Real Name: Eliphas

Identity/Class: Human (1st-10th centuries to modern era) vampire

Occupation: Former politician, soldier, poet

Group Membership: Selene's Inner Circle (Blink/Clarice Ferguson, Mortis/Lois London, Senyaka/Suvik Senyaka, Wither/Kevin Ford);
formerly the Purifiers (Bastion, Reverend Craig, Daniel, Gabriel, Michael, Matthew Risman, others), Roman Senate, Roman army

Affiliations: Caliban, Doug Ramsey, Selene, Selene's Inner Circle (Blink/Clarice Ferguson, Mortis/Lois London, Senyaka/Suvik Senyaka, Wither/Kevin Ford), Thunderbird (John Proudstar);
formerly Aurelia, Bastion, Mascius, Purifiers (Reverend Craig, Daniel, Gabriel, Michael, Matthew Risman, others)

Enemies: Aurelia, Bastion, Diamond Lil (Lillian Crawley Jeffries), Dust (Sooraya Qadir), Madison Jeffries, Mascius, Mercury (Cessily Kincaid), Purifiers (Reverend Craig, Daniel, Gabriel, Michael, Matthew Risman, others), X-Force (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Domino/Neena Thurman, Warpath/James Proudstar, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James Howlett, X-23/Laura Kinney), X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Emma Frost)

Known Relatives: Aurelia (wife, deceased)

Aliases: Brother Eli

Base of Operations: Necrosha, Genosha;
the Purifiers' headquarters, USA; Rome, Italy

First Appearance: X-Force III#1 (April, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: Eli Bard was a seemingly immortal vampire and survived for centuries feeding off the blood of others. He possessed powers similar to other vampires including transforming into rat, control of rodents such as rats and the manifestation of fangs and vampiric form when he fed. His vampiric nature also granted him enhanced strength, speed and durability.

After infecting himself with the Transmode Virus, Eli Bard's body became unable to be destroyed via physical harm. For example, bullets shot at him would pass harmlessly through his techno-organic form without permanent injury. He could also infect others with the Transmode Virus-transforming them into techno-organic beings. When using his Transmode infection against deceased individuals, Eli Bard's dark magic-infused vampiric nature combined with the Transmode Virus to resurrect deceased individuals as techno-organic beings that also could not be permanently harmed by physical injury.

Eli Bard also had unspecified knowledge of dark magic and was trained as a Roman soldier and senator. He was also an experienced poet.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (X-Force III#11 (fb)) - Two thousand years ago, Eliphas was born and became a soldier as an adult. When a spear broke his body after years in the Roman army, Eliphas became a poet and nearly starved before being found by the beautiful Aurelia, whom he fell in love with. Used by Aurelia and her lover Mascius, Eliphas became a senator and publicly spoke about supporting Mascius while the emperor was away. Enjoying a wealthy elite life, Eliphas was married to the beautiful Aurelia but behind closed doors, Eliphas was not a strong-willed man and Aurelia pulled his strings from behind-the-scenes, enjoying the wealth that came from being married to a senator. After his  speech about  supporting Mascius, Eliphas returned home to find Aurelia with her lover Mascius. Angry and claiming Eliphas' speech had humiliated Mascius, Aurelia ordered him to leave, Eliphas refused to leave his own home but Aurelia quickly reminded Eliphas whose home it really was and that Eliphas would still be a starving poet if she had not found him. Aurelia then ordered Eliphas to have their slaves polish her jewelry on his way out before returning to the arms of Mascius and promising that if Eliphas interrupted them, she would make Eliphas fan them while they "worked." Heartbroken and alone, Eliphas sat outside and was soon startled by a hungry child named Claudia, whom Eliphas gave food and Aurelia's jewelry to take back to her parents. Subsequently hitting rock bottom and feeling as if the entire town was aware that his life was nothing more than a sham, Eliphas wandered until he was contacted by the sorceress Selene. Revealing her awareness of Eliphas' entire life, Selene proposed making Eliphas immortal and strong and when Eliphas asked what Selene wanted in return, she replied that she wanted every soul in Rome. Knowing true evil when he saw it, Eliphas returned to the senate but soon found that his seat had replaced by Mascius, who conjured a story about Eliphas stepping down of his own free will. Shocked but nonetheless corroborating Mascius' claims out of loyalty to Aurelia, Eliphas was told that Aurelia asked for him and when Eliphas returned home, he found Aurelia burning his belongings. When Aurelia suggested Eliphas could die for all she cared, as she no longer had use of him, Eliphas returned to Selene and took to worshiping her as his queen, promising anything she desired. Agreeing to provide Selene with every soul in Rome by creating a pentagram in the Colosseum to sacrifice everyone to Selene, Eliphas noticed the young Claudia in the crowd and, in a moment of kindness, warned Claudia to have her family leave Rome immediately. Unfortunately, Claudia's father informed the Senate and Eliphas was caught creating the pentagram with his blood in the Colosseum. Roman soldiers then bound Eliphas and soon found Selene, binding her as well and preparing to burn them both at the stake outside the city. Escaping her bounds before being burned, Selene turned the fire back on the Roman soldiers and accused Eliphas of betraying her. As punishment, Selene agreed to grant Eliphas life but cast a spell transforming him into a vampire so that while he might live forever, he would forever be denied her love. She then told Eliphas to pray he never saw her again.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Eli Bard entry) - With the general public unaware that Eliphas had become a vampire, Eliphas was buried following his perceived death.

