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Real Name: Thomas Hunter

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Mercenary;
   formerly Aladdin agent

Group Membership: None;
   formerly Aladdin

Affiliations: Jake Alexander, Dr. Dalmas, Bob Kendall, Kristin (last name unrevealed), Mantra (Lukasz), Prime (Kevin Green), Slayer, Warstrike

Enemies: Aladdin, Colonel Carpenter, Discus, Doc Virtual, Dr. Vincent Esquida, Exiles(-'Strike) (Siena Blaze, Cayman, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Reaper, Shuriken, 'Strike), Freex (AnythingBoomboy, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface), Hellion, Modeus, Ogre, Patriot, Pierce, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Radicals (Albright, Boam, Marcus)

Known Relatives: Morgan (Willard?) Hunter (father), Theresa Hunter (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Tim Hopkins (name when hypnotized prisoner)

Base of Operations: Mobile across the USA;
   formerly Aladdin base, Los Angeles, USA;
   formerly Pittsburgh, USA (all Earth-93060)

First Appearance: Prototype#3 (October, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Thomas Hunter is very intelligent and has a university degree in sociology. Hunter has been augmented to have superhuman strength (up to 1 ton), enhanced agility with parkour skills, heightened durability and is a master of several types of unarmed combat with athlete-level endurance, and is skilled in stealth and covert operations. Hunter has enhanced hearing. He can also detect naturally augmented superhumans ("ultras"), although this extra sense has been unreliable. Over time, his enhancements improved his strength. He also has good knowledge of various weaponry. Hunter is very patriotic and a right-wing conservative.

   His first uniform, a customized battle suit supplied by Aladdin organization, integrated advanced technology, such as metallic shield-like parabolic transducer coils that could deflect and/or absorb incoming energy attacks while the wrist shields could also discharge that absorbed energy at about 60-70% of the original intensity (the rest of the energy was dissipated); however, this suit had a tracking device and was discarded. His later preferred suit incorporates leather padding that is lighter in weight and enhances his agility and has just one wrist-mounted shield.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (sometimes brown)
Hair: Dark blond


(Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition, Aladdin Datafile (fb) - BTS) - Thomas Hunter was born October 30, 1965 in a small town.

(Wrath#3 (fb) - BTS) - While still a child, Thomas visited New York with his father and was bewildered by the noise and people, and afraid he'd get lost.

(Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition, Aladdin Datafile (fb) - BTS) - His mother was killed in a plane crash in 1979 with terrorist activity suspected while his father was disabled and comatose from injuries sustained as a bystander during wanton ultra activity; this fostered growing resentment toward superhumans ("ultras") and reinforced his American patriotism.

(Wrath#8 (fb) - BTS) - Aladdin agent Thayer was the one ultimately responsible for his father's injury, but the covert organization kept this secret.

(Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition, Aladdin Datafile (fb) - BTS) - Hunter graduated from Penn State University (Pittsburgh) in 1988 and was immediately recruited by secret government organization Aladdin, dedicated to monitoring ultras. Aladdin assessed him as psychologically stable with a deep hatred of ultras that made him a near-ideal field agent (but not for high-level covert operations); Aladdin considered his possibility of defection as low. Hunter's initial training merited assignment to the Genetic Enhancement Program (Project W) with four other candidates. Hunter's I.D. code was A-004.

(Wrath#3 (fb) - BTS) - Three prideful Project W candidates deserted, stealing files, and killing and injuring as they fled. It took Hunter weeks to convince Aladdin he was not part of them. Hunter was the only one to complete the intensive training and became agent Wrath.

(Wrath#8 (fb) - BTS) - Thayer, the fifth class member, secretly became Project Patriot, a covert extension of Project W.

(Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition, Aladdin Datafile (fb) - BTS) - Hunter was fitted with the custom Wrath battle suit, which incorporated a tracking chip in it. Aladdin also kept tabs on people close to Hunter in case he started exhibiting any defiant behavior.

(Wrath#2 (fb) - BTS) - Hunter began dating Kristin, although his eyes still wandered.

(Prototype#3) - Aladdin's Jake Alexander tasked Wrath to retrieve a microchip planted on the privately developed Prototype armored suit that was mapping its technical details and algorithms. Wrath considered it an honor and that he had been concerned about Prototype since seeing him on the news.

(Prototype#4) - Hunter easily slipped into UltraTech headquarters after tranquilizing the guard. He changed into his Wrath combat suit and tore into the secure lab holding the armor. Wrath prised off the hidden microchip, but the suit's neural link alerted its pilot Jimmy Ruiz, who quickly confronted Wrath. The short fight was won by Wrath, who fled, but Ruiz jacked quickly into the Prototype armor and gave chase. Using his battle suit, Wrath was able to return Prototype's blasts back at him and Wrath's superior combat skills overwhelmed Prototype; however, Prototype almost destroyed the stolen microchip (later found to be permanently damaged) as Wrath escaped via an Aladdin helicopter.

