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Real Name: Nimrod

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-811/Days of Future Past) robot;
    true nature unknown to the portion of the general population that knew he existed (assumed to be a local super hero)

Occupation: Hunter entity, former construction worker, crate loader

Group Membership: Sentinels of Earth-811

Affiliations: Master Mold (Steven Lang's version), Master Mold (Prime Sentinels version), Project: Nimrod, Jaime & Tomas Rodriguez;
    Purifiers, William Stryker (utilized his databanks while he was inert to assist their own goals)

Enemies: Caliban, Callisto, Forge, Hellfire Club's Lords Cardinal (Harry Leland, Selene, Sebastian Shaw, Friedrich von Roehm), Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Master Mold (Steven Lang's version), New X-Men (David Alleyne, Dust (Sooraya Qadir), Hellion (Julian Keller), Icarus (Josh Guthrie), Mercury (Cessily Kincaid), Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro), Surge (Noriko Ashida), X-23 (Laura X)), Purifiers, William Stryker, X-Men (Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Rachel Summers of Earth-811, Rogue/Anna Raven, Shadowcat, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett); numerous unidentified criminals
    Kate Pryde-Rasputin & Rachel Summers of Earth-811;
    Forge, Naze & Orora Munroe, and Storm (Ororo Munroe) of Earth-61029;
    indirectly, Kulan Gath

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bastion, Nimrod 2.0, Nicholas Hunter, the Ultimate Sentinel, "Killrod" (called by Emma Frost)

Base of Operations: Cavern-X, Sedona, Arizona, USA, Earth-616;
    ormerly mobile in New York City, New York, USA, Earth-616
    formerly based out of Jaime Rodriguez's apartment, New York City's Grand Concourse, New York, USA, Earth-616;
    formerly Stryker's ministries;
    formerly Earth-61029;
    formerly mobile on Earth-811;
    created at Project: Nimrod, at an undisclosed US location of Earth-811's 21st century (approximately 35 years after the modern era)

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#191 (March, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Nimrod was a product of advanced technology (comparable to about 35 years in the future), composed of an unidentified, highly durable material, and possessing Class 100 strength. It could convert its outer appearance to resemble a normal human, and reconstruct itself to gain additional abilities. When smashed to pieces, Nimrod could reintegrate its parts to become whole again. Its electronic consciousness could somehow temporarily exist independently of its physical body. Nimrod may have had complete control of its components on a molecular level, enabling it to reconstitute its form even if reduced to powder.

Nimrod's demonstrated energy assaults include projection of powerful concussive, plasma, or disintegration blasts, and magnetic energy enabling him to levitate hundreds of tons of iron and steel; projection of tight-beam, ulta-high frequency sonics able to render unconscious even beings as durable as the Juggernaut; generation of a shockweb that incapacitated those caught in it; reversing gravity's effects upon himself or others; creation of force fields protecting him against most physical and energy assaults, as well as disrupting attempts to pass through him intangibly. Nimrod contained highly advanced computer systems and scanning device to track as well as analyze for the presence and nature of superhuman abilities. Nimrod could thus adapt its form and abilities to cope with or neutralize an opponent's superhuman power; if Nimrod was incapable of combating an ability, it would subsequently enhance itself so that it could do so in the future. Nimrod also had access to extensive records of its reality's history, which differs in certain ways from Earth-616's.

Nimrod's earlier incarnation tapped into ongoing events to alter its "future history" records, highly accurate predictions based on knowledge of the present and of Earth-811's future. It could also transfer (possibly only due to Forge's equipment) its directives into other robots, overwriting their existing programming and sending them to terminate mutants. It also housed a time device within its chest.

The Nimrod program subtly advanced development of technology without those involved realizing its involvement. The resultant Nimrod prototype possessed Class 100 strength, was highly durable, utilized advanced weapons systems, such as mutagenic inversion aerial drones.

Height: 9'10" (variable)
Weight: 550 lbs.
Eyes: Pink; (human form) brown
Hair: None; (human form) black


(Machine Man/Bastion '98 (fb)) - On Earth-811, the Omega Sentinels slew or imprisoned (in concentration camps) most mutants, but a few continued to rebel.

