Real Name: James "Jimmy" Ruiz

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-93060/"Ultraverse") human mutate ("ultra") and advanced technology (exoskeleton) user;
    Jimmy is an American of Latino heritage (I don't believe it was ever specified whether he was of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Columbia, Mexican, or some other nationality/heritage)

Occupation: Vigilante/super hero;
    formerly NuWare Corporate representative/agent (officially listed as marketing assistant)
    former UltraTech Corporate representative/agent

Group Membership: Ultraforce (Contrary (possibly Mary), Ghoul/Johnathan Martin, Hardcase/Thomas Hawke, Pixx/Penny Burka, Prime/Kevin Green, Topaz, Black Knight of Reality-616/Dane Whitman, Siren/Jennifer Pearson);
    former employee of UltraTech and NuWare;
    former leader of the Hardboys (
Earl, Frankie, T.J., at least two others);
    in the "New World" (a pocket realm with some merged elements of Realities-616 and -93060 and mirroring Reality-32659) he was a member of the Avengers (Black Knight/Alec Swan, Black Widow/Jan, Quicksilver, Thor, Topaz) - see comments

Affiliations: Ahmed-Set, Jake Alexander, Mr. Blackrock, Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali, Felicia Campbell, Dennis Carlen, Choice, POTUS Bill Clinton, Dianne of the Dark Shoppe (possibly just an illusion or reanimation), Senator Bob Dole, Empire-7 (Tranh), Entity, Flood (Leann Butler), Hardcase (Thomas Hawke), Mr. Hastings, Lisa Lopez, Mantra (Eden Blake/Lukasz), Ox, Prime (Kevin Green), Ranger (Bob Campbell), Marena Rosato, Angella Santiago, Solution (Shadowmage), Strangers (Atom Bob/Robert Hardin, Electrocute/Candy, Grenade/Hugh Fox, Lady Killer/Elena LaBrava, Spectral/David Castiglione, Yrial, Zip-Zap/Leon Balford), Supra, Buzzy West and the rest of the Denver Rangers baseball team; Maria (Frankie's wife), unidentified UltraTech technical support agents, unidentified doctor, unidentified fishermen;
    the spirit of Theodoric within the Teknight was sympathetic to him and briefly immobilized the armor to allow Prototype to gain an advantage;
    Avengers of Earth-616 (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Starfox/Eros, Thor Odinson, Vision/"Victor Shade")
    briefly multiple beings from multiple realities;prototype-ruiz-93060-pt6-newarmor-full
    formerly Aladdin, Frankie (later Battlewagon), Marjorie Fredericks (aka Veil), Stanley Leland, UltraTech, various women paid to romance him by UltraTech;
    limited cooperation with Prototype 2000/Gordon Bell;
    saved Blind Faith (Travis) and Warstrike (Brandon Tark) from Prototype robot, but no actual affiliation, and a somewhat hostile verbal interaction with Warstrike
    he was affected by and encountered Amber Hunt, but he both defended and attacked her;
    alongside UltraForce, he served as an agent/pawn of Loki-616 against the Grandmaster-616
(En Dwi Gast), but they were not allies

Enemies: Aladdin, "Angels" of Metabio, Arena (Keiko?), Atalon, Battlewagon (Frankie), Bombers (Carlos, Cody, Franco, at least two others), Darkwave, Engine of Destruction (Donovan Jones; formerly Prototype mark III), Fire People, frost giant (apparently created by Loki-616), Glare (Gerald), Grandmaster-616, Heater (Joey Thompson), J.D. Hunt, Hybrid (Simon Carthan), Loki of Reality-616 (Loki Laufeyson), Manhattan Project, Nemesis-616, Omega Team (Gun Nut, Needler, Trouble/Karl Morris), Douglas Platt, Prototype 2000/Gordon Bell, Quattro (Book, Death Dance, Gate, Meathook), Prototype robot, "old man" Ramirez, Sersi of Reality-616, Techuza, Teknight (Lance), Terrordyne Inc., UltraTech Death Droids (combat simulaton, apparently virtual reality), Veil (Marjorie Fredericks), Wild Popes, Wrath (Thomas Hunter); unidentified aliens, unidentified fish-monsters, unidentified trainer wearing Bob Campbell's Prototype armor;prototype-ruiz-93060-prime-mw
    formerly Jake Alexander, Bob Campbell, Prime (Kevin Green), Strangers (Atom Bob/Robert Hardin, Electrocute/Candy, Grenade/Hugh Fox, Lady Killer/Elena LaBrava, Spectral/David Castiglione, Yrial, Zip-Zap/Leon Balford);
    he was affected by and encountered
Amber Hunt, but he both defended and attacked her;
    competed against the Avengers (notably Iron Man; but also
Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Starfox, Thor, Vision);
    Mantra of the "New World"

Known Relatives: Unidentified child by Angella Santiago;
    unidentified mother

Aliases: I don't believe he had other true aliases, but he did receive a number of nicknames from various sources (and I'm sure I don't have all of those, either):
    "Hardboy" (from Battlewagon);
    "Jimbo" (from Hardboys and Bombers);
    "New Prototype," "Newcomer" (from Arena);
    "Doughboy" (from J.D. Hunt and Stanley Leland based on a comparison by Gordon Bell; mocking him as a mascot/symbol like the Pilsbury Doughboy);

    "Spokesmodel" (from Wrath);
    "Company Man"
(from Grenade and Heater), "Hero" (from Heater);
    "Hollywood Phoney" (from Prime);
    "Turkey" (from Prototype armor trainer);
    "Kid" (from many)

Base of Operations:
    formerly an UltraTech Corporate Suite in Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Prototype#1 (August, 1993)

Powers/Abilities:Jimmy Ruiz is an ultra (see comments) with abilities to generate energy.

    As Prototype, he wore an exoskeleton suit of armor that tapped into his energies for a variety of effects, notably superhuman strength, flight, projection of force blasts or microwave energy from his wrists,  durability, and computer analysis capabilities.

    Prototype's strength is undefined, although it likely increased markedly with his armor's various enhancements as well as with Jimmy's progressively increasing energy levels.

        While he did not seem to approach Prime or Atalon's peak strength (which seemed to be lifting 100 tons), he seemed to be able to lift perhaps 10-25 tons.





    His armor's boot rockets allowed him to fly at great speeds. His peak speed, maximum distance of travel, etc. is undefined, although it likely increased markedly with his armor's various enhancements as well as with Jimmy's progressively increasing energy levels.

    He could likely fly at several hundred miles per hour and across country without issue.

    He can also fly in space.

    He once flew from the moon to Earth, which is about 238,000 miles, but the moon is a lower gravity source, and once he was away from that, his velocity would have carried him to Earth without which point slowing his approach would have been the problem.

   The maximum weight he can carry in flight is unrevealed. He tried to match the gravity pull from Atalon to rescue Ghoul from Atalon's clutches, but Ghoul's physical integrity proved to be the limiting factor.

       Assuming he flew at escape velocity (approximattly 17,600 mph), that's a travel of 13.5 hours. His speeds within Earth's atmosphere and throughout space are undefined.

    The Prototype armor alllowed Jimmy to fire concussive force blasts from its palms. On occasion, he combined this force with the energies from his rocket boots, such as against the powerful Atalon.

          The exact nature of this energy is unrevealed, but it certainly
increased markedly with his armor's various enhancements as well as with Jimmy's progressively increasing energy levels.

    The armor also allowed Jimmy to project microwave energy to generate heat with objects or beings. These energies certainly hastened the degeneration of one of Prime's husks.


prototype-ruiz-93060-pt8-emp2    The Prototype armor also allowed Jimmy to release an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which would disrupt all nearby electrical systems. All the Prototype's armor's weaponry was also disabled by this, Jimmy at least maintained mobility.

    The Prototype's armor could withstand massive impacts, including being pummeled by massively superhumanly strong beings, like Prime, as well as being hurled into the ground from great heights and through the masonry of buildings, etc. 

    Certain types of energy assaults could disrupt the Prototype armor's electrical and computer systems, and it may require minutes for him to reboot and regain control.prototype-ruiz-93060-pt8-emp

    Prototype's armor could provide him with life support mechanisms including maintaining atmospheric pressure, comfortable temperature, and breathable oxygen/nitrogen mixture in Earth's atmosphere, underwater, and in space.

          The duration of this is unrevealed, but he spent a little time outside the Russian space station and then a period of perhaps hours on the moon, followed by hours returning to Earth, and then the time it took the fishing crew to retrieve him after he crashed into the ocean.

    The armor's eye holes were open at rest, but could close to maintain an internal atmosphere as well as to protect him against physical or chemical assaults.

    The Prototype armor had numerous data and energy analysis systems, and UltraTech and presumably NuWare had technical support teams to guide him in threat analysis, options, and instructions from his supervisors.

    The Prototype armor allowed Jimmy to absorb a massive data influx from the Entity on the Moon, but it eventually overwhelmed his systems. Jimmy retained some knowledge of the worlds of the Godwheel, at least.

    Subdermal circuits linked Jimmy to the Prototype armor, transfering his ultra energies to power the suit, which was essentially a giant surge supressor...there was a huge capacitor/transducer linkage lining the armor.

    Initially, Jimmy suffered significant pain when first linking/jacking in, as the electrodes dug straight into his nervous system. Felicia Campbell adjusted the armor to minimize this discomfort, and she felt that UltraTech had caused the process to be painful to maximize Jimmy's need for UltraTech's technical support.
, initial use of the armor gave Jimmy a severe headache. Marjorie Fredericks provided drugs to help with the pain, but the exact nature and purpose of these drugs remains uncertain.

    Jimmy originally had to physically don the armor, but the first known major upgrade (circa Prototype#6) included electromagnetic activation to don the armor, such that he could just will it, and the armor would assemble around him.

    That upgrade also had his exo-strength increased 33%, with lower energy demands, self-powered suit modules to prevent running out of energy, and a fireproof ceramic coating.


    That same upgrade included the Tasp (it would seem like an acronym, but I didn't see it spelled out), which ran a current through his new body electrodes, stimulating his pleasure centers and giving him a general sense of euphoria. Leland had a button on his desk that allowed him to incapacitate Jimmy by overloading the Tasp.
    After battling Arena, Jimmy abandoned the armor, although he later claimed either the repaired armor or a replacement suit. Felicia Campbell made a few adjustments to that armor before he donned it, and she may have disabled the Tasp; regardless, I don't believe it was used again.

    Repairing the armor following a battle with the Engine of Destruction, Felicia further upgraded it so that his power coupling was improved by 40% (via some things she had learned while repairing Arena's suit interface). She also modified the interface so that it did not hurt when it was at stress points, and so that it was not painful when he first donned it.


    Even prior to UltraTech's given him various implants and treatments, Jimmy was an ultra of unrevealed origin, possessing superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina of unspecified ability, likely "enhanced human," slightly above the maximum levels for normal humans.His strength was specifically described as twice that of an ordinary person, but it is not 100% clear whether that just referred to twice what would be expected of a person of his size and build, or whether it was twice maximum human strength. His body generated large amounts of energy, but he was not symptomatic for this prior to his manipulation by UltraTech.

    Jimmy received various sub-dermal wetware (nanotechnology) and biotechnology implants ("tattoos") and neuro-transmitter booster shots, allegedly enhancing his natural abilties and giving him a greater ability to interface with and control the Prototype armor.

