spinning staff


Real Name: Unrevealed;
    "as long as I am one of the three queens of Gwendor, I have no other name"

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Gwendor; Reality-93060/"Ultraverse")

Occupation: Warrior;
    Queen of Gwendor (inactive)

Group Membership: Ultraforce (Black Knight/Dane Whitman of Earth-616, Contrary/Mary(?), Ghoul/Jonathon Martin, Hardcase/Tom Hawke, Hellblade/Jefferson Kotto, Amber Hunt, Iron Clad/Spencer Collins, Lament/Sarah Walks Unseen, Maxis, Pixx/Penny Burka, Prime/Kevin Green, Prototype/Robert Campbell, Prototype/Jimmy Ruiz, Ripfire/Matt McKinney/Chi'arr, Siren/Jennifer Pearson, Wreckage/Jack Prosper); 
    women of Gwendor (especially Lyra; also
Andelle, Carin, Lyra, Opal Queen, Sapphire Queen)

Affiliations: Aladdin, Avengers of Reality-616 (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Starfox/Eros, Thor Odinson, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Avengers of the "New World" pocket dimension (Black Widow/Janet Van Dyne, Prototype/Jimmy Ruiz, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Alexander Swan (formerly the Black Knight), and Thor), Felicia Campbell, Cromwell, Diane of the Dark Shoppe, Exiles (Siena BlazeAmber Hunt, Juggernaut-616/Cain Marko, Reaper-616/Pantu Hurageb, Shuriken/Brittany Chien, ‘Strike/Brandon Tark), Foxfire (Rose Autumn), Green Goblin (Phil Urich) of Earth-616, Lyra, Mantra (Lukasz/Eden Blake), Mantra (Lauren Sherwood), Nightman (Johnny Domino, formerly Domingo), Opal Queen of Gwendor, Sapphire Queen of Gwendor, the Solution (Dropkick/Troy Wilde, Outrage/Vurk, Shadowmage/Aera, Tech/Lela Cho), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) of Earth-616, X-Men of Earth-616 (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Beast/Hank McCoy, Lucas Bishop, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan);
    Earthforce of Earth-96535 (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, and Whipslash), Prime-15180;
    unidentified Prince of Battle of Neros;
    she worshipped/idolized the Deliverer (they presumably never met);
    briefly bonded with Witch Hunter (
Maria Delorentti);
    limited alliance with Daron and Etan of Neros, and with Helen Volcano

Enemies: "Angels" of Metabio, Atalon, Bonehammer, Boneyard and his brides, Commission, demons of the Godwheel, Demonseed, Dog, Ego Gem, Entity (on the Moon), Fire People, the Fold, frost giant of Reality-616's Asgard (possibly just a magical creation of Loki-616), Grandmaster of Reality-616 (En Dwi Gast), Hybrid (Simon Carthan), Jontar of Neros, Loki Laufeyson of Reality-616, Meat Rack (Oleg Kupov), Metabio, men of Neros, Nemesis, Phoenix Force of Reality-616, Phoenix-Prime, Progeny, Sersi-616, Shifters, Specimen 13, Tulkan Fleet Alien Elite (especially Foxeye and Stummp), unidentified alien insectoid symbiote;
    presumably Qualaero (she may not have even realized that he bonded Witch Hunter to her briefly, but I'd imagine she would not appreciate his doing so);
    she considered Pascal to be her enemy, though he turned out to be in some degree just a pawn of the Fold;
Avengers of Earth-616 (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Starfox/Eros, Thor Odinson) - opponents in a contest arranged by Grandmaster and Loki, Exiles (Sienna Blaze, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut-616/Cain Marko, Reaper-616/Pantu Hurageb, Shuriken/Brittany Chien, ‘Strike/Brandon Tark), Amber Hunt, Mantra (Lukasz/Eden Blake), Maxis, an unidentified Prince of Battle of Neros, X-Men (Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: Lyra (apparent soulmate)

Aliases: The Topaz Queen (of Gwendor) - her proper title; Topaz is just a shortened form of that.

Base of Operations: Ultraforce HQ, Headless Cross, Arkansas;
    formerly Ultraforce HQ, Miami, Florida;
    formerly Gwendor, Godwheel, Reality-93060/"Ultraverse"

First Appearance: Giant Size Mantra#1 (July, 1994)

Perez pin-up - full body; face in profilePowers/Abilities: Topaz appears to be superhumanly strong (perhaps enhanced human (lifting somewhere between 800 lbs. to 2 tons) in her fully human form. She is swift and agile, though it is unclear whether these attributes are superhuman or merely gifted. 

    Topaz can generate a thin armor (sometimes identified as chrome) coating (or possibly convert her skin to metal) at will (or, presumably reflexively, when angered or threatened) which would transform her relaxed, Caucasian complexion to a more indigo shade in combat. The armor enhanced her durability (which may have been already slightly enhanced) to more superhuman levels, though the limits of its protection are unclear; she could still be knocked unconscious, though I am not sure we ever saw her suffer a blood wound while armored. This armored form apparently possessed even greater strength (perhaps Class 10). 

    Topaz can generate a staff from unspecified energies within her. If this staff is taken from her, she can allow it to dissolve and then form a new staff at will. She can project powerful bursts of destructive force from the staff (I don't believe we ever saw her generate blasts directly from her hands without forming a staff). Holding the staff, she can fly at great speed (presumably sub-sonic); it is unrevealed whether she must use the staff to fly, or whether it perhaps just helps her navigate. She can spin the staff sufficiently swift to deflect attacks such as shuriken. 

    Topaz is an extremely talented and fierce warrior. She lives by a warrior code and is willing to risk her life in combat; if defeated, she is highly determined to gain a rematch to avenge herself. She has spent a relatively short time on Earth and is still not used to many human customs and cultures.

    Though proud and sometimes a little misandric, she is both compassionate and passionate in her emotions. Generally disgusted by men, she has shown attraction and/or affection for a select few who have earned her respect, such as Hardcase and Black Knight (Dane Whitman). Some references have shown her to apparently be partner to Lyra of Gwendor; presumably the two were lovers, although that is not completely confirmed. Like apparently all women of Gwendor, however, under certain circumstances, such as the biannual "Great Madness," she was overcome by a desire to mate with a mate, presumably to some degree guided by a need to reproduce.

    According to Lyra, Topaz has no love of bloodshed, and is a woman of grace and profound love.

    It is unclear whether Topaz's superhuman abilities are inherent within her, granted via her title as Topaz Queen, or of another origin altogether. face-unarmored

unarmored faceHeight: Approximately 6' (she appeared to be roughly the same height at Black Knight/Dane Whitman)
Weight: Approximately 150 lbs (solidly muscled); (armored form) approximately 155 lbs. (thickness and weight of her metallic coating is undefined)
Eyes: Blue (as originally shown, but somewhat inconsistent/variable); (armored form) red pupils or solid white (also somewhat inconsistent/variable)
Hair: Red

(Ultraforce I#4 (fb) - BTS) <Untold millennia ago> - A group of men and women were brought to the Godwheel with magic weapons. The men took those weaponed and freed the women, but then used their newfound power to push their women into subserviance. 

