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Real Name: Laurie Collins

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None;
formerly New Mutants (Elixir/Joshua "Josh" Foley, Icarus/Joshua Guthrie, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Wind Dancer/Sofia Mantega)

Affiliations: Kim Alleyne, Luna DePaula, the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Leong & Nga Coy Manh, Justin Pierce, Sentinel Squad O*N*E, S.H.I.E.L.D., Salem Center X-Corporation, X-Men (either faculty members from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters or other X-Men teams) (Beast/Henry McCoy, Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Annie Ghazikhanian, Jean Grey, Iceman/Robert Drake, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Lockheed, Magma/Amara Aquilla, Danielle Moonstar, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Xavier Institute Squadron's: Alpha Squadron (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Indra/Paras Gavaskar, Kidogo/Lazaro Kotikash, Loa/Alani Ryan, Network/Sarah Vale, Rubbermaid/Andrea Margulies), Chevaliers (Bling!/Roxy Washington, Onyxx/Sidney Green), Corsairs (Dryad/Callie Betto, Quill/Maxwell Jordan, Specter/Dallas Gibson, Three-In-One/Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe Cuckoo), Excelsiors, Exemplars, Hellions (Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Hellion/Julian Keller, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Tag/Brian Cruz, Wither/Kevin Ford), Paladins (Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Blindfold/Ruth Aldine), Paragons (D.J./Mark Sheppard, Match/Ben Hamill, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Preview/Jessical Vale, Trance/Hope Abbott, Wolf Cub/Nicholas Gleason), Xavier Institute students: Angel (Angel Salvadore), Aero (Melody Guthrie), Audio (Raymond Keyes), Caput (Abraham Verne), Ernst, Jeffrey Garrett, Gelatin (Carlo Brewster), Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi), Glob Herman (Robert Herman), Hydro (Noah Crichton), Longneck (William Hanover), No-Girl (Martha Johansson), Viskid (Adrian Defoe)

Enemies: Blob (Fred J. Dukes), Kaga, Donald Pierce, Purifiers (Jack Abrams, Matthew Risman, unidentified others), Reavers, Reverend William Stryker

Known Relatives: Sean Garrison (father), Gail Collins (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Krakoa, most likely the Sextant, Akademos Habitat;
   formerly Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Salem Center, New York (Place of Death);
   formerly Kent, Connecticut (Place of Birth)

First Appearance: New Mutants II#2 (August, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Wallflower can control emotions through the use of emitted pheromones. Initially she could not control when she released them, and could only match the emotion she felt. She has learned control in her time at Xavier's and can now keep her pheromones in check, emit them on command, and can induce a variety of emotional and physical responses, including fear, anger, lust, calm, happiness, and sleep. After her death she was reanimated by the Japanese geneticist Kaga who packed a Bio-Sentinel inside her remains, turning her into a sleeper agent. When transformed into the Bio-Sentinel her mind was completely gone.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Laurie was the daughter of Gail Collins and mutant Sean Garrison who could command and manipulate others by subverting their will through pheromone manipulation, a feat he'd used to seduce Gail. However when Gail became pregnant with Laurie his manipulation no longer worked. Gail left while Sean was sleeping, both of them unaware she was expecting.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Gail raised Laurie on her own, never revealing anything about her father. While growing up, Laurie spent a lot of time by herself as Gail worked long hours to support them. Feeling her mother had been hurt Laurie didn't even seek out others.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - When Laurie turned thirteen she went on a beach holiday with her mother. Laurie was unaware it was the time she manifested her mutant ability to create powerful pheromones to manipulate others in feeling the same emotions she would have. For the first time in her life Laurie felt popular, surrounded by hordes of boys who adored her, secretly influenced by her powers. However, when Gail saw her daughter she immediately recognized the reactions, reminding her of Laurie's father. Gail sat her daughter down and explained that using these abilities was unfair and she was worthy of admiration even without pheromones. Laurie's world, however, shattered, believing she could never trust how anyone felt about her again. Even when she returned home she was more withdrawn then ever.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Picking up her normal life proved difficult as Laurie was still unable to control her powers.

(New Mutants II#2 (fb) ) - Laurie returned to her high school where, while preparing for class she was approached by a boy asking if she could help with his algebra. Mesmerized by the handsome boy Laurie was unaware she released her pheromones to make the boy fall in love with her. However, when a sudden gust of wind blew Laurie's pheromones away the boy regained his senses. Wondering why he was asking Laurie out on a date while he already had a girlfriend. Laurie immediately apologized she couldn't control it, causing the boy to realize she was a mutant. Scared of the reaction Laurie once again released pheromones scaring the boy and all other students away from school.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Realizing she had to protect her daughter Gail decided to move to Salem Center so Laurie could enroll at the Xavier Institute.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Moving into her dorm, Laura found it difficult to make friends. In one instance she was seen reading a book while other students Santo, Cessily and Dallas were seen playing frisbee. Unable or unwilling to make friends Laurie withdrew from contact mostly staying in her dorm to read and make puzzles. It was then decided Laurie needed a roommate but when the winged Angel Salvadore moved in she quickly moved out due to her being affected by Laurie's pheromones. Next, she was paired with the Hawaiian Alani Ryan who was immune to her powers. However she pulled away from her too and left.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) / New X-Men I#136 - BTS) - From her dorm Laurie witnessed how a riot erupted during the Xavier Institute open day, watching as mutant students attacked human visitors. Laurie, however was unaware the riot had been instigated by the Omega Gang and imagined her powers were to blame.

(New Mutants II#2) - Laurie was seen sitting by herself in the school's garden reading a book while Julian Keller gave the Institute's newest student Sofia Mantega a tour. When asked Julian noted Laurie wasn't comfortable with her powers, Sofia instantly felt bad for the girl. Later that day during lunch, Laurie was once again eating by herself when Professor Charles Xavier offered one of his former students, Danielle Moonstar a position amongst the school's staff. Noticing the lonely Laurie, Moonstar took it upon herself to help her but going in without any of the facts she was easily shut down causing Laurie to pick up her tray and walk away, noting bad things happened if she became upset. Moonstar and Professor X next discussed Laurie's situation and decided it best to once again try giving her a new roommate, the new girl, Sofia Mantega, whose wind powers would allow her to easily deal with Laurie's pheromones. Later that day Laurie returned to her dorm after classes to find Sofia had already moved in. Somewhat shocked, Laurie was pleasantly surprised to find Sofia couldn't only blow her pheromones away with her wind-powers but her uplifting spirit would proof contagious.