(X-Force III#11 (fb)/X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Seven hundred years later, during the fall of the Roman empire, Eliphas awoke from his grave and fed off a man tending to another grave.

(X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Eliphas then returned to what was once his home and found it now inhabited by a new family. Crazed, Eliphas demanded to know what they were doing in his home and the family's father claimed that his family had lived there for generations. Eliphas then demanded to know where his wife Aurelia was but an elderly woman of the family explained that Aurelia had lived over seven hundred years ago. Having lost track of time in the centuries spent searching for Selene, the confused Eliphas looked at a painting of Aurelia, Mascius and Aurelia's young son and asked what the son's name was. After being told that Aurelia had named the son after his father, Mascius, Eliphas grew angry, manifesting his vampiric appearance, and asked if the entire family in that house were spawned from the whore Aurelia. Eliphas then announced that the family could join Aurelia in death and attacked the family, eventually setting fire to the home when he knocked over candles. Emerging from the flaming home, Eliphas stood at a high point in the city and thought about how Selene had earlier requested every soul in Rome. Deciding to make an offering to Selene, Eliphas brought supernatural death to Rome in the form of the Black Plague while attacking and killing some of the Roman soldiers himself. In an effort to complete the spell he had failed to complete as a human, Eliphas sought out a magical dagger that Selene had crafted from the bones of her mother, soon acquiring it to harvest souls for Selene.

(X-Force III#11 (fb)) - Spending hundreds more years continuing his search for Selene, the vampiric Eliphas brought death everywhere he went, eventually traveling to the Americas while following Selene's trail during the 17th century. In America, Eliphas fed on the Apache natives, who recognized him for what he was but nonetheless proved unable to defeat him. Locating Selene in Nova Roma in the modern era, Eliphas proved too afraid to approach her and her wrath. Eliphas then decided that if he was to win Selene back, he would need a sacrificial offering.

(X-Force III#6 (fb) - BTS/X-Force III#11 (fb)/X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Eliphas decided to make a sacrificial offering of Matthew Risman and his anti-mutant Purifiers group.

(X-Force III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Taking the name of Eli Bard, Eliphas sought out the anti-mutant Purifiers.

(X-Force III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Specifically meeting with the Purifiers' Matthew Risman, Eli promised to lead the Purifiers to a way that could restore their Oracle, the alternate future robot Nimrod, to new life.

(X-Force III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Officially joining the Purifiers, Eli led them to the head of the inert anti-mutant robotic being Bastion, which could be used to restore the Purifiers' inert Nimrod robot. After speaking with Bard, the Purifiers learned that a version of the future Nimrod robot had traveled to the modern era before and that version of Nimrod had merged with the robot Sentinel Master Mold to form Bastion.

(X-Force III#11 (fb)) - Eli Bard plotted to use the same sacrificial dagger he had used in Rome to create a bloody pentagram that would allow him to sacrifice the Purifiers to Selene.

