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Membership: Albright, Boam, Marcus (full names unrevealed);
   formerly Thomas Hunter (later Wrath)

Purpose: Mercenary work, violence

Affiliations: Dr. Vincent Esquida;
   formerly Aladdin

Enemies: Aladdin, Slayer, Wrath (Thomas Hunter), homeless people (Elroy, others), other victims

Base of Operations: New York, USA (Earth-93060/Ultraverse)

First Appearance: Wrath#2 (February, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: The three members of the Radicals have received genetic enhancements that augment their strength, speed and agility to peak human levels. They are all extremely skilled in parkour and well-trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat, notably kickboxing and judo, with athlete-level fitness and endurance, and do not rely on weapons for primary attack. They are each brutal in nature.


(Wrath#3 (fb) - BTS) - As the group the Radicals, Albright, Boam, Marcus and Thomas Hunter, all full of hubris, trained with covert organization Aladdin for Project W with one to be selected as agent Wrath.

(Skybox Ultraverse II Origins trading card #49) - Each of the Radicals received genetic enhancements as part of Project W that boosted their strength, speed and agility.

(Wrath#3 (fb) - BTS) - Hunter proved the most stable and was chosen, but this left the other three furious at Hunter. The female Albright and Hunter were romantically involved, but Hunter's selection ended things. Stealing files, the three angrily deserted and killed agents as they left, almost ending Project W. The Radicals engaged in mercenary work and thievery to survive, also indulging in sociopathic violence.

(Wrath#1) - A year later, Aladdin's Dr. Vincent Esquida, keen to eliminate Wrath in order to implement his own Project Patriot, contacted Marcus to engage the Radicals on an unsanctioned mission.

(Wrath#2) - The Radicals waited for word when to launch their kill mission against Wrath. They owed an unrevealed debt to Esquida and would do the job for free.

(Wrath#3) - Impatient to kill Wrath, the Radicals targeted and killed three defenseless homeless men. Jumping across buildings and engaging in aggressive banter, they selected a rooftop to ambush Wrath, not realizing they in turn were being stalked by mysterious vigilante Slayer. Meanwhile, Esquida sent Wrath on a mission to apprehend the Radicals. Keen for payback for the Aladdin agents killed, Wrath unwittingly walked into their trap and they attacked in unison. Wrath was nearly overwhelmed until Slayer intervened, shooting Boam at close range with a hidden gun before disappearing. Having discovered Esquida's treachery, Aladdin agents arrived and sedated Marcus and Albright for incarceration, while Boam underwent emergency surgery. All the Radicals were held in Aladdin's "Watchdog" base.

Comments: Created by David Ammerman.

A very slight variation in their uniform in their 2 comic appearances: the men wore their "underpants" inside their costumes in their later fight against Wrath. Furthe, the trading card has their mask as all green with yellow eye highlights.

David Ammerman is credited as the sole character creator and designer on the Skybox card.

This profile was completed 7/15/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Radicals have no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Wrath#3, p19-20 (main image, leaping)
Wrath#2, p9, pan1 (standing)

Wrath#1 (January, 1994) - David Ammerman (plot/pencils), Mike W. Barr (script), James Pascoe (inks), Dan Danko (editor)
Wrath#2 (February, 1994) - David Ammerman (plot/pencils), Mike W. Barr (script), James Pascoe (inks), Dan Danko (editor)
Wrath#3 (March, 1994) - Mike W. Barr (writer), David Ammerman (pencils/writer), Rodney Gates (inks), Dan Danko (editor)
Skybox Ultraverse II Origins trading card #49 (1994) - David Ammerman (pencils), James Pascoe (inks)

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