Real Name: Ray Gene Golic

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate/ultra

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Academy of the New Elite, Freex (closest to Lewis/Anything)

Affiliations: Contrary, Night Man, Old Man, Prime, Captain Jacob Rome, Ruby, Rush;
Prometheus (created wetware that mutated them);
Entity from the Moon (distant antagonist)

ENEMIES: Aladdin, Bloodhounds, Contrary, Fire People, Guardian of the Cave, J. D. Hunt, Lost Angel, Mangle, Master of the Hunt, Monsters of the Fire People, Night Patrol, NuWare Wolves, Savior of the Fire People, Wrath

BASE of OPERATIONS: Mobile across California, especially San Francisco; Ultraverse
    last seen in the subterranean world of the Fire People

Known Relatives: Gene Golic  (father), Linda Golic (mother)

Aliases: Aladdin ID Code: U-107

Base of Operations: Mobile across California, especially San Francisco;
    formerly Mt. Shasta, ???
    last seen in the subterranean world of the Fire People

First Appearance: Freex#1 (July, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Ray has superhuman strength (Class 50) and durability. His rock-like form has had bullets bounce off of his chest and he has survived a bullet to the head, though it left him unconscious for a few minutes. This is his power level at age 16 and may increase with age.

Lewis is both under-educated and under-socialized, though he has at least normal intelligence. He sometimes has difficulty differentiating fantasy from reality, and he also is less experienced at dealing with others. Nonetheless, he is extremely loyal to his friends and can become extremely angry when cornered, harassed, or when his friends are in danger. His greatest joy is reading and learning.

Height: 8'            Weight: @ 600#

(Freex#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ray was one of a number of infants in a hospital injected by the woman known as Wetware Mary with nanotechnology derived from the Fire People, intended to create a race of super warriors.

(Freex#10 (fb)) - As a child, Ray's mutation was readily apparent. His father forced him to stay inside the house, because he didn't want anyone to know that he had made a freak. Ray eventually became so lonely that he left his house and introduced himself to a neighborhood boy, but the boy's mother became hysterical at the site of him. After this, he was locked down in the basement, where he grew up with only the occasional company of his mother and the book Huckleberry Finn to read. He read the book over and over again, imaging that it was he traveling down the river with Huck, escaping from the prison that was his life.

(Freex#10 (fb) - BTS) - Contrary contracted Ray's mother and arranged to take him to her Academy of the New Elite.


(Freex#1(fb)) - Ray's mother came down to the basement and told him that she had found a place for him to go. Fearing that he would be enslaved, Ray smashed his way through the basement door and escaped, swatting his mother aside in the process. He searched for the river, though it was nowhere to be found.
    Lewis (Anything) found Ray wandering aimlessly in the streets, terrifying all around him. Lewis convinced Ray to join with him and he looked out for Ray, who was unused to interacting with anyone. Ray saw Lewis as the hero from his favorite book, and called him Huck.

(Ultraverse Presents#0/6) - Lewis and Ray received a message which they followed to locate and recruit Valerie (Pressure), pulling her away from a confrontation in a Laundromat.

(Freex#1) - Lewis, Ray, and Valerie fought off some cops while stealing some supplies. They found Angela (Sweetface) outside of their room, and then Ray gave he and Lewis their codenames and named their group: the Freex (his spelling). They were then confronted by Michael, who had been the one to summon them all together.

(Freex#2) - Valerie initially attacked Michael, blowing his computerized form to pieces, and she blasted Ray with pressurized steam to the face when he tried stop her from hurting anyone else. While the others struggled with the cops, Michael taught Ray how to put him back together, and he explained to the rest how he'd been the one to contact them. Ray and the others then fled from the police.
    Ray chose the codenames for the rest of the group.

(Freex#3) - Ray smashed a cop car to stop its sirens, and he joined the others in escaping and locating Pressure, and fighting off the Master of the Hunt and his Bloodhounds. Ray swatted aside Rush when he tried to drive the Freex away from Pressure, who decided to rejoin the group.

(Prime I#8/2) - Unable to sleep, the Freex discussed what they saw when they closed their eyes. For Angela, Lewis, Michael, and Val, it was how when they're powers surfaced their lives were changed; for Ray, when he closed his eyes, he saw little colored dots.

(Freex#4) - When Ray compared Valerie to Miss Sophia from his favorite book, she burnt the book, his only treasured possession in the world. The Master of the Hunt and his Bloodhounds found and attacked the Freex again. They escaped (though Michael was taken prisoner), and Lewis helped support  Ray after he was wounded by one of the Hound's bite. The Freex were taken in by the modern day hippie Ruby, but the Master tracked down the Freex and shot Ruby.

(Freex#5) - Ray grabbed and smashed the Bloodhounds when they injured Lewis, but was nearly electrocuted by the Master. The Freex managed to fight off the Master and his Bloodhounds, freeing Michael in the process, and they fled into the night.