    Finally, a woman known only as the "deliverer" stole a magic sword and  led the rebellion that built the city of the women's foremothers. The men considered attacking then and there to drag their women back, but they couldn't bring themselves to hurt the women. While the men waited for their wives to give up and come home, the women consolidated their power and ran raids on the men's city to steal more weapons. By the time the men finally saw that they had to strike or lose their women forever, the women were as ready as the men. Thus, they reached a stalemate, and the men cursed their hesitation for millennia.

(Ultraforce I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Every 2 years, all matters of secular life are briefly forgotten in both Neros and Gwendor. All women of Gwendor from 16 to 32 years old are brought to fertility through herbs and rituals, and then descended into the sacred gorge to face a like number of men from Neros for what was known as "the Great Madness." The drums pound, the incense burns, and the elixirs flow hot and strong, and the men and women descended into a passion they apparently do not remember.

    All infants produced as a result were nurtured in Gwendor for a year, after which all male children were sent to Neros to be raised into warriors who will oppose their mothers as surely as the women of Gwendor raised their sisters to oppose their fathers. 

    Women who fell in love or attempted to maintain contact with men were driven into the wilderness.

(Giant Size Mantra#1 (fb) - BTS) - Centuries ago, the armor and Gwendor's Claw sword were held by the deliverer in Gwendor.

(Giant Size Mantra#1 (fb) - BTS) - The woman who would become Topaz's heart was bonded to Lyra's since the Opal Queen made them nursery mates.

(Ultraforce I#4 (fb) - BTS) - At 16 years old, the woman who would become Topaz nearly died twice in battle, but survived to begin her journey to the topaz throne.

(Ultraforce I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The finest of Gwendor's young warriors became the Topaz Queen, responsible for all matters of defense. She served as one of the three queens of Gwendor, alongside the Sapphire and Opal Queens. At some point she became known simply at Topaz. energizing staff

(Angels of Destruction#1/2 (fb)) - When an unidentifed Prince of Battle from Neros traveled to the edge of Gwendor to enjoy the view and the peace, he ducked behind a bush when Topaz unexpectedly approached the area, wishing to avoid a pointless conflict. Topaz nonetheless sensed his presence and demanded he show himself. He stood up and apologized, telling her he had no quarrel with her and had wished to avoid a conflict. She called him a coward, but he tried to clarify that he simply had nothing to gain from conflict with a peasant of Gwendor. Insulted at being called a peasant, Topaz responded, "Dog!! I am their queen." He told her he was unaware, but she took a battle stance and reminded him that their custom on this matter (presumably either his intrusion into Gwendor's territory or just the fact they had encountered each other at all). He acknowledged, and they fought each other physically; after a brief but brutal struggle, he kicked her away, telling her he was expecting a lot more than that. She formed her energy staff, and he extended an energy blade from his wrist, and they briefly battled anew. As they reached a stalemate, Topaz asked who he was, as she had never met a male such as him. When he revealed who he was, why he had come there, and asked if he could go now, she shamefully stood aside and allowed him to depart.

    From this, Topaz learned to respect those different from her, despite what her culture had taught her.

(Angels of Destruction#1/2) - At some point, the demon Qualaero placed the mind of Witch Hunter (Maria Delorenetti) into Topaz's so she could share her experience and lesson.

(Ultraforce I#3 (fb) - BTS) <According to Topaz> "The soil of Gwendor has never known the clumsy tread of a man. Not a man who lived for long afterward, at any rate."

(Giant Size Mantra#1 - BTS) - When Mantra (Lukasz/Eden Blake) used a mystic token (she had gained from Warstrike) to try to seek out her archenemy, Boneyard, he instead redirected her to Neros.with both staff and sword

(Giant Size Mantra#1) - Neros' Overlord Etan contacted Topaz regarding the arrival of this woman warrior, which, if she had come from Gwendor, would disrupt the hard-won peace between Neros and Gwendor. Topaz assured Etan that Mantra was not from Gwendor, but she possessed Gwendor's Claw, the sword of their deliverer. Wishing to reclaim the sword, Topaz asked Etan to have Mantra escorted to them, and Etan agreed, as a show of good faith; Topaz thanked him and told him her minister would contact his to arrange the details. Topaz then called Lady Lyra, instructing her to assemble a high security detail of their finest warriors. Lyra noted Topaz was trembling and initially wondered if the peace had been violated, but she swiftly appreciated that would not have made the courageous Topaz tremble. Topaz then explained that she had found Gwendor's claw in the hands of an outlander, and she hoped that the outlander knew of the deliverer's armor; Lyra promised to lead the detail herself.

    Meanwhile, Mantra escaped the Nerosians after agents of the would-be usurper Jontar (who was loyal to Boneyard) attempted to first rape and then kill her. When Mantra flew over Gwendor, however, Lyra subdued Mantra with a stun blast; Gwendor's Claw was recaptured, and Mantra was imprisoned. When Mantra escaped her cell and attempted to reclaim her sword, Topaz confronted her with the sword/claw, introducing herself and naming the weapon traditionally hers; she further threatened Mantra with death if she refused to reveal where the rest of the deliverer's armor was.

(Giant Size Mantra#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Topaz arranged for a trial by combat to resolve the dispute over possessor of Gwendor's claw in traditional Gwendor fashion. Mantra refused the alternate option of interrogation, partially for fear of what the misandric society would do if they learned his true nature as a man in a woman's body.

(Giant Size Mantra#1/2) - As Topaz faced Mantra in the arena, she instructed Mantra to raise her weapon in salute and obeisance to those who were at once her peers and her rulers, the Sapphire Queen and the Opal Queen. Irritated by Mantra's mockery of their customs, Topaz struck first, kicking into her abdomen with both feet, but when Mantra stunned Topaz and then refused to slay her, Topaz struck back, warning Mantra she should not expect mercy in return. The battle continued until Jontar's forces launched an incendiary bomb into the arena, at which point Mantra assisted the warriors of Gwendor and magically snuffed the Nerosians' flames. As Mantra began to collapse from the effort, Topaz excitedly held her up, shouting her success. 

    Topaz subsequently accepted Etan's assurances that Jontar's actions were unauthorized, after which she told him there were no survivors for Etan to punish. Taking Mantra's aid (as opposed to abandonment) as a measure of her honor, Topaz called off their conflict and agreed to help Mantra in her efforts to locate the lost deliverer's armor..."and may the deliverer herself spare anyone who bars our path!"

(Mantra I#13) - After Mantra received a suit of armor in Gwendor, Topaz returned Mantra's sword to her, though she questioned why Mantra needed their technology when she had her magic; Mantra promised to show her sometime. Topaz also gave Mantra some pictures of children she had left behind, asking if they were hers and noting she must miss them. As they were Eden Blake's children and Lukasz controlled Mantra's form, Mantra replied "No, to both questions."