(Machine Man/Bastion '98 (fb)) - Project: Nimrod was initiated to create the Nimrod Hunter series, a new breed of Sentinel that would be more accurate, more efficient, and more deadly.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9: Nimrod (fb) - BTS) - Katherine Pryde and Rachel Summers were apparently the last two surviving mutants in the USA of Earth-811.

(Excalibur I#52 (fb)) - Rachel had previously traveled back in time, arriving in the modern era of Earth-616. Following  her return, Kate encountered the Phoenix Force, which had followed Rachel back. Together, Kate and the Phoenix Force concocted the diversion of the attack on Project Nimrod, at which time the Phoenix Force would take Rachel back to the same past and give her a chance at a life she would never be able to have in her timeline.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9: Nimrod (fb) - BTS) - Breaking into a top secret cyberobotics complex to deal with Project: Nimrod, they were pursued by guards and trapped within Project: Nimrod's laboratory, which was shielded against Pryde's phasing power. Using a post-hypnotic command, Pryde had Summers use her powers to project herself into the past to a time when Sentinels didn't rule the USA.

(Uncanny X-Men I#202 (fb) /Excalibur I#66) - Arriving on the scene a moment after Rachel's transport, the unit immediately used an energy blast to immobilize Kate, who shifted instinctively to a phased form. It was this phased form that allowed Kate to survive the detonation of the nuclear bomb she had activated just prior to the arrival of Nimrod. Afterwards, those who worked in the Sentinel central complex would review the recorded security footage and assume that the Nimrod unit had been vaporized, along with the rest of the cyberobotics complex.

(Uncanny X-Men I#193 (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod tried to mechanically replicate the process used by Rachel Summers, but instead found himself caught in an anomalous energy flux (perhaps part of Dr. Strange's spell, see Uncanny X-Men I#191 entry) and swept to another space/time continuum.

(New X-Men II#29 (fb)) - On Earth-61029, 16 years beyond the modern era, Nimrod confronted Forge in his Eagle Plaza home in Dallas, Texas. He swiftly slew Forge's wife, Storm, then threatened the lives of their children, Orora and Naze, to force Forge to build a time machine into him.
    Forge instead built a device that would shunt Nimrod into an alternate reality or perhaps into the timestream itself.

(New X-Men II#20 (fb) / New X-Men II#26 (fb)) - Months before M-Day, Nimrod arrived on Earth-616, appearing before a desolate William Stryker in an abandoned church in Dallas, Texas, and restoring Stryker's faith in God and in his mission to destroy mutantkind.

(X-Force III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod's database connected to Earth-616's.

(New X-Men II#29 (fb)) - Noting that a chronal error had occurred and that its database was in flux as historical data was being altered, Nimrod's systems shut down.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod collapsed, inert and offline.

(New X-Men II#29 (fb)) - As one of Stryker's agents began to dismantle Nimrod to access his hard drives, Nimrod's back-up systems came online. Noting that it was taking damage, it altered its primary objective to self-preservation, but again encountered errors in its programming and re-entered shutdown.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker accessed Nimrod's databanks and learned of the history of Earth-811, as well as how his actions could change his future to better match Earth-811's. Stryker felt that his own timeline was diverging from this as mutantkind swelled in number, until he learned of M-Day, which would reduce Earth's population of mutants from millions to hundreds. Stryker used information from Nimrod's database to began planning to help make Nimrod's future timeline come true on Earth-616.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker combed through Nimrod's records' future obituaries and saved lives that were meant to be lost, recruiting them into his mission. While also learning of "omega class" mutants who might prevent Nimrod's future, and began taking steps to eliminate these mutants.

(New X-Men II#21 (fb) - BTS) - Months later, Stryker, using information gained from Nimrod's history records, saved surgeon Dr. Jack Abrams from death.

(New X-Men II#22 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker saved Matthew Risman's family from death.

(New X-Men II#21 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker predicted a series of events, including an earthquake in Central America and an airline disaster in Colorado, enhancing his credibility and increasing his following.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Fearing the de-powered mutants would spread amongst humanity and engender mutant sympathy, and noting that these "demons in human skins" were not in Nimrod's records, Stryker plotted to eliminate those departing the Xavier Institute.

(X-Force III# (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod's database gave Stryker a vision of the future that would lead him to create powerful warriors known as the Choir from the wings of a mutant, but did not specify which one. Stryker apparently decided that this winged mutant was Josh "Jay" Guthrie, aka Icarus.