(X-Force III#1) - Eli Bard visited Reverend William Stryker's Purifiers at Stryker's church outside Fargo, North Dakota and met with Matthew Risman, who claimed that Eli had given the Purifiers new hope following Stryker's death. Unaware they were being watched by the X-Force strike team, Risman informed Eli that he was the first to seek out the Purifiers, as all of their previous members had been personally recruited by William Stryker, and commended Eli on providing vital information regarding Nimrod and how an earlier future incarnation of Nimrod had once merged with the Sentinel Master Mold to form Bastion, whom the Purifiers had also recently acquired. Eli then watched as the Purifiers grafted the severed head of Bastion onto the body of their own Nimrod robot, reviving Bastion, who immediately detected mutants as X-Force stormed the church.

(X-Force III#2) - After escaping a fire bomb set by X-23 alongside Risman, the captive Wolfsbane and other Purifiers, Eli Bard watched as Wolfsbane's father, recent Purifier recruit Reverend Craig, interrogated her and noticed that Matthew Risman seemed nervous. Questioning if Risman was nervous due to the somewhat unhinged Craig's presence, Eli learned from Risman that the resurrected Bastion had effectively taken over the Purifiers and was refusing to see Risman or let Risman in on his plans. Before Risman could continue, Eli witnessed Bastion order Risman to kill Wolfsbane, stating that Risman's existing plan had a 99.74% chance of failure. Risman argued back that he had been entrusted with two things after Stryker's death: protect the Oracle and create the Choir, and Eli watched as Bastion energized his hand and threateningly asked if Risman was defective. Eli briefly seemed worried that Bastion might kill Risman but Risman replied that he was not defective and agreed to listen to Bastion's plan. Eli remained at Risman's side as Bastion revealed his plan to utilize an offspring of the nascent Technarch alien Magus against the X-Men.

(X-Force III#3) - Eli Bard sat next to Matthew Risman and Reverend Craig as Risman decided to tell the others how he had first met Reverend William Stryker and how Stryker had ultimately saved Risman's wife and daughter. Remarking to Eli that he owed Stryker everything, Risman commented that he would continue Stryker's plans against the X-Men. When Eli asked about the orders Bastion had given Risman, Risman insisted that Bastion's orders would be carried out but not at the cost of Stryker's mission. Eli then sat as Risman changed the subject, asking Reverend Craig how it felt to deliver Wolfsbane to their "Lord." Later, after telling Bastion that he had killed Wolfsbane as ordered, Risman accompanied Bastion, Eli Bard and other Purifiers as they walked the Purifier base and when Risman asked where Bastion was taking them, Bastion replied that he was only taking Risman somewhere and that the outsider Eli Bard would remain behind. When Eli questioned Bastion, Bastion confronted Eli, remarking on there being no known records of an "Eli Bard" in the past, present or future, and picked Eli up, explaining that Eli's lack of history prevented Bastion from trusting Eli. As Bastion began choking Eli Bard, Risman reminded Bastion that he would not be there if not for Eli leading the Purifiers to Bastion. Bastion noted the statement as irrelevant and continued choking Eli until Risman convinced Bastion to let Eli live long enough for Risman to research Eli's background, promising to kill Eli himself if he proved to be against the Purifiers. Whispering to Eli that he was a good man, Risman promised to get Eli out of the situation before leaving to accompany Bastion alone. Suspicious, Eli Bard secretly followed Bastion and Risman and witnessed through a partially open door as Bastion connected himself to the Magus' offspring and infected Donald Pierce, the Leper Queen and other anti-mutants with the Transmode Virus.

(X-Force III#4) - Eli was standing next to Matthew Risman when he received word that Wolfsbane, whom he had not killed but rather programmed to return to the X-Men and sever Angel's wings, had completed her mission. Risman ordered Eli to rendezvous with Wolfsbane and take her to the Facility, where a man named Adam Harkin was expecting Eli. Asking if Risman was coming as well, Eli was told by Risman that he would join them as soon as he could. After traveling to the Facility, Eli watched as Adam Harkin revealed the Apocalypse DNA strands in Angel's wings by showing how blood created a metal-like shape in the DNA. Eli continued to watch as Adam injected the Apocalypse strand into the Purifier Gabriel, who soon manifested metallic wings as the first of the Purifiers' Choir.

