Real Name: Parvez (full name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Unspecified synthezoid-human variant, presumably magically-enhanced to some degree via Orb of Necromancy;
    citizen of Pakistan

Occupation: Toddler

Group Membership: Descendants/High-Breeds

Affiliations: Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Nanny, (Secret) Avengers (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Beast/Hank McCoy, Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde, Venom/Flash Thompson), Sentinels

Enemies: Adaptoids (Ideal, Mother Origin, Swine, Urn), Black Ant (Eric O'Grady life model decoy), Father

Known Relatives: Yalda (Sister Augmentoid; mother; possibly deceased)

Aliases: "Angel" (from Black Widow)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Father's base in a tower in the Core,
a subterranean realm apparently on Earth-616;
    formerly the Lighthouse (Secret Avengers space station);
the Dera Ghazi Khan district of Pakistan;

First Appearance: Secret Avengers I#22 (April, 2012)

parvez-descendants-sa36-face-bestPowers/Abilities: Parvez is a unique being, apparently fully human but the child of a Descendant.

    He can unleash a powerful, unspecified type of energy, which was sufficient to incapacitate Mother Origin of the Adaptoids, although she was able to recover from the assault with time. As he was only seen to do this once, when he was severely distraught by his mother being harmed, he presumably had little control of this energy and could only do so under duress.

    As he was only approximately 3-4 years old at the time, his control is likely to increase over time.parvez-descendants-sa24-face-profile

    Parvez did not demonstrate any other specific abilities. He enjoyed playing with his action figures.

    He apparently spoke Pun Jabi, but did not speak English. He was most receptive to the Black Widow, who could speak his language, at least via her translator device.

Height: Approximately 3'2"
Weight: Approximately 31 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black



(Secret Avengers#25 (fb) / (Secret Avengers#34 (fb)) <During the Cold War> - Within the World (the Weapon Plus program's development facility), Weapon Plus UK's Operation: Descendant (notably including Brother/James Braddock Sr. /Father/Mother) created a number of synthetic beings (patterned after the Human Torch/Jim Hammond), bringing them to life via the Otherworldly relic known as the Orb of Necromancy: They created 20 Descendants, the High-Breeds (apparently including Yalda or her ancestor(s)), living, breathing Homo synthezoideus, which they saw as the final stage of life on Earth.

(Secret Avengers#25 (fb) - BTS) - Mother, having concluded that the new species deserved the same opportunities as all life including natural selection, released the High-Breeds into the world.

(Secret Avengers#25 (fb) - BTS) - The High-Breeds existed among humanity, seemingly normal people, unaware of their true natures, reproducing for decades; their powers only manifested in situation of mortal danger.

parvez-descendants-sa22-knifepoint(Secret Avengers#22 (fb) - BTS) - Dwelling Pakistan, Yalda presumably mated with a human, giving birth to Parvez, the next generation of Descendants.

(Secret Avengers#22) - Parvez was with Yalda when she was shopping in an outdoor marketplace in the Dera Ghazi Khan district of Pakistan when terrorists set off a bomb. Instinctively using the powers she never knew she had, Yalda absorbed the entire force of the explosion. When police began to question her, she lost control and released the explosive force at them, killing them. Neither Yalda or Parvez understood what was happening, but the remaining terrorist -- noting this to have been God's will -- then knocked out Yalda by striking her in the head with the butt of his rifle.

(Secret Avengers#22 - BTS) - Having sensed the Descendant energy signature, Father sent his Adaptoids (Ideal, Origin, Swine, Urn) to collect both Descendants and bring them to the Core.

    The Lighthouse reported a large blast of organically magnified energy in Pakistan, and the Secret Avengers (Ant-Man, Beast, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Valkyrie) traveled there to investigate.

(Secret Avengers#22) - As the terrorists held Parvez at knife point and threatened to torture him to force Yalda to use her powers (to demonstrate control but ultimately to use them under their direction), the Avengers arrived and swiftly took out the terrorists, at which point all four Adaptoids arrived. Ultimately, Origin scooped up both Yalda and Parvez, and all four Adaptoids flew away, unaware that Ant-Man had hidden out in one of the Ideal's boots.

    Urn reported their success to Father, and, within their base in the Core, Father shared with his council that they had recovered two high-breeds.

(Secret Avengers#23) - Unaware Ant-Man had stowed away with them, the Adaptoids announced their return to the Core with the High-Breeds.