    Among these implants were special eye lenses that allowed him to better visualize data/communications with the armor; "smart drug pumps" (including (presumably anabolic) steroids and amindo acid supplements to increase his reflexes; and sub-dermal ports that connected him directly to the armor.
The neurocircuits tapped his internal energy, and the suit siphoned it off. The armor, the circuitry and the drugs barely kept it under control.

    Their various implants and having him use the suit to its maximum level likely accelerated his existing processes, but he subsequently found his energies building to such levels that he would have an explosive outburst of energy if the Prototype suit did not drain it. Stress and physical attacks accelerated such build-ups/overloads.

    These energies could be released from his eyes and hands as concussive force, laser-like beams able to cut through human flesh and bone, lower-level controlled energies that could open electronically-controlled secure doors, and hovering a few feet off the ground, at least.

    These energies +/- treatments maintained Jimmy's body in athletic/fit condition despite a lack of time to actually exercise.

    Although Jimmy was of average intelligence, he had an affinity for technology, or at least of his armor, and after he was given the armor, he regularly took it apart and put it back together. He was able to recognize and remove a governor implant as something that he did not want in the armor.

    Jimmy was bilingual to some degree. He spoke English fluently (and I don't recall anyone commenting about any accent), but he occasionally reacted with Spanish phrases. It seems likely that he also spoke Spanish fluently. 

    Jimmy briefly wore Iron Man-616's Model 13 (modular) armor. He was able to access its weaponry sufficiently to fire all weapons, but also exhausted the armor in the process, and he apparently could not (or did not know how to) recharge it with his own energies.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10" to 6'); (armored form) unrevealed (presumably at least 2" taller)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 to 220 lbs.); (armored form) unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


prototype-ruiz-93060-pt18-frankie(Prototype#18 (fb) - BTS) - When Jimmy was 12-13, Frankie took him under his wing.

    Frankie was right beside Jimmy the first time he stole from old man Ramirez's store.

    Frankie watched Jimmy's back as the Hardboys fought to keep the Bombers off their turf. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt16-hardboys-face&fight

(Prototype#16 (fb)) - Standing atop a car in an alley with Felicia nearby, Jimmy exhorted the other Hardboys that they had to protect their turf and that they could not let the Wild Popes tag their lands and deface their colors. Jimmy then led the Hardboys against the Popes, personally taking out one their apparent leader. Afterwards, they celebrated.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Some of Jimmy's gang ended up in jail.

(Prototype#18 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy was best man and best friend to Frankie when he married Maria.

(Prototype#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Jimmy and Angella had a romance that led to her becoming pregnant.

(Prototype#11 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech agent Stanley Leland became concerned that the growing numbers of ultras (superhumanly-powered humans) were a threat to UltraTech's armored agent, Prototype (Bob Campbell).

    Leland subsequently initiated a search for a suitable ultra, and he had his researchers, including Felicia Campbell, speed up the design of a new suit that would use an ultra as an energy source.

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - This search was entitled Project New Blood.

(Prototype#0 (fb) - BTS) - After Bob Campbell fell out of favor with UltraTech and Stanley Leland -- due to a number of factors, including Campbell using the armor for unsanctioned heroic actions, Campbell drinking heavily, and Leland having an affair with Cambell's wife, Felicia -- UltraTech performed a nationwide search for a replacement.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS / Mantra I#7/2 (fb)) - Jimmy Ruiz was located as a candidate during UltraTech's National Video Game Tournament. His skills drew a crowd.prototype-ruiz-93060-uvorigins

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb) / Prototype trading card 3-48) - When Jimmy's strength, speed and reflexes proved to be off the scale, UltraTech realized that he was an ultra, even though Jimmy himself did not know it.

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb)) - Unaware that UltraTech was choosing his successor, Prototype (Campbell) posed with the tournament-winning Jimmy and his trophy.

(Prototype#0 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Ruiz was chosen due to a number of factions, including youth, looks, and "affirmative action" (legislated action to select minorities/under-represented populations, such as people of color).

(Prototype trading card 1-26) - Jimmy accepted the job offer, which included a six-figure salary, a cool apartment, and the company of more than one beautiful woman.

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb)) - Jimmy demonstrated twice the strength of an ordinary person prior to his enhancements.

(Prototype#0 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Ruiz was given a corporate suite with all the amenities he loved, including a bar and cable TV.

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - Stanley Leland instructed his agent Marjorie Fredericks to lock reports of Jimmy's recruitment in the vault, as he did not want it to be known that UltraTech's newest hero was just a 19-year-old video game star. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt0-whoops

(Prototype#0 (fb)) - Jimmy met with Leland and first saw the Prototype armor, considering that it looked like something from the video games he had played, but it was real and beautiful. He was introduced to Hastings, who would be his valet, but as he discussed when he would wear the suit, he accidentally knocked it over. As Leland berated Jimmy for potentially damaging the expensive equipment, Hastings escorted Jimmy away and up to his suite.

    Although Jimmy angrily insisted he did not need to take that kind of treatment, Hastings advised him that he did if he wanted to keep the job and the wealth in entailed. Hastings further advised Jimmy of the similarities between corporate politics and street politics, and that he could win by just letting Leland wear him self out rather than fighting him.

(Prototype#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Jimmy met with Angella and told her that he was living in UltraTech's headquarters. He also told her that he had a new job and that it could be dangerous.

(Prototype#18 (fb) - BTS) - After being with Ultra-Tech less than a week, Jimmy spoke with the head of personnel and asked him to find a job for his friend Frankie.

    Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Frankie was given a job as a janitor, cleaning bathrooms.

(Prototype#1 (fb) - BTS) / Prototype#0 (fb) - BTS / Prototype#11 (fb) - BTS / Prototype#13 (fb) - BTS / Prototype trading card 2-17) - Allegedly to give him more control over and to better interface with the suit and improve his skills, Jimmy was allegedly genetically-altered via sub-dermal implants ("tattoos") and neuro-transmitter booster shots.

(Prototype trading card 1-73) - With the aid wetware (nanotechnology) and biotechnology, Jimmy's natural abilities were enhanced.

(Prototype trading card 1-26) - Among these implants were special eye lenses that allowed him to better visualize data/communications with the armor; "smart drug pumps" to increase his reflexes; and sub-dermal ports that connected him directly to the armor.

(Prototype#11 (fb) - BTS / Prototype#13 (fb) - BTS) - The neurocircuits tapped his internal energy, and the suit siphoned it off. The armor, the circuitry and the drugs barely kept it under control.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy also took (presumably anabolic) steroids and amino acid supplements.

(Prototype#0 (fb)) - Wearing the Prototype armor, Jimmy was pitted against a trainer wearing of a version of the previous Prototype armor, who was spiteful for having been passed over in favor of Jimmy as the new Prototype. The trainer was dominating Jimmy -- and Leland resolved that they should custom fit everything in Jimmy's suit rather than using "imported Wu parts" -- until Jimmy considered Hastings' advice and goaded the trainer into exhausting his armor's power in plasma beams that his suit's refractory coating could partially dissipate. Jimmy then assaulted and defeated his weakened opponent, and Leland considered that "the kid's got stones after all!"

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Other Prototypes, including Prototype 2000, scheduled for release in the year 2000 (7 years from the time of the stories publication), were secretly under development. Marjorie also had another project underwway, which Leland considered would be the most perfect mechanical and biological killing combination in history.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy spent much of his time training, working with his acting coach, or shooting commericials. prototype-93060-pt1-full-flight

(Prototype#1 (fb) - BTS) - When use of the Prototype suit gave Jimmy a headache, Marjorie Fredericks gave him some pills, which consistently helped.

(Prototype#1) - Introduced by Stanley Leland to Ultratech's shareholders, Prototype/Jimmy made an impressive performance before a pounding headache forced him to exit the building.

    As Jimmy returned to Leland, Marjorie assured Leland that the problem was just a few loose wires, and she assured Jimmy that the headaches did not have anything to do with the implants. She gave him the pills, but when he planned to head back to his suite to rest for his plans that night, Marjorie advised him that he had to shake a few hands with the shareholders; Jimmy asked her if there were any "babes" out there.prototype-93060-pt1-helmetoff

    However, this plan was interrupted by the arriving threat of Glare (Gerald), who -- unknown to Leland or Jimmy but presumably to Marjorie -- was a predecessor to Jimmy for the genetic-alteration process. At Leland's instruction, Jimmy confronted Glare. Although Las Vegas odds-makers put Prototype's chances of success at 500 to 1, Leland put $1000 down on his boy.

(Prototype#1 - BTS) - The conflict was observed by Aladdin's Jake Alexander, not recognizing Glare (but planning to start a file on him) but corectly presuming Jimmy to be Ultratech's new Prototype.

(Prototype#1) - Glare shorted Prototype's programmed operations and Ultratech's remote surveilence, but Jimmy rebooted the armor and blasted Glare from behind. Unseen, Marjorie approached and touched Glare, seemingly killing him.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy heard Glare speaking to someone.

(Prototype#1) - With the dust settled, Glare was found seemingly dead, and Prototype was blamed. Prototype swiftly concluded that the battle had been "him or me," and he hoped that Leland would see it that way.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy's girlfriend proved a nuisance to Marjorie and Leland.

(Prime I#3) - As Prototype was filming a scene with Pinnacle Pictures, Prime -- a 13-year-old-boy ultra who transformed into a powerful superhuman adult form -- arrived, seeking advise from Hardcase. Mistaking a falling tank for a true danger, Prime crashed into the set, caught the tank, and set it done.

    Irate at having his best take of the day ruined, Prototype blasted Prime and expressed his frustration.

(Prime I#4) - Prime punched Prototype into the air and argued that he thought people were in trouble and that he was a real hero, not a "Hollywood phoney" like him. Smashing into and destroying some equipment, Prototype flew back and blasted Prime repeatedly, but Prime then flew into the air and punched Prototype down into some earthmover equipment.

    Realizing Prime might destroy his armor and get him fired, Prototype unleashed a microwave burst against Prime; pained and damaged, Prime nonetheless crashed into Prototype. With the studio aflame, Prototype told Prime to prove he was a real hero and help out, but as Prime picked up a flaming truck to contain the fire, Prime's form began to degenerate, and he threw the truck away in hopes of getting it away from everyone else. prototype-ruiz-93060-flood

    However, the burning debris from the vehicle fell away and crashed into Prototype as he flew some civilians to safety. Close to the ground, the civilians apparently tumbled a little without harm, but Prototype resolved that after he had dealt with the fire, he would learn Prime's weak spots, get his bosses to juice up his armor, and take down Prime.

(Prime Sega CD edition) - After UltraTech agents apparently abducted Kelly Cantrell presumably in hopes of drawing in Prime so they could learn the secrets of his power, Prime assaulted the facility. After Prime had virtually exhausted his Prime energies, Prototype confronted him. Prime tried to explain that his friend was being held prisoner in the facility, but Prototype suspected treachery and blasted him. Although weakened and on the verge of his Prime body degenerating, Prime grappled with Prototype, insisting that he would get past him to save the innocent girl, even if one of them ended up dead.

Continued in the Prime Sega video game...

(Flood Relief#1 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech developed the Darkwave wetware/nanotechnology in order to draw water from the atmosphere.

(Flood Relief#1) - Blasting a vehicle that had ignored his order to stop, Prototype appreciated that he was not supposed to destroy it and that Leland was going to kill him if he did not recover his Wetware intact.