(X-Force III#5) - Matthew Risman thought to himself about how William Stryker had saved his life and had ordered him to protect the Oracle, which Risman thought to be impossible until meeting Eli Bard. Risman continued thinking how Bard had helped Risman revive the Oracle as Bastion, whom Risman now feared was a new evil unleashed on humanity. Soon turning to Eli Bard, who was standing next to him, Risman remarked on how Bastion's existence was an assault on the Purifiers' "holy crusade" and how Bastion must be stopped, Oracle or not. Bard replied by asking what Risman planned to do and Risman revealed his plans to lay the Transmode-resurrected William Stryker to rest then destroy both the Magus' offspring and Bastion himself. Risman then thanked Eli Bard for his loyalty and ordered Reverend Craig to kill Wolfsbane now that she had accomplished her mission to obtain Angel's wings. Bard, Craig and Risman then started to part ways but Eli asked to accompany Risman on his mission. Risman remarked on how, with Stryker resurrected by the Transmode Virus, the Purifiers' Choir only followed his orders because they were unaware of Stryker's resurrection and warned Eli that they may not be coming back from his mission. Eli insisted that since he had brought the evil of Bastion to the Purifiers by leading them to Bastion's location and admitted that Bastion was his responsibility. Before Risman could argue, Eli also remarked that they should finish Bastion together and Risman reluctantly agreed to allow Eli to join him in his mission. Later, after Risman had ordered the Choir to attack the Purifiers loyal to Bastion, Eli Bard accompanied Risman inside the Purifiers' headquarters to survey the damage done by the attack. As they walked through the deceased Purifiers' bodies, Risman and Bard found Bastion and Risman asked Bastion for a word.

(X-Force III#6/X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Eli watched as Matthew Risman and Bastion argued over the Purifiers' future goals but before Risman could make a move, Angel (now as his darker Archangel aspect) flew into the headquarters on metallic wings and demanded his wings back. Risman quickly ordered Eli to move as Archangel's X-Force allies enter the headquarters as well. Eli watched Risman continue confronting Bastion until Bastion was stabbed through the head by Wolverine. During the fight, Eli ran and Risman followed. X-23 noticed Risman fleeing and pursued, only to witness Risman discovering Eli Bard tinkering with the Magus offspring. Upon seeing Eli infect himself with the Transmode Virus, Risman asked Eli to step away from the Technarch but Eli, his arm already infected by the Transmode Virus, told Risman that there was no god and that he worshiped only death as his queen. Horrified, Matthew Risman shot Eli, who was unaffected by the gunshot wound. When Risman exclaimed how he had trusted and believed in Eli Bard, Eli remarked that trusting him was one mistake of many Risman had made and revealed that he had joined the Purifiers with the intent to make an offering of Risman and the entire Purifiers group. Further explaining that he planned to offer the souls to his queen for sustenance, Eli Bard commented that he had changed his plans after seeing what the alien Technarch was capable of. Revealing his vampiric nature, Eli then proclaimed that Risman would die as he attacked a terrified Risman. Before Eli could feed on Risman, however, X-Force member X-23 killed Risman then fired three rounds of ammunition into the unaffected Eli Bard, who transformed partially into mist and surrounded X-23. About to feed on the healing X-23, Bard was hit in the shoulder by one of Warpath's knives and warned to drop X-23 or die. Announcing that he was already dead, Eli Bard claimed to have kill more mutants than smallpox before dispersing into mist, commenting that Warpath had made things personal.

(X-Force III#10 - BTS/X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Eli Bard dug up the corpses of an Apache tribe he had slaughtered and absconded with them, causing the Apache gods to respond in the form of a gestalt Demon Bear. Using a dark magic dagger, Eli stabbed the gods, causing the merged Demon Bear to become crazed with pain. After fighting the Demon Bear, Warpath learned of Eli Bard's involvement with the corpses and informed his X-Force teammates.

(X-Force III#11/X-Necrosha: The Gathering#1/5 (fb)) - Wolverine responded by asking who Eli Bard was and Warpath informed him that Eli Bard was the man who had earlier been with Matthew Risman and tried to kill X-23. Explaining to X-Force that the Apache gods had showed him Eli Bard's life after he freed them from the Demon Bear, Warpath recounted Eli Bard's origins to X-Force. While Warpath further revealed Eli's plans with the Technarchy, Eli visited Selene but Selene informed Eli of his mistake and ordered her minions to kill Eli Bard on the spot. Before they could do so, Eli announced that he had an offering for her and revealed the entire deceased Apache tribe that he had unearthed, now resurrected via the Transmode Virus coursing through Eli's body. When Selene explained that she had no need of Eli's slaves, Eli revealed the deceased mutant Caliban, who Eli promised could track down deceased mutants that Eli could resurrect as an offering to Selene.

