Real Name: Waldo Forrest

Identity/Class: Human supernatural mutate (lycanthrope); post-WWII era

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Matt Collins

Known Relatives: Emily (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Forrest farmhouse

First Appearance: Menace#3/3 (May, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: As a werewolf, Waldo presumably possessed many of the same characteristics as other werewolves, including the nature of changing into lycanthropic form during full moons. He possessed at least some of his human intellect as a werewolf, and could be killed by conventional bullets.


History: (Menace#3/3) - Waldo Forrest spent much of his time reading accounts of werewolves and other supernatural creatures, much to the dismay of his wife Emily. She found his hobby to be childish and demanded he destroy his books. After burning one, she made him wash the dishes, but Waldo, fed up, left the house. He went to Brown's Bar & Grill, where he met up with Matt Collins. Collins laughed at Waldo's obsession with werewolves as well as his shrewish wife. Waldo argued with him, convinced that a werewolf was responsible for the recent animal mutilations in the town. Waldo stormed out of the barn, hoping to catch the werewolf and prove himself. Unbeknownst to him, Collins followed him, and tried to play a prank on the man by wearing a wolf mask. Waldo saw the "werewolf" and, pulling a gun, shot it, only to realize it was just Matt. Before he could figure out what to do, a real wolf lunged out of the darkness and attacked Waldo, who shot it as well. Investigating, Waldo accidentally let the wolf's blood mix with his own (caused by the wolf's attack). He ran home, not realizing that all the while he had transformed into a werewolf. When he confronted Emily, she ran in horror, but returned with a shotgun and blasted her husband in the back. He instinctively lunged at her and bit her in her throat, and the two fell dying. As Waldo died, he felt content that death was worth finding out that werewolves did exist and the others would now believe him. However, with his last thought, he realized that upon death, he would transform back into his human form. When others found them, Waldo was indeed human again, and they believed the deaths to be the result of the Forrests' frequent bickering.





Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.

Profile by Madison Carter


Waldo Forrest has no known connections to

Matt Collins

A local man, Collins liked to make fun of Waldo's obsession with werewolves. One night he pretended to be one and was shot by Waldo, who believed him to be the real thing.


Emily Forrest

Waldo's wife, Emily was a "shrewish" woman who chastized Waldo about his fondness for supernatural tales. She threatened him, and after he returned to the home as a werewolf, she shot him in the back. He tore her throat out and the two died together.


Menace#3, page 13, panel 4 (Waldo as werewolf)
                     page 9, panel 3 (Waldo as human/Emily Forrest)
                     page 10, panel 3 (Matt Collins)                     

Menace#3 (May, 1953) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Bill Everett (artist)


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