(New Mutants II#3) - In between classes Laurie walked past Sofia and Julian in the school's hallway when Sofia asked if she'd like to get lunch together. Believing Laurie was a freak Julian went out of his way to make fun of the girl, something which Sofia didn't appreciate. Using her mutant abilities to manipulate the wind, Sofia hit the boy with compressed air so he stumbled to the ground, she then grabbed Laurie commenting she was starving.

(New Mutants II#4) - Laurie and Sofia were on their way to class when they noticed a new students dressed in all black, Kevin Ford. Sofia immediately noticed the way Laurie looked at the boy and commented she didn't knew he was her type. Laurie simply commented she thought the student was lonely.

(New Mutants II#5) - Laurie and Sofia attended a self-defense class by Wolverine when Sofia once again noticed Laurie staring at Kevin Ford. Sofia, however, told Laurie that Derek, the man who'd basically raised her was in New York and wondered if they could get permission to go and see him. Just then another new student entered the class, David Alleyne, who chose to sit next to Kevin. When the class started Wolverine asked his students who of them wished to become an X-Man and like many others Laurie raised her hand. Wolverine, however, chose to fight David as he didn't raise his hand. Laurie and the other students were shocked when David easily defeated their teacher in combat, unaware it was his mutant power to take the skills and knowledge from those around him. Once class was finished Sofia asked Kevin to join her and Laurie for lunch. Kevin in turn asked David to join them as well.

   During lunch the students discussed whether or not they wanted to become part of the X-Men. When Laurie noted her powers would be useless Kevin was quick to say no power was useless. Before the students could continue their talk faculty members Danielle Moonstar and Karma joined the group for lunch. But when Moonstar revealed she'd have to leave to recruit a mutant in New York, Sofia and the others asked if they could join her, liking the idea of a road trip Karma offered to chaperone them.

   Having arrived in New York City, Laurie, Sofia, David and Kevin were ordered to wait in the hotel for Derek while Moonstar and Karma went to recruit the mutant (Josh Foley) unaware he'd just joined Donald Pierce's Reavers who in turn wanted to use Derek and Sofia's father to lure Sofia into a trap. Having waited for an hour in the hotel's lounge the group received a letter, supposedly from Sofia's father, saying he was excited to see her in the hotel's parking garage. Expecting something was wrong Sofia, Laurie, David and Kevin nonetheless made their way to the parking garage where they were met by two Reavers recruits (Duncan and Josh Foley). Enraged the Reavers would harm her father and Derek, Sofia violently attacked the men, making Duncan bleed until Sofia made her stop. While David and Sofia continued their search Laurie and Kevin decided to stay hidden. But when Laurie and Kevin were discovered by other Reavers Kevin urged Laurie to use her powers. Although Laurie tried her best she soon grew afraid, fearing she couldn't stop them she noticed her powers did affect the Reavers as they quickly ran from them. Laurie then turned her attention to Kevin as he was affected by her powers as well, causing Laurie to miss Donald Pierce sneaking up behind her. With Laurie caught off guard Donald Pierce impaled the girl on his bladed arm.

(New Mutants II#6) - Donald Pierce threw Laurie's seemingly dead body to the floor while Kevin speeded to attack Pierce. Kevin used his mutant death-touch to turn Pierce's still human face into decaying flesh. Seeing Laurie's lifeless body on the floor, Josh Foley who'd just learned he had the mutant ability to heal ran towards her rescue. Foley placed his hands on Laurie's chest and successfully brought her back. Meanwhile Danielle Moonstar used her powers to make Kevin stop killing Pierce by showing him his worst fear: killing Laurie! With Laurie rescued and the Reavers defeated the students and their teachers returned to Xavier's Institute but not before Moonstar extended an invitation to Foley to join them.

   Back at the mansion Laurie and the students were greeted by headmaster Charles Xavier, accompanied by Laurie's mother and Karma's siblings Leong and Nga. After embracing her mother Laurie introduced her to her new friends. Sometime later that day while enjoying some downtime on the school's front lawn Laurie told David and Sofia her mother had moved into the city when she enrolled at Xavier's to keep an eye on her. Just then the group was interrupted by Josh Foley who'd wanted to enroll after being kicked out by his parents, Sofia decided to open the gate and let him in much to David's disgust for working for Pierce.

   Later that evening Laurie, Sofia, David and Josh were summoned to Xavier's office where he told his students Kevin had decided to leave, afraid he might hurt his new friends. Noting it was a brave and difficult choice to attend the school Xavier decided to institute a new policy and have a member of staff serve as their advisor for guidance. Xavier then allowed the four students to pick their own, all four unanimously picked Moonstar, unaware she actually wanted to leave the school as well. Hearing the students talk about her Moonstar decided to stay and become their advisor.

(New Mutants II#7) - Laurie and Sofia picked up David from his room for breakfast. While Sofia and David went ahead Laurie stayed behind to say hi to Josh. But when Josh overheard David saying they shouldn't invite him for breakfast lest his mutant killer Reaver friends join, Josh closed the door in Laurie's face.

   Laurie was seen later during lunchtime enjoying Sofia's and David's company when Josh walked by on his way to his new friends Julian Keller, Victor Borkowski, Santo Vaccaro and Cessily Kincaid.

   The next day, Laurie was present at a special assembly where the Institute's headmaster Charles Xavier informed the student body about an explosion the night prior (caused by Magma who awoke from a coma due to Josh and Julian's intervention), Xavier preached there was more to becoming a hero than mere bravery.