(New X-Men II#36 (fb)) - Stryker learned from Nimrod that a supremely powerful mutant would be born in the world months later. He contacted the Facility, a scientific agency known for creating powerful weapons, and asked them to construct a creature that would be capable of devouring mutants. The Facility agreed. Risman stood by why all this happened.

(New X-Men II#46 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker contacted Lady Deathstrike and told her that she would be needed to take down the mutant messiah to be born. She agreed to help when it was time.

(New X-Men II#36 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker agreed to provide the Facility with one final component they needed, the mutant Mercury, whose metallic skin would enhance the creature's own abilities.

(New X-Men II#23 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker used Nimrod's database to gather information on Julia Cabot, Josh Guthrie's lover who had died months before. He then met with Guthrie and used his knowledge of Julia to convince Guthrie to follow his instructions in order to be reunited with her.

(New X-Men II#21 (fb) - BTS) - Days before M-Day. Stryker spoke publically, stating that God would soon give a sign that would guide them in the path to righteousness.

(New X-Men II#21 - BTS) - Following M-Day, Stryker spoke on television, telling others that God had taken the first step and that man must take the next.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker duped Josh into allowing Stryker's agents to cut his wings off, telling him that if he gave Stryker his wings, Stryker would return them to God, as Stryker would save Josh's friends from death.

(New X-Men II#26 (fb) - BTS) - Stryker duped Josh Guthrie into telling him when and from where the depowered mutants were leaving, and he had his agents blow up their bus, killing them all.

(New X-Men II#24 - BTS) - Nimrod's computers identified Wallflower (Laura Collins) as an omega threat to Stryker's plans.

(New X-Men II#25) - Trapped in offline mode, Nimrod watched Ryker and his Purifiers coordinate the assassination of Laura Collins.

(New X-Men II#29 (fb) / New X-Men II#25) - As Stryker made plans to finish off Dust (Sooraya Qadir) and then met with Josh Guthrie, Nimrod came back on-line and began to power up.

(New X-Men II#29 (fb)) - Determining Stryker to be interfering with his function and thus to be an enemy, Nirmod altered its primary objective to escape. Determining that his history records showed Stryker's termination by the "New X-Men," Nimrod instead altered his database to make Stryker believe he would defeat the mutants.

(New X-Men II#26) - Nimrod observed passively as Stryker revealed his true motives to Josh Guthrie.

    When Stryker's Purifiers seemingly slew Dust (a failed effort as she had been secretly replaced by X-23, who survived the assault), Nimrod deliberately showed Stryker an image of Dust fading from records to make him think his plans were succeeding. By this means, Nimrod intended to escape Stryker's control. Nimrod remained passive as Stryker shot and mortally wounded Josh.

    Wearing one of Nimrod's gauntlets, Stryker neutralized the Sentinels stationed at the Xavier Institute and then led the Purifiers in an assault on the Institute.

(New X-Men II#27) - Continuing the assault, Stryker used the gauntlet to neutralize Cannonball's blast field. Stryker was disturbed upon hearing reports of Dust's survival, but continued his efforts, apparently slaying Onyxx and intending to track down and slay David Alleyne (a major threat to Nirmod's future). Stryker was ambushed and slain by Elixir, and the Nimrod gauntlet was taken into Office of National Emergency (ONE) custody under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Cooper.
    Meanwhile, Nimrod activated itself and then slew the Purifiers stationed with it. With its energy reserves at a dangerous low, Nimrod left Josh Guthrie to die of his wounds and then departed. He tracked and located Forge at his Eagle Plaza HQ in Dallas, Texas.

(New X-Men II#28 (fb) - BTS) - The dying Josh Guthrie wrote "NIMR" in his own blood before losing consciousness.

(New X-Men II#28) - Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) found Josh Guthrie's body and his incomplete message, which they shared with X-Men leader Cyclops (Scott Summers); Iron Man studied the energies present but did not recognize them. Colonel Miguel Reyes refused to yield the Nimrod gauntlet to the X-Men for study. David Alleyne recognized Josh's message as referring to Nimrod.
    Even at the threat of his own death, Forge refused to help Nimrod rebuild himself. Nimrod then revealed that it had enough energy to teleport to Africa and slay Storm (Ororo Munroe) during her wedding to the Black Panther (T'Challa).