(Break-Thru#1) - Aladdin put Wrath through an intense mechanical training program to have him on preactivation status due to the potential threat that Amber Hunt posed as she radiated with dangerous energy. Mantra (Lukasz), in her Eden Blake guise working undercover at Aladdin, saw Wrath.

(Break-Thru#2 (fb) - BTS) - Aladdin sent Wrath out to find any ultra who investigated Amber Hunt but hadn't traveled to the Moon as part of the connected secret mission, but only the mercenary Warstrike was still on ground.

(Break-Thru#2) - Wrath found Warstrike and demanded he go to Aladdin to provide any information. But Warstrike refused to cooperate, having had a vision of an impending Hunt-centered nuclear blast, and fiercely fought off Wrath. Hunt did indeed release a burst of blazing energy, but it ultimately proved harmless and panic abated.

(Wrath#1) - Suspicious power outages in Pittsburgh led to Aladdin activating Wrath to investigate. Mantra was also intrigued and set off independently. After a tough combat workout session, Wrath first went to Philadelphia where he visited his disabled father in a local retirement and medical facility. Although his father was unresponsive, Thomas Hunter took time to speak to him, hoping one day to take care of him personally, and then flew to Pittsburgh. The sudden power leeching and forced shutdown of the local nuclear powerplant directed Hunter's efforts. He impersonated a Nuclear Security Agency officer for information and returned to the powerplant at night as Wrath. Investigating the sewer, he quickly found the extraterrestrial culprit Hellion. Trusting of his agency, Wrath tried to communicate to the alien to go to Aladdin, but instead a dramatic battle forced Wrath to flee, an explosion throwing him unconscious into the snow where Mantra found him.

(Wrath#2 (fb) - BTS) - Mantra moved Wrath to safety in a nearby cabin and he soon recovered.

(Wrath#2) - Trusting her, but also strongly attracted to her, Wrath let Mantra accompany him back into the sewers. He asked her to mystically search for Hellion; detecting him, they returned to the surface and found him at the distribution power lines, about to leech massive power. Wrath and Mantra attacked to stop the alien and his helper flying disc Modeus. Wrath was overwhelmed by Hellion's sheer power and almost killed until Mantra released a mystical onslaught that fueled Hellion's energy needs. Although Mantra fell, Wrath recovered and blasted Modeus down. Hellion thanked Wrath for the honorable battle and left. Wrath considered taking the unconscious Mantra to Aladdin, but compassionately let her go. He later filed a report via Aladdin's GENIE-Link computer and recommended a "sniffer" mission go hunt for Hellion and that he'd been unable to capture Mantra. He sent flowers to Kristin.

(Wrath#3) - Back home, Hunter enjoyed intimacy with Kristin, unaware Aladdin was secretly filming them. At Aladdin HQ, Col. Carpenter supported the continuation of Project W ("Wrath") because of the increase in ultra activity, although the devious Dr. Esquida objected. Later, Esquida quietly sent Wrath to New York to capture the three failed Project W candidates, who had deserted and since become the destructive Radicals. Esquida hoped Wrath would fail and sent him secretly into a trap; Wrath was ambushed on the rooftops by the Radicals, his ultra-detecting sense somehow compromised. Vigilante Slayer's timely intervention saved Wrath, and their mutual foes were incapacitated. Slayer fled just as displeased Aladdin agents arrived. Wrath realized he'd been set up and was ordered to see Carpenter.

(Wrath#4) - Hunter visited his unresponsive father, hoping he was proud of his work, while Kristin waited outside, still oblivious to Hunter's real job. At Aladdin HQ, Wrath fought training androids until Carpenter arrived (although Wrath became concerned at Carpenter's talk of ultras as if they were a race to be confined). Carpenter brought in Robert Kendall to speak on the young ultra group the Freex (Anything,  Boomboy, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface) with particular focus on Plug for his ultra ability to enter electronic systems. Hunter had friendly drinks with Kendall, then went to San Francisco to apprehend and bring in the Freex. Wrath quickly took down the panicked Boomboy and Sweetface, surprised they presented no apparent danger as Aladdin took custody of the unconscious pair, but then Pressure and Anything turned up, both angry, ready to protect their friends.