(New Mutants II#7) - Two weeks later, Laurie, Sofia and David were seen enjoying each other's company when Josh asked for Sofia's help. Josh had learned his parents had come to visit Xavier and hoped Sofia could use her wind power so they could eavesdrop on the conversation. Laurie and David joined them as well and listened to the conversation. Believing his parents had come to bring him back home Josh ran towards Xavier, Moonstar and his parents. The sad truth was that his parents had disowned the boy, making the school his legal guardian.

(New Mutants II#8) - During parents week, Laurie's mother was one of the few parents who came to see their children at school.

   The following morning Laurie and others witnessed how Sofia used her abilities to scare her father and his assistant Derek away. Seeing Emma Frost use the opportunity to convince Sofia to switch advisors Laurie and Moonstar quickly intervened. While Moonstar told Frost off, Laurie assured Sofia they were her family. Still later that day Laurie, Sofia and David saw how Julian and Santo beat Josh up as Julian had just learned he used to be one of the Reavers. Having had enough of the situation the threesome intervened and saved Josh. Although Laurie stayed clear of the fight one of the teachers, Karma, quickly used her powers to stop the fight as there were still parents around.

(New Mutants II#8 - BTS) - Believing Sofia had been too harsh on Derek, Laurie sought him out and convinced the man to come back and wait in their dorm.

(New Mutants II#8) - After telling Sofia she'd been too harsh on her father, Laurie revealed she had a surprise and showed her to Derek. Pleased with her action Laurie left the two alone, noting she had some studying to do.

(New Mutants II#9) - Laurie was seen attending Moonstar's class on American History alongside Gelatin, Longneck and other students. Lost in her thoughts Laurie failed to pay attention and was unable to answer Moonstar's question. When the bell rang, Moonstar asked Laurie to stay behind. With the students gone Moonstar explained that while she didn't mean to embarrass her she had to pay better attention, noticing Josh walk past the classroom she told her to go. Feeling adventurous Laurie went up to Josh and asked him to join her for lunch, the duo then joined Sofia and David. After a little skirmish between Julian and their group Sofia told Laurie she was proud of her for finally making a move. The students then witnessed the sudden arrival of former member of the New Mutants, Wolfsbane, who visited the school after defeating super villain Avalanche in the city. Laurie, however immediately turned sad when she noticed how Josh was looking at the rock 'n roll Wolfsbane.

   Leaving lunch early, Josh joined Laurie, Sofia and David as they visited the Grind Stone Café. While Laurie, Sofia and David went in, Josh noticed a homeless girl sitting across the street, realizing he'd seen the girl before. Inside, Laurie and the others learned their usual waitress, Luna, had been attacked. Warning Josh, they noticed the homeless girl had run away, believing she attacked Luna the students decided to warn the teachers.

   Back at the Institute the teachers were quick to dismiss the students, noting they would handle the situation themselves. Disappointed Laurie and the others returned to their dorm where later that night Wolfsbane appeared. Wolfsbane convinced David and Josh to deal with the situation themselves and asked Sofia and Laurie to join them. Feeling jealous of Wolfsbane, Laurie was unaware she activated her pheromone powers until Sofia, who did notice, used a gust of wind to blow the pheromones away. Laurie and the others quickly made their way to the outskirts of Salem Center where they searched for the homeless girl, learning she was called Surge and was about to meet a drug dealer called Click. It didn't take long for the group to locate Surge who'd just bought a bag of pills, determined to stop the girl from taking pills Sofia used a powerful gust of wind to blow them away, unaware Surge needed them to keep her powers under control. Mumbling she couldn't control her powers without them Surge unleashed a powerful blast of electricity.

(New Mutants II#10) - Unable to control her mutant powers Surge continued to unleash blasts of electricity, holding Laurie and the others at bay. Determined to help the girl, David asked Laurie to use her powers to calm Surge down. Unsure if she could do so since she was scared herself Sofia pointed at Josh, telling Laurie to think of something that made her calm and happy. The trick worked as Laurie successfully used her pheromones to calm Surge down. Laurie and the others brought Surge to the Institute's medical center where she was looked after by Beast and nurse Annie Ghazikhanian, just then Moonstar came bursting in, enraged her students had once again disobeyed her. Wolfsbane did her best to stand up for the students but couldn't stop Moonstar for giving them a week of detention. David, however, blamed Josh for their current situation and even told him he wasn't welcome any longer in their group.

   Somewhat calmed down Laurie, Sofia and David decided to visit their friend Luna in the hospital the following morning while being chaperoned by Karma. Later that day while Laurie and Sofia walked through the school's hallway they noticed Josh had gone missing, unbeknownst to them he'd sought out Wolfsbane to help her restore her powers.

(New Mutants II#11) - Worried Josh would leave the campus while on detention, Laurie couldn't stop pacing. But when she suddenly heard a loud sound coming from outside Laurie quickly made her way to the school's front door where she found Josh on the ground covered in blood while a repowered Wolfsbane stood above him with her claws covered in Josh's blood. Without hesitation Laurie grew enraged and released her pheromones whilst shouting she wasn't afraid of Wolfsbane. Laurie ran towards Wolfsbane using her pheromones to scare her away and took hold of Josh who was bleeding out.

(New Mutants II#12) - Laurie was beside Josh when the Institute's faculty members raced him into the medical bay. On the way Laurie overheard Beast when he revealed Josh was in fact an Omega-level mutant, capable of manipulating the body's functions at the genetic level. Waiting for the healers to arrive Laurie, Sofia and David were allowed to see Josh. Seeing the boy holding on for dear life, Laurie feared he wouldn't make it and fled the room in tears. After a while she returned to Josh when it appeared it would take Archangel (who had healing powers at the time) an hour to arrive, fearing the boy wouldn't make it Beast allowed David and Surge to combine their abilities into reawakening Josh. The process was successful but turned Josh's skin gold. Laurie then used her powers to induce happiness in Josh so he wouldn't freak out about his current state. Josh thanked Laurie for saving his life earlier after which the students allowed Josh the time to fully recover.

   A few days later Laurie, Sofia, David and a fully recovered Josh made their way to the Grind Stone Café to enjoy some downtime. They were surprised to find out their waitress Luna had hired the Institute's newest recruit, Surge. Luna encouraged the Japanese mutant to make an effort to try and become friends with them as she prepared their coffees.