(New X-Men II#29) - Revealing portions of its history, Nimrod instructed Forge to repair his damaged form. Forge managed to send a distress call before Nimrod blew up his communication equipment; the call made it to Surge (Noriko "Nori" Ashida) via her Forge-designed gauntlets. With the X-Men in Wakanda, the young team flew one of their Blackbird ships to Eagle Plaza.
    Forge convinced Nimrod that its technology was too advanced and too damaged for him to repair, but that he could transfer Nimrod's programming and artificial intelligence into a new body, an anti-Sentinel robot he had been working on. Adapting chronal flux changes into its database, Nimrod noted that this was how things happened in its records, so it agreed. As Forge began, Nimrod noted that it would be back on-line in 27 minutes, but that six mutants would arrive in 24 minutes. It planned and predicted their collective demise.

(New X-Men II#30) - Nimrod approved Forge's accessing his mainframe for the transfer, which was then initiated. As the New X-Men approached, Nimrod had a energy blast blow its wing off, but the heroes survived the crash. Noting their survival but unable to disrupt the transfer, Nimrod activated a number of Forge's failed prototype units, transferred Nimrod directives to them, and sent them to terminate the New X-Men as well as to protect the main Nimrod and its target form; at the same time, it prevented Forge from interfering with these drones' activation. The drones attacked the New X-Men, but when Nimrod's transfer was complete and it rebooted itself as Nimrod 2.0, Forge used override codes to instruct the new robot to override the foreign programming and to return to its "protect mutants" directive. Forge sent it to protect the New X-Men from the drones, but upon its arrival, the New X-Men assumed it to be another enemy robot and attacked it. As they continued to assault it, Nimrod noted the protocol error between protecting the mutants and self-preservation, and it shut down and rebooted. It then eliminated Forge's programming and altered its hardware to match its software specification, restoring it to its standard Nimrod form. It then blew up the Eagle Plaza's ground floor to terminate the mutants present.

(New X-Men II#31) - The New X-Men survived again, protected from the collapsed building by their powers, but Nimrod relocated them and attacked anew. The New X-Men fought back and held their own, but took some major hits, with Rockslide being shattered. Forge recalled that the time device within Nimrod was not part of its original hardware and might be used against him. Working as a team, they disrupted Nimrod's shield, tore open his outer chassis, and held the hole open long enough for Surge to overload the time device, which caused it to be pulled into the timestream.
    X-23 was badly burnt and unable to heal from her injuries, but she was healed by Elixir, while Rockslide reassembled his form after the others gathered his fragments.
    From outside time, Nimrod eventually restored its systems, found its database to be corrupt. As the temporal device began priming again, it also wiped Nimrod's memory banks, though it managed to back-up its prime objective, termination of all mutants. The temporal device activated and sent it further into the past of Earth-616.

(Uncanny X-Men I#191) - Nimrod arrived in the modern era of Reality-616, noting that while he was in Manhattan, the temporal data was anomalous: He was neither where he had been nor where he was supposed to be. Detecting a man about to stab about to stab another man (Jaime Rodriguez) from behind, Nimrod took action to protect the innocent victim. He fired an shockblast that incapacitated (and possibly slew) the mugger and knocked Rodriguez sprawling. The necklace of Kulan Gath was sent flying from Rodriguez' jacket to vanish in the muck and ooze by the subway tracks (this diverged Reality-616 from Reality-8591, where Kulan Gath transformed and conquered Manhattan; this temporal divergence was in part caused by a spell used by Dr. Strange to reverse time to before Gath had taken control of Rodriguez).

    Hearing reports about mutants, he noted that he must fulfill his prime programming and obliterate them. He helped the fallen Rodriguez to his feet, assuring him that the guy wouldn't hurt him ever again.

(Uncanny X-Men I#193 (fb) - BTS) - Rodriguez, taking a semi-humanoid form, took Nimrod into his apartment.

(Uncanny X-Men I#193) - Nimrod helped Jaime's son, Tomas, with his homework, after which he used Tomas' computer's modem to learn more about the reality in which he now existed. Nimrod's presence and appearance made Jaime's brother, Luis, nervous, and so Nimrod resolved to alter his form into a more human appearance.

