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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Thief

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsSalt & Pepper, "Dockside Gang"

EnemiesMr. Berinutter, Ken Ellis, Green Goblin (Phil Urich), Mrs. Hastings, Liz Osborn, Norman "Normie" Osborn II, Lynn Walsh

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A dockside warehouse in New York City

First Appearance: Green Goblin#8 (May, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Angel Face was a highly competent planner of crimes, and a skilled armed and unarmed combatant, although her competence was sometimes limited by her violent insanity.  She wielded a number of conventional handguns and an electric "cattle prod" blaster.

History: Angel Face's background is as-yet unrevealed.  She has claimed to be the only child (or the youngest of six sisters) of an abusive father and a loving mother (or of a loving father and an abusive mother). 

(Green Goblin#8) - Angel Face, Salt, and Pepper dropped into the offices of Berinutter, a banker.  Tying him up, Angel Face quickly beat a password out of him.  While Pepper raided Berinutter's accounts, Salt and Angel Face helped themselves to the jewelry and Faberge eggs in his office.  Chancing upon an issue of Corporate News, Angel Face devised a plan to rob the subject of the cover story: Liz Osborn.  Resenting Osborn for marrying into money instead of earning it, Angel Face and her henchwomen tracked Liz down to her hotel room, where they took her, her son Normie, and Normie's nanny Mrs. Hastings hostage.  Liz was prepared to give up her passwords when the Green Goblin burst in, incapacitating Salt and Pepper.  Angel Face grabbed Normie and ran into the hallway, with the Goblin hot on her heels.  When Normie bit her hand, she nearly gunned him down before the Goblin blasted her gun away.  Stunning the novice hero with a barrage of kicks to the face, Angel Face pulled another gun, but was knocked for a loop by the Goblin's "lunatic laugh".  Blinded with pain, she fired madly, blowing open a steam pipe and scalding half of her face.  Rushed by the police to the nearest hospital, the gruesomely scarred criminal recounted her story and swore vengeance on the Goblin. 

(Green Goblin#11 - (fb)) - Charged with a few dozen felonies, Angel Face was remanded to a mental hospital, where DA Tower demanded that she be evaluated before trial.  During a counseling session, she murdered a doctor and two guards with a letter opener and escaped out a window. 

(Green Goblin#11) - Reunited with Salt and Pepper, Angel Face briefly adding a mask to her ensemble, assembled a gang of malcontents in her dockside headquarters, and plotted revenge against the Green Goblin.  Learning that over half of the Daily Bugle's stories about the Goblin were by Ben Urich, Angel Face kidnapped his nephew, Phil.  Threatening him with an electric blaster, she demanded that he surrender his uncle's secret Goblin files.  After informing her that he'd lent them to fellow reporter Ken Ellis, Angel Face dispatched Pepper to capture him.  Leaving Phil alone, she interrogated Ellis and his intern, Lynn Walsh, and then addressed her gang on the importance of using information technology to commit crimes.  They were unimpressed with both her suggestions and her track record, and were even more nonplussed when the Green Goblin burst in.  While the Goblin smacked her gang around, Angel Face stunned Ken Ellis with her blaster and grabbed Walsh as a hostage.  Fleeing to a pier, Angel Face battled the Green Goblin.  Firing her blaster wildly, she struck a fuel drum, causing a huge explosion.  The Goblin managed to save Walsh, but Angel Face seemingly perished.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Darick Robertson, & Jeff Albrecht.

Man, lady.  Watch where you're shooting, fer crissakes.

While Angel Face didn't seem to have time to escape from that explosion, on Earth-982, at least, she escaped and gave birth to two sons, who grew up into the Spider-Girl villains Crazy Eight and Funny Face.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Angel Face, nemesis of the heroic Green Goblin,  has no known connections to

Mrs. Hastings  has no known connections to

Mr. Berinutter

Berinutter, a banker, was stripped down to his underpants and hog-tied by Angel face, Salt, and Pepper.  He was forced to look on as they ransacked his accounts and looted his collection of jewelry and Faberge eggs.


--Green Goblin#8


Mrs. Hastings

Mrs. Hastings served as Normie Osborn's nanny, and was bound, gagged, and locked in a closet when Angel Face and her henchwomen crashed Liz Osborn's hotel room.


--Green Goblin#8




"Dockside Gang"

After her escape from a mental hospital, Angel Face assembled a gang of small-time hoods and gathered them at her dockside headquarters.  After making them wait while she smacked her captives around, she addressed her gang on the importance of using information technology to commit crimes.  They were unimpressed with both her suggestions and her track record, and were even more nonplussed when the Green Goblin burst in.  The Goblin made short work of them, and they may not have managed to escape the ensuing explosion.


--Green Goblin#11




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Green Goblin#8, p13, pan2 (main image)
Green Goblin#8, p17, pan5 (headshot, unscarred)
Green Goblin#8, p20, pan3 (headshot, scarred)
Green Goblin#8, p7, pan2 (Berinutter)
Green Goblin#8, p12, pan2 (Hastings)
Green Goblin#11, p14, pan2 (dockside gang)

Green Goblin#8 (May, 1996) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Darick Robertson (penciler), Jeff Albrecht (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Green Goblin#11 (August, 1996) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Josh Hood (penciler), Derek Fisher (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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