(X-Force III#12 - BTS) - X-Force met up with Cyclops at Alcatraz and when Cyclops arrived, Warpath asked if he had found the missing Wolfsbane, Selene or Eli Bard and Cyclops promised the telepathic Stepford Cuckoos were working on it before announcing a mission that he felt took priority over finding Eli Bard and the others.

(X-Force III#18) - The Transmode-resurrected Caliban led Eli Bard and Wither to the grave of Doug Ramsey in Salem Center, New York. When Caliban remarked on this grave being the first, Eli pulled up his sleeve to reveal his Transmode-infected arm and, as Wither watched, Eli plunged his hand into the ground and announced the beginning of his plans.

(X-Necrosha#1/2) - Infected by Eli Bard's Transmode Virus, Doug Ramsey was reborn and crawled from his grave, asking what language he was. An ominously smiling Eli greeted Doug and replied that he was no language, only a slave. Eli then ordered Doug to rise, remarking that Doug had work to do.

(X-Men: Legacy I#232 (fb)) - Eli Bard also resurrected the prophetic Destiny (Irene Adler) with the Transmode Virus, unaware that Destiny's resurrection also gave the energy being Proteus a link back to Earth since a portion of Proteus' energy form resided within Destiny.

(X-Necrosha#1) - Eli Bard accompanied Selene and her Inner Circle as Selene visited her original homeland to honor the sacrifices to her by her original tribe. As Selene recounted her origins, Eli and the others listened silently as Selene announced her plans to become a goddess. A short time later, Eli accompanied Selene and her Inner Circle to Rome while Blink began an attack on the X-Men's Utopia headquarters. As Selene remarked that the souls of Rome were lost to her when the only mortal she trusted squandered them, Eli lowered his head in shame as Wither listened intently. Eli then traveled to New York's Hellfire Club branch with Selene and the others before accompanying them to the Indian Ocean, where the deceased X-Man Thunderbird was acquired as a servant of Selene and Blink rejoined her Inner Circle allies. Eli and the group then ventured onto the remnants of the island of Genosha, where Selene announced it as the location where she would become a goddess.

(X-Force III#21) - While in Genosha, Selene noticed Eli Bard looked agitated and asked what was wrong. Eli replied nothing but Wither accused Eli of lying and Selene agreed, reminding Eli not to make her ask again. Honing up, Eli revealed that Doug Ramsey was no longer under his control for some reason and Wither sarcastically remarked that failure was Eli's style. Explaining that she had specific plans for Ramsey, Selene ordered Eli to send the original Hellions to reacquire Ramsey. As the attack continued on the X-Men's Utopia, the Transmode-resurrected Risque was forced to fight her former lover Warpath and she warned him to run, revealing to Warpath that Eli Bard had brought her back. With the X-Men distracted, Selene ordered Eli to do as he had promised her and Eli plunged his Transmode-infected hand into the dirt on Genosha, infecting all of the corpses left on Genosha and resurrecting them.

(X-Force III#22) - As the battle progressed between the X-Men and the Eli Bard-resurrected mutants, Warpath informed Archangel that the resurrections were Eli Bard and Selene's doing and Archangel revealed that the resurrected could not be physically killed again. Still in Genosha, Eli Bard followed Selene and her Inner Circle as Selene led them to the center of the island, where she planned to have her resurrected mutant slaves construct a spire to absorb the mutant souls into herself to attain goddesshood. Selene then ordered Eli to prepare the blood ritual as he was supposed to do all those centuries ago in Rome and explained that together, she and Eli would call the souls to the spire. Eli replied that it was all he had ever wanted, to make Selene happy, and expressed gratitude for being allowed to perform the blood ritual. When Selene requested the sacrificial blade he had once used, Eli momentarily hesitated and Wither questioned whether the blade would be a problem, to which Eli replied that all would be ready. A short time later, Eli confronted Blink and revealed to her that the sacrificial blade had been stolen by the X-Man Warpath after Eli had used it against the Apache Demon Bear. Annoyed that Eli had lost the blade, Blink feigned agreeing to help Eli reacquire it quickly and discreetly but instead teleported Eli to Selene to inform her of Eli's losing of the blade. As Selene stared at Eli, Blink further revealed that Eli had attempted to deceive Selene by secretly reacquiring the blade before she found out he did not have it. Announcing that nothing had changed with Eli in centuries, Selene ordered Wither to take Eli with him to retrieve the blade from the X-Men, warning that if the X-Men did not have the blade, then Eli would be left there among the dead. Selene's Inner Circle accompanied Eli and Wither to the X-Men's Utopia headquarters and Blink teleported them all there in the midst of the X-Men's battle against the resurrected mutants.