    Soon after, Topaz knelt before the statue of the deliverer, asking that she grant them strength of limb and spirit in their quest to retrieve the deliverer's armor. As they traveled through the fields atop horse-tiger creatures, they encountered a group of men from Neros; Topaz ordered the women not to attack unless she commanded it. Topaz then introduced herself to the leader of the male group, and he introduced himself, Captain Daron, and his lieutenant Korod, further adding that Overlord Etan had sent them to accompany and support them on their quest. When Topaz questioned whether Neros sought to claim their deliverer's armor, Daron assured her that they were just presenting a united offense against their common foe. When Daron added that Etan also wished to make amends for Jontor's traitorous actions, Topaz agreed to let the men join them, as long as she commanded; Daron agreed. She (or another woman warrior) added that Mantra's instincts would determine their path, and Mantra led them west, following a charm that was attracted to her mask, which was in Boneyard's possession.

    Soon, one of Topaz's warriors noted movement in the rocks ahead. Topaz figured it might be dangerous beasts, and directed Daron to form his troops into a wedge. They were then attacked, however, by a hidden society of men and women, and Topaz followed Mantra's order of a pincer attack to force their attackers to surrender and reveal their presence. Topaz was appalled by the society, but Mantra had the group flee and told them not to be there when they returned. Topaz remarked that under other circumstances, Mantra's actions would not be tolerated. Mantra subsequently used a mystic shield to protect the departing group from a blast from a disgusted soldier, then warned Topaz that he use of magic would act as a beacon to draw Boneyard's attention to them. 

    That night, after Topaz received the translator from Lyra, Boneyard herded the Godwheel's demons against them. Topaz and her forces held their own, until Topaz was distracted by the seeming arrival of the deliverer. Realizing this was one of Boneyard's women in the armor, Mantra blasted this attacker, and Topaz finished her off, but was frustrated when the attacker and the armor vanished thereafter. Another of Boneyard's "brides" then arrived wearing Archimage's outfit and mask, and she fired a blast that transported Topaz to Earth, though many of her warriors feared she had been destroyed. Mantra led the remaining Gwendorians and Nerosians to defeat their attackers. 

(Ultraforce I#1) - Topaz emerged on Earth over the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and she fell into the middle of a football game being played there. Mistaking the game for attacks, she knocked the players about and then destroyed the football with a blast from her staff. Assuming the cheerleaders to be slaves, she tried to lead them to oppose the men, and when police approached and told her to freeze, she blasted them away before leaping out of the stadium. She landed amid busy traffic on a highway, which further confused her.

(Ultraforce I#1 - BTS) - The organization Aladdin studied Topaz's appearance, and through their database, Contrary also learned of Topaz; she had Pixx set a new course to LA to recruit Topaz into the Ultraforce organization she was forming. 

(Ultraforce I#1 (fb) - BTS) - As police assaults continued from multiple fronts, Topaz paused to regroup behind a mall.flying

(Ultraforce I#1) - Seeing no other way to escape, Topaz confronted the police and prepared to die fighting, Contrary teleported Topaz aboard her ship.

(Ultraforce I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Contrary convinced Topaz to join her group in return for a promise to assist her in a mission on Earth.

(Ultraforce I#1) - When Contrary introduced Topaz to Prime, Prototype, and Hardcase, Topaz balked at the idea of serving alongside men. She challenged Prototype when he asked if she had a problem with men, but as the military and media arrived in helicopters, Hardcase convinced the others to unite as Ultraforce to face the threat of Atalon's subterranean army, which was stealing warheads and threatened the world; Topaz reminded them she only agreed to join if they helped get her home.

(Ultraforce I#2) - Topaz attended a meeting at the White House of Ultraforce with US President Bill Clinton, Senator Bob Dole, Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali, and Mr. Blackrock of the press, as Hardcase requested "the world back them." Bill Clinton expressed concern about relative unknowns such as Topaz (and Ghoul, Contrary, and Pixx), and Topaz explained how she was from the extradimensional realm Gwendor, a city of women only, but that she would work with these men and be true to this group as long as they were true to their promise to help return her home. However, when Hardcase mentioned Mantra as part of his plans to initiate global cooperation of ultras in the USA, Topaz assumed her combat form, blamed Mantra for putting her on Earth, and demanded Hardcase take her to Mantra immediately. Though Hardcase tried to explain that he would after the current crisis was resolved, Topaz reiterated her distrust of men, asking why there were no women among the leaders present; however, Pixx calmed Topaz by generating an image of Hilary Clinton, who claimed she was the power behind all of the male leaders, assured Topaz that she would see that justice was done, and told Topaz she could trust these men. When Topaz asked who this woman of power was, Pixx revealed her deception but convinced Topaz to stick around as women could work together to make sure guys didn't get away with too much.unarmored-mostly full

    Later, when Hardcase instructed Topaz to accompany Prime on a mission to recruit aid from Mantra, Topaz balked at the idea of going anywhere alone with a man with no other women to ensure that the truce is maintained. When an insulted Prime asked what she thought he was going to do, Topaz energized her staff as she noted she lacked to time to explain everything men had ever done in the millennia of conflict between Gwendor and Neros. Pixx defused the conflict by convincing Hardcase to instead allow her to go with Topaz to find Manta. Soon after, when Ghoul (who could see images of Pixx's impending death in the conflict to come) grabbed Pixx by the shoulders while trying to convince her to leave the team, a protective Topaz struck Ghoul's left arm with her energy staff, inadvertently tearing the arm off. 

(Ultraforce I#2 - BTS) - Ghoul used a bandage to hold his arm on until it could repair, and Contrary's efforts to manipulate the young Prime and Prototype to trust her over Hardcase led to a conflict wherein Prime quit the group.

(Ultraforce I#3) - As Hardcase redirected Pixx to meet up with them to confront Atalon and the Fire People near Cuba, Topaz reiterated her desire to find Mantra but conceded to Pixx she would honor her vow to help Ultraforce in exchange. She then explained Gwendor's history to Pixx. When Pixx thought it was odd that the men and women never saw each other after  their romance, Topaz noted Pixx's discomfort in discussing the subject as proof of the flawed nature of Earth's society. After Topaz noted her heartmate as Lyra, Pixx started to question the nature of their relationship but then let the matter of drop. Topaz then asked Pixx to explain the nature of love, sex, and hostility between men and women on Earth, hoping to better understand things so she did not blunder into some serious error.

(Ultraforce I#3 - BTS) - As they approached, Atalon destroyed the combined military forces of Russia, Britain, and the USA.

(Ultraforce I#3) - As Pixx and Topaz's ship met up with Contrary's main ship, Hardcase instructed Topaz to join himself, Prototype, and Ghoul on a frontal assault on Atalon's island; Topaz was pleased that there were true warriors on Earth.

    As they confronted Atalon, Ghoul dropped down to speak with some of the recently slain soldiers. Prototype engaged Atalon while Topaz and Prototype mowed down the Fire People and while Contrary gave Pixx intelligence on the nuclear missiles Atalon had stockpiled, hoping she could find the means to disarm them. Upon seeing that Ghoul could speak to the dead, however, Atalon swiftly sent Prototype hurtling skyward; Hardcase instructed Topaz to engage Atalon, but she did not have time to do so before he captured Ghoul. After Atalon drove Pixx and Contrary's ships into the water, Pixx dove free, and Topaz raced to rescue Pixx, though Prime arrived first and saved Pixx just in time. Suddenly, however, Atalon detonated one of his nuclear warheads.