(Wrath#5) - Wrath was surprised that the teen-aged ultras weren't the hard-hitting terrorists that Aladdin described. With distractions, the Freex overpowered Wrath and he feigned unconsciousness to see what they would do. Realizing they were not villainous after all, he asked them firmly to accompany him back to Aladdin, but they refused and left him cuffed (which he easily broke free of later); seeing no intention to kill him, he let them go and waited for Aladdin agents to arrive. Wrath returned  to Aladdin base and confronted Kendall about not having full information about his missions.

(Wrath#6 (fb)) - Kendall reprimanded Wrath but he fobbed it off. Wrath pushed his way in and confronted Col. Carpenter about attacking teen-aged ultras; Carpenter dismissed it as an Aladdin GENIE software issue, but then riled Wrath by mentioning a father figure. Wrath overheard Carpenter phone up increased security orders for himself concerning the Wrath project.

(Wrath#6) - Wrath was put through a dangerous combat training test, first androids, then fellow agents, then killer lasers, but passed all. Afterward, Aladdin's Dr. Dalmas told him that his enhancements had continued to improve his strength. He spoke to Kristen to patch up the damaged relationship and wanted to tell her more about his job. He visited his father again, then relaxed in the park with Kendall and Kristen, and used a hard baseball hurl to get rid of a nearby Aladdin snooper.

(Wrath#7 (fb) - BTS) - Spending free time in Philadelphia, Hunter chose to get exercise in his Wrath battle suit, but cyber-villain and reality-warper Doc Virtual had plans to use the energy stored in Wrath and laid a trap, paying three mercenaries to attack the agent.

(Wrath#7) - Encumbered by Doc Virtual's interrupting illusions, Wrath clumsily fought back separate attacks from mercenaries Ogre, Pierce and Discus. Frustrated, Wrath unleashed all his stored energy and it revealed Doc Virtual's form, who then told Wrath of his plan to take over the world using the agent as his personal battery for energy. Wrath was able to break free, but the foe escaped. Wrath spoke to disbelieving police, then later Aladdin, with Kendall and Carpenter privately believing Wrath's report.

(Wrath Giant Size#1) - Hunter visited his unresponsive father and voiced his concerns about work. Kristen suddenly appeared and Hunter appreciated her presence. He was passed a data disk (secretly sent by duped Kendall) that showed (faked) footage that Warstrike was responsible for his father's injury. Viewing the footage, Hunter changed into Carpenter's office, almost choking the colonel to leave him brain-dead, but Aladdin security forces rushed in and almost overwhelmed Wrath, forcing him to flee into the night. Carpenter soon recovered but furiously declared Wrath as a rogue agent and Project Patriot be activated to terminate Wrath. Meanwhile, knowing the Aladdin battle suit had a tracer, Wrath discarded it and found new gear, keeping only one wrist shield. He left Kristen alone for her safety. Wrath hunted down Warstrike in the city and the two fought intensely. Warstrike denied Wrath's claim; Mantra suddenly arrived and confirmed it mystically, but then Patriot found and blasted them.

(Wrath#8) - Wrath's faster healing helped him recover first and he stopped Patriot, then rescued Mantra and Warstrike. The trio made their way to an Aladdin data site in Washington, DC, where Wrath discovered Thayer (since transformed into Patriot) was responsible for his father's injury. Patriot appeared and fighting began anew. Aladdin guards also arrived, and Mantra and Warstrike escaped, but the maddened Wrath vengefully kept striking at Patriot and killed him. Carpenter entered with guards and forced Wrath's surrender.

(Wrath#9 (fb) - BTS) - Kendall convinced Carpenter not to kill Wrath, but instead have him and Kristin brainwashed with new identities and isolated in a small town.

(Ultraverse Premiere#8/4) - Carpenter had Wrath placed in a cell at a secret Aladdin site. He also had Kristin captured and a photo of her tied up shown to Wrath to taunt him. Wrath raged in the cell but was made unconscious. Elsewhere, Mantra suspected the likely punishment for Thomas Hunter and made plans with Warstrike.

(Wrath#9 (fb) - BTS) - Thomas Hunter was brainwashed and given the identity of Tim Hopkins, high school history teacher in the small idyllic town of Paradise, with Kristin as his wife Karen. Aladdin agents constantly monitored them. Meanwhile, Mantra and Warstrike pretended to be a married couple and infiltrated the town.