(Flood Relief#1 - BTS) - The Darkwave wetware from the ship landed in Des Moines, Iowa creek/stream/waterway where it mutated a fish that subsequently mutated the young Leann Butler, whose new powers caused a massive rainstorm and subsequent flood as she tried to help her father salvage his crops.

(Flood Relief#1) - Leland berated Jimmy for losing two million dollars of research and development in what would have been a means to transport water to areas that needed it. Jimmy apologized but noted that he had stopped the person who had stolen the material.

    Further discussion was interrupted by someone who revealed the massive flooding in Des Moines, which they correctly presumed to be associated with their missing Darkwave wetware. Prototype departed, frustrated at being treated like a "screw-off," but resolving to recover the lost wetware.

    Arriving in Des Moines at the same type ad Prime, Prototype joined the efforts of ultras Hardcase and Zip-Zap. Prototype discovered the glowing Leann in the sky and sought to rescue her, but both Prototype and Prime were smacked down by the giant watery manifestation of the Darkwave. His systems briefly offline, Prototype sank below the flood waters, but he soon recovered and rejoined the fight.

    Hardcase corectly figured that Leann might be Darkwave's battery, and he guided Zip-Zap to drain the battery powering the water monster via a vortex, after which Prototype caught the falling Leann. He wondered if the girl and the water had anything to do with the missing Wetware.

    Hardcase took and set down Leann, then helped Prototype use Prime's cape to trip Darkwave (unaware that the cape was part of Prime and therefore greatly pained him), after which Prototype vaporized the water monster. This further pained and enraged Prime, but Prototype mocked his tantrum and flew away with Leann, delivering her to an UltraTech facility.

prototype-ruiz-93060-pt2-flex(Prototype#2) - During a combat simulation, UltraTech increased the threat level against some "Death Droids," by Jimmy's neuro-transmitter levels overloaded the neural servers, melting the circuits open. The simulation system overloaded and caught on fire, but the technicians swiftly put it out, and Prototype's insulation and heat controls allowed only cosmetic damage. Suffering a severe headache, Jimmy instructed Hastings to get him one of Marjorie's pain killer-laced sport drinks.

    At Jimmy's query, Hastings explained that Campbell had not accepted neural net implnats or enhancement treatments. When Jimmy discussed his concerns regarding going to jail for Glare's death, Hastings assured him that the Police did not even have his real name yet and recommended a relaxing massage; Jimmy instructed him to get the blonde with the big hands.

(Prototype#2 - BTS) - Leland berated Marjorie for using "it" (an apparent death power) to kill Glare, but she threatened to use "it" on him. However, she assured him that she had to do it to save the armor and that the autopsy report would show that Glare died of an overdose.

(Prototype#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a "governor" was put into the Prototype armor to allow Hastings to immobilize it when Jimmy was planning unauthorized activity.

(Prototype#3 (fb) - BTS) - Regularly taking apart and reassembling parts the armor, Jimmy found and removed the governor.prototype-ruiz-93060-pt3-helmetless

(Prototype#3) - Despite Hastings efforts to encourage patience, Jimmy was frustrated when their flight out the St. Louis airport was delayed. When it was revealed that the delay was due to Terrordyne, Inc assaulting the Denver Rangers' plane on the same runway area, Jimmy donned the Prototype armor, arguing that it would be bad for UltraTech if it was learned that he was there and did nothing. Hastings activated the governor, but Jimmy revealed he had already removed it and took off anyway. He swiftly took down Terrordyne's agents, with left-handed homerun king Buzzy West dropping one that was preparing to shoot Prototype in the back.

    Buzzy gave Prototype some insight on the fate of aging heroes, but Prototype largely ignored that and asked for his autograph. They were then assaulted by Terrordyne's agent Heater, badly damaging the Rangers' plane in the process, and Prototype's armor shorted out in battle, perhaps due to his having ripped out the governor. After his auxiliary power kicked back in, Prototype got the advantage over Heater until his associates dropped Hastings from the UltraTech plane they had stolen. Prototype rescued Hastings, during which time Heater departed. Frustrated and hating to lose, Prototype blew up the UltraTech ship, loaded with some of UltraTech's most sensitive equipment, preventing Terrordyne from escaping with it.

(Prototype#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during this or another recent battle, Heater or someone else planted an Aladdin computer chip on Prototype that would map out the suit, absorb its algorithms, and reveal the secrets of its power.

(Prototype#3 - BTS) - Leland was furious upon learning of the destruction of both the UltraTech ship and the Rangers' ship, and he instructed 24-7 surveilance on Jimmy as well as interviewing candidates to replace him. Leland further arranged meetings with various media spokespeople for spin control on the information.

(Prototype#7 (fb) - BTS) - Marjorie, aka Veil, presumably began covertly monitoring Jimmy around the clock. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt4-implants

(Prototype#3 - BTS) - Jake Aladdin sent Wrath to recover the chip.

(Prototype#4 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech put a new implant in Jimmy's left arm.

(Prototype#4) - Observing the brightness of the moon, due to the Entity present there, Jimmy had a beer and enjoyed some romance with an unidentified woman paid by Leland.

(Prototype#4 - BTS) - Not having seen Jimmy since the last time they were together "weeks" before, Angella went to UltraTech HQ to find him, but she was told that Jimmy Ruiz was not listed in the residential directory.

    Wrath subsequently drugged the doorman (Steve), traveled to the building's sub-sub-basement, located the Prototype armor, and retrieved Aladdin's chip.

(Prototype#4) - Pained by the laser removal, Jimmy rushed to the basement, while his paid-girlfriend resolved that she was not paid enough to be with Jimmy, especially since he was "not even very good in the sack."

    Jimmy confronted Wrath, who easily overpowered him and departed with the chip. Donning the Prototype armor -- which, at the time still had a painful jacking-in process -- Prototype smashed through the ceiling/floor of several levels to catch Wrath as he was exiting the elevator.

(Prototype#4 - BTS) - The revived doorman reported the conflict to Leland, who sent news crews there in hopes of gaining positive press.

(Prototype#4) - The battle was even due to Wrath's superior combat skills and his parabolic transducer coils, which allowed him to absorb energy and redirect energy assaults. When Wrath prepared to depart with the memory chip, Prototype blasted him again just before seeing Angella, and when Wrath returned the blast, Prototype blocked the blast from hitting her while identifying her by name. Unable to stop Wrath from escaping, Prototype at least nailed the chip with a microwave blast that he hoped would damage its memory.

    UltraTech forces restrained Angella, but she realized that under Prototype's armor was Jimmy Ruiz, her baby's father.

(Break-Thru#1) - As people were afflicted by the "Moon Madness" from the Entity on the Moon -- to which Amber Hunt was attuned and seemed to be the cause -- and a number of other ultras investigated, Leland sent Prototype to get involved in hopes that UltraTech might bring in "what may be the greatest power source ever discovered."

    After Mantra interfaced with Amber Hunt and was blasted back, Prototype caught her while telling the similarly-intentioned Spectral "go decorate a Christmas tree, light-boy." Possessed/controlled by the male Lukasz, Mantra advised Prototype to watch his hands. When Yrial tried to blast Amber Hunt, Mantra fired her own blast to separate them before explaining to Prototype that whatever was causing the lunar phenomenon wanted to contact them.

    As Mantra tried to contact the Entity, the power of its "Come to Me!" response caused the Strangers to fall to the ground, and Prototype caught Electrocute. When Prototype blasted Amber, Electrocute told him to leave her alone and let them talk to her, he refused, noting that Amber was dangerous. Replying that so was she, Electrocute shocked and stunned him.

    Hardcase subsequently arrived and noted that Amber could reveal the truth about all ultras, and Mantra concluded that they needed to go to the moon, straight to the source.prototype-ruiz-93060-str-spin

(Prototype#5 - BTS) - The Strangers stole J.D. Hunt's JDH-3000 rocket, intending to travel to the moon in hopes of learning the origins of their powers.

(Prototype#5 - BTS) - UltraTech CEO Gordon Bell criticized the performance and behavior of Jimmy Ruiz.

(Prototype#5 - BTS) - Interrupting the meeting, Hunt berated Bell for the theft of his rocket under UltraTech security, and Leland assured him Prototype would take care of things.

(Prototype#5) - Leland sent Prototype -- alongside associates Empire-7 and Supra -- aboard the CCCP-49 rocket (purchased from Russia following the USSR's break-up) to recover the JDH-3000, which was pre-programmed to fly to an abandoned Russian space station. Showing Jimmy footage of other potential trainees, Leland warned him that if he failed to return with the JDH-3000 that he could be replaced. Jimmy made a flirtatious comment to Supra, who swiftly threw him to the ground, after which he told her that if they got out of this alive they would have to go for two-out-of-three falls.

    Having just enough fuel in the ship, Empire-7 crashed the CCCP=49 into the Russian space station, after which they heard a woman's scream, and Prototype and his allies investigated, finding the Strangers under attack by monstrous aliens.

(Strangers#7) - Engaging the aliens while flirting with Electrocute, Prototype was immobilized by their slime until he apparently escaped by his rocket boots. After the aliens fled from combined attacks, Prototype and the Strangers got into a fight when he insisted that he was taking the JDH-3000 back to Earth. The struggle blasted a whole through the station's external wall, and while Spectral's powers saved the others, Yrial battled Prototype in space.

    Although she incapacitated half of his armor, Prototype blasted and subduied Yrial while spinning himself in a circle. However, Electrocute then forced him to surrender for fear of electrical overload. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt-fused

    Prototype agreed to help the Strangers, and the group split up, with Prototype joining Atom Bob and Spectral. After finding that the aliens had stolen their fuel, Bob transmuted some equipment into more. With Empire-7 having perished in combat and Supra staying behind to destroy the space station and the aliens, Prototype joined the Strangers aboard the JDH-3000, intending to make sure it was returned to its rightful owner after the mission's completion. 

(Break-Thru#2) - Prototype and the Strangers arrived on the moon, confronting Hardcase, Choice, and the Solution. Prototype, the Strangers, and Choice subsequently engaged Quattro and the Omega Team who had been attacking Prime, with Prototype specifically blasting Gun Nut. After Yrial assaulted Tech, the Strangers and Solution departed to back up their respective teammates, leaving Prototype to face multiple foes alone.

    After being stunned by combined assaults, Prototype received a message that they needed a computer to download the Entity's data. He did so, but his systems were soon overwhelmed, although Mantra, Shadowmage, and Yrial joined the minds and powers of the collective ultras, allowing them to commune with the Entity just before it exploded (sending its data home while destroying its physical self).

    Although seeing the various worlds associated with the Godwheel in his head, Prototype told the others that he had no after effects.

(Prototype#6 (fb)) - After Lady Killer assured him it would be safe, Prototype flew back to Earth behind Prime's space form, intending to use him as a heat shield.

(Prototype#6/Prime I#8) - Prototype returned to Earth, although weakened Prime-body began to breakdown, and the residual heat was still enough to melt/fuse his armor (he blamed Prime and planned to pay him back). Crashing into the ocean, he was recovered by a fishing ship in their nets before his oxygen supply ran out.

(Prototype#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy was presumably recovered by UltraTech, taken to their infirmary, and extracted from the fused armor. Upon recovering, he found that he had fried his eyebrows off during re-entry.

prototype-ruiz-93060-pt6-newarmor-hair(Prototype#6) - Recovering, Jimmy confronted Leland in his office, furious over having had his life risked on the space station and on the moon. Leland told Jimmy that the data he had recovered was invaluable to the company, assured him that the UltraTech medical plan would cover everything, informed him of the six-figure bonus as compensation, and showed him a new and improved set of armor, with exo-strength increased 33%, lower energy demands, self-powered suit modules to prevent running out of energy, and a fireproof ceramic coating. 