(Ultraforce I#4) - Outside Ultraverse headquarters, Topaz was present at a press conference regarding Atalon and the Fire People's threat. When Prototype briefly lost his temper and used his energy blasts on the ground in front of the people criticizing them, Topaz energized up in preparation for a conflict, but Prime and Hardcase resolved things.

    Subsequently, Topaz, noting Hardcase was neither a fool nor a weakling, encouraged him to strike at Atalon sooner rather than later, before he could build up more power. Accepting the potential loss of life from the weapons Atalon already possessed as the cost of war, she then shared with him the history of the women of Gwendor and the men of Neros. Hardcase explained the differences with Earth, where they weren't casual about a few million deaths, and she told him they had the luxury of not having to be a warrior society, and warned him to beware of being without true warriors when they finally needed them. Hardcase questioned her concern for Earth, and she explained that she had made a promise to defend Earth against Atalon and felt compassion for Earth's people, even if their gender mingling repulsed her, however. When she offered to lead the assault against the Fire People if Hardcase could not, he -- placing his hand on her shoulder -- told her he was honored to have her on their side, "but we have to do things..." Topaz interrupted, energizing her form and slapping his hand away while shouting, "Keep your hand off me, man!" When he tried to explain that it was just a friendly gesture, she acknowledged that as she departed, explaining she didn't fear his intentions, but rather her own emotions.

    Soon after, Ultraforce gathered to plan an assault against Atalon, and Topaz warned that -- like any strategy that relied on distracting the enemy with a ruse -- Contrary's plan had the seeds of disaster. While the group agreed to Contrary's plan, they were opposed to the young Pixx risking her life trying defuse the nukes. Topaz noted that while she cared for Pixx like a younger sister and her heart would tear in half if anything happened to her, she felt strongly that denying a girl's chance to be strong and courageous was no way to show your love for her; she pitied the man who tried to talk Pixx out of it.blasting atalon

(Ultraforce I#5) - While the rest of Ultraforce (except Contrary, who planned to stay in her ship during the operation) donned protective radiation suits, Topaz told Hardcase she wished she could extend the protection of her self-generating armor to the rest of the group. As they departed, Topaz stood silently as Hardcase refused to accept President Clinton's instruction to join forces with the Strangers and the Solution, insisting they follow their plan of subterfuge over force; afterwards, they took to the air and headed towards the island of the Fire People.

    While Prototype and Prime battled Atalon (after Prime dropped Pixx off on the far side of the island), Topaz battled the Fire People to prevent them from helping Atalon; as she did so, she mocked their allegiance to their king, telling them to hail Queen Topaz. As she and Hardcase continued to fight their way through the Fire People, Pixx made her way to the warheads, and Contrary swam below to recover her sunken ship. 

    Atalon pulled Topaz's staff's energy towards him, seeking to disarm her, but she surprised him by releasing it completely, allowing it to dissipate (as she was the source of the staff and its energy), and then forming a new staff and blasted him anew. Along with  Hardcase, Prime, and Prototype, Topaz attacked Atalon, keeping him off-balance; Pixx deactivated almost all of the warheads, but died from radiation exposure in the process When Atalon finally crushed his attackers to the ground with his gravity powers, Prime distracted him by revealing his missiles had been neutralized. As Topaz and the others pulled themselves to their feet, Atalon showed them that Pixx had died.kicking Atalon

(Ultraforce I#6) - Vowing Pixx's death would not go unavenged, Topaz joined Ultraforce in an en masse assault on Atalon, helping Prototype to knock him to the ground. When Prime leapt atop Atalon, but paused to argue with him, Topaz warned Prime to finish him, but Atalon smashed Prime's face, knocking him away and causing Topaz to cry out his name in alarm. After dodging Prototype, who Atalon had also hurled away, Topaz blasted the ground out from under Atalon's feet, punched him back, dodged his strikes, and then blasted him back with sufficient force to shatter the rocky wall he struck. She continued to press her advantage with another energy blast, but then one of Atalon's troops struck her down with an energy blast from behind.

    Refusing to accept defeat, Atalon began channeling his full power, leading to a gravity disruption that would destroy both him and Earth itself; Topaz, Hardcase, and Prototype looked on in horror. 

(Ultraforce I#6 - BTS) -  To diffuse this threat, Contrary teleported Atalon into her ship and negotiated with him to grant him his own island nation for the Fire People if he would declare a truce against the world; Atalon agreed and reversed the energy build-up he had caused.

(Ultraforce I#6) - With Prime and Ghoul seemingly crushed underneath the caverns collapsed by Atalon's energy release (along with Pixx), Topaz flew overhead, scanning the area futilely, and then planning to raise a monument to three great warriors entombed thusly. Almost immediately thereafter, Prime bursted forth with Ghoul.

    After Contary returned Atalon to the island and revealed her plans, Topaz helped calm the furious Prime by noting that while she despised Atalon, she knew that her people would be long extinct if they had not known when to make a truce with those they hated most. agility vs. Atalon

    Later, back at Ultraverse headquarters, Topaz noted to herself how she tolerated her male allies, whom she considered noble, but worried she felt too much respect for Hardcase. Her vow to help against Atalon completed, Topaz considered going off on her own to find Mantra so she could return home, but Ghoul tried to convince her to stay. She acknowledged they shared something in both missing Pixx, and she tried to ease his guilt about having been unable to help her. She further advised that emotional wounds heal better with other warriors; when he told her that he healed via "nasty, wiggly little organisms squirming around his body and sticking the flesh back together," she was intrigued and told him he must let her watch. Contrary subsequently invited Topaz and Ghoul to travel around the world in her ship, visiting world capitals and enjoying mankind's adulation, Topaz agreed in hopes that it would help her understand this absurd world.

(Ultraforce I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Contrary brought Topaz and Ghoul to one of her bases in a desert. It reminded Topaz of a special place in Gwendor.

(Ultraforce I#8) - Topaz began to explain how at this time of year they would...but Ghoul cut her off, asking Contrary to tell them why they were there, and Contrary explained they were picking up equipment. As Topaz and Ghoul explored the base, including the vehicles that Contrary had intended for them, Contrary received a call from Prototype.

(Ultraforce I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype told Contrary of the threat of the "Angels" of Metabio, and she swiftly transported herself, Ghoul, and Topaz back to Miami.

(Ultraforce I#8) - As they revived in Miami, Contrary considered teleporting people aboard her ship to save them from the "Angels," and Topaz attacked the "Angels" from the air, though she accidentally hit Ghoul's ship when her staff's blast passed through the intangible "Angels."