(New Mutants II#13) - In the wake of the Institute's destruction at the hands of Xorn who'd been posing as Magneto, Laurie and the other students were temporarily relocated to a safe-house, the Salem Center X-Corporation. With living quarters relatively cramped and crowded many of the students grew agitated. While discussing amongst themselves they were suddenly visited by Karma and Moonstar warning them Donald Pierce had escaped imprisonment. When Josh offered to let them use him as bait, Moonstar believed it might actually work and quickly informed her old squad members the New Mutants and Pierce's nephew FBI agent Justin Pierce. The plan proved to be successful as the New Mutants captured Pierce and returned Josh to the X-Corporation building where Laurie, Sofia and David had been waiting for their friend.

(New X-Men II#1 - BTS) - Laurie and the other students returned to the newly rechristened Xavier Institute for Higher Learning after it was rebuilt.

(New X-Men II#1) - Laurie and her close friends Sofia, David, Josh and Noriko enjoyed lunch in the newly rebuilt school. Having seen the new basketball field Josh wanted the squad to challenge Julian for a match, with Laurie still crushing on Josh agreeing with the boy. Making sure she wasn't giving off any pheromones, Sofia used her wind powers on Laurie noting she would have to win Josh's heart the real way. The students, however, were in for a shock when Surge's electricity regulating gauntlets malfunctioned, causing a blackout. Audio and several other students used the incident to start a food fight until the telepathic Emma Frost assured the students the emergency lightning would kick in. Confiding in her new friends Surge revealed she was missing a piece from her gauntlet, the friends decided to go and help her find the piece. Having located the piece in the Danger Room, Surge's malfunctioning gauntlet inadvertently activated an advanced X-Men training program, trapping Laurie and the others in a program against a group of gun-wielding men and Sentinels. Against all odds Laurie stood her ground, teaming up with Sofia to carry her pheromones to affect the gun-wielding men. Sofia eventually managed to turn the Danger Room off after which they found Surge's missing gauntlet piece. Just then David shared something that was bothering him, after raiding Cyclops' office to gain entrance to the Danger Room he saw their student files and suspected they were going to break their group up to reassign them into squads.

(New X-Men II#2) - The students debated amongst themselves about the possibility they would be broken up while still in the Danger Room when Julian spotted them. The ever so annoying Julian immediately threatened to tell the teachers they'd accessed the Danger Room, but having taken an interest in Sofia he promised to let it slide. Laurie and the others then made their way to their advisor Moonstar to get some answers but were immediately asked to leave as she was in the middle of a telephone call.

   The following morning Laurie and the others met the newest student at campus, the winged Josh "Jay" Guthrie. Learning his advisor was going to be Emma Frost Julian immediately tried to get Jay on his side and challenged Josh to a game of basketball. In the end Jay and Laurie decided to refrain from playing and watched as Julian, Santo and Cessily challenged Josh, Sofia and David while being monitored by Iceman. Laurie and her friends were called into Moonstar's office soon after where Moonstar revealed what was going to happen. Moonstar explained she had turned down to become an X-Man to stay their advisor and she had no intention of breaking them up, in fact she even showed the students their future training costumes, noting they would be allowed to customize it to their own taste. Although David remained hesitant, Laurie and the others were happily surprised.

   The next morning during the Institute's assembly the school's new training squads were revealed to the school. Once Cyclops had presented his Corsairs and Frost her Hellions, Moonstar took to the stage to introduce her new training squad, the New Mutants! Laurie received the codename Wallflower, insecure as ever, Laurie immediately asked what Josh thought of it, he simply noted it didn't matter as they were super heroes. However, all of the school's squads were supposed to have six members, Moonstar was working to get Kevin Ford back to school to become the sixth member.

(New X-Men II#3) - It didn't take long for the New Mutants squad to get into a heated argument with the Hellions, consisting of Hellion, Rockslide, Mercury, Tag, Dust and Icarus. Feeling uncomfortable with the situation Laurie turned to Mercury, asking her if boys were always so trigger-happy. Mercury, however, quickly clapped back to alert the media as the quiet girl was speaking. The squads' rivalry proved contagious as their teachers got in a heated argument as well, in the end it was Cyclops who stopped both squads, concluding they would both face off against each other in the first Field Day exercises.

   Later that night Laurie and the New Mutants were asked to meet Moonstar in her office where they were surprised with the sixth member of their team; Kevin Ford. Ecstatic to see her old friend, Laurie ran up to Kevin, who was still scared he would hurt her. After getting reacquainted Kevin was allowed to choose his own codename, choosing Wither. Next point on Moonstar's agenda was to pick their leader and although Laurie obviously chose Josh it was decided Sofia would lead the team.

   The following morning the New Mutants and Hellions faced off during the school's first Field Day. Tasked to locate a hidden object on campus it became clear Sofia wasn't all too fit to lead the team. Learning the object was hidden in the hedge maze the team found the Hellions' Rockslide was guarding the entrance to it as his team was already inside the maze.

(New X-Men II#4) - Still busy during the Field Day, Laurie and the others found themselves at a standstill with Rockslide guarding the maze's entrance while Sofia had already left the group to confront Hellion. Before any of the New Mutants could act it was the Hellions' Tag who used his power on David, to make him the proverbial "it". Affected by being in his close proximity Laurie and the others couldn't help themselves from running away from David. But when Tag's power wore off Laurie teamed up with Wither and Elixir as they used Kevin's power to destroy part of the hedge, making them a new entrance. However, when the threesome arrived on the other side of the hedge they saw the "object" was in fact Shadowcat's dragon Lockheed, attacking the Hellions' Icarus. Seeing the dragon, Wither failed to realized Lockheed was a valued member of the X-Men family and planned to kill it with his death-touch only to be stopped by Elixir. While the boys were busy fighting and debating, Laurie realized she could actually win the game with her pheromone-powers which she always thought were useless. However, before Laurie could actually activate her pheromones the Hellions' Icarus sang a song to Lockheed, calming the dragon and thus winning the Field Day. Cyclops, Frost and Moonstar arrived to congratulate the Hellions with their victory when the New Mutants' Prodigy noted that Tag had cheated as they weren't allowed to use offensive powers. After a quick debate it was declared that Tag's abilities weren't offensive in nature and therefore didn't break the rules. Disappointed the New Mutants each went their way.