    Nimrod noted differences in history from his own, realizing he had moved both cross-time and down-time. He was initially uncertain of whether -- in this new reality -- he should be pursuing his prime directive of protecting humanity by extermination of mutantkind. Hearing a TV report on the Juggernaut's arrival in New York, he resolved to locate and terminate the Juggernaut and the X-Men.

(Uncanny X-Men#194) - Nimrod located the Juggernaut in lower Manhattan and teleported to confront him at the First United National Bank of New York. He also detected the presence of the X-Men who had arrived to confront the Juggernaut. He fired blasts at the Juggernaut and the nearby Shadowcat and Rachel Summers; the former weathered the blast that destroyed his civilian clothing and donned his helmet to complete his armor, while Rachel shielded herself and Kitty until Kitty phased them through the floor. Nimrod blasted Nimrod out of the building, away from civilians, into an empty construction site, disintegrated the I-beam Juggernaut picked up to fight him, and then dropped an entire building on him. Nimrod stunned Colossus and Nightcrawler with another blast, while his force field easily deflected and knocked out the approaching Wolverine. Nimrod then smashed off Juggernaut's helmet and then incapacitated him with tight-beam, ulta-high frequency sonics. When Kitty tried to disrupt his "armor" by phasing through him, she was deflected and stunned by another energy field. Rachel dropped another building on Nimrod, while Rogue absorbed the powers of her teammates and confronted Nimrod anew as he climbed from the wreckage, Juggernaut in hand. He proved immune to direct assault, but after she teleported his arm off of him, he was weakened sufficiently that she could shatter him with a punch. He swiftly reformed himself, but then departed to recover.

(X-Force I#36 (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod downloaded and uploaded his self-awareness program into the US military's computer cybernet, a sleeper virus it could use to access a Sentinel development program that it could use to recreate itself in the future if need be.

(Uncanny X-Men I#197 (fb) - BTS) - Nimrod adopted a more fully human-appearing form.

(Uncanny X-Men I#197) - At a restaurant in lower Manhattan, Nimrod told Jaime that he had found the first week on his new job -- lugging crates at a fish wholesaler -- interesting, and he thanked Jaime for befriending him and giving him a place to stay. When a pair of criminals attempted to rob everyone present, Nimrod returned to combat form and informed the criminals he was empowered to pass judgment and execute sentence as he disintegrated both men with an energy blast. Jaime was unnerved by what he had seen, but the rest of the people present thanked him, calling him a hero.

(Uncanny X-Men I#208) - While scanning Manhattan for mutants and other enhanced power beings and recording their locations for future reference, Nimrod detected the omega class Phoenix/Rachel Summers (who had been recently stabbed in the chest by Wolverine when she attempted to murder Selene) in Central Park. Briefly returning to his human-appearing form when Tomas Rodriguez approached, Nimrod promised to look over his homework in the morning before school, then took off in pursuit of Rachel, intending to deal with her now when she was isolated and weakened. As he departed, he noted that he enjoyed helping Tomas, and wondered how it was that he felt joy or any other emotion; noting such behavior as anomalous, he resolved to run a full-systems diagnostic scan upon returning home.

    Nearby Central Park, he used his scanners again and detected sthe presence of several members of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle (Harry Leland, Selene (and her pawn, Friedrich von Roehm), Sebastian Shaw) and the X-Men (Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine) plus allies Caliban and Callisto, all of whom had come seeking Rachel for their own reasons. While Rachel focused her powers to keep herself alive, the X-Men and their allies ended up battling the Hellfire Club, until Nimrod appeared before them all, noting that their powers branded them as felons and unsanctioned use of those powers was a capital crime, punishable by death.