    While impressed, Jimmy was considering qutting due to the risks, but Leland convinced him to try the new swift armor framing process that suited him up in seconds. Impressed with the suit and feeling somewhat euphoric, Jimmy was upset to learn that the suit also had a new electrical gimmick, the Tasp, that ran a current through his new body electrodes, stimulating his pleasure centers. After Leland demonstrated that he could incapacitate him by overloading the Tasp, Prototype agreed to continue working under him. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt6-face

    As Leland outlined his plans to various promotions, including toys and comic books, they were interrupted when Arena -- an antagonist of the Bob Campbell Prototype -- blasted through the window and challenged Prototype to combat.

(Prototype#7) - Prototype flew out of the building and engaged Arena, unaware of causing masonry to fall onto the streets below.

(Prototype#18 (fb) - BTS) - Some of this masonry fell on top of Frankie as he walked by with Maria. 

(Prototype#7) - Although Jimmy announced that he was the new and improved Prototype, Arena stated that it mattered not,. When Arena pulled his energy sword, Jimmy -- considering that he did not want to end up crippled like Campbell -- fired a powerful blast, but Arena blocked it with his sword and then struck back, knocking Prototype back and sending a shockwave through his electrical system that "blipped" his displays. Prototype then blasted the sword from Arena's hands, and it fell to the ground, where another man discovered it.

(Prototype#7 - BTS) - Leland instructed UltraTech security to not allow Arena to harm Prototype. Although Veil suggested that she could kill Jimmy to end his problems, Leland instructed that he had millions invested in the new public relations campaign and the replacements were not in-line yet.

(Prototype#7 - BTS) - Douglas Platt, a representative of the mayor's office was irate when Leland refused to take his call, discussing how much damages from Prototype's battles were costing them. With the goal of having a hero that would look out for the people and the city, he revealed the Manhattan Project, 1994.

(Prototype#7) - As Arena outmaneuvered Prototype in direct combat and chastised his lack of skills, they crashed back into the UltraTech building. Tired of being compared to Campbell, Jimmy unleashed a blast that smashed Arena through the wall and into a room filled with employees working on computers.

(Prototype#8) - Distracted by UltraTech's building shaking due to structural degeneration, Prototype was smashed from behind by Arena, with their struggle threatening Leland. Arena mocked and redirected the energies of Prototype's masers and then launced six rockets locked onto his armor's electronic profile. Prototype fled, but his battered suit was not at maximum velocity, and he was struck by the missiles and crashed to the ground below. 

(Prototype#8 - BTS) - Douglas Platt reported the mayor's office's instruction for everyone to clear the area around the UltraTech building as well as noting their plans to pursue an injunction to prevent Prototype from appearing within city limits and to prepare a one billion dollar lawsuit against UltraTech for damages and the cost of public safety services. 

(Prototype#8) - As Arena confronted him, the power-drained Prototype unleashed an electromagnetic pulse that incapacitated their energy weapons but apparently did not immobilize their suits. However, Arena's superior skills then allowed him to swiftly take down Prototype. Considering Prototype to be "one of the special ones," Arena refrained from killing his helpless foe, but warned him that he would return and that Prototype should seek experience and control from Bob Campbell. 

    Unknowningly watched by Veil, Jimmy then forced his way into Leland's office, announced that he was tired of having his life threatened, and he quit, throwing down his helmet and walking out with the intention of going home.

(Prototype#9) - Jimmy attended the Brooklyn funeral of Marena, a young girl recently killed in crossfire between the rival Hardboys and Bombers gangs. A female old friend greeted him and asked him to talk to the Hardboys to try to de-escalate the violence. Jimmy subsequently met with the Hardboys, tried to tell them that violence didn't solve anything and ultimately convinced them to call a truce if he could get Marena's killer turned over to the police. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt9-eyeblast

    Jimmy met with the Bombers, which swiftly turned to violence despite his efforts. Jimmy solidly held his own against five attackers until Carlos -- who had accidentally shot Marena -- pulled a gun on him. When it seemed as if Carlos was going to pull the trigger, time seemed to slow down for Jimmy, and then he suddenly levitated into the air and fired a blast from his eyes that severed Carlos' right/gun-holding arm. Having entered the building in time to see this, the Hardboys instructed Carlos to turn himself in and they would consider the matter even. However, they considered Jimmy to not be human or the guy who was previously their friend anymore, and they left him there.

(Prototype#9 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy was taken the the emergency room, where he was treated and tested.

    Visiting the same hospital weekly, Angella was present when they brought Jimmy in.

(Prototype#9) - The doctor told Jimmy that the bloodwork did not show anything negative but that his radiographs showed that his "insides look like a subway map." After Jimmy declined any further testing, the doctor told him to say to his mother for him. Jimmy was thereafter confronted by Angella, who told him that she was pregnant and that he was the father. Initially surprised, he excitedly hugged her before telling her that he did not have a job or any insurance, benefits, or a place to live anymore. Promising he would take care of anything, he resolved to get his job back so that UltraTech's benefits could cover this. He vaguely advised her that his body had changed significantly before departing.

(Prototype#9 - BTS) - Meanwhile, UltraTech announced Donovan Jones as the new Prototype.

(Prototype#10) - Following a press conference after Ranger (Bob Campbell, using Aladdin armor developed from the information that they had gained from the chip Wrath had retrieved) had saved a number of hostages from Terrordyne, Jimmy confronted Bob, telling him Arena sent his regards. Although Jimmy told him he needed Bob's help, Bob punched him down, resentful of having lost his wife to his job and then Jimmy having taken his job. The assault caused Jimmy's energies to flare up, and he levitated, glowing, and noted that his whole body was on fire. He told Campbell to help him. 

(Prototype#11) - Jimmy quelled his energy build-up before exploding and then collapsed to the ground. Campbell diffused the anti-ultra mob by threatening to use Jimmy's power against them, and when Alexander summoned him to the Aladdin facility to deal with a problem, he brought Jimmy with him. 

    Unseen by Campbell, they were observed by Donovan Jones, who considered that they neither looked nor acted like heroes.

(Prototype#11) - As Campbell dealt with the revived and rampaging Glare, Felicia Campbell examined Jimmy. Discovering a printed neurocircuit on Jimmy's chest, Felicia inadvertently activated it, causing him to glow with energy and rise into the air. However, Felicia was able to attentuate his circuits, lessen the force, and re-route some of the power through the building's circuitry.

prototype-ruiz-93060-pt11-eye&handblast    After Glare smashed Ranger/Campbell through the wall and flattened Alexander, Jimmy confronted Glare and was knocked to his knees with a gut punch. Charging up with energy again, Jimmy matched Glare's eye-blasts and the fired blasts through his hands that flattened Glare.

    Felicia subsequently explained how Jimmy had been an ultra, and that Leland had specifically chosen him to the power source to the suit. She further explained that without the suit, he had no controlled release, and he would otherwise periodically release it explosively. Fearing he could kill someone by accident (presumably especially concerned regarding Angella and their unborn child), Jimmy resolved that he needed to get back to UltraTech and into his armor. Campbell elected to accompany him, seeking vengeance on Leland.

(Prototype#12 (fb) - BTS) - Felicia outfitted Jimmy with a temporary exoskeleton to stabilize his energies. 

(Prototype#12) - After Felicia drugged the doorman/security (Harvey), she joined Jimmy and Bob/Ranger in traveling to the basement. Jimmy's energies opened the door, but they were then assaulted by Prototype Mark III (Donovan Jones). As Ranger struggled against Jones, Felicia adjusted the Prototype armor's bio-sensors for his new energy levels and re-initialize the onboard processors. His energy levels escalating, Jimmy eye-blasted Jones, giving Ranger a needed break, and he soon donned the completed armor and assaulted Jones. Using a tangential blast, Jimmy blasted the armor off of Jones' upper body, incapacitating him.

    Ranger and Prototype/Jimmy soon confronted Leland, who proposed re-hiring the both of them; while neither of them was interested, he did manipulate them into removing their helmets, after which Veil tried to kill them. However, Felicia exposed and incapacitated Veil.

    Leland then unleashed Prototype 2000 (which was what had cut off Campbell's arm). However, the robot instead apparently slew Leland and revealed that it was controlled by Gordon Bell, who then stated that Jimmy, Felicia, and Bob all worked for him.

(Prototype#13 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy followed Leland's trail and found him missing.

(Prototype#13) - Jimmy reported the disappearance of Leland's body to Bob and Felicia, while Bell/Prototype 2000 continued to act as if he was still the acting chariman from at least five years ago. After they discussed that Bell's personality was likely downloaded into the armor, Jimmy considered that his body might be frozen or something, like Walt Disney. Jimmy attempted to assault Bell, but was immediately blasted back by a plasma cannon.

    After seeing a report of Prototype (actually a robot duplicate of Jimmy's armor) battling Warstrike and Blind Justice in Yankee Field, Jimmy flew off to investigate while Bob and Felicia stayed behind to keep Bell out of trouble. Jimmy blasted the robot, which then fired a laser into his chest and then began crushing his neckpiece. Jimmy fought it off, and when the robot demonstrated a set of chest mini-cannons, he scanned his opponent and learned that it was a robot. With Blind Justice having fled during the struggle, Jimmy confronted Warstrike, and the Prototype robot used the distraction to blast him from behind. Not having to fear hurting anyone, Jimmy allowed his energies to build and then blew the robot to pieces, but also limited chances of discovering who had built/dispatched it.

(Warstrike#5) - Jimmy questioned Warstrike about his knowledge of the Prototype robot, noting that he had been knocked out and had recovered to find Prototype standing over the destroyed armor.

(Prototype#13) - Jimmy told Warstrike to get in touch with him via UltraTech if any more Prototype robots surfaced.

(Warstrike#5) - Jimmy departed on a hostile note, warning that he would be back and that Warstrike better have answers to his questions or he would make him a world of pain. 

(Prototype#13 (fb) - BTS) - Returning to UltraTech HQ, Jimmy learned that Bell had sent a memo to all departments that men had to have crewcuts and women had to wear hot pants.

(Prototype#13) - Jimmy returned to Bob and Felicia just before Bell anounced that they were under a hostile takeover.

(Ultraverse Premiere#6/3) - After Leann Butler -- having physically matured at 1 year every 6 weeks -- revived and extended a nanotech eye throughout the UltraTech facility, Bell sent Prototype to investigate. Discovering the lengthy eye cable, he picked it up, only to be blasted by it. He fired back, but the eye swiftly retracted back into Leann's orbit. Joined by a pair of security agents, Prototype checked out her room and found nothing suspicious, departing while concluding that at least the "little girl" was safe.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 (fb) / Solution#13) - When Bell's monitors reported approach of a number of agents serving JD Hunt, Jimmy went up to the roof to confront Teknight while Bob went to the basement to engage the Solution (sent by Hunt allegedly to investigate Bell's activities, but really so conflicts would further de-value UltraTech so he could more easily buy up its shares) and Nightman.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / Solution#13) - Jimmy struggled to fight off Teknight, who matched him in strength and speed while surpassing him in combat skills and possessing the deadly hotblade. While trying to use sub-lethal force, Prototype found his microwave blast futile, while Teknight's sword deflected another energy blast.