   Sometime later Laurie went to check on Sofia who blamed herself for the team's failure, afraid Josh was upset with her Laurie decided to check up on Josh. Unbeknownst to Laurie, Mercury of the Hellions was putting a move on Wither who in turn was still in love with Laurie. Just when Mercury tried to touch Wither he pulled away when he saw Laurie walk by. The situation became even more complicated when Laurie saw Josh talking to Wolfsbane, insecure she would never have a chance with Josh she wanted to walk away when Josh noticed her. After brushing Wolfsbane off (who had just declined a date with Josh) Josh made his way to Laurie and asked her out on a date to spite Wolfsbane, surprised Laurie quickly accepted while Wolfsbane and Wither looked on in disappointment. But just after the duo left for their date in Salem Center, FBI agent Justin Pierce arrived to arrest Wither for the murder of his father.

(New X-Men II#5) - Laurie and Josh enjoyed their date in Salem Center whilst playing arcade games when they were approached by two bigots. The boys confronted Josh why he would put his "mutie" hands on a normal girl, meaning Laurie. However, before the duo could react Wolfsbane showed up in her wolf-like form, scaring the boys off. Wolfsbane explained she had no intention to disturb their date but wanted to warn them Wither was in big trouble. Laurie and Josh quickly returned to Xavier's where they teamed up with their squad members to discuss their options. Having decided to escape the school the New Mutants were well on their way when they were stopped by FBI agent Justin Pierce, pulling a gun on Wither. Just then, Moonstar arrived and managed to defuse the situation, Pierce noted he would return the following morning. Moonstar then also persuaded the New Mutants to let them deal with Wither instead of running away.

   The following morning word quickly made it's way throughout the school as the students gossiped whether or not Wither had murdered his father. The situation demanded its toll on Wither as he even refused to sit beside Laurie and his friends during lunch, choosing to rather sit by his lonesome. Laurie and her friends however, were in for a surprise when Hellion spoke up on behalf of Wither. Hellion made an example of the other students whose powers had been responsible for other questionable deeds. However, not long after Moonstar had persuaded Wither to turn himself in he was taken into custody by FBI agent Justin Pierce.

(New X-Men II#6) - The following morning Laurie spent some downtime in the school's park reassessing that one of them had been taken into custody when the Hellion Icarus suddenly flew in. Icarus explained her teammates were looking for her and called the remaining New Mutants to his side (Josh, David and Surge). Icarus then revealed Sofia had joined the Hellions to go and try to break Wither out of jail. It was decided the New Mutants with the addition of Icarus would try to stop Sofia and the Hellions. Josh, however, demanded they'd ask Wolfsbane for help but she turned him down. Laurie and the New Mutants quickly caught up with the Hellions who'd found Justin Pierce and Wither in the Salem Center Metro Station. As a rivalry between both teams had been brewing for some time the teams jumped in head first with Laurie taking on Rockslide. The fight was eventually halted by the arrival of Cyclops, Emma Frost and Wolfsbane who'd informed the faculty. Although Cyclops commanded the New Mutants for stopping the Hellions he was upset they didn't warn the X-Men instead. As punishment for their actions the New Mutants received detention.

   Two weeks later, Wither was cleared of all charges thanks to his mutant lawyer Evangeline Whedon. But before celebrating Wither and Icarus had a talk with Cyclops and asked to switch teams, meaning Wither would become a Hellion and Icarus one of the New Mutants. Later that day Icarus had joined the team as Laurie and the others prepared for a Danger Room session when David and Sofia revealed they would both act as the team's leaders. Unbeknownst to Laurie, Josh started an affair with teacher Wolfsbane.

(New X-Men II#7) - Laurie and the New Mutants were present when David welcomed his younger sister Kim, who came to visit him at Xavier's. After necessary introductions David revealed to Kim she would be staying with Laurie and Sofia. As Kim joined her brother to follow several classes, Laurie and Josh returned to class as well. Just before Beast's chemistry class ended he assigned the students to be broken up into pairs to work on a new assignment, class assistant Wolfsbane then paired Laurie with Kevin, something which clearly bothered Josh who suspected Wolfsbane to be jealous of them. Laurie quickly joined her friends for lunch after which she joined up with Kevin to work on their assignment. However, while the duo was working they were shocked by a mysterious message on the classroom blackboard telling them to "leave now", unbeknownst to them other members of the New Mutants also experienced weird things. All of the students were unaware the ghost of the deceased Jeffrey Garrett had been taunting them. Killed when the school collapsed during Xorn's (posing as Magneto) attack he felt the influx of new students had to be stopped immediately and spent his days to scare the students into leaving Xavier's. Later that day Laurie and the New Mutants met for their Danger Room session while David's sister stayed in the command room with Moonstar to supervise her students. All of the students were trapped in a situation where their powers wouldn't work, as such, Laurie was trapped in a cage guarded by a robot with no sense of smell. During the exercise Icarus eventually rescued Laurie from the cage who then used her pheromones to help Surge break free. However, when Surge became unwell Moonstar quickly made her way to the team, leaving Kim behind, who was then greeted by the ghost of Jeffrey Garrett. Surprised by his sudden appearance, Kim asked what kind of mutant power he had prompting Jeffrey to explain he was dead. Before she could ask anymore questions, he shouted she should leave while she still had the chance and faded away. His appearance made Kim think she was a mutant who could see dead people. Making her way to the group Kim "revealed" she was a mutant.