(X-Force III#23) - Immediately recognizing Eli Bard, Warpath informed the other X-Men who he was while the X-Men were shocked to find some of their other former allies with Bard, including the thought-deceased Blink and former student Wither. Eli then watched as X-Men ally Diamond Lil rushed to fight Selene's Inner Circle, only to be killed by Mortis' death-touch. X-Men's X-Force squad immediately returned fire and as the bullets harmlessly penetrated Eli Bard's skin, he told the other Inner Circle members that Warpath was his. Wither responded, telling to Eli to just do his job and he would deal with the X-Men. As the Inner Circle squared off against the X-Men, Eli Bard allowed his vampiric side take over as he attacked Warpath, reminding Warpath that he had told him it was personal. When Warpath promised to kill Bard, Eli gloated that Warpath couldn't even touch Eli and remarked that the only thing that would save his friends was the sacrificial blade, which Eli demanded to know the location of. While Bard and the others fought the X-Men, Selene perched on her throne in Genosha, where the resurrected Thunderbird warned that his brother Warpath would kill both Selene and Eli Bard. The resurrected Negasonic Teenage Warhead replied to Thunderbird that Warpath would indeed come to battle Selene but prophetically stated that Warpath would not kill Eli Bard. On Utopia, Eli continued to evade Warpath's attacks by partially transforming into mist and again suggested Warpath turn over the sacrificial blade before more lives were lost. When Eli promised to end the attack if Warpath provided the blade, Warpath departed to get the blade as Eli gloated. Getting the blade, Warpath remarked to himself how he would put the blade right into Eli Bard, who appeared moments later when Blink teleported the entire Selene's Inner Circle into Warpath's room to acquire the blade. Stealing the blade from Warpath's hands as Senyaka held Warpath down, Eli smiled and remarked that Warpath would do nothing but watch his loved ones die before the Inner Circle teleported back to Selene's "Necrosha" (as she was calling Genosha) with Warpath in tow.

(X-Force III#24) - Eli Bard and the rest of Selene's Inner Circle arrived back at Necrosha with the captive Warpath and the sacrificial blade. Eli bowed to Selene and announced the blade's acquisition and how they had brought Warpath, who had stolen the blade. Wither angrily told Eli to shut up, reminding him that Eli had been the one who lost it in the first place and then ran. Tired of Wither's cracks on him, Eli Bard attacked Wither, announcing that he had enough of Wither and that Wither had no idea what Eli really was or how much Selene meant to him. Transforming into a semi-vampiric state himself, Wither asked if Eli really thought he had no idea before Selene ordered Wither to stand down. As Wither did so, Eli reminded him that everything he had done for the past two thousand years had been for Selene and asked Wither what he thought he could do to compare. Eli then presented Selene with the sacrificial blade and Selene had him stand. Eli then admitted that while he had been weak and failed her in the past, he was shamed by his past failures and his love for Selene had only grown over the centuries. He then further admitted his hopes that if he could provide what she wanted, she would see him again as she once did. Remarking his hopes that there was a part of Selene that still loved him, the part that allowed Eli back into her life, Eli Bard announced that he had done everything for her to become the goddess he knew her to be. Selene then beckoned Eli to come to her and when he did, Selene whispered that he would always be her one true love before stabbing him in the heart with the sacrificial blade, following up her statement with a comment that Eli was also her biggest disappointment. Wither then smiled as Eli crumbled to death with Selene's name on his lips, leaving behind only his Transmode Virus-infected arm.

(New Mutants III#9 - BTS) - Following Selene's defeat, the resurrected Doug Ramsey remained living and X-Men ally Dr. Nemesis performed a physical on Ramsey, confirming that there was no sign of Eli Bard's malignant Techno-Organics.

Comments: Created by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Clayton Crain.

Eli Bard had a profile in X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes (2011).

The flashback to Doug Ramsey's resurrection in X-Necrosha#1 shows Eli Bard's right arm as being infected by the Transmode Virus while all other appearances show his left arm.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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