(Solitaire#10) - As Prototype engaged Teknight, one of Hunt's agents reported that their battle was going to spread chaos as Hunt had predicted.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1) - When Prototype directly engaged Teknight, Theodoric, the 5th century king possessing the armor, sympathized with Prototype and briefly was able to immobile Teknight, allowing Prototype to land at least one solid punch before modern remote controller Guy regained control.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / Solitaire#10) - Their subsequent struggle brought them into the room where Bell, Ranger, Felicia, Nightman, and the Solution were present.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / (Prototype#14 (fb)) - As Hunt threatened to gain controlling interest of UltraTech, Bell forced Jimmy out of his office and then began to destroy his own building to prevent Hunt from possessing it. Shadowmage formed a protective spell that allowed Jimmy and all the others to survive the building's destruction. Jimmy was distraught as most of his clothes were in that building.

    Bell subsequently flew off, telling Hunt to pick up the pieces but warning that someday soon he would come back for him.

(Ultraforce I#0B) - As Prototype prepared for an UltraTech commercial shoot involving the destruction of a helicopter, Prime flew in, inadvertently ruining the scene. Furious, Prototype had no interest in listening as Prime tried to tell him about Ultraforce, a team of ultras he was seeking to form; however, his employer, Stanley Leland, was interested in the publicity. Prototype stopped and listened, and he ultimately liked the idea so much that he told Prime he was going to take the idea and start recruiting members. As Prototype took off, however, Prime pursued and tackled him, leading to a public fight that accomplished little beyond negative publicity for ultras.

    Around the same time, Atalon, leader of the Fire People, launched an attack on the surface world that drew the attention of all of the above.

(Ultraforce I#1) - Prototype (under guidance from Leland) and Prime explained to the press how they were going to form Ultraforce to show people that ultras could cooperate to humanity's benefit, and that they would let the ultras decide which of them would be leader, but ultimately things degenerated into another public fight, leading Hardcase and Contrary to seek them out with hopes of preventing the young heroes from turning the public completely against ultras. Prototype pursued Prime across the country toward the Fire People who had attacked the Redstone arsenal, arriving just in time to see their leader, Atalon, splatter the exhausted Prime's face. Though shocked by Prime's seeming death (he was unaware the hero formed slime-filled Prime-bodies around his teenage body), Prototype ignored Atalon's mocking offer to flee; but Atalon's gravity powers deflected Prototype's full-power energy blasts, prevented radio contact with/advice from Leland, and held him to the ground despite full jets. Finally, Atalon pulled Prototype to him, abruptly stopped him with an outstretched hand, and then buried him under a rockslide.

    Hardcase unearthed both Prime and Prototype and brought them back to the surface; removing Prototype's helmet to be sure he was breathing, Hardcase was surprised by his youth. When Contrary arrived soon after with Ghoul, Pixx, and Topaz, she convinced Hardcase the youths needed training. After Prime surprisingly regenerated, Hardcase realized he needed to take over leadership to both stop the Fire People to stem the public tide against ultras; despite objection from Leland, Prototype accepted Hardcase as leader.

(Ultraforce I#2) - Prototype and the rest of Ultraforce met with US President Bill Clinton, Senator Bob Dole, Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali, and Mr. Blackrock of the press at the White House. Both Prototype and Prime supported Hardcase, asking that they be allowed to protect the world without attacking them. Dole asked Prototype if his working for UltraTech indicated he was a defender of the rights of the private sector, but Jimmy noted that with his employers' motives up in question, he was a defender of himself and Ultraforce. Ultimately, Ultraforce received official government sanction.

    Later, aboard Contrary's ship, Prototype (and Prime) -- not wanting to wait and wanting to prove himself -- initially opposed Hardcase's plan to seek aid from other ultras. Although they reluctantly accepted the plan, Contrary met with them individually and used her powers to undermine their confidence in Hardcase. 

(Freex#14) - Contrary regathered Prime, Prototype, and Hardcase, pulling them away from their previous negotiations, to inform them that the Fire People were assaulting a nuclear weapons base in Russia.

(Ultraforce I#2) - Prototype and Prime were eager to head to Russia to stop Atalon, and Hardcase's efforts to rein them in -- exacerbated by Contrary's manipulations -- led to Prime attacking Hardcase. To prevent damage to her ship, Contrary sent Prototype to stop Prime; only too eager to take Prime down, Prototype blasted Prime from behind, leading the young Prime to angrily quit the team.

(Prototype#14) - Jimmy Ruiz met with Lisa Lopez, the Human Resources director at NuWare, apparently not recognizing Marjorie as she departed hostilely after being dismissed. Although his contract at NuWare was for half of what he made at UltraTech, Jimmy accepted the job with the title of marketing assistant so he could support Angella and their baby, and he was instructed that they would contact him the next week when they had allocated office space at the New Jersey location.

    As he was leaving, he was greeted by a pair of his former tech support team, recognizing them by their voices only, as well as Hastings, and he learned that they were getting only severance pay. As he grew angry, he felt his energies building, and he had to rush to the top of the building and don his armor before his powers would have been released explosively.

    Some police or other security agents in a helicopter saw Prototype flying, appreciated that he was on the "hot sheet," and called in the sighting. Receiving the call, the Manhattan Project, who had slain and replaced the mayor's office agent Douglas Platt, confronted Prototype, punching him in mid-flight and then assuming a more durable form when Prototype confronted him in return. Stunned by crashing into the this form, Prototype crashed on a building below; as the Manhattan Project returned to its original form, Prototype blasted it twice, but it absorbed his power, and when he physically struck it, its pliant form absorbed that power, too.

    The Manhattan Project, using the power it had drained from Prototype, forced him to his knees and continued to drain his power. Breaking free, Jimmy initially tried using different types of weapons, but when the Manhattan Project absorbed those as well, Jimmy forced his body's energies to build and then forced them into his antagonist. Ultimately overloaded, the Manhattan Project diffused into energy and fled. Exhausted, Jimmy had no choice but to let it go.

    Later that evening, Jimmy traveled to Bob Campbell's house in Queens, where he discussed his recent encounter, and Felicia suggested some bio-feedback exercises to help him control his energies. They also told him their plans to move back to the West Coast in perhaps a few weeks, but Felicia assured him that she would set him up with someone she trusted to help him and that she would still be available for consultations, and Bob offered to let him rent their house to raise his family.

(Prototype#15) - Prototype helped Ranger save cars and drivers on a bridge that had partially collapsed. Jimmy's power did most of the work, but he appreciated that Bob had the experience and savvy to know the right thing to do. Bob also advised Jimmy that there was more to life than being a hero and having a job and to make sure he made time for family. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt17-fullish

    After a long train ride (as he was not certain that NuWare knew that he was Prototype) to NuWare's Direct Contact division, Jimmy was berated by his supervisor, Dennis Carlen for being late. Carlen soon questioned Jimmy about where the Prototype armor was, but Jimmy told him that he was keeping the armor and would be the only one using it. Carlen reluctantly resolved that it would be preferable to allow Jimmy to keep using it than to get involved in a public and messy lawsuit. Finally, Carlen detailed the circumstances of Jimmy's marketing job, with a $5000 bonus every time he used the suit for them, but that any tech support, strategic, services, etc. would be charged back against his bonus to encourage him to contain costs. In the meantime, he was to find his desk, read some files, and wait until a trainer told him what to do. While at the office, he met the large Ox, who insinuated that all of the people working as marketing assistants were super-agents of some sort.

    Jimmy then had a romantic dinner with Angella at Chez Niponnese, and he proposed marriage to her, but she asked that they first talk with her mother as per tradition. They departed to meet her, but after they got into his car, they were attacked by Donovan Jones in his new role as the Techuza's Engine of Destruction. Blasting Donovan back with eyebeams, Jimmy donned his Prototype armor and fought back, but Angella progressively became concerned about this life of violence for her and their baby. 

(Prototype#16) - Prototype lashed out at the Engine of Destruction, but Jones' ultra-powers caused the armor to rebuild itself stronger after each attack. Realizing that the armor became bulkier, less maneuverable, and slower with each rebuild, Prototype repeatedly blasted his foe, causing him to become almost tank-like. Meanwhile, other Techuza agents abducted Angella, interested in the offspring of an ultra, and then other Techuza agents on sky cycles of some sort blasted at Prototype, forcing him to get lower to the ground. The Engine was then able to sideswipe Prototype, knocking him to the ground and then battering him repeatedly. However, once Jones tore off Prototype's face mask, Jimmy blasted the Engine away with an eye blast and then continued such blasts, hoping to cause his armor to seal up. The Techuza agents returned and blasted Prototype, stunning him so that they could recover the Engine and flee. As the Techuza fled in their sky-cycles, Angella called out to Jimmy, but, with his energies exhausted, he was helpless to stop them.

(Prototype#17 (fb) - BTS) - Bob and Felicia Campbell repaired the Prototype armor, with Felicia upgrading it so that his power coupling was improved by 40% (via some things she had learned while repairing Arena's suit interface). She also modified the interface so that it did not hurt when it was at stress points.

    Additionally, Jake Alexander programmed the frequency markers from Techuza into the armor's onboard systems.

(Prototype#17) - Initially impatient, Jimmy apologized and was pleased with Bob and Felicia's work. Felicia noted that UltraTech had wanted to the suit interface to hurt to keep him reliant on them. Jake explained that he should be able to track down the Techuza but that they probably knew that as well. prototype-ruiz-93060-pt17-pthalf

    Accompanied by Ranger, Prototype soon flew off in pursuit of the Techuza, with both men silently considering their respect for one another. However, having previously encountered the Techuza, Bob had an idea what they might do with an unborn child with ultra genes; however, he was reluctant to share his concerns with Jimmy.

    As they arrived, Ranger pointed out that there was no point in trying to be inconspicuous, and they walked into a Techuza-owned restaurant, leading some armed men to assault the them, and Bob warned Jimmy to raise his eye protection to avoid a knife in the eye. After Jimmy withstood a powerful energy blast, they were assaulted by and then slew a pair of fish-monsters. Tehuza agents then scanned their armors and some Techuza being remotely reported that they had extracted Jimmy and Angella's unborn child, and that it was still viable but now belonged to them. The remote being further noted that if Jimmy served their needs against their competition, Terrordyne, he would have hope of recovering his child.

    Although Bob advised Jimmy that the Techuza were liars and could not be trusted, Jimmy punched him away and rushed to what seemed to be Angella but was instead something that melted in his hands.

(Prototype#17 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Techuza agents dumped Angella off in Brooklyn, and she clutched her abdomen, exclaiming that they had stolen her baby.

(Prototype: Turf War#1 (fb) - BTS) - Angella was taken to a hospital, and Prototype, Ranger, and Felicia all traveled there.

(Prototype: Turf War#1) -When Prototype vowed to get the creeps who had done this to Angella even if he had to rip up half of New York to do it, Ranger tried to restrain him and get him to think things through, but Jimmy lashed out. The two fought briefly before Felicia broke it up and sent Jimmy in to see Angella. The two tearfully embraced.

    Meanwhile, Terrordyne and the Techuza engaged in a war throughtout the city. Prototype apparently battled some of Terrordyne at some point, but he refused to answer Bob's calls, leaving Ranger exhausted in battling the two forces.

(Prototype: Turf War#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Techuza apparently arranged to deliver/sell ultra genetic material to Aladdin. Learning of this and believing this to be Jimmy and Angela's child, Jake Alexander informed Bob Campbell. Jake advised Bob that they could do more when they learned more about the transfer.