(New X-Men II#8) - After seeing Jeffrey, Kim entered the Danger Room to tell her friends about the ghost. Dani Moonstar also felt his presence, but before anyone could act, Jeffrey disabled the Danger Room's safety protocols. This caused a Magneto simulation to activate, which made Jeffrey hope it would convince the students to leave. Instead, Laurie and the New Mutants fought the Magneto simulation until Karma could switch off the holographic projectors. Later that night Laurie and the others joined for dinner in the school's cafeteria when the group got in a fight with Wither over Laurie since both Wither and Josh were now interested in the girl. However, just then Jeffrey once again involved himself by using his powers to levitate a dining table and smash it to the ground. Shocked, the group immediately looked at the telekinetic Hellion who reacted as surprised as his fellow students.

   The next day, the students tried to figure out what might had happened and concluded the ghost could be a former student who had died when the school blew up during Xorn's attack. Unable to find Jeffrey in the student records the team decided to check out the school's cemetery. However, since Josh and Laurie were about to have a date they didn't join the group.

(New X-Men II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Laurie and Josh didn't spend their date in a restaurant but instead "enjoyed" a home cooked meal by Laurie's mother Gail.

(New X-Men II#9) - Having finished diner Laurie was rather amused Josh pretended her mother's cooking was any good and explained they would regularly order in as she worked a lot. Noticing Laurie's mother was quite beautiful Josh asked if she was still dating men, prompting Laurie to explain her father had the same pheromone-based powers as she and had used them to make her love him. Shocked by the story, Josh noted he would deal with him if they'd ever see him. Sometime later the duo returned to Xavier's where Josh kissed Laurie goodnight, deeply in love Laurie quickly returned to her room. Unbeknownst to Laurie, however, Josh was then approached by Wolfsbane with whom he still had an affair. Unwilling to hurt the young girl Wolfsbane ended their fling unaware Wither had overheard their conversation.

   The following day, Laurie and the others decided to reach out to Jeffrey by holding a seance, hoping it would put his spirit to rest. Their ritual had the opposite effect enraging Garrett because the students still hadn't left the dangerous school. He chose to appear before them armed with several knives and kept on shouting until Surge and Moonstar managed to calm him down. As Jeffrey's emotions poured out, he explained he didn't leave the school in time during Xorn's attack. He kept apologizing for not listening to Moonstar. Sometime later, the staff persuaded Jeffrey to join the Xavier Institute's Lower Class, figuring that while he could no longer grow up he could still mature. The next day, Surge walked Jeffrey to his new class for a formal meeting with his new advisor, Karma.

(X-Men/Fantastic Four#1) - Laurie, Josh and Sofia witnessed the arrival of the Fantastic Four who'd come to request the X-Men's help as space station Simulacra had come under attack by the Brood.

(X-Men II#165) - Laurie, Anole and Icarus were present during the X-Men's Christmas festivities, dancing to Lila Cheney's performance.

(New X-Men II#12) - Laurie and the New Mutants participated in a Danger Room session where they had to fight a Hulk construct. During the battle Laurie proved key as her pheromone powers calmed the Hulk down. Thus the New Mutants beat the time that had been set by Wolfsbane's team the Paragons. Ecstatic by their victory Josh bragged to the other students after which he kissed Laurie, which clearly bothered Wither. Having had enough of Josh, Wither went to see his advisor Emma Frost and told of Josh's affair with teacher Wolfsbane.

   Later that day the gossip of Wolfsbane and Josh's affair had made it way throughout the school and while Laurie was playing a game with David she accidentally heard the story when Julian tried to tease Josh. Bursting into tears, Laurie quickly ran from Josh. Josh, however, followed Laurie into the school's ground where Laurie asked the boy to leave but when he continued to insist to talk she used her pheromone powers to scare him away. Next, Laurie returned to her mother to try and explain what had happened between her and Josh. But instead of comforting her daughter, Gail lectured her daughter how wrong it was to use her powers, reminding her of her father. Shocked her mother would bring it up Laurie told her mother off, noting she would keep hiding like she'd done, telling her she wouldn't be her little wallflower anymore Laurie left.

(New X-Men II#12 - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Laurie the Xavier faculty had been working with Dr. Sean Garrison, Laurie's biological father. Garrison who'd already influenced Emma Frost and Cyclops into offering him a position as guidance counselor in the Xavier Institute. Convinced Laurie was his daughter he accepted their offer to become the school's new guidance counselor, sinisterly claiming he had big plans.

(New X-Men II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Learning the X-Man known as Wolverine had been brainwashed into working for the villainous organization Hydra as an assassin, Laurie and many of the Institute's students stayed on the lookout, believing he would attack the Xavier Institute.

(New X-Men II#13) - Laurie, Sofia and David were on the lookout when she was visited by Wither who noted it wasn't safe for her. Laurie, however, immediately noted her powers didn't make her helpless but could in fact calm Wolverine down. But when Wither brought up her break-up with Josh, Laurie snapped, telling the boy she was tired of being the weak one and didn't want to be manipulated after storming off. But while doing so the X-Men's Blackbird crashed down on the Xavier Institute's front lawn, causing the students to duck for their lives. Wolverine had arrived at the Institute but even though the X-Men and Avengers tried to deal with him, the feral Wolverine eventually managed to kill Northstar.

   The following morning, all students were informed of the tragic news by headmasters Cyclops and Emma Frost.

   Two days later Laurie and the students attended Northstar's funeral where Cyclops and Emma Frost unveiled a memorial statue in Northstar's honor.

(New X-Men II#14) - Laurie, Sofia, David and Icarus were having lunch while the Institute's faculty were in full preparation for the upcoming Spring Dance. Noticing Surge was talking with Jeffrey Garrett they quickly called her over to their table when Laurie noted she didn't even want to think about the dance now that she'd broken up with Josh. This prompted Sofia to propose they had to go without boys, Laurie quickly dismissed the notion after which David asked Laurie to be his date for the dance, something which Surge didn't like as she'd secretly fallen for the David.

