Real Name: Ray Quentin


Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate 

Occupation: Adventurer/vigilante

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Wrath

Enemies: The Radicals (Albright, Boam, Marcus)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the USA

First Appearance: Wrath#3 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Slayer's strength, agility, stamina, durability and speed appeared to be at athlete levels, as well as athlete fighting skills. He had precognitive dreams of murder and a strange modulation to his voice.

    His weaponry included a boomerang (featured as the background to the character's logo). He was armed with a wrist-mounted small handgun, a holster-mounted gun and an 8" sheathed hooked blade attached to his left boot. He also had a utility belt with multiple pockets. He had good armor, partially hidden under a massive cloak, which included a raggedy cloak. He had a red/white face mask.

Slayer fends off Boam's attackHistory:

(Ultraverse II Origins card #19) - Ray Quentin was aboard the cable car in San Francisco that was hit by the jumpstart effect. Soon after, he began having nightmare revelations of murders. He felt compelled to stop the murderers he dreamed about, becoming a prophet-like killer of killers, taking on the codename Slayer.

(Wrath#3 (fb) - BTS) - Slayer dreamt of the Radicals slaying others, including Wrath.

(Wrath#3) - Under cover of darkness, Slayer watched from a rooftop as the three Radicals terrorized, then savagely murdered, three homeless men for sport. Slayer then followed and watched the Radicals as they planned the killing of Wrath.

(Wrath#3) - The Radicals were part of a trap to kill Wrath, who took the bait and headed to the rooftop. With rain falling, the Radicals attacked Wrath. From the shadows, Slayer joined the fray by hurling his boomerang, which hit Albright in the back and knocked her out. This dramatically evened the odds, as the initially quiet Slayer stood beside by Wrath against Marcus and Boam. While Marcus launched himself at Wrath, Boam threw himself at Slayer and pinned Slayer's left arm back while choking him. But Slayer used a hidden small wrist-mounted handgun and fired it at point blank range at Boam's head. Slayer displayed no remorse, then departed quickly, telling Wrath that he had dreamt of the attack on Wrath, among others. Wanting to pursue Slayer, Wrath was instead halted by Aladdin agents.

Comments: Created by Mike W. Barr (script), David Ammerman (plot/penciler) & Rodney Gates (inker).

Wrath had the ability to "sniff" out ultras, but couldn't detect anything with regard to Slayer. Maybe he was a low-level ultra and his voice mutation may have been artificially induced.

Although Boam was stated as being in a critical condition at the end of the issue, he's listed as being killed in Malibu's "Year One" review.

He had cover billing plus a logo, and was supposed to reappear (according to the letters page of Wrath#6) ... Maybe Rafferty, the ultra-killer, got to him before he could resurface?

It is possible that Slayer was connected to Aladdin, Wrath's former organization, in some way, even sanctioned by it, to help Wrath in the elimination of the Radicals. Boam of the Radicals did not recognize Slayer as being from Project W (associated with Wrath and the Radicals), so he may have been a minor ultra Aladdin agent.

Profileby Grendel Prime.


Slayer has no known connection to:

Wrath#3, p22, pan1

p22, pan5 (head),
front cover (logo).

Wrath#3 (March, 1994) - Mike W. Barr (writer), David Ammerman (pencils/writer), Rodney Gates (inks), Dan Danko (editor)
Ultraverse II Origins card #19 (1994) - Jerome Moore (art)

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