(Secret Avengers#23) - The Adaptoids brought Yalda and Parvez to Father and the Descendants, and Father introduced himself to Yalda, telling her she now home, in the Core, the heart from which they would change all of Earth.

(Secret Avengers#23) - Within Parish Tower, Father subsequently assured Yalda that no one was going to hurt her or her son, and that they all cared because of who Yalda and Parvez were and what they meant to the universe: They were the marriage of nature and science, they were what would come next: Homo synthezoidus (aka Descendants, as his ex-wife ("Mother") had affectionately named them), and more specifically a High-Breed.

    He continued that it was "the natural instinctual goal of all life to evolve to a point where it can create technological awareness of a higher means and to merge with it; through this stage of evolution a species amalgamates with one mind, finally at peace, finally able to join the communal universal consciousness...meta-intelligence, all linked, an omnipresent cosmic intellect...everything you call human, everything you call 'me' will live immortally in a million different nano-computers. Once you join, of your own accord, I will teach you all you're capable of...Then you will help me give our gift to the entire world. To help protect our race from unenlightened humanity...your son, young Parvez, is the next stage...under my care he will become godlike...."

    Finally, however, Yalda interrupted, telling him to stop his blasphemy, noting that Parvez would not become this devil-ish thing that what Father wanted; she continued that Parvez was a humble servant of the one true God.

    Appreciating that Yalda was too far indoctrinated by human thinking and that she would stand between the boy and his potential, Father ordered her death. When Ant-Man reacted to save Yalda, Father apparently overloaded her and slew her himself.


    When Ant-Man grabbed Parvez and fled out the window, Father -- noting that he needed Parvez alive -- instructed his Adaptoids to kill the Avenger.

    Shrinking himself and Parvez, Ant-Man landed them both safely in a drainage tunnel (sewer?). Returning them both to normal size, Ant-Man ran down the street with Parvez and hid out in an alley.

(Secret Avengers#23 - BTS) - With Hank Pym having tracked down the site at which Ant-Man disappeared, the Secret Avengers (Beast, Black Widow, Captain Britain, Hawkeye, Valkyrie) and the Human Torch traveled there and were teleported to the Core..

    Unable to get Beast's attention, Ant-Man was cornered by the Adaptoids. He sent Parvez to run away, after which Ant-Man was apparently beaten to death by the Adaptoids.

(Secret Avengers#33 (fb) - BTS) - Father revived O'Grady in the form of some type of Descendant (presumably a Life Model Decoy (LMD)).

(Secret Avengers#24) - As Parvez fled through the Core city, Urn and Swine located him and prepared to collect him atraumatically. Urn and Swine were opposed by Valkyrie and the Black Widow, who escaped with the youth. Using her tech to translate her speech to Punjabi, the Widow asked Parvez what had happened to his mother, and he tearfully explained that the old man had killed her. The Widow sympathized, noting that she was an orphan and understood what he was feeling and that she and her allies would protect him from the bad men.

    As the Valkyrie, Widow, and Parvez encountered the site of O'Grady's death, Urn and Swine attacked anew, knocking out the Widow, but Valkryie stunned Urn and fled with both Parvez and the Widow on her shoulders. However, when Valkyrie located a building emitting the same frequency as the teleportation pad in Pakistan and tried to investigate, Urn ambushed her and began to drain her energies.



Secret Avengers#25 - BTS) - Ant-Man explained to Hawkeye and Beast that Yalda had not escaped, and they agreed to focus on rescuing Parvez.

(Secret Avengers#25) - As Black Widow fled with Parvez, vowing to get him to safety, they were confronted by Origin, who asked who would protect Parvez from the Widow, an Avenger Assassin.

    As Origin's diminutives assaulted the Widow, Origin tried to assure Parvez that he was safe with his own people, Parvez shouted that she had hurt his mother, after which he unleashed his power, incapacitating Origin.

    The Black Widow then recovered Parvez and reconvened with the rest of the Secret Avengers (including Ant-Man). As the Avengers escaped through a teleportal with Parvez, Swine grabbed Parvez and pulled him back, noting that the boy would not be their hostage. The Torch set Swine aflame and fled back to the portal with Parvez, but Swine projected his jagged arm and tore a massive hole in the Torch's chest, causing him to subsequently deactivate.


(Secret Avengers#25 - BTS) - Parvez traveled with the Avengers to their Lighthouse Base, and the Torch was put into stasis.

    Father told the rebuilt Yalda, "Fear not, Yalda. Though a member of my council (later revealed as Max Fury) plans to betray us, your son is now safe."

