head shotLOST ANGEL

Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) Human mutate/Ultra

Occupation: Psychic Stalker; possibly Enslaver, Suicide Inducer and/or Torturer. See Comments.

Purpose: To obtain sadistic pleasure from the suffering of others, especially those with gifted bodies.

Group Membership: None known - see Comments.

Affiliations: None known - see Comments.

Enemies: Freex, Master of the Hunt, Old Man

Known Victims:

In chronological order:

Known Relatives: None


"The Angel", "Angel of the Lost" (used by himself);

"Death-Angel" (used by the Master of the Hunt)

Physical Appearance:

Lost Angel is in reality a mutated human that resides in a life-support capsule, unable to move. From what little we saw he appears to be a caucasian adult male. He is usually met only in his "Garden", where he assumes the appearance of tanned blond angel, or sometimes just a disembodied voice or an angel-silhouetted shadow. It is unknown whether he can assume other appearances in his Garden.

Base of Operations:

(Physically) immobile inside what appears to be a life support tube, presumably in San Francisco;

(Psychically) The minds of those who feel despair; his "Garden". See Comments.

First Appearance:

Freex#2 (August, 1993) (behind the scenes);

Freex#4 (October, 1993) - revealed to be more than an hallucination, named "Death-Angel" by the Master of the Hunt, seen as an angel-shaped shadow;

Freex#8 (February, 1994) - named himself "Lost Angel", fully seen in both astral and physical forms, interacted fully with Freex in the Astral Plane.

Powers/Abilities: The exact nature and limits of Lost Angel's powers are unclear, but it is known that he can

History: (Freex#8 (fb) - bts) - At some unrevealed point in the past, Lost Angel was submitted to experiments that both empowered his mind and damaged his body to the point that he could not leave his life support tube.

(Freex#2, Freex#8 (fb)) - As the newly united Freex fought one another, the Lost Angel felt Ray's loneliness and assaulted him. He preyed on Ray's fear of being abandoned, but Ray resisted, not wanting to join the Lost Angel, whom he saw as being cold. When a policeman launched a tear gas canister at Ray, it provided the final distraction he needed. Ray leapt through a brick wall, throwing off the Lost Angel's influence in the process.


(Freex#3, Freex#8 (fb)) - Lost Angel felt Angela's despair when she realized that the Freex were now hunted fugitives and lured her with a mental projection of a beautiful water fountain. However Angela resisted him and freed herself almost immediately, presumably because she rejected the darker emotions present at the telepathic communication. See Powers and Comments.







(Freex#4) - His biological body badly hurt and his mind troubled by jealously of Angela's feeling for Lewis, Michael fell prey to yet another attempt by Lost Angel, who tried to convince him to jump off a building's roof. At the same time, the Master of the Hunt had his robotic body captive and heard Lost Angel's words through it. The Master then ranted aloud that he knew "Death-Angel" and would not allow him to rob him of his prey. Michael heard his words and correctly deduced that he other Freex had been captured. With that thought he returned to the mechanical body and freed himself from the psychic pull of Lost Angel.

(Freex#7) - Lost Angel felt the despair of Lewis when Angela, Ray and Valerie decided to leave him to follow Michael's lead to their origin and took the oportunity to attack Lewis, offering him "an end to his loneliness and someone to stand by him... forever".




(Freex#8) - Even as the group was walking always from Lewis, Ray noticed seemingly pointless gestures being made by Lewis' hand. He brought the matter to the others' attention. Michael recognized the same gesture of grabbing an unseen hand that he had made before and warned the others about "The hand... the angel... the garden!" Angela and Ray made the connection with their own experiences with Lost Angel and physically grabbed Lewis, who began to realize the danger of Lost Angel's suggestions and resisted him in the Astral Plane. He was joined there first by Ray, then Angela and finally Valerie, possibly because their worries about Lewis' well-being allowed them to pass through. Lost Angel attacked them all with his mind monsters and Lewis specifically with images of his past, but was eventually defeated when he realized he was cared for by Angela, Ray and Valerie. The relief of his feelings weakened the psychic hold of Lost Angel, who soon lost control over all of them. Lost Angel then promised that he would be waiting for the Freex to feel despair again - presumably so that he could attack them once more.

(Freex#16) - Lost Angel assaulted Angela at Michael's funeral, telling her their was nothing left to live for. Angela agreed with the Lost Angel and approached the portal to the Garden, but the others saw what was happening and restrained her until she came to her senses.



Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Ben Herrera, and Michael Christian.

    It seems to me that Lost Angel's power must be restricted to a certain area, since his only known victims are from the vicinities of San Francisco, but this is unconfirmed.

    Since he has been shown to have a physical body that he claims to be unable to move, I speculate that he must have some sort of physical helper, perhaps one or more mind-controlled victims of him. No matter how efficient his life-support systems may be, he still needs to be fed somehow, and his machines will need maintenance. Another possibility is that he did not have any means of physical assistance, indirect or otherwise, and therefore had a limited life expectancy when last seen. Finally, and perhaps most likely, he may be some sort of captive subject (he said that his body was destroyed by "the experiments that empowered his mind").

    There is a chance that Lost Angel lost his body's mobility between his first appearance and Freex#8. It seems unlikely, however, given his stated motivation (envy and hate for those with gifted bodies) and the fact that he already had a reputation with the Master of the Hunt, who even implied that he had a story of unsuccessfully trying to grab victims from the Lost Angel. I would infer that in all likelihood Lost Angel had been rendered immobile at least a few weeks before the Freex met each other.

    The exact intent of the Lost Angel seems unclear and even contradictory. His speech pattern and the alias "Death-Angel" both imply that he wanted to convince the Freex to commit suicide as a means of finding peace, yet he wants to cause them suffering out of sheer envy and claimed to keep "many other freaks" in his "garden". He is clearly not being sincere, but the mechanics of his attempts remain unclear. I see three main possibilities:

  1. He likes to drive others to suicide and feel their angst, and also has the ability of creating lifelike astral constructs to employ as weapons in the Astral Plane;
  2. he somehow has the power of enslaving the souls of those he convinces to commit suicide;
  3. he is just an ethically-challenged person ("criminal" for the politically incorrect among us) with a dangerous combination of telepathic powers and an urge for strong emotions.

Profile by Daevanator and Snood.


This character, Lost Angel of the Ultraverse a.k.a. Death-Angel, has no known connections to

Lost Angel's Garden has been described (by Lewis) as a place of "absolute darkness", "really peaceful, yet really empty". It is a generally beautiful place, but laced with strong emotional undercurrents of helplessness. According to Lost Angel it never had undesired visitors before the Freex came to rescue Lewis. It seems to exist only as a mental projection - the Freex left their physical bodies behind, alive and moving, while they were fighting Lost Angel. The exact nature of its inhabitants is unclear, but they are apparently loyal to Lost Angel yet lack in purpose.

--Freex#2, (fully seen) 8 (February, 1994) (2-4, 7, 8, 16


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Freex#2-3 (August-September, 1993) - Gerard Jones (writer), Ben Herrera (pencils), Mike Christian (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Freex#4 (October, 1993) - Gerard Jones (writer), David Williams (pencils), Mike Christian (inks), Hank Kanalz & Steve Gerber (editors)
Freex#7-8 (January-February, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), Ben Herrera (pencils), Mike Christian (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
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