   Later that night Laurie showed up to the Spring Dance with her date David, joined by Sofia and Icarus while her mother Gail acted as chaperone. Laurie, however, seemed oblivious to the fact Josh had become very jealous of her and David and asked Magma to dance, which inadvertently annoyed Laurie. Eager to hurt Josh, Laurie activated her pheromones, using them to make David fall in love with her, even forcing the young boy to kiss her. Josh, Sofia and others were shocked to see the kiss, wondering if there was foul play, Sofia used her wind-powers on Laurie and David, blowing away her pheromones. Regaining his senses, David was horrified Laurie would use her abilities on him, considering they were friends who trusted each other and quickly stormed off. Next, Laurie was confronted by Sofia who was appalled by her behavior, tired of being ashamed of her powers Laurie bit back noting she already got enough of that from her mother after which she noticed her mother standing behind her who then quickly fled.

(New X-Men II#15) - Laurie attended the Institute's annual prize-giving ceremony where she ignored Sofia and her mother. Feeling unwelcome Gail decided to leave the school, but when she approached the school gate she was met by super villain Blob, influenced by Sean Garrison to attack the Institute. In a mighty show of force Blob destroyed the gate which landed on Gail, noticing the trouble at hand Moonstar quickly ordered the students to get inside the school promising to safe Gail for Laurie. Laurie followed orders and went inside with the other students while Moonstar, Magma and FBI agent Justin Pierce fought the Blob. Noticing they weren't fairing well David made a plan to stop Blob with the help from Laurie, the New Mutants, Hellions and the Stepford Cuckoos. In a highly strategized attack the students fought Blob, bringing him to a standstill while Laurie and Josh rescued Gail and healed her. Determined to stop the villain Laurie finally ran up to the mutant and used her pheromones to try and make him sleep, the Stepford Cuckoos then joined in and convinced the villain to fall asleep. With the threat at hand dealt with Laurie made up with her mother while S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived to incarcerate Blob.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1) - Learning several of her squad members had requested transfers off the squad Sofia decided to do her best and bring them back together. Laurie, David, Josh, Surge and Icarus joined Sofia on a "camping-trip" in the woods surrounding Xavier's, although none of them was thrilled to spend any time with each other. During the night the New Mutants did resolve their differences and made up after which they returned to Moonstar asking for more squad training.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1) - Alongside her fellow New Mutants members and their advisor Moonstar, Wallflower posed for a group photo for the Xavier yearbook. In the yearbook, Wallflower was voted "shyest student". She liked reading, puzzles and disliked public speaking.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - When the collapsed and inert mutant-killing machine Nimrod appeared before Reverend William Stryker he managed to access it's records and learned of the history of the alternate world of Earth-811. While researching Nimrod's database, Stryker learned of M-Day which would reduce Earth's population of mutants from millions to hundreds. Stryker used information from Nimrod's database to begin planning to help make Nimrod's future timeline come true on Earth-616. Combing through Nimrod's records Stryker learned Wallflower would be the one who would defeat his Purifiers where he to invade Xavier's, knowing this, Stryker set his plans in motion to prevent this and kill all of the teenage mutants.

(House of M I#8 - BTS) - The Scarlet Witch caused millions of mutants to lose their powers by casting a reality altering spell. The event, known as M-Day, reduced the number of gene active mutants to a mere 300 worldwide. Laurie was one of the select few who kept her mutant powers.

(New X-Men II#20) - When the students at Xavier's awoke the morning after M-Day, chaos erupted when they realized only a handful of them still had mutant powers. While some celebrated their depowerement, others panicked. Seeing all the depowered mutants Wither figured he'd finally lost his death-touch and ran towards Laurie euphorically telling her he could touch her. However, when Wither grabbed Laurie's arm it instantly started to wither away, shocked he'd retained his abilities Wither went into shock while Icarus and Sofia took care of Laurie. Just before Icarus and Josh could bring Laurie into the Institute's medical bay they, alongside the entire student-body, were hit by a psychic wave from Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos forcing them to sleep, hoping to gain the upper hand at the chaos.

(New X-Men II#20 - BTS) - The severely injured Laurie was eventually found and brought into the medical bay where the wound on her arm was bandaged.

(New X-Men II#20) - Two days later, Laurie, still in the medical bay, was visited by Josh who tried, but failed to heal her arm. Overcome with emotions, Josh asked if she was using her pheromones on him, she simply noted it was just him, unaware they were being watched by Wither.

(New X-Men II#22) - Two weeks after the global depowering, Laurie was still in bandages. Laurie met up with her former team the New Mutants of whom both David and Sofia had been depowered, leaving only Surge, Elixir, Icarus and Laurie. The New Mutants were met by their advisor Danielle Moonstar who revealed she too had lost her mutant gifts and had decided to leave Xavier's. After an emotional farewell Emma Frost quickly took the students back inside. Much later that night Laurie was seen resting in bed while Josh lay beside her, sleeping.

(New X-Men II#23) - Josh was still sleeping beside Laurie when Emma Frost ordered him to come to the medical bay as their friend Icarus had become a target by the Purifiers and had his wings amputated. When Elixir proved unable to help Frost used her telepathic abilities to make Elixir forget he'd even seen Icarus. Later that day Frost pitted all remaining students against each other in a battle royale to select the members of the New X-Men. But because of her injury, Laurie was deemed unfit for battle by Frost who also excused students Gentle, Blindfold and Ernst for similar reasons. After the big fight, Emma chose her six "winners"; Mercury, Dust, Hellion, Elixir, Rockslide and Surge with Cyclops adding a surprise seventh in the form of X-23. Later that night the headmasters announced all depowered students would be sent home. A first busload of students had already left when a second, carrying another 42 former mutant teens, was blown up. The attack was carried out by the Purifiers who were acting on the orders from their leader, the Reverend William Stryker.

(New X-Men II#24) - Laurie was present during the funeral of the deceased students, even in death fourteen of the forty-two deceased students were unwelcome to return home and were buried at Xavier's cemetery.

(New X-Men II#24 - BTS) - Reverend William Stryker and the Purifiers prepared to attack his next target, Wallflower!

(New X-Men II#25 (fb) - BTS) - Laurie learned Josh had lost it during a Danger Room session against Colossus, hitting the X-Man in the back of his head with a piece of metal while in human form.