(Prototype: Turf War#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy was out every night looking for Techuza agents and to find his baby.

(Prototype: Turf War#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy communicated via "television phone" (equivalent to 2020-era Zoom call) with Stanley Leland, and they made an agreement: Jimmy would do some ultra favors for Leland, and Leland would do a favor for him.

(Prototype: Turf War#2) - Jimmy went to see Angella, but her mother told him Angella still wasn't feeling well after what was done to her and that she refused to see him. Some local gang members (presumably the Hardboys), who told him that he was history with Angella, that he had hurt her in every way possible and that he was not wanted around there. Agreeing to their sentiment but unwilling to give up altogether, Jimmy peacefully departed. Exhausted but hoping a drink would light a fire under him to continue his efforts to locate his baby, Jimmy went to a strip bar. He was intrigued by a stripper -- apparently Jane, who had tried out for the Prototype replacement position that Donovan Jones had obtained -- who was an ultra and could apparently absorb her foil uniform into her body.

    Jimmy eventually got drunk and passed out at the bar, and when the bouncer tried to escort him out, Jimmy bragged about being an ultra and took a swing at the bouncer, leading Jimmy to get punched in the abdomen, throw up on the floor, and get thrown out. Pulling himself up on a car, Jimmy was confronted by Heater (employed by Stanley Leland) who warned him not to barf on his company car; Jimmy recognized Heater just before he passed out.

(Prototype: Turf War#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy was taken to Leland's (presumably Terrordyne's) facility, where he was "pumped out good" (presumably his stomach was pumped to remove any alcohol still present and/or he was fluid diuresed to re-hydrate and flush out his system) and he was filled up with the old "booster chemicals" he had been given as an UltraTech agent.

(Prototype: Turf War#2) - As he revived, Jimmy was confronted by Leland, who reminded him of their agreement and revealed his mechanical undercarriage (part of Terrordyne's reconstruction after his near death at Prototype-2000/Gordon Bell's hands) in the process of coercing Jimmy to remain available for him.

I don't believe the rest of Turf War was ever published, and I don't think Angella or the baby were mentioned again.


(Prototype#18 (fb) - BTS) - NuWare sent Prototype to support Gable's Department Store's 10th Anniversary.

(Prototype#18) - Introduced by Mr. Connors, Jimmy reluctantly tolerated the spokesmodel role at Gable's until Battlewagon arrived and threatened to kill Prototype. While Prototype initially used less-than-lethal methods against his attacker, he picked up on being called "Hardboy," a reference to his previous gang. Colliding with Battlewagon's force field nearly caused Prototype's power to go off-line, after which Battlewagon caused a wall to collapse on top of him. With Prototype pinned doen, Battlewagon lifted his mask, revealing his true identity as Frankie, Jimmy's former Hardboys gang member and friend.

    Reviewing their history, Battlewagon further detailed how he had been injured in the battle between Prototype and Arena by UltraTech's building and how Terrordyne had rebuilt him as Battlewagon, told him that Maria had died, and sent him to slay Prototype. Although Jimmy tried to talk with Frankie, Battlewagon continued to attack, eventually causing Prototype's systems to go haywire and leaving him at Battlewagon's mercy. Before Battlewagon could attack his weakened foe, however, Maria arrived -- having seen him on the news -- and begged him to stop. Distraught upon realizing he had been lied to, Battlewagon fled.

    Although Maria feared that Frankie was dead to her, Prototype -- referring to her pregnancy -- noted that the best part of Frankie was still alive. prototype-ruiz-93060-ufi1cov

(Ultraforce I#3) - After Atalon destroyed military forces sent against him, Hardcase arranged for he, Prototype, and Topaz to feint a frontal attack, while Contrary would fly low around the island, doing reconnaissance. When a ship approached them, Prototype prepared to blow it out of the sky, but Ghoul stopped him and showed him it was Pixx returning. En route to Zenalla, Prototype carried Ghoul, dropping him into the waters among the corpses of soldiers slain by Atalon and the Fire People, to gain intelligence on their activities. prototype-ruiz-93060-ufi3wrist&rockets

    At Hardcase's instruction, Prototype focused both his hand and boot blasts at Atalon, after which he joined Hardcase and Topaz in assaulting the Fire People. Eventually, however, Atalon became interested in Ghoul's powers, hoping to use them to speak to his ancestors, and he smashed Prototype away to remove his distraction. When Atalon used his gravity powers to summon Ghoul, Prototype tried to hold onto Ghoul, but only succeeded in tearing off Ghoul's right arm and leg as Atalon's energies were stronger than Ghoul's body. Atalon then launched one of the nuclear missiles he had gathered, and after Prototype caught up to it, Pixx talked him through dismantling its detonator.

    Prototype was nearly disabled and left lying in a radioactive crater, and while Prime returned to the team, an apparent nuclear explosion occurred on Zenalla.

(Ultraforce I#4) - As an unidentified plague began to spread across the USA, Ultraforce held a press conference outside of their Miami headquarters. As those present angrily accused the heroes of failure and inaction, Prototype angrily flew into the air and fired warning blasts in front of the crowd, announcing he had heard enough, as they had laid their lives on the line for the people and he was "sick of taking their crap!!" Prime intercepted him, acknowledging his frustration and blameliness in Ghoul's capture, and convincing him to stand down.

    Recognizing the mistakes she had made in sowing division, Contrary visited Prototype, sympathizing with his frustration with his armor and not knowing who he was outside of the armor. She encouraged him to believe in himself, in his own power, and to just be himself.

(Ultraforce I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Later, Contrary explained her plan to the rest of Ultraforce.

(Ultraforce I#4) - Prototype and the others resisted the idea of Pixx entering the nuclear arsenal to disable the missiles, but Topaz and Pixx convinced them.

(Ultraforce I#5) - Prototype met with his teammates (minus the captured Ghoul) atop their Miami base, and when President Clinton's helicopter approached, he initially mistook it for more media types. He stood back as Hardcase convinced Clinton to give Ultraforce their chance against Atalon and the Fire People before launching a major assault. Carrying Contrary, Prototype and the others headed to Atalon's island base, after which he fired the first blast in the assault against Atalon and the Fire People while Contrary recovered her ship and Pixx worked to dismantle Atalon's collected nuclear weapons. When Atalon began to force Prototype to the ground despite his greatest efforts, Prime assaulted Atalon, giving Prototype the distraction he needed. Alongside Hardcase, Prime, and Topaz, Prototype -- who rallied himself by drawing on his own power as Contrary had recommended -- provided the needed distraction while fighting their way to the nuclear missiles. As they arrived, they were finally brought down by Atalon, but they got free again when Atalon realized his missiles had all been neutralized.

    Ultraforce's excitement was dulled when they realized that Pixx had been killed by the radiation during her efforts.

(Ultraforce I#6) - Collectively enraged, Prototype and his teammates assaulted Atalon. When Atalon's Fire People troops joined the assault, Prototype fought them, taking the heat off his allies until Contrary could arrive with her recovered ship and blind the Fire People with an ultra-violet flash. However, refusing to accept potential defeat, Atalon unleashed his full power, threatening to destroy the entire planet.

(Ultraforce I#6 (fb) - BTS) - To prevent this, Contrary -- via communication with President Clinton and his associates -- negotiated with Atalon to withdraw his energies in exchange for the Fire People being granted sovereignty to the island Zenalla.

(Ultraforce I#6) - After Contary and Atalon announced their negotiations, Prototype received a broadcast from the White House telling Ultraforce to speak peacefully with Atalon. Prototype initially opposed the idea until Contrary argued that it was akin to racism to refuse to co-exist peacefully.

    Afterwards, back at Ultraverse's base, though frustrated by their mixed results, Prototype and Prime made their peace, acknowledging that they both cared about real ideals. They returned to New York together.prototype-ruiz-93060-ufi8-prime

(Ultraforce I#8) - En route back to Miami, Prototype and Prime argued about patrolling in ever widening circles (Prototype's opinion) vs. starting from the outer circle and moving in (Prime's opinion), but when Prime argued that he had learned his method from the "Spaceman and Spiffy" cartoon, Prototype remembered the episode and conceded the point. Prototype then received a police emergency call and led Prime to answer it; when they found the newly arrived Black Knight as he arrived in the Ultraverse from Earth-616 engaged with the police, Prototype fired an energy blast as he urged the Black Knight to listen to the police's order to drop his sword; perhaps forewarned, Black Knight dodged the blast and then dove into cover as Prime and Prototype argued. After the Black Knight unwittingly sliced open Prime's "skin," causing his internal slime to pour out, Prototype grabbed the Knight and took to the air, but the Knight wiggled free after noting he was from elsewhere and fell into the ocean. Upon emerging, the Black Knight called for a truce and asked the heroes to take him to their base.

    Back at Ultraforce HQ, the Black Knight explained how he had come there from another reality and related the relevent portions of his history; Prototype and Prime recalled Hardcase talking about having encountered an alternate reality Thor.  When Siren landed loudly on Ultraforce HQ's roof, Prototype smashed through to the roof to investigate first, encountering Siren, who told the gathering heroes that she was their newest member. She then related a partially accurate statement about how she had investigated Metabio after being recruited and discovering their containment field breakdown (she had been hired to steal genetic data from Metabio and had discovered the field breakdown in the process). Prototype and Prime believed Siren's story and agreed to help, and the late-arriving Knight joined them.

    As they approached Metabio, Dr. Tagahashi warned them of the danger of the Angels' escape. As Prototype futilely tried to carry civilians to safety and Contrary and Ghoul arrived to join the struggle, Prime unwittingly merged with one of the Angels.

(Ultraforce I#9) - Prototype worried as the "Angels" converted Prime and later questioned why -- if Tagahashi of Metabio had been able to control the Angels, why had they been in a containment facility. Ultimately, Ghoul's power, assisted by the Black Knight's flying him around on a skysled, drained the Angels of their energy sufficiently that enabled Tagahasi was able to net them (via a bioweb) into a containment pod.

    As the people transformed by the Angels reverted back to human form, Prototype helped Contrary (via her ship's tractor beam) gather the falling people.

    Back at Ultraforce's headquarters, the group welcomed the Black Knight into its membership.

(Mantra I#24) - Contrary, Ghoul, Prime, and Prototype accompanied Topaz on her quest to confront Mantra and reclaim the Sword of Fangs (aka Gwendor's Claw). They ended up falling into a trap of Hybrid, who sent them on a pair of dead end quests to Egypt and to a deserted aircraft carrier.  Ghoul and Prototype went with Mantra to Egypt, where they were attacked by pharaoh Ahmed-Set who Ghoul unwittingly revived, though Mantra and Prototype drove him off.

    Both groups then followed the energy trails back to Hybrid, who attacked them, armed with the power of the Sword of Fangs. Together, Protype and Mantra stunned Hybrid, and Mantra impaled him with the Sword. Topaz then made her peace with Mantra and agreed to let her keep the Sword.prototype-ruiz-93060-ufi10-frostish

(Ultraforce I#10) - After Loki of Reality-616, having traveled to the Ulttraverse, apparently summoned/created a frost giant via the Infinity Gems, Prototype encountered and engaged the giant. Swiftly realizing he couldn't handle the creature as his armor began to overload, Prototype sent a message to Ultraforce requestign aid. Soon after, the frost giant smashed him into a building with a giant ice-ball.

    As Topaz and Siren arrived to join the fight, the frost giant hurled Prototype into Topaz. Soon after, the giant vanished.