(Break-Thru#1) - Ray and the Freex observed the energies being released by the Entity from the Moon, and their effects on Val.

(Freex#6) - The Freex were duped into an alliance with Mangle, having no idea about his true nature. Ray and the others went along with Lewis' trust of Mangle, and he led them to assault J. D. Hunt's estate and take down Hunt's robot guards. Mangle attempted to assault Hunt's son, Guy, until he was stopped by the Night Man. The Freex mistakenly fought the Night Man, and then fled again with Mangle, continuing the pursuit of Guy.

(Night Man#3) - Ray lapsed into a stupor from the energies being released by the Entity from the Moon, but was still convinced to followed Mangle's lead in pursuit of JD Hunt. Upon finding Hunt, they were attacked by his NuWare Wolves. Night Man arrived and fought the Freex loyal to Mangle and stopped the villain from assaulting Guy Hunt.
    The Freex fled during the final confrontation.

(Break-Thru#2) - As the ultras on the Moon joined their minds and energies against the Entity, the minds of all ultras, including the Freex were joined with the group effort. Afterwards, the energies ceased, and the Freex regained their senses, though they refused an offer for further aid from the Night Man.

(Wrath#4) - Aladdin told Wrath that the Freex were a danger to society and sent him to bring them in. Wrath ambushed and defeated Ray and Angela, but was then confronted by Lewis and Val.

(Wrath#5) - The combined power of the Freex defeated Wrath, and they then left him bound in his own manacles to prevent him from coming after them again.

(Freex#7) - Lewis led the Freex to steal some clothes, which led to more in-fighting, including Valerie again blasting Ray. Despite this, Ray later approached Val and listened to her frustrations and the two made their peace. Ray was then shot in the back of the head and knocked out by the Night Patrol, but the other Freex drove them off. Ray disagreed with Lewis and joined the others in following Michael's plan to learn the truth about their powers.

(Freex#8) - Ray and the rest of the Freex managed to follow Lewis and save him from the Lost Angel, after which they were confronted by the Old Man.

(Freex#9) - The Old Man easily defeated the Freex, tripping Ray over Angela's tentacles, and told them that they needed a leader to train them. He then led them to escape another attack by the Night Patrol. Lewis stepped back and let Michael decide that they would refuse the Old Man and keep searching for their origins on their own. After he was gone, they realized that Ray was missing (abducted by Contrary and taken aboard her ship).

(Freex#10, 11) - Within her base, Mt. Shasta, Contrary revealed that it was she who had made the contract with his mother and that her rightful place was with him. She introduced him to her Academy and showed him her immense library. She also manipulated Ray into a fight with Cayman to test his strengths and loyalties. Ray noticed the weakened Lewis squeezing through doors of Contrary's base and opened the door to let the Freex in. Ray tried to convince the Freex to stay in the Academy, but they figured he was being mind controlled. They attacked Contrary's Academy ultras, but swiftly fell in their weakened state from the journey to Mt. Shasta.
    After a second struggle that the Freex won, Ray convinced them that he really did want to stay, and so they left him with Contrary and the Academy.

(GS Freex#1/2) - Ray informed Contrary about a call from Pixx's parents, asking assistance, and heard about the Freex struggle with the military.

(Freex#13) - Hearing that Contrary was investigating the Freex, Ray forced Waver to take him to Contrary.

(Freex#14) - Contrary helped the Freex defeat the Night Patrol, but Ray, who had come along with the rest of the Academy, recognized that Contrary had been the one to give the Night Patrol the enhanced weaponry in the first place. Ray rejoined the Freex, and they went down to the realm of the Fire People, where they found the Savior breaking out of his containment. Ray forced the door to the Savior shut again, and he then elected to stay behind to hold the door in case the Savior threatened to break out again.

(Freex#15) - Down in the world of the Fire People, Ray was excited to find a book.

(Freex#16) - Ray discovered that the Book told the whole story of the someday champions and the wetware that empowered the Freex.

(Freex#18) - The Freex returned to the realm of the Fire People, where they rejoined Ray, who explained what he had learned about their origins from book he had found, including hints that Contrary was Wetware Mary. The Freex saved Contrary from the Monsters of the Fire People that had found her. Contrary then tried to forge an alliance with the Freex, but they recognized that she had ulterior motives and resisted her. Contrary incapacitated the Freex  with a disruptor weapon that affected their helmet.
    Ray and the rest of the Freex (including Val and Cayman) found themselves trapped in the realm of the Fire People, and they heard the Savior stirring in his containment chamber.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and Ben Herrera.

And so, if we ever make it back to the Ultraverse (not likely), assuming the Ultraverse to not have the sliding timescale, there should be a son of Lewis and Angela, over ten years old. Maybe it would have some combination of their powers (though, with training, Lewis should be able to form tentacles just like Angela's).

Boomboy has no known connection to:


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