy, Spider-Man watched from the rafters, taking pictures for a Daily Bugle expose. He was driven off by Rudy's security drones, but the expose was still published. It brought Brukner to the attention of the vigilante Cardiac; he broke into Brukner's house, and in short order, burned his money, destroyed his artwork, set his house on fire, and blew up his new car, leaving Brukner sobbing on his front lawn.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#359 (359 (fb), 359

Joe Faulkner

(Amazing Spider-Man I#359 - BTS) - Head of Stane International, Joe Faulkner used their subsidiary Techtoy to research a sonic missile, which would have the same effect on enemy combatants as nerve gas.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#360) - The vigilante Cardiac invaded Faulkner's Long Island office. Faulkner admitted to building the missile, and insisted that it was totally legal. Faulkner was saved from death at Cardiac's hands by the timely arrival of Spider-Man; ungratefully, Faulkner set Stane's security on both of them while he fled the building. However, he was met outside by State Attorney Davis and the police, who had learned Stane was producing munitions in a residential area. They shut the facility down and laid charges against Faulkner.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#360 (359 - BTS, 360

William Gant

(Amazing Spider-Man I#376 (fb) - Controversial filmmaker William Gant produced an expose on cults that inspired a Brooklyn boy to murder his entire family - denying any responsibility for the boy's actions, Gant then began production on a film about him. Beset with protests and police inquiries, Gant hired mercenaries Styx and Stone to protect his studio.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#376) - Gant was infuriated when a battle between Styx and Stone and Spider-Man threatened to wreck his studio, although he was unbothered when Styx killed one of his security guards. The battle raged on, setting fire to the studio and burying Gant under debris. Spider-Man dragged him to safety as the building burned.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#376 (376 (fb), 376


(Amazing Spider-Man I#376) - An employee of Eli Wirtham, Kevin was asked to research Gerald Stone. Kevin found his address, and reported back to Wirtham.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#376

Greg Coruss

(Web of Spider-Man I#107/2 - BTS) - When Tamco Drugs produced a cancer drug that was rejected by the FDA as toxic, Tamco CEO Greg Coruss had them shipped to countries with laxer regulations. He hired a team of mercenaries and the villainous Scorpion to ensure their safe passage.

(Web of Spider-Man I#108/2) - After destroying the tainted drugs, Cardiac fought his way through the Scorpion and invaded Coruss' office. Coruss tried to bargain with the vigilante, telling him that his death would result in his employees losing their jobs and Tamco's drugs going off the market. Cardiac considered his arguments, but killed Coruss anyway; later, he bought Tamco.

--Web of Spider-Man I#108/2 (107/2 - BTS, 108/2

James Arthur Kapoztas

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#7/2 (fb) ) - James Kapoztas worked his way up from nothing; by the age of 47, he had a wife and family, and was CEO of the fast-growing Az-Tek Motors. However, much of his success was due to cutting costs at the expense of safety. When a family of four was killed by a defective Az-Tek airbag system, Kapoztas avoided any repercussions, blaming his Mexican factories.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#7/2) - The vigilante Cardiac broke into Kapoztas' office to kill him. Only Spider-Man's intervention allowed Kapoztas to escape, but the stress of the encounter triggered a massive heart attack. Spider-Man took Kapoztas to Mercy General Hospital, where Kapoztas was operated on by noted surgeon Eli Wirtham - Cardiac's secret identity! Wirtham was conflicted over the operation; while he initially seemed to have saved Kapoztas, he later passed away in his sleep, leading Wirtham to wonder if he had subconsciously botched the operation.

--Spider-Man Unlimited I#7/2 (7/2 (fb), 7/2

Charles Davies

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/4 (fb) ) - Charles Davies was the CEO of Jerixo Healthcare, a company whose faulty products had resulted in nine deaths. Despite this, Davies had avoided any repercussions.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/4) - Davies tried to get his meningitis-stricken son to the hospital, but ran into riots sparked by the Asgardian Serpent's reign of terror, and his car was wrecked. He pleaded for help, and it came in the form of the vigilante Cardiac, who, after some hesitation, took Davies' son to safety. Davies was later killed, and his son died in the hospital.

--Fear Itself: The Home Front#3/4 (3/4 (fb), 3/4


(Superior Spider-Man#7) - A patient at Eli Wirtham's HEART Clinic, Alfonso was visited by Cardiac; he asked the vigilante to sit in during his operation tomorrow, but Cardiac promised to conduct the operation himself.

--Superior Spider-Man#7

Dr. Vargas

(Superior Spider-Man#7) - A doctor at Eli Wirtham's HEART Clinic, Dr. Vargas was responsible for treating Amy Chen, a child who had incurred brain damage. She concluded that the only thing that could help her patient was the Neurolitic Scanner, a device that was in police custody. She mentioned it to Wirtham, and he promised to acquire it.

(Superior Spider-Man#8) - Wirtham and Vargas began the procedure with the Neurolitic Scanner, but were interrupted when Spider-Man attacked, seeking its return. Eventually Spider-Man and Cardiac came to an accord, and they both assisted Vargas with the procedure.

--Superior Spider-Man#7 (7, 8

Mr. Preston

(Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6 (fb) ) - Yuppie Mr. Preston and several of his associates, including Mr. Gerbik, made trips to Sokovia together where they committed terrible crimes. They arranged to receive superhuman powers from surgeon Dr. Eilas Wirtham, who proceeded to use their appointments to murder them, including Gerbik, one-by-one.

(Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6) - Unaware of what had befallen Gerbik and the others, Preston went to a warehouse in Long Island City where Wirtham tranquilized him. Luckily for Preston, Wirtham was attacked by the White Tiger, who defeated him, handcuffed him to Preston, and called the police on both of them.

--Black Panther: World of Wakanda#6 (6 (fb, 6

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