    When the Black Knight spotted and prepared to investigate a medieval pub, the Drunken Knight, Prototype considered the Knight might have landed on his head as he could see only a post office; the others could also only see the post office, but Siren and Topaz nonetheless followed the Knight inside.
    Within the pub, an access point to the mysterious Dark Shoppe, they encountered Sersi of Reality-616, the former lover of the Black Knight; Sersi apparently slew the Shoppe's owner/guardian, the enigmatic Diane.

Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype, Contrary, and Ghoul -- joined by the returning Hardcase and Prime -- entered the Drunken Knight pub / Dark Shoppe and were attacked the Shoppe's statue-guardians (or the pub's "regulars") until Prime stunned them long enough for the Dark Shoppe's Diane (possibly just a manifestation, as Sersi-616 had previously slain her) to greet them.
    After Diane revealed the presence of Loki, who possessed the Infinity Gems, the Black Knight advised Ultraforce to investigate Loki, and Sersi sent them on their way. Thereafter, Sersi then (again?) annihilated Diane.

    Challenged by the illusions of Sersi -- who was, in turn, apparently manipulated by Nemesis, the sentience of the Ego Gem -- Prototype was teamed with Prime, seemingly in the presence of the Power Gem and the Mind Gem. They swiftly learned that approaching the Power Gem granted one of them power at the expense of weakening the other.

(Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude - BTS) - Ultimately, the Black Knight convinced her to return Ultraforce, but she vanished once again.

(Avengers/Ultraforce - BTS) - The Grandmaster, seeking the Infinity Gems, came to the Ultraverse and challenged Loki to a contest, offering as a reward the heretofore unknown 7th Infinity Gem, the Ego Gem. The Grandmaster picked the Avengers as his warriors and Ultraforce as Loki's.

(Avengers/Ultraforce#1 - BTS) - Loki met with Ultraforce in Vahdala, telling them the Black Knight was a scout for the extradimensional invading Avengers.

(Avengers/Ultraforce#1) - Unarmored (stripped down to briefs), Jimmy Ruiz and the Avengers' Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) were transported to the ice planet Hathor in the outer reaches of the Godwheel. Greeted by Loki, Ruiz informed him he needed his armor to be his champion, but Loki explained it was a scavenger hunt, and they needed to find their respective armors before succumbing to the elements.

    Though Stark advised discussion, Ruiz, who still possessed some power without his armor and was inspired by Loki's statement "may the best Ultra win," attacked Stark. Locating the Prototype armor, Stark donned it and fought back. Still refusing to calmly discuss things, Ruiz took a couple energy blasts before locating and donning the Iron Man armor. Unable to decipher the armor's cybernetic guidance systems, Prototype initiated "all fire," which released attacks the incapacitated Stark in the Prototype armor, but also exhausted the Iron Man armor, causing it to shut down.

(Avengers/Ultraforce#1 - BTS) - Although the various struggles had mixed results ending in a draw, Loki's trickery won the day as he had named his goal as not to lose, which he did not. The Grandmaster conceded, awarding him the 7th Gem, which was linked to Sersi, who merged with Loki, uniting the 7th Gem with its long-lost six brethren, and recreating Nemesis, the being from which the Infinity Gems had originally been spawned. Nemesis then unleashed a reality warp across both the Ultraverse and Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1) - Reality continued to warp, merging and/or replacing beings with their alternate reality counterparts and ultimately the Avengers of a Nemesis-created pocket reality (mirroring that of Reality-32659, including a Prototype/Jimmy Ruiz counterpart) joined Ultraverse-93060 (including Prototype) and the Avengers-616 as well as numerous other counterparts and beings from various realities in assaulting Nemesis (who was also under assault from the sentiences from the Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time Gems). Prototype-32659 and -93060 directly assaulted Nemesis, only to be torn apart along with the others. Somehow, Ultraforce-93060 (including Prototype) and the Avengers-616 were restored, and they again assaulted Nemesis, keeping her off balance until Black Knight-616 (Dane Whitman) struck her with an alternate reality counterpart of the Ebony Blade, apparently destroying the composite Nemesis and splitting all of the Infinity Gems apart again.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 - BTS) - Reality-93060 was remade, notably with Bob Campbell restored completely and restored to the Prototype identity.

...and Jimmy Ruiz was not seen again...

Comments: Created by Tom Mason and Len Strazewski, David Ammerman, and James Pascoe.

Jimmy was an ultra

    I remember an editorial in the Ultraverse books by Diane Botta's "Ask Diane" feature, that there were three sources of being an ultra (not including using technology without possessing powers):
(1) Jumpstart, being mutated by energies sent by the entity on the the Strangers and the Squad
(2) Wetware (nanotechnology, which was largely acquired under mysterious circumstances; many characters associated with the Freex were injected as infants by Wetware Mary (aka Contrary)
(3) Theta virus (a la the Exiles associated with Rachel Deming)

Jimmy was implanted with wetware by UltraTech, but he was already an ultra...I would think previous wetware would be the most likely explanation of his previous powers, with jumpstart second...


I’m having trouble figuring out where the early part of his Ultraforce adventures take place. The problem is that the Prototype stories seem to be fairly continuous until later in the series.

I saw that the MCP placed UF#0B and #1 within Prototype#6 after Jimmy gets back from the moon in Break-Thru.

That’s problematic, because in Prototype#6, Jimmy’s armor burns and melts in re-entry and is fused into a useless wreck. He’s both injured and has no armor after that.

We next see Jimmy as he is coming out of the ICU, and Leland gives him the new armor, but then they are immediately attacked by Arena, which continues into #8, after which he throws down his helmet and leaves it in Leland’s office and tears open the armor’s chest while quitting.

#9 he has no armor, but discovers his own powers…then he joins with Campbell in #10, and in #11 he was taken to Aladdin for treatment.

In #12, he takes a new set of armor from UltraTech after Felicia rewires it. They defeat his successor, and then he confronts Leland, who is slain by Prototype2000/Bell, which continues directly through #13, all of hostile takeover and GS Prototype#1.

It is only after that issue that there is finally a break in continuity that he can do more.

While the interaction between Prototype and Prime seems to indicate a less experienced Prototype and would fit with earlier issues, and I don’t see how it could have happened during #6.

It makes the most sense to me that UF#0B and #1 just take place after GS Prototype#1, right before / along with UF#2.

Are there story points that force UF#0B and #1 to occur during #6…and/or is there a reveal somewhere that maybe Jimmy wasn’t as badly hurt or that he had a spare set of armor for 0B and #1?

    Flood Relief has Jimmy references upgrades to the armor he received in Prototype#6, but there really is not a break in continuity to allow him to appear anywhere between departing for the space in Prototype#5 and the end of Hostile Takeover in Giant-Size Prototype#1

    He likely appears in various other Break-Thru issues, such as Mantra I#6, but I'm not sure that there is new information there.

    In Giant-Size Wrath#1, Prototype only appears on a computer screen showing his battles featured in other issues. No new information.


    The final issue of Prototype (#18) ended with an advertisement for Prototype: Turf War, which detailed how Terrordyne was going to use their new CEO (a cyborg Stanley Leland) in a battle against the Techuza, with Ranger and Arena on one side, and Prototype on the other...and the life of Jimmy's unborn child hung in the balance. Donovan Jones was also to have appeared in it.
    Written by Len Strazewski, penciled by Gabriel Gecko, and inked by Stephen Baskerville.
    But the series never came out...
    There are apparently black and white copies of the art available, but that's it...
    Angella's last name comes from that series
    It makes sense that it would have directly followed Prototype#17 and that the story in #18 would have come after that series (or perhaps #18 is a fill-in that took place earlier).

Courtesy of Gabriel Hardman (comic artist)

In 1994 I drew a Prototype miniseries called "Turf Wars." It started as issues 18-21 of the regular series, then was going to be published as a miniseries, then was cancelled. Three issues were drawn. If anyone is interested I'm posting a link to all the art for the first issue. Some pencils, some inks by Stephen Baskerville, some pages are lettered. It's a mixed bag but all the pages are here in one form or another:  Prototype Turf Wars#1

In the Ultraverse group of facebook.,Gabriel Hardman shared sketchs of  a second issue of Turf Wars(but only 11 pages), it primarily deals with a new encounter of Jimmy and Spider-Leland. Can be found here.
--Claudio Flores Espinoza
Thanks to Claudio for providing that added story information!

Other topics

   Based on the information we have, I don't see any reason for there to be a sliding timescale with the ran a few years, and events of significance at that time can be considered to have occurred at the time of the story, rather than just being topical references. I'd kind of like to have a 30-year follow-up...maybe someone like Kurt Busiek could work with the surviving creators from the original series and publish a number of stories that start from the last published stories and then go forward. It would be fun. Maybe someday!
    Anyhoo, the six-figure salary (somewhere between $100,000 to $999,999) was pretty substantial circa 1993.

    There was a LOT going on the Prototype series. Almost every issue had two separate plots, involving Jimmy Ruiz and Bob Campbell, and then typically multiple sub-plots ongoing. I remember some things but didn't see them when I did the issue summaries, so it is likely that I will be adding to this profile as I work on subsequent characters from this series. I feel like I covered the history very well, but I feel like specific discussion and examples of his armor's powers/abilities could be expanded/improved significantly.

    Looking at early images of Jimmy, he seemed to look more like he was 14-16 years old when he won the video game contest, as well as in the early issues of UltraForce. He looks older, like 18-20 when he was shown as member of the Hardboys, but we can just chalk this up to artistic license.

    Also from Claudio Flores Espinoza:

The Prime videogame and its prequel comic are canon to the normal Ultraverse. This is confirmed in a promotional ashcan:Prime Month Ashcan.  Jimmy  Ruiz appears as foe both in the comic as in the video game. A walkthrough can be found in youtube.

Thanks to Claudio for bringing this to my attention and to Grendel Prime for supplying me with copies of the Prime Sega CD edition prequel comic.

    Where did Ruiz go after Black September?
        Most likely:   

Earth-15180 Divergent Reality-93060. The Great Change (aka Black September) never occurred. Rune did not pursue Infinity Gems to Reality-616 but instead went to the Godwheel, drained energies from techno-life, returned to Earth, and slew many ultras until Witch Hunter beheaded him. Earth entered heroic age guided by aging Prime with only petty crime to fight. Circa 2069 A.D., this reality’s Prime joined Earthforce-96535 in traveling to Reality-93060 just before the point of the divergence between-96535 and -93060. They helped cure an alien insanity virus carried by Foxfire and then traveled back to their future with Foxfire, diverging the utopian Earth-21222. (Prime seen) Ultraforce #8 (1996)

    Essentially, the alteration associated with Black September altered Earth-93060.
    Prior to Black September, everything on Earth-93060 existed the way it was shown...and then reality was altered, so that Reality-93060 was the revised reality...and the reality that was not altered diverged into Reality-15180
    Jimmy Ruiz as Prototype existed on Earth-93060, but if his existence was wiped out by Black September, then it would seem very likely that he continued to exist in Reality-15180.
    OR...he was exiled to some limbo-like non-existence, like Hardcase.

    I am not certain what the exact deal with the "New World" was, but it seemed like a warping/semi-merger of realities initially, although, as in each case, somewhere in the infinite Megaverse there is a reality that mirrors that existence. In this case that reality is Reality-32659.
    Regardless, as this was the last we saw of Jimmy, I included it under history in a sub-profile for now. The New World and its characters will get profiles eventually, and we may sort things out further therein.