(Ultraforce I#9) - As one of the "Angels" tried to take over Prime, Topaz wondered from what world these beings attacked. As her energy blasts passed harmlessly through the Angels, the posssessions spread geometrically as each being possessed in turn transformed others. As Siren similarly futilely attempted to stop the Angels, Topaz commented that though she did not know her, she felt Siren fought with great spirit. When Topaz noted that the creatures had to be killed, Black Knight of Earth-616 (Dane Whitman; who had arrived in that reality alongside Sersi the Eternal (who had been bonded to and possessed by the Ego Gem)), and had joined with Ultraforce against the Angels) told her that heroes didn't kill. 
    After interaction with Ghoul caused the people transformed into Angels to revert back to normal, Topaz attempted to drive off other Angels and urged a woman to stop whimpering like a dog and instead show some strength, pull herself together, and take her son to safety. Frustrated by the maddening behavior (in this case, lack of warrior spirit) of Earth's people, Topaz feared she would end up mad if she stayed there too long. As more Angels attacked, she urged Ghoul to help her fight them off. She told him she didn't appreciate his sexist remark, "Hold onto your pants...or not...it's your choice," and after he neutralized the Angel by jumping into it, he subsequently fell on top of her...which she appreciated even less; she also didn't care for his response, "And to think for a moment there I was in love."
    Ultimately, Ghoul neutralized the rest of the Angels, allowing Metabio's Tagahashi to return them to captivity; and both Siren and the Black Knight joined Ultraforce.

deflecting Mantrakicking Mantra(Mantra I#24) - Seeing an image of Mantra on their headquaters' viewscreen, Topaz became enraged, and Ghoul and Contrary had to talk her down and prevent her from blasting the screen. Topaz rejected Contrary's efforts to use her pleasure powers to calm her, and instead insisted Contrary take her to California  so she could regain Gwendor's Claw. Prime and Prototype joined them en route (Hardcase was MIA, and  Siren was in Chicago), and Prime tried in vain to convince Topaz to make peace with Mantra, who was his friend. After Prime convinced Mantra to acccompany him aboard Contrary's ship, Topaz attacked her, calling her a liar, foe of Gwendor, and betrayer of womanhood. When Mantra fought back, Topaz was impressed she had earned secrets of Gwendor's Claw that not even the warriors of Gwendor knew. The fought furiously until Mantra accused Topaz of having sent a tracker to steal the sword; after Topaz denied it, the fight paused as Ultraforce examined the decapitated head of the tracker of which Mantra had spoken. Their manipulation of the tracker drew the attention of its creator, Hybrid (Simon Carthman), who activated the robots' remnants to distract them, and then fired an energy blast that transported the Sword of Fangs to him and replaced it with a pair of duplicates.

    While both swords could transform from sword to ring and back (and thereforc both seemed to be the real Sword of Fangs), Contrary detected a pair of energy trails leading from the tracker's head: Prototype, Ghoul, and Mantra went to a pyramid in Egypt to follow one trail, and Topaz, Prime, and Contrary followed the other to a seemingly abandoned aircraft carrier. Hybrid (or someone) trapped the latter group there inside a force field, and Topaz shattered the fake sword against the field; the field deactivated after Prime pushed the ship out of the way of an approaching missile. They followed an energy trail from the fake sword to an old military bunker, where they found Mantra's group had also traveled after finding their sword to be fake. Hybrid attacked the group with armor incorporating the Sword of Fangs, blasting Topaz away after she blasted him, but then Prototype distracted Hybrid sufficiently for Mantra to take the armor's sword arm and force it through Hybrid's chest, incapacitating him. 

    Topaz then picked up the fallen sword, but she handed it over to Mantra for good, as Mantra had proved herself its rightful owner in Topaz's eyes by both retrieving the sword and learning its secrets. Topaz further told Mantra she would always have a place in Ultraforce, and Mantra replied she'd be here if Topaz needed her.

(Ultraforce I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Ultraforce was kicked out of their Miami HQ due to public sentiment that their presence attracted other ultras.

(Ultraforce I#10) - Topaz was present within Contrary's ship as Ghoul obtained a visual on Prototype's battle with a frost giant summoned by Reality-616's Loki, who held the Infinity Gems. Topaz agreed with Siren in blaming Ghoul's difficulty in locking onto Prototype on damage done to the ship during Prototype and Prime's last battle...noting that only men would express their emotional immaturity in such a way; however, Ghoul taunted Topaz with how she wanted the man Hardcase to "shine her bumper." 

    As they headed to New York to assist Prototype, Black Knight ordered that Topaz and Siren would take a tri-fighter ahead of the ship upon their arrival to lead the first assault; Topaz angrily lashed back at him, telling him it was not his place to bark orders at the queen of Gwendor, but she calmed down and acquiesced after Contrary agreed with the Black Knight and noted that she and Siren would make quick work of the ice monster.
    In New York, Topaz and Siren attacked the frost giant; Topaz ordered the creature to unhand Prototype, and in response the giant hurled Prototype into her. When the Black Knight tried to disrupt the creature with his energy blade, it vanished abruptly, after which Topaz insisted they hunt the beast down immediately. Noting the Drunken Knight Pub in the location where Avengers Mansion was in his reality, he wandered inside; Topaz (who, along with the others saw only a post office in that location) worried that his "fragile male psyche" was failing him, and she followed to make sure nothing harmed him. After passing through the door, they arrived in the mystic Dark Shoppe, where Diane told them of the origins of the Infinity Gems and how Loki had claimed them. Suddenly Sersi (who was being manipulated by the Ego Gem), emerged from Diane's mystic mirror, incinerated Diane, and then attacked Sersi as "another conspirator. Topaz fought back, countering Sersi's energy blast and then physically tackling Sersi, and when the Black Knight tried to stop Topaz from hurting Sersi, she hurled him away. Despite Topaz's threats to "stand aside...or meet the same fate as this madwoman," Black Knight jumped between the two combatants, telling them they were all on the same side.

vs. Sersi(Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1) - Battling Sersi, Topaz insisted they avenge Diane, but, hearing the sounds of an approaching battle, Black Knight removed his mask, and Sersi seemed to regain her own mind. When the rest of Ultraforce arrived, Diane (who had apparently recovered from incineration)'s defensive gargoyle-things battled them, until Prime disrupted the struggle -- via smashing the ground and causing a shockwave -- long enough to end the hostilities. After Diane revealed the involvement of Loki and the Infinity Gems he possessed, Sersi transported Ultraforce to the Godwheel to confront him, after which she again incinerated Diane (or allowed her to return to death?). 
    After passing through Sersi and the Ego Gem's soul scape, the members of Ultraforce were confronted by representations of the Infinity Gems to test their wills and skills. Topaz was apparently returned to Gwendor, and she was initially pleased until she sensed the involvement of the Space Gem, and she realized it would be dishonorable to leave behind her Ultraforce allies in the midst of their current crisis. After blasting the Space Gem (or a facsimile thereof under Loki's control), she returned back to the Dark Shoppe along with the rest of Ultraforce.