(New X-Men II#25) - Unable to deal with her emotions, Laurie sought out Cannonball who was standing watch for his younger brother Icarus at the medical bay. Laurie confided in the X-Man, noting he'd been very different and angry since the bus attack while the tears rolled down her face. Unable to control her pheromone-powers she inadvertently influenced Cannonball too, making the X-Man cry. Cannonball asked Laurie to turn her powers off while giving her the advice to tell Josh how she was feeling. Determined to do so Laurie eventually located Josh outside the institute unaware one of the Purifiers, Matthew Risman, had been situated right outside the Institute for hours waiting for her to show up. Laurie and Josh quickly got in a heated argument as Laurie tried to convince Josh he shouldn't be on Frost's team as he was a healer and supposed to do beautiful things. This prompted Josh to list all the bad things that had been happening as he wasn't only unable to fix Laurie's arm or save any of his friends who'd died in the bus attack. With fire in his eyes, Josh claimed he would kill all of the Purifiers, when Laurie told him to stop, Josh told her to stay the hell out of his way after which Laurie was shot in the head by Risman, instantly killing the young girl. Covered in Laurie's blood, Josh fell to his knees beside her lifeless body.

(New X-Men II#26) - Josh's scream soon attracted the X-Men's attention who where shocked to see Laurie's lifeless body. Josh continued to cradle her corpse while apologizing to her.

(New X-Men II#28 - BTS) - Having contacted Gail, Emma Frost showed Gail to her daughter's remains.

(New Warriors IV#2 - BTS) - The depowered Sofia dreamt she'd regained her mutant abilities and fought the Blob whom she easily defeated after which Laurie and all of her old friends smiled at her.

(Astonishing X-Men III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Laurie Collins' body didn't get the chance to enjoy a peaceful rest as she was dug up by agents of Japanese geneticist Kaga who planned to wipe out the mutant species. Irrationally hating the X-Men for their beauty and movie-star looks while he'd been born the son of a Hiroshima survivor learning to survive despite his deformities and hideous physique. To wipe out the mutant species Kaga managed to steal the X-Men's Beast's research on ways to bring live x-genes back from beyond the grave (as Beast had searched for ways to reverse the effects of M-Day). Learning how to do so Kaga used his own expertise to pack Bio-Sentinels inside reanimated mutants such as Laurie Collins, turning her into a sleeper agent.

(Astonishing X-Men III#31) - When the X-Men landed in a large crowd on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf after rescuing S.W.O.R.D. Director Abigail Brand from a burning spaceship (hoping to take down Kaga's secret asteroid base herself) Emma Frost suddenly noticed Laurie Collins' presence amidst the crowd of people watching them. Shocked, since the girl had been killed, Frost quickly made her way over to Laurie and grabbed her by the arm. Laurie quickly turned around only mumbling the word "contact" after which her physical form was ripped apart, bursting from within and transforming into a towering Sentinel made of organic tissue.

(Astonishing X-Men III#32) - Towering over the panicked crowd of humans the Bio-Sentinel prepared to attack the X-Men while Emma Frost tried her best to locate Laurie's mind in the abomination. Unable to find Laurie, Frost quickly turned into her diamond-form after which she was thrown aside while noting Laurie would've had reason to hit her. During the fight the Bio-Sentinel even released several pods containing the extraterrestrial Brood who immediately went after the crowd. While the X-Men took care of the Brood, Brand and Beast quickly boarded their new X2 Jet. While piloting the X2 Jet, Beast managed to pull the Bio-Sentinel into the San Francisco waters where he managed to "defeat" it with several missiles making the Bio-Sentinel inert. The inert Bio-Sentinel was then taken to the X-Men's base in the Marin Highlands by the Mutants Sans Frontières, as their diagnostic teams would pick over the corpse.

(Astonishing X-Men III#33) - The lifeless Bio-Sentinel was still grounded in the Marin Highlands when another of Kaga's creations arrived to destroy the Bio-Sentinel to take away any evidence. However, quickly spotting the enormous Krakoa/Brood hybrid Cyclops unleashed a powerful blast which obliterated the creature but when next an even larger vehicle arrived to take away what was left of the hybrid the X-Men quickly made their way inside it to locate Kaga.

(X-Necrosha: The Gathering - BTS) - Wither, now tutored by Selene, still remembered the time when he'd severely injured Laurie's arm. Seducing him to the dark side, Selene brought Wither to the docks to feed on two innocent people and used her abilities to make it seem as if they were Laurie and Josh. Seeing "Josh" kiss "Laurie", pushed Wither over the edge as he brutally murdered the two innocent people.

(Magneto III#4 - BTS) - Laurie's name was seen on the memorial of fallen mutants in one of Magneto's hidden bases, serving as a constant reminder why he fought for his fellow mutants.


(X-Factor IV#5 - BTS) - Following the Krakoan resurrection protocols, Wallflower was among the many mutants resurrected by the Five (Egg, Elixir, Proteus, Hope Summers and Tempus). Wallflower was one of the many who accepted the invitation to remain on the sovereign mutant island nation, ruled by the Quiet Council.

(X-Factor IV#5) - Learning former X-Men student Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega) would be resurrected, Wallflower and other former students met up at Arbor Magna Hatchery to welcome her back to the land of the living. Just as Sofia was resurrected she immediately took flight after being welcomed by her friends, Wallflower and Surge hugged her. Wallflower joined the others for the celebration at the Boneyard.

Comments: Created by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir (writers), Keron Grant (pencils), Rob Stull (inks).

Reverend William Stryker labeled Wallflower as an omega-level mutant. This might have been confusing to the readers as she's depicted next to Elixir (who's also an omega-level mutant nowadays), making it seem as he was the omega-level mutant and the true target. Before Reverend William Stryker killed Icarus in New X-Men II#26 he revealed Wallflower was his true target all along.

Wallflower returned in the pages of X-Factor IV#5 (December, 2020) where she sporting a look similar to the cover of New Mutants II#8 (January, 2004).

Wallflower received profiles in New X-Men Yearbook Special (December, 2005), X-Men: The 198 Files (2006) and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#13 (2010).

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Wallflower has no known connections to

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