(Wrath#9) - Oblivious to their real past, "Tim" and "Karen" enjoyed a sunny day in Paradise, and met Mantra an Warstrike in civilian guises, who later returned at night away from Aladdin surveillance and triggered Hunter remembering who he really was (and Kristin). Aladdin forces charged in but were quickly eliminated by the superior fighting experience of the three heroes. Hunter donned various pieces of armor from fallen Aladdin agents to form a new costume. Kendall soon arrived and warned Wrath that Carpenter would next go after his father Morgan Hunter, and they all raced to the retirement home. Meanwhile, Carpenter had duped Prime (Kevin Green) into believing Wrath was a threat; Prime confronted Wrath at the home but stopped fighting when he realized Wrath's sincerity. Unhinged, Carpenter fired his gun point blank at Morgan's head in front of Wrath, but Mantra's spell blocked the bullet; Carpenter then chose to end himself instead. Kristin arrived after the turmoil, and she and Wrath embraced, closer now that she knew the truth and Hunter was apparently no longer with Aladdin.

(All-New Exiles#11) - Back in his second costume, Wrath was amongst the mercenaries seeking to capture the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Cayman, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Reaper, Shuriken, 'Strike), who had been blamed for devastation in Manhattan.

Comments: Created by David Ammerman.

A little extra info on Wrath was supplied in the interview with creator David Ammerman in Malibu Sun #33 (January, 1994). Ammerman initially conceived Wrath (still with the same background) as a corporate superhero, but left that idea to Prototype, and the decision was made to shift him within an Aladdin framework.

As discussed elsewhere, there's no indication that the Ultraverse was saddled with Marvel's sliding timescale (although I suppose that could've changed after Black September?), so the dates given can be considered accurate.

His one (wordless) post-Black September appearance was just one panel in amongst a whole muddled pile of older characters.

The Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition included the first 4 pages of Wrath #1 plus a bonus "Aladdin Datafile" page on Thomas Hunter as agent Wrath (reprinted in the Ultraverse Origins one-shot), where his parents are named, and a short blurb from scripter Mike Barr.

I could make some sort of smart-ass comment about excessive shoulder pads, but in my opinion, Wrath was a good character concept that fitted very well into the Ultraverse. It's unfortunate he was mainly isolated to his own series when he could've been used as a "guest star" in other stories involving Aladdin.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Wrath has no known connections to:

Morgan Hunter

Morgan Hunter was Thomas' father. He was a bystander during ultra activity and was hit by Thayer, a covert Aladdin agent; the injury left him paralyzed and comatose. Aladdin kept the incident strictly secret. Thomas Hunter put him into a retirement and medical facility, hoping one day to look after him personally. However, because Thomas Hunter was agent Wrath for covert organization Aladdin, it kept tabs on the elderly patient. Ultimately, Wrath discovered the person responsible was Thayer and killed him. However, maddened Aladdin leader Col. Carpenter, keen to punish Wrath for rebelling against Aladdin, tried to shoot the wheelchair-bound Morgan in front of his son, but Mantra stopped the bullet. Carpenter destroyed himself and so his threat to the Hunters was ended.

He is initially named Willard "Willy" Hunter in the Aladdin Datafile page in the Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition, but he's named Morgan Hunter for the address at the retirement home. Is Morgan an alias or did they choose to register him under his middle name? Whatever the case, it's Morgan in-story.







--Wrath#1 (Wrath#2,4,6, Wrath Giant Size#1, Wrath#9


Kristin (last name unrevealed) was Thomas Hunter's girlfriend and she cared for him deeply, although he kept his work life as Aladdin secret agent Wrath private. Kristin ran a florist shop and voiced her concerns about Hunter's sudden trips (secretly Aladdin missions) to her best friend Dominique. Hunter cared for Kristin also and wished to tell her more of his life, eventually introducing her to his unresponsive father at the medical facility. Aladdin secretly monitored her in case Thomas Hunter acted against the organization. When Wrath went rogue, Aladdin's Colonel Carpenter had her captured and tied up to taunt Wrath after he was taken in. She was brainwashed into believing she was Karen, the wife of Tim Hopkins (the likewise brainwashed Thomas Hunter) and isolated in a small idyllic town. However, Mantra and Warstrike infiltrated the town and shocked the pair back to reality. After defeating Aladdin forces, Kristin and Hunter became closer now that she knew the truth and Hunter was apparently no longer with Aladdin.











--Wrath#2 (Wrath#3-6, Wrath Giant Size#1, Ultraverse Premiere#8/4, Wrath#9

images: (without ads)
Wrath#7, post-editorial pin-up (main image, 2nd & final costume)
Wrath#9, p9, pan1 (headshot)
Wrath#1, p14 (1st costume (from Aladdin), running in snow)
Wrath#6, p13, pans 1-4 (training with 1st suit)
Wrath#8, p8, pan1 (2nd suit, fighting)
Wrath#9, p12, pan3 (3rd costume, holding big gun)
Wrath#4, p4, pan1 (Morgan Hunter)
Wrath#6, p15, pan1 (Kristin, full body)
Wrath#9, p22, pan4 (headshot)
Wrath#7, p16, pan7 (end?)

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