(Avengers/Ultraforce) - Reality-616's Grandmaster, seeking the Infinity Gems, came to the Ultraverse and challenged Loki to a contest, offering as a reward the heretofore unknown 7th Infinity Gem, the Ego Gem. The Grandmaster picked the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Iron Man, Starfox, Thor) as his warriors and the Ultraforce as Loki's.
    Topaz and Siren were transported to an asteroid surrounding a remote sector of the Godhweel, where Topaz and Crystal were held in energy cages, each as partners in a tag team match involving Siren and the Black Widow, respectively. Though the Widow stunned Siren, Topaz touched Siren and replaced her in the conflict and quickly gained the advantage over the Widow; however, the Widow tagged Crystal, who dodged Topaz's assault, and then kicked her energy staff from her hand. Topaz smashed Crystal back with a punch, but Crystal then imprisoned both Topaz and Siren with mud tubes. Though Topaz yelled in defiance, Siren surrendered, and Crystal and the Black Widow were declared the winners.
    Although the various other struggles had mixed results often ending in a draw (and Loki concluded that as the Widow had been defeated by Topaz, even though that bout was not a clear-cut Avengers victory), Loki's trickery won the day as he had named his goal as not to lose, which he did not. The Grandmaster conceded, awarding him the Ego Gem, which was linked to Sersi, who merged with Loki, uniting the 7th Gem with its long-lost six brethren, and recreating Nemesis, the being from which the Infinity Gems had originally been spawned. Nemesis then unleashed a reality warp across both the Ultraverse and Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Avengers) - Nemesis created a new pocket world, combining various aspects of Earth-93060 (the Ultraverse) and Earth-616; the New World was only a few thousand miles across and a few meters deep, but she moved matter around to create other locales as needed)
    On that New World, Topaz was a member of the Avengers (which included Black Widow/Janet Van Dyne, Prototype/Jimmy Ruiz, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Alexander Swan (formerly the Black Knight), and Thor), based out of Avengers Stockade, somewhere in Arkansas. She joined them in battling that reality's Loki, but when Topaz struck Loki, there was a trans-dimensional energy backlash, which destroyed the pocket reality and destroyed the Godwheel. Nemesis teleported to Earth-93060, and the remaining members of Ultraforce and the Avengers-616 were swept there as well. 
    Contrary explained to the Avengers of the New World what had happened, and they joined Ultraforce and Earth-616's Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Starfox, Thor, Vision) -- and beings from multiple realities in locating and attacking Nemesis to prevent her from destroying their timelines. Nemesis destroyed most of those beings, leaving behind only Earth-616's Avengers and Earth-93060's Ultraforce. 

Finally under direction of the Black Knight of Earth-616, Prime and several others kept Nemesis off balance long enough for the Knight to use an alternate dimensional counterpart of the Ebony Blade to cut Nemesis in half.
    The energies released from Nemesis' form remade the Ultraverse, altering it on some levels (kind of like the Crisis on Infinite Earths), and the Infinity Gems were dispersed to parts unknown.
    The Avengers were returned to Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Avengers - BTS) - As a result of the reality waves alterations, Hardcase and Contrary were removed from the team, and from the memories of their former teammates, and possibly from everyone else on Earth-93060 as well. In addition, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) was also removed, though he was replaced by his predecessor in the Prototype armor, Bob Campbell. The Black Knight became the leader of the new group.

(Ultraforce/Avengers) - The memories of the recent conflict and reality alterations faded from both the Avengers' and Ultraforce's memories; Topaz noted she could sense that she was starting to lose the details.

(Black September Infinity - BTS) - Reality was revealed to have actually been changed twice, once by the renegade Time Gem (Earth-Ultraverse-Time Gem), and then reversed and permanently changed by Amber Hunt using the Reality Gem.

(Ultraforce Infinity) - Ultraforce investigated the death of Trinity Kirkbride , a 13 year old Ultra who had felt her powers made her evil, which led her allow the Fold to kill her; and the Fold, a neo-fascist survivalist cult led by a charismatic ultra named Pascal whose messiah complex led him to consider other ultras to be devils in disguise to be destroyed on sight.
    Topaz took particular offense to the young girl's murder based on the word of a madman; she considered the entire fold complicit and guilty, and she vowed to see Trinity avenged. Prototype (Campbell) tried to convince her to back off, as the rest of the Fold members were brainwashed, but Topaz refused to listen.
    From Trinity, Ghoul's powers learned Pascal's location, where they found him dead. From Pascal's corpse, Ghoul learned that the Fold had killed him, and that they had used him as a pawn to enforce their beliefs.
    Based on this encounter, Topaz concluded that perhaps it was ultras who should fear humanity, rather than vice-versa.

unarmored full(Ultraforce II#1) - Ultraforce received a new headquarters in Headless Cross, Arkansas. After arriving with the others in the Ultraforce Flyer, Topaz was disturbed that their hail was responded to by a man who said he needed to get some clothes on. After she had further noted there was never a good reason for a man to have no clothes on, Felicia Campbell started to question this, but as Topaz responded, "You know I..." she was interrupted by Cromwell, appointed by the US government as their support staff. When the uncouth and disagreeable Cromwell dropped his pants as he tried to fasten them, Topaz armored up and threatened to "cut it off!"; Felicia and the Black Knight restrained her. 
    Within their new base, Prime accidentally activated a bladed defense mechanism that attacked them; Topaz -- who was apparently more offended that the weapon looked like a "war phallus -- and Prototype fought the mechanism until Prime shattered it.
    They then received a presidential message showing them a profile of a man (Wreckage) believed to be responsible for "a blitzkrieg bombing campaign on Manhattan" early that morning; the report further noted that the mayor and governor both requested 24 hour to contain the perpetrator through conventional means.
    Cromwell then gave them each "comm bugs," insectoid creatures that could stick behind their ears, which routed voice transmission between the group and their home base.

(Ultraforce II#1 - BTS) - Cromwell subsequently made preliminary reports on the members, during which he considered Topaz to be baseline human giving it 5% either way. The federal government soon reported that the local operation wasn't cutting it, and they instructed Cromwell to scramble Ultraforce while the government agents evacuated the operating theater.

(Ultraforce II#2) - As Ultraforce's ship headed to Manhattan, Cromwell noted his sceptism that their intended target was the psychopath he was being portrayed as. After trying out the communicator bugs, Black Knight instructed the others to put theirs on. Following their arrival, Black Knight split up the team to search the evacuation zone. Topaz and the others heard via their communicator bugs when Prime screamed upon encountering Wreckage and feeling his power. After Prototype subdued Wreckage, the Black Knight instructed he be released to Ultraforce recognizance based on input from Lament. 

(Ultraforce II#3) - After hearing Wreckage's origins, Topaz participated in an Ultraforce alongside Lament & Cromwell. As she popped the top off her drink, Topaz pressed the point that returning Wreckage to New York's custody would likely result in a swift trial and execution. When the team debated Wreckage's sanity (in the matter of sending Wreckage to take out Bonehammer), Topaz noted that in her society, lunatics were treated simply as people with a different set of skills. 
    Ultraforce ultimately agreed to let Wreckage confront Bonehammer; they determined that the third surviving Commission bolt-hole they flew over was the right one. Topaz and the rest of Ultraforce occupied the Commission, allowing Wreckage to take out Bonehammer.
    Ultraforce subsequently announced Wreckage was joining, while Lament privatey accepted an invitation to join.