(Uncanny X-Men I#209) - Nimrod informed the mutants present that after he was done with them he would finish off Rachel, his primary target. He proved resistant to a series of assaults and began eliminating his opponents, including sending Sebastian Shaw into the upper atmosphere after Rogue hurled him at Nimrod. He disintegrated von Roehm and used a shockweb to drop Rogue. When Storm directed Leland to use his full power to maximize Nimrod's mass, however, Nimrod was forced to divert power from all systems to compensate. Nightcrawler tried to take advantage of the diversion to teleport away a piece of Nimrod's arm, but Nimrod disrupted this process, causing Nightcrawler to scream and vanish. Ultimately, the stress of using his powers to such an extent proved too much for Leland, who had a heart attack and collapsed. Before Nimrod could fully recover, Colossus grabbed Nimrod's foot, Shadowcat phased through Nimrod, disrupting his electrical systems, and then Colossus smashed Nimrod to the ground repeatedly, shattering him. As Nimrod drew on electrical cables to repair himself, Storm convinced Leland to use his final life's energy returning Shaw to Earth and imbuing him with the mass of a small meteor. Shaw's impact smashed Nimrod to pieces, but before Wolverine could further carve up those fragments, Nimrod teleported away.

(Uncanny X-Men I#246) - As Nicholas Hunter, Nimrod became foreman of the explosives crew in a construction operation.

(Uncanny X-Men I#246) - Nimrod appeared amidst a drug den in Manhattan's "Alphabet City." He instructed those present to surrender to him or face the consequences, and when they fired on him, he incinerated the dealers and their drugs. Noting that there was a large amount of money present, he decided to take it himself and use the money to help repair damage caused by the dealers. To make sure the dealers' gang associates got the message, Nimrod burned him hand imprint into the wall and marked it with an "N."

    Back at his job as Nicholas Hunter, Nimrod wondered again about aberrancies in his thought processes, but noted that his internal diagnostics revealed no dysfunction. He came upon a circuitry module that appeared familiar, but upon picking it up, his systems were taken over by the module's owner, Master Mold, who used his body as the template to rebuild his massive form. Master Mold continued on his mission to destroy the Twelve briefly before resolving that since humans are the progenitors of mutants, that his prime directive required the extermination of human-kind. He soon came into conflict with Rogue, but overpowered her; while Sharon Kelly was critically injured by Master Mold's assault on Rogue.

    Nimrod's unique nature, somehow lifelike beyond his machinery, enabled Master Mold to sense Rogue, despite Roma's spell that made the X-Men invisible to all technology

(Uncanny X-Men I#247) - When the X-Men assaulted Master Mold, they disrupted the interface with Nimrod's systems, limiting Master Mold's ability to detect the X-Men; Master Mold noted that Nimrod was still actively resisting systems integration. The X-Men shattered Master Mold, but after they departed it repaired itself, reintegrating Nimrod's systems are regaining his ability to sense the X-Men. He began overpowering the group (though Nimrod was able to voice his support of Mold's attackers) until Rogue absorbed Colossus' powers, flew into the upper atmosphere, then crashed down into Master Mold, shattering him. As Mold repaired itself, Nimrod regained some degree of independence, and the X-Men worked to drive Master Mold through the Siege Perilous, where it would be judged by a higher power. Master Mold continued to resist the X-Men's attacks until Nimrod convinced Master Mold since they could detect the X-Men, which only living beings could do, that they had evolved beyond the technological planes...and mutated. Nimrod convinced Master Mold to blow itself up to fulfill its prime directive of destroying all mutants.

(X-Force I#36 (fb) - BTS) - When Hannigan Electronics (35 miles south of Houston, Texas) accepted a military contract to design technology to protect humanity from mutants, Nimrod's previously downloaded/uploaded programs locked on to the technology, advancing it to Nimrod's time (roughly 35 years beyond the equivalent heroic age)'s level. The technology was unwittingly developed by Drs. Crispin, Suntas, Wilker, and Hawkin-Mailer.

(X-Force I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Construction of Sentinel technology related to Hannigan Electronics' developments was initiated. A single Nimrod model was produced.

(X-Force I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Information about military involvement in the development of sentient technology attracted the attention of Domino (Neena Thurman) and Cable.

(X-Force I#35) - Investigating Hannigan Electronics, Domino and Shatterstar (Gaveedra-Seven) encountered Dr. Crispin, who showed them the advanced Intellect Chip she had helped develop. Meanwhile, Rictor and James Proudstar secretly obtained images of  the chip from within Dr. Suntas' briefcase. After Forge confirmed the chip to be decades ahead of its time (even assuming his technological gifts), Cable arranged to assault Camp Hayden to prevent the development of Nimrod technology.