    Thanks to Grendel Prime for the Prototype and UltraTech cards, as well as pdf of Prototype Turf War#1

   Thanks to Ron Fredricks for cleaning up the main image and a few others.

Profile by Snood.

Prototype/Jimmy Ruiz
should be distinguished from:

Prototype card 1-26a-b

Prototypecard1-26bPrototypecard1-26aThere's no scale for the Power Chart of which I'm aware.

Prototype card 1-73a-b


Prototype card 2-17a-b


Prototype card 3-48a-b

Prototypecard3-48bPrototypecard3-48a     Despite what the card says, Jimmy Ruiz does not appear in Prime#1. However, his predecessor as Prototype, Bob Campbell, does appear in that issue.

UltraTech card 1-98a-b


Prototype of the Nemesis-created reality, which mirrored Reality-32659

  (Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nemesis' warp generated a pocket dimension (a few thousand miles across, shifting matter to create other locales as needed), merging elements of Reality-616 and -93060, mirroring Reality-32659, in which independent engineer Bob Campbell (working out of Aladdin Garage) developed a Prototype suit of armor, the face of which mirrored a Sentinel's. Answering an e-mail bounced from Kevin Green and intended for the Fantastic Four, he met up with Giant-Man (Hank), Thor, and the Wasp (Jan), who had also answered the e-mail, in an effort to locate the Hulk; in the process, Giant-Man took a fatal blase from Loki intended for Thor. After Thor attacked Loki, who vanished in a lightning bolt, Prototype, wondered where Loki had gone, and Thor answered "If there is justice? Hel."  The Wasp promised to avenge her lover.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - The heroes apparently formed the Avengers.prototype-ruiz-93060-uf-av-newworld prototype

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - In the merged reality, Jimmy Ruiz succeeded Bob Campbell as Prototype 2.0 and in the Avengers.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1) <Ten years after the encounter with Loki> - In the merged reality, Prototype answered an alarm from Swan, the Black Knight. Prototype teased Quicksilver for having an "I Got Some" look on his face (after romancing the Black Widow (Jan)) before Swan showed them a slaughter in Manhattan perpetrated by Loki, maddened by Thor's previous assault.

    The Avengers (Black Widow, Prototype, Quicksilver,, Alec Swan, Thor, Topaz) confronted Loki, and Prototype caught Quicksilver after Loki blasted him away. At the Widow's urging, Prototype and the others combined their powers against Loki, and when Topaz finally struck Loki, the contact of two elements from wildly different continua, the merged reallity / pocket dimension shattered. A a reality warp opened, showing Reality-616 and -93060, and transporting these Avengers New York-93060. They were shocked to see Giant-Man alive and well (unaware he was the -616 version), alongside Contrary-93060, who then explained how Nemesis had created the pocket reality and what had happened to it.

    Reality continued to warp, merging and/or replacing beings with their alternate reality counterparts and ultimately these Avengers joined Ultraverse-93060 (including Prototype) and the Avengers-616 as well as numerous other counterparts and beings from various realities in assaulting Nemesis (who was also under assault from the sentiences from the Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time Gems). Prototype-32659 and -93060 directly assaulted Nemesis, only to be torn apart along with the others. Somehow,
Ultraforce-93060 (including Prototype) and the Avengers-616 were restored, and they again assaulted Nemesis, keeping her off balance until Black Knight-616 (Dane Whitman) struck her with an alternate reality counterpart of the Ebony Blade, apparently destroying the composite Nemesis and splitting all of the Infinity Gems apart again.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 - BTS) - Reality-93060 was remade, notably with Bob Campbell restored completely and restored to the Prototype identity.

Ultraforce Infinity) - On the "New World," from Ultraverse's Stockade base, the Black Widow (Janet Van Dyne) gathered Jimmy and the rest of Ultraverse (Black Knight/Alec Swan, Quicksilver, Thor, Topaz) to oppose the rogue Mantra. As Ultraverse seemingly traveled a great distance, the New World's reality shifted to facilitate this. As they arrived, Prototype -- at Wasp's urging -- recalibrating his sensors to filter past the high levels of ambient radiation and lock onto Mantra's bio-signature. After he identified the building in which she was based, Ultraforce split up and sought her out...

    Feeling the simplest solution would be to just level the place with Mantra in it, Prototype sensed a low-level, non-lethal psionic field and followed it to find Mantra, who mentally took control of Prototype and commanded him to remove his armor.

Ultraforce Infinity (fb) - BTS) - Prototype removed his body armor.

(Ultraforce Infinity) - Knowing the helmet controlled his own body's energies, Prototype resisted Mantra's orders to remove his helmet, but when she weakened his resistance enough to allow her to pry it off, she was blasted away by the resultant energy burst. As Prototype re-donned his armor, Mantra painfully crawled back to him, but the rest of Ultraverse also arrived and confronted Mantra.

    When Mantra threatened to unleash power to slay the heroes, Prototype ordered her to power down and back off; when she mockingly refused and challenged him, he unleashed a force blast from his helmet that apparently slew Mantra. Prototype lamented that she wouldn't stop, wondering if he was still a hero for having killed her, but Swan advised him that it was never easy to do what he had done, but that he had had no choice.


images: (without ads)
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prototype-ruiz-93060-pt17-ranger    #17, pg. 5 (mostly full);
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Strangers#7, pg. 11, panel 3 (spinning, blasting Yrial);
UltraForce I#1 cover
    #3, pg. 15, panel 4-5 (combining jets and wrist blasts against Atalon);
    #8, pg. 1 panel 3-4 (flying beside Prime; eye lenses);
    #10, pg. 1, panel 1 (vs. frost giant-ish);
Ultraforce/Avengers#1, pg.
pin-up in the back of Prototype#4 and #8 (Freex)

Prototype#1 (August, 1993) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), David Ammerman (penciler), James Pascoe (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Prime I#3-4 (August-September, 1993) - Len Strazewski & Gerard Jones (writers), Norm Breyfogle (artist), Chris Ulm (editor)
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Break-Thru#1 (December, 1993) - Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Pérez, James Robinson & Len Strazewski (writers), Gerard Jones (script), George Pérez (pencils), John Lowe (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Break-Thru#2 (January, 1994) - Gerard Jones (script), Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Pérez, James Robinson & Len Strazewski (plot), George Pérez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Hank Kanalz & Chris Ulm (editors)

Prototype#6 (January, 1994) - Len Strazewski and Tom Mason (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Jeff Whiting (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prime Sega CD Edition (1994) - Len Strazewski & Gerard Jones (writers), Joe Staton (penciler), Steve Mitchell (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Flood Relief#1 (January, 1994) - Dan Danko, Hank Kanalz, Thomas Mason (writers), Aaron Lopresti, Richard Pace (pencilers), John Lowe (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Ultraverse Origins#1 (January, 1994) / Mantra I#7/2 (January, 1994) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), Dan Jurgens (penciler), Terry Austin (inker) - I'm not sure which issue came out first, but it is the same story.
Prototype#7 (February, 1994) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Jeff Whiting (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#8 (March, 1994) - Len Strazewski and Tom Mason (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Jeff Whiting (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#9 (April, 1994) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Jeff Whiting (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#10 (May, 1994) - Len Strazewski and Tom Mason (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#11 (June, 1994) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#12 (July, 1994) - Len Strazewski and Tom Mason (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (pg. 1-13), Thomas Florimonte (pg. 14-16, 19), Larry Welch (pg. 17-18), Tim Riddick (pg. 19-24) (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#13 (August, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Dean Zachary (penciler), John Livesay (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
    Ultraverse Premiere#6/3 - Tom Mason (writer), Brock L. Hor, Jr. (penciler), Moose Baumann & Scott Reed (inkers)
Prototype#0 (August, 1994) - Tom Mason and Len Strazewski (writers), Gordon Purcell (penciler, chapters one-three), Keith Conroy (penciler, chapter four)Bruce McCorkidale (inker, chapter one), Larry Welch (inker, chapter two), Jeff Albrecht (inker, chapter three), Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#1 (August, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Ultraforce I#0B (September, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey (inks)
Warstrike#5 (September, 1994) - Dan Danko (script), David Wong (penciler), Howard Shum (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#14 (October, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Solution#13 (October, 1994) - James Hudnall (writer), Scott Benefiel (penciler), Jason Rodriguez (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Freex#14 (October, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), Scott Kolins (pencils), Jon Holdredge (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Solitaire#10 (October, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Parker & Ernie Steiner (pencilers), Eric Ladd & John Lowe (inkers), Phil Crain (editor)
Giant-Size Prototype#1 (October, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer),Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#2 (October, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), John Statema & George Perez (pencils), Jeff Whiting & Barb Kaalberg (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Prototype#15 (November, 1994) - Len
Strazewski (writer), Dean Zachary (penciler), Scott Reed & Chad Hunt (inkers), Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#3 (November, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Prototype#16 (December, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#17 (January, 1995) - Len Strazewski (writer), George Dove (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#18 (February, 1995) - R.A. Jones (writer), Paul Abrams (penciler), John Strangeland with a little help from Rodney Gates (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#4-6 (January-March, 1995) - Gerard Jones (writer), George Perez & Steven Butler (#6) (pencils), Al Vey, Keith Aiken, Terry Austin (#5) & Dennis Jane (#6) (inks), Hank Kanalz (editors)
Ultraforce I#7 (April, 1995) - Hank Kanalz & Chris Ulm (writers), Steve Erwin (pencils), John Strangeland (inks), Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#8 (May, 1995) - Marv Wolfman & Hank Kanalz (writers), George Perez (pencils), Keith Aiken & Mark Morales (inks), Phil Crain & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Ultraforce I#9 (June, 1995) - Marv Wolfman & Hank Kanalz (writers), John Royle & Chris Alexander (pencils), Jeff Whiting & Stephen Baskerville (inks), Chris Ulm & Scott Bernstein (editors)
Mantra I#24 (August, 1995) - Mike W. Barr (writer), Dave Roberts (pencils), Jim Amash (inks)
, Roland Mann (editor)
Ultraforce I#10 (July, 1995) - Hank Kanalz & Phil Crain (writers), John Royle & Joyce Chin (pencils), Jeff Whiting, Bruce Patterson & Jim Sanders (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1 (July, 1995) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), John Statema (pencils), Robin Riggs, Barbara Kaalberg, Larry Welch & Al Vey (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Black September Infinity (1995) - Phil S. Crain, Dan Danko, Jerald DeVictoria, Roland Mann & Chris Ulm (writers), Steven Butler, Keith Conroy, Gabriel Gecko & M.C. Wyman (pencils), Thomas Floriomonte Jr., Steve Moncuse, Bob Petrecca, Scott Reed & Lawrence Welch (inks)
Ultraforce Infinity (September, 1995) - Ian Edginton & Warren Ellis (writers), John Royle (pencils), Jeff Whiting (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Avengers/Ultraforce (October, 1995) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Angel Medina & M.C. Wyman (pencils), Keith Aiken, Steve Alexandrov, Hector Collazo & Don Hudson (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (Fall 1995) - Warren Ellis (writer), George Perez & Larry Welch (pencils), Paul Neary, Art Thibert, Ken Branch, Dennis Jensen, Karl Kesel, George Perez, Robin Riggs, Jon Statema & Al Vey (inks), Hank Kanalz & Scott Bernstein (editors)
Ultraforce Infinity (September, 1995) - Ian Edginton (writer), Warren Ellis (story concept), John Royle (penciler), Jeff Whiting (inker), Scott Bernstein (assistant editor), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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