(Ultraforce II#2/2) - Ultraforce fought and, upon Black Knight's direction, Topaz and Prototype combined their powers defeated former KGB assassin Meat Rack, but then the group observed helplessly as a portal briefly opened (taking Meathook through it) and then closed into Reality-616.phoenix resurrection revelation cover

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - The Entity on the Moon opened a dimensional warp to Reality-616, through which passed the Phoenix Force, after which the Entity skewered the Phoenix with an energy lance, seeking to use its power to re-merge with the portion of itself trapped within the sun. Seeking a host to sustain its weakened form, the Phoenix Force merged with Prime, who had been battling Earth-616's X-Men (Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine) , who had been transported to Earth-93060 by the Earth-616 Australian aboriginal teleporter Gateway. Alerted of this, Cromwell summoned the rest of Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prototype, & Topaz) and sent them via their ship to Washington, DC, where the X-Men were battling Phoenix-Prime. Topaz and Prototype assaulted the X-Men with energy blasts before the Black Knight halted the conflict to discuss the matter with Storm. 

    Seeking to retore its energies, Phoenix-Prime began draining the energies of the assembled heroes until the Entity tried to take control of Phoenix. Topaz and the rest of Ultraforce joined the X-Men in trying to subdue Phoenix-Prime, until Prime was finally able to expel the Phoenix Force. Prime then joined Ultraforce and the X-Men in pursuing the maddened Phoenix Force via Ultraforce's ship, during which time the X-Men discussed their history with the Phoenix Force. By the time they caught up to it, however, the Phoenix Force had already bonded to Amber Hunt.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations#1) - As Ultraforce and the Exiles landed the Ultraverse's ship, Rex Mundi's agents attacked the Phoenix-possessed Amber Hunt; Amber was defended by the Solution, with the Exiles joining the fray in Amber. As the others engaged in battle, the Ultraforce/X-Men team attacked Amber Hunt. Mantra (Lauren Sherwood) and the Nightman also arrived to lend assistance. The Phoenix Force then left Amber Hunt and split into two (to destroy the Entity's pilot programs, Rex Mundi and the Alternate/Regina, both of whom were in Bermuda with the Entity). The large team of mutants and ultras departed through one of Gate's portals to Bermuda to the Entity that had captured the Phoenix's energies. Topaz arrived with Beast, Bishop, Black Knight, Ghoul, Amber Hunt, Prime, Prototype, Reaper, Rogue, Shuriken, Topaz and Wolverine; as they were assaulted by the Entity's anti-bodies, Topaz glared in curious frustration (?) at the new Mantra. Topaz subsequently joined an assault force including, amongst others, Bishop, Black Knight, Ghoul, Prime, Prototype, Rogue, & Wolverine in advancing into the Entity's control room. Guided by Amber Hunt, Wolverine succeeded in disabling the ship (and/or its connection with Rex Mundi and Regina), causing the anti-bodies to apparently drop dead, and the Phoenix's trapped energies were released; the gathered fighters quickly departed using one of Gate's teleportation portals augmented by Book's spells. The teams arrived on a nearby tanker on the sea and saw the Phoenix Force rise up and then obliterate the alien ship where it had been held captive. 

    To prevent further destruction, the heroes, including Topaz, attacked the Phoenix Force and forced it into a portal that sent it back through time. Topaz joined the others back on the tanker and found only the Exiles and the X-Men left, the others having teleported away. Gateway arrived with the Ultraforce dropship, and Prime recognized him straightaway. Prime then carried the Ultraforce craft with the Exiles and Ultraforce inside, while Gateway transported the mutants back to Earth 616.

foxfire2 cover(Foxfire#1 - BTS) - Topaz and the rest of Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prime, Prototype) were sent to bring in Rose Autumn, who had used her powers to escape police custody after she had been brought in on suspicion of murdering her father.

(Foxfire#1) - Ultraforce found Rose unconscious (in her golden armored form) in the New York sewers amidst piles of human remains (she had been knocked out in battle with the cannibalistic Mastodon). As she revived, the Black Knight announced she would be coming with them.

(Foxfire#2) - Rose feigned ignorance to who Rose Autumn was, claiming instead to be Foxfire, and telling them of the monstrous being who had attacked her. She told them how she had been helped by a big, blue, slimy guy, whom Prime correctly figured to be Sludge. After Black Knight tried to have Prime take Foxfire away so they could investigate the killings, but Topaz supported Foxfire's choice to stay, arguing that her wounds attested to her courage: A bloodied warrior has they right to confront her attacker; Black Knight conceded.

    Black Knight the spit up the group to search the sewers, Topaz went with Prototype and reported finding nothing. Soon after, they received a report from Felicia Campbell, warning that the Black Knight was down, so Topaz and the others locked on his comm-bug and traveled to him. As they headed for Black Knight, Topaz assured Prototype that her warrior instincts assured her that it wasn't Foxfire that had cold-cocked him. 

    After Foxfire had defeated Mastodon, Topaz and the others showed up. Foxfire talked Mastodon down, and he reverted to his Timothy Halloran form.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B (fb) - BTS) - An extraterrestrial race of metamorphs known only as the Shifters attempted to manipulate Earth-90630 (the Ultraverse's Earth) into a war with Earth-616, planting evidence of plots in which each side was planning to invade Earth.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - A shifter posing as an aged form of Prime from the future appeared in Ultraforce's Headless Cross HQ in the midst of Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Lament, Prototype, Topaz, Wreckage), plus Cromwell and Felicia Campbell; Topaz swiftly noted that he was seemingly pain-maddened; but he took out Topaz and several others when they tried to subdue him, until Wreckage finally succeeded. Shifter-Prime then warning Ultraforce that all ultras save himself and Ghoul would be hunted down and slain; Ghoul would be dissected into a thousand pieces but kept alive. Shifter-Prime named Earth-616's Green Goblin (though describing a genocidal murderer, Prime cast an image that pictured the Phil Urich Green Goblin, who was a hero at the time) as the architect of this slaughter, and also told them that one of Ultraforce was a traitor and would ally himself with the Goblin. Shifter-Prime gave Ultraforce a displacer that would open a dimensional portal to Earth, and a message from Aladdin reiterated the threat from Earth-616. Shifter-Prime discorporated just before the true, modern era Prime showed up.
    Topaz and the rest of Ultraforce arrived on Earth-616 and encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker, though he was mistakenly drawn in the costume of the Ben Reilly Spider-Man) aiding the Green Goblin against criminals attempting to loot Stark International. After Spidey convinced Ultraforce that this Goblin was a good guy, Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Green Goblin teamed up to investigate whoever had manipulated them, and they split up into two groups.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1B) - Topaz accompanied Ghoul, Prime, and Spidey to the Stark International facility in Maui, Hawaii, near the long dormant volcano, Mt. Haleakala, where they found a number of corpses. One of these revealed to Ghoul that they had been slain by the Shifters, who had come through computers from the Ultraverse. Investigating the facility, they found that the Stark Computers had re-focused a SHIELD solar-satellite on the volcano; Prime suspected Lament to be the traitor since she had a connection with computers. The facility suddenly began to collapse, and as the heroes fled, they were attacked by the Shifters themselves who snared them with powerful tendrils. Apparently some rogue Shifters released Prime, after which Prime flew into the volcano and destroyed the Stark International tectonic monitoring equipment that the Shifters had modified to cause the volcano's eruption. The military arrived and mistakenly assumed the heroes were part of the threat from the Ultraverse they had heard about. A call to Stark International clarified this, and the group returned to SI's Brooklyn facility