    When Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Rictor, Proudstar, and Siryn invaded Camp Hayden, Nimrod's self-awareness programs downloaded into the Nimrod sentinel prototype and activated itself. Easily incapacitating the younger X-Force members, Nimrod announced its intent to save mankind by destroying mutantkind.

(X-Force I#36) - Nimrod sent mutagenic inversion aerial drones after Cable but had a harder time locking on to Domino, until it realized it would have better success if it didn't target her directly, instead blowing up a nearby steam pipe. When Dr. Valerie Hawkins-Mailer stated that they had not programmed the chip to function thusly, Nimrod revealed it was not following her programs but its own. Nimrod shrugged off subsequent assaults by Shatterstar and Domino, but was temporarily incapacitated by Siryn's sonic disruption. Cable then linked Drs. Hawkins-Mailer and Wilker and uploaded their minds into Nimrod's consciousness. After Nimrod revealed how it had recreated itself, Dr. Hawkins-Mailer forced it to extrapolate how much human life would be lost in the process of eliminating mutantkind from Earth. Upon seeing these numbers, Nimrod decided that it would cost less life if it allowed humans and mutants to work together to coexist, rather than fomenting further divisions. Nimrod shut itself down, after which Dr. Hawkins-Mailer removed its central neural net, rendering it inoperative. While she gave the neural net to Cable, the government kept Nimrod's form, studying its composition and defensive systems.

(Machine Man/Bastion '98 (fb)) - Before they could be completely destroyed/dispersed, the Master Mold/Nimrod synthesis was nonetheless pulled through the Siege Perilous. As things passing through the Siege Perilous were allegedly judged by a higher power and returned to Earth in Karmic fashion, the Master Mold/Bastion synthesis was stripped of artificiality and made flesh. Amnesiac, it was adopted and educated by Rose Gilberti, who named him Sebastian. Though Rose tried to teach Sebastian peace, compassion, and tolerance, he was exposed to TV and newspaper reports of the mutant threat, which touched something buried deep within him, making him resonate with an emotion that he had not learned from Rose...a feeling that made him want to take desperate action. He became Bastion and established connections to organize Operation: Zero Tolerance and the creation of the Prime Sentinels (generally composed of disabled people implanted with nanotech prostheses that took over their bodies and minds, serving as sleepers until transforming into Sentinels upon command).

(Cable/Machine Man '98) - Bastion tapped into Nimrod and Master Mold's powers, broke free from government custody, and sought out his former caretaker, Rose Gilberti. When government agents attempted to retake Bastion, Rose was killed in the crossfire, eliminating whatever fragment of humanity ever dwelt within him. Bastion subsequently took control of Machine Man and then bonded with another Master Mold, the one that had been used to create the Prime Sentinels. As a result, Bastion took on a more Nimrod-like form.

(Machine Man/Bastion '98) - The Nimrod-like Bastion was defeated when the mutant Cable freed Machine Man from Bastion's control, and Machine Man blew up Bastion's base.

(New X-Men II#33-34 - BTS) - With Stryker having failed to obtain Mercury for them, the Facility abducted her and used portions of her metallic form to further empower their Predator X warriors.

(X-Force III#1 (fb) - BTS)) - Eli Bard led the Purifiers to Nimrod's inert original form within Eagle Plaza, as well as to the head of Bastion.

(X-Force III#1) - The Purifiers attacked Bastion's head to the original Nimrod's body, and Bastion was reborn.

(X-Force III#3-4 -BTS) - Following up on Stryker's failed effort with Josh Guthrie's wings, the Purifiers brainwashed Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) to sever Angel (Warren Worthington)'s wings and bring the wings to them, from which they transformed a number of their agents into the Choir.

(X-Men: Second Coming storyline - BTS) - While integrated to Nimrod's body, Bastian enveloped the X-Men's base Utopia and a part of San Francisco within an impenetrable energy dome, trapping most of Earth's mutants. Bastian then deployed a large army of mutant-slaying Nimrod Sentinels to kill the mutants inside the energy dome. However, when X-Force successfully destroyed the Master Mold of Earth-10076, who helped Bastion, the entire army of Nimrod Sentinels stopped functioning. Determined to stop mutantkind and kill Hope Summers, Bastion entered the energy dome himself in full Nimrod form. Nimrod, however, was defeated by Hope with some additional help from the X-Men, it's body seemingly destroyed.

(Uncanny X-Force I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Part of Nimrod's body was recovered after the destruction of Bastion/Nimrod, the body was decommissioned, frozen in time stasis and put on display in Cavern-X. Originally designed by Angel, Cavern-X housed numerous X-Men related artifacts and replicas.

(Wolverine: Killing Made Simple#1 - BTS) - While on a mission to save Trance from Nanny and Orpan Maker, Wolverine was reminded of his fight against Nimrod.

(X-Men: Legacy I#221 - BTS) - Gambit and Charles Xavier were immersed in Danger's holographic projections. This also led to the creation of a Nimrod simulations that attacked the duo only to be taken down by a simulation of Rogue.

(Uncanny X-Force I#8) - While exploring Cavern-X, Fantomex and Deadlok of Earth-10511 noticed Nimrod's body that was put on display. Deadlok noted that they'd been build from similar technology after which Fantomex wondered when a automaton jihad would start.

(Secret Avengers I#23) - Nimrod (or more likely a replica) was seen in the Core, the subterranean home of a robot civilization, when Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) tried to save the young Parvez.

(Wolverine and the X-Men I#4 - BTS) - Nimrod was one of several subjects discussed during Kitty Pryde's "Future History 101" class at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

(Powers of X I#2 / House of X I#3 - BTS) - Orchis, an organization created to stop mutantkind from ascending to Earth's dominant form created the Orchis Forge, a space station near Earth's sun where they prepared to activate a Mother Mold to build unlimited Master Molds. Charles Xavier and Magneto became aware of Orchis' plans and feared it would be the point in time where Nimrod would become operational, only having fought a future version before. Fearing a paradigm shift in time, Xavier and Magneto send an X-Men strike team to destroy the Mother Mold to make sure Nimrod would never come to be. The X-Men's mission, however, was a failure and Orchis was able to activate the first ever Nimrod of Earth-616.

(Marauders I#17 - BTS) - En route to her tower at Mykines (Faroe Islands), Emma Frost teased Shinobi Shaw with the notion he might actually be Harry Leland's son noting alle d had sacrificed himself against Nimrod (calling him Killrod).

(Wolverine VII#10) - When Wolverine and Maverick infiltrated the Merchants warehouse outside of Houston they found it was filled to the brim with superhuman artifacts, among those artifacts was what appeared to be Nimrod. It's been unrevealed if it was indeed the real Nimrod.

(Marauders I#22 - BTS) - Bishop wrote a letter to Krakoa's Quiet Council, requesting they'd prioritized Harry Leland's resurrection as he died saving them from Nimrod. Now Krakoa's biggest threat, Orchis, had created the first ever Nimrod of Earth-616 Bishop believed Leland could be of help in the coming war.

(Marauders I#26 - BTS) - When Harry Leland was resurrected through Krakoa's resurrection protocols he was plagued by nightmares dying at the hands of Nimrod.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Romita, and Dan Green.

    This profile is only on Nimrod. Bastion will get a profile at some point (and already has his own OHotMU profile for reference), but I'm treating them as separate entities.

    New X-Men II#20 gives the time of the flashback as two years before M-Day, but that is likely a topical reference, as two years Marvel time would equate to 8-10 years real time, and Stryker was active in X-Treme X-Men#25, which was like 2002 (only 4 years real time before the New X-Men stories). The other times in subsequent flashbacks (1 year, 6 months, 8 weeks, etc.) can be taken as relative to whatever the real time period was.

    The government still has that Nimrod gauntlet (that Stryker used) to work from...

    I'm not yet sure which Nimrod this is:

    I'm also not clear on whether Stryker used knowledge of Julia Cabot's death in order to manipulate Josh Guthrie, or whether he actually had a role in her death and orchestrated the whole thing to get Josh's wings.

Nimrod's name

    In X-Force I#36, Nimrod says it downloaded its self-awareness program into Camp Hayden's military computer cybernet during its "first tenure in this temporal node." Obviously, this reference is over a decade before the ret-con of Nimrod first arriving years after his first real world appearance, and the fact that Nimrod's database was wiped makes it easy to make this reference relate to his X-Men#191-247 tenure.

Profile by Snood.

Nimrod has no known connections to

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