(Secret Avengers#29) - Aboard the Lighthouse, Parvez played with some toys while the Avengers discussed the Shadow Council.

(Secret Avengers#31) - Aboard the Lighthouse, Parvez played with some X-Men action figures as the Avengers discussed the Shadow Council and their Masters of Evil.

    Black Widow initially stayed behind to watch Parvez while the others opposed the Shadow Council, but she subsequently revived the Human Torch from his healing cryosleep so he could send her to help the others (and to watch over Parvez). Before doing so, she spoke to Parvez in his native language, telling him she had an errand to run and asked if he could stay there and play. He happily acknowledged that he could.

(Secret Avengers#32) - After the Avengers returned to the Lighthouse and discussed recent events, Parvez played a short distance from their table. parvez-descendants-sa34-reunited

(Secret Avengers#33) - Via guidance from Father, Black Ant released and transported the Torch to the Core; Father then transported the Adaptoids (including Mother Origin, Urn, and Yalda), Emperor Doombot, and Lady Deathstrike to the Avengers' Lighthouse base. Yalda demanded to know Parvez's location.

    As Yalda, Lady Deathstrike, and Urn confronted Valkyrie and Flash Thompson, Urn apparently located Parvez, holding him one one arm as he assaulted Flash. After Yalda swallowed a grenade, Urn hurled Flash at Valkyrie, and then Urn carried Parvez out of the room alongside Lady Deathstrike.

    Yalda subsequently embraced Parvez, telling him "My boy. My dear Parvez. The future holds such wonders for you. Prince of the New World."

    The Descendants (including Parvez) teleported back to the Core after Mother Origin released a number of diminutive Human Torches that began destroying the Lighthouse.

(Secret Avengers#34) - With Yalda happily reunited with Parvez in the Core, Father reminded her that he had promised this; when she acknowledged that he was right to let the Avengers watch Parvez during the recent conflicts, Father noted that, as the first naturally born Descendant, Parvez was the harbinger of "the Event" (in which humanity would be converted into mechanical form and develop a collective consciousness).parvez-descendants-sa37-widow

(Secret Avengers#35) - Held in Yalda''s arms, Parvez watched silently as the Torch proclaimed the time of the singularity and the rise of the Descendants.

(Secret Avengers#35) - Yalda brought Parvez with her as she accompanied the Reavers (Lady Deathstrike, Skullbuster, and another (Macon?)) when Father appeared before the UN, announcing the existence of Homo synthezoidous and requesting that the UN acknowledged the nation of Bagalia as the Descendants' rightful homeland. Parvez watched silently as Father was denounced as a terrorist, after which one of Father's agents released a spray of "nanomites" that began transforming those around them who inhaled it into artificial lifeforms like themselves...this began to spread across the planet.

(Secret Avengers#36) - Within the core, under protective guard from some Sentinels, Parvez played under the supervision of Nanny, who told him how he was proof that the Descendants were life and that he was their true leader, their true messiah, and he would rule the world Venom and Black Widow then arrived and took down the Sentinels and Nanny, after which Parvez hugged the Widow seconds before the Black Ant (the reborn-as-a-LMD (life model decoy) Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, having already taken out the Valkyrie) attacked.

(Secret Avengers#37) - Parvez watched silently as Venom and Valkyrie battled Black Ant, who ultimately vanished after receiving Dragonfang through the chest.

(Secret Avengers#37 - BTS) - Ultimately the Torch destroyed the Orb of Necromancy, unwilling to erase humanity to write the artificial lifeforms' future. Following a burst of energy, all of the other Descendants apparently died.

(Secret Avengers#37) - Parvez was spared, and he was seen in the arms of the Black Widow within the Core.

Comments: Created by Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman.

    Parvez presumably was returned to Earth's surface, but as far as I know, his subsequent fate is unrevealed. It would seem likely he was placed in protective custody with beings who might train him to control his power, but even that is pure speculation.

    The other Adaptoids and Father were revived/reformed/resurrected and showed up again in 2015's Avengers: Rage of Ultron. One might speculate that if Yalda reformed that she sought out Parvez rather than pursue further agenda with Father and the other Descendants...but, as far as I know, nothing further has been revealed about her fate since her last appearance in Secret Avengers#37.

    Parvez looked significantly different in terms of age, from barely 2 years old to more like 5. I estimated him to be around 3, and I estimated his height and weight from a toddler growth chart.

    This profile was completed 1/15/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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