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - As Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Goblin traveled to the Ultraforce and to Aladdin HQ, Prime learned about this "older self's appearance," and he realized it almost certainly wasn't truly his future self, as his Prime Body wouldn't age; however, he kept the information to himself initially as he didn't want to risk revealing how young he was. At the Aladdin facility they found many dead agents. Traveling to the lower levels, they found and battled a number of Shifters, but the Shifter's masters eventually recalled them, believing that the information they had spread to SHIELD and Aladdin was sufficient to foment the war between the worlds they sought, and that the heroes' arguments would not sway this.
    Spider-Man and the Green Goblin returned to Earth-616, and Spider-Man sent a report to SHIELD. Ultraforce shared their information with Aladdin, but both organizations continued to believe that the other Earth intended to destroy them.

(Ultraforce II#4) - With the Black Knight being out for some rest and recreation, Topaz and the rest of Ultraforce agreed to Cromwell's order to undertake a mission without him.

(All New Exiles II#4) - After the slaughter of the people at a hospital, culminating in the shredding of the technorganically enhanced ultra called Catapult (Kevin Albers), Ultraforce (Prime, Ghoul, Lament, Prototype, Topaz) were called in to help; seeking to learn more about his former teammate, Ghoul removed his commbug and sought out Catapult in the morgue. From there, Ghoul went to a derelict refinery to investigate and encountered Amber Hunt, who was also investigating the Exiles' bodies desecration. Ultraforce tracked Ghoul, and the Exiles (Sienna Blaze, Juggernaut, Reaper, Shuriken, ‘Strike) tracked Amber Hunt to the refinery. Ultraforce and the Exiles encountered each other, and a brief but vicious fight ensued, with Topaz blasting Reaper when he rushed her and suggested they make some beautiful music together; she assured him the only sound he would hear would be his own voice screaming for mercy. 

    Still fighting, Prime and Juggernaut broke through a wall that revealed the embedded technorganic structure of an alien ship (associated with the Progeny?, which had been collecting animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens for an unknown purpose) within. As a defense, the ship released its powerful insectoid symbiote, with both teams then uniting to repel it, until Prime and Juggernaut teamed up to down the technorganic beast. 

    The Exiles and Ultraforce abandoned the ship as it took off before exploding. The two teams then departed, with Juggernaut issuing a warning that they may not meet as allies next time.

uncostumed-full(Ultraforce II#5) - Under pressure from Aladdin's Jake Alexander (acting independently), Ultraforce investigated the murder of Senator Robert Shine, which they determined involved several ultras, including Garrison Whistler and Helen Volcano. Prime, Prototype, and Ghoul learned Whistler had been hired to cover for another Ultra.

(Ultraforce II#6) - Topaz accompanied Black Knight, Lament, and Wreckage to the apartment of Helen Volcano in inner city Detroit. Helen reacted violently upon seeing them at her door, but Lament tackled her, and Topaz held her down with her staff, telling her to be calm as they only wished to talk; "we mean you no ill unless provoked." Helen revealed how someone allegedly from Aladdin had hired her to work with Whistler and to use her powers to torch the morgue.

(Ultraforce II#6 - BTS) - Helen went on to tell the others everything she knew, but after they departed, Dog showed up and killed both her and her son.

(Ultraforce II#6) - Cromwell sent Topaz along with Black Knight, Bob Campbell, Ghoul, Lament and Wreckage to investigate the apartment of the recently murdered Aladdin agent Monhegan who had been detailed to Chantal Shine (Robert's widow). After Ghoul found information that revealed Monhegan and Chantal had been having an affair, Topaz sensed the presence of another male, just before Dog ambushed her. She turned her skin to chrome just before he bit into her, and he responded by kicking her foward and threatening to beat her brains out with a stick. Energizing her staff, she battered him back, stunning him long enough for the others to arrive, but, by then, Dog revived and attacked anew. 

(Ultraforce II#7) - Defeating Dog required several exertions of lethal force to stop him once and for all; after Wreckage had blown open his skull with his guns, Lament telekinetically tore into his brain, Topaz tore open a hole in his chest (where his second brain was housed), and Wreckage used his shudders to destroy Dog's brain. From Dog's corpse, Ghoul  learned Dog to have been an agent of Metabio. Ultraforce (sans Prime) traveled to Metabio HQ, and Lament crashed their ship into it. Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage tore through the Metabio agents and their Rawbrogs savagely, to Black Knight and Prototype's disgust. Ultimately, J.D. Hunt revealed Metabio had given Robert Shine clairvoyance years ago in the hopes of making him a president that could lead his country into the future while lifting all restrictions on genetic research; when Shine went mad,  Metabio had hired someone to kill Shine, and then hired Whistler and Helen Volcano to destroy Shine's body and all the evidence of their tampering. Hunt further told them that upon Dog's death, he had transferred $50 million to Shine's killer to see them all dead.face-uncostumed

(Ultraforce II#7 - BTS) - Ultraforce returned to Headless Cross where they were rejoined by Prime.

(Ultraforce II#7) - Outraged by the bloodlust exhibited during the fight and refusing to lead a team of murderers, Black Knight fired Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Lament and Topaz hung around despite being ordered to leave.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - A viral neurotoxin plague from an alien race known as the Progeny, unwittingly brought from the future to the modern era by Foxfire took effect, progressively driving the ultras of the team members crazy.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Affected by the plague, Prime groped Topaz while she was in the shower. Enraged, she punched him away, knocking him into the communications room.

(Ultraforce II#8) - Wearing only a towel, Topaz angrily rushed after Prime, yelling, "No man paws me -- ever!" She was further outraged when he told her she probably liked it and then told her she needed a good man to show her a good time, and she departed, telling him to let her know when he found a good man.

    After Topaz had had a chance to get dressed, the Black Knight met with her, reminding her that she had been asked to leave, and that he didn't want her undermining the integrity of the team. Affected by the virus as well, Topaz accused the Knight of taking Prime's side and only thinking with his genitals. Cromwell's computer scans revealed elevated heart rates and blood sugar levels in Lament, Prime, and Topaz, and they realized all of the ultras were affected. 

    Topaz subsequently confronted Cromwell, behaving seductively before punching him in the gut. Black Knight arrived and stopped her from hitting Cromwell's head with her staff, but his attempt to explain that she was sick and his offers to help fell on deaf ears. Nonetheless, Topaz's infection dulled her instincts sufficiently that after some intense sparring, he was able to dupe her with a feint and knock her out with a punch in the back of the head.

    Topaz subsequently recovered, however, and she, along with the similarly-affected Lament and Prime confronted Black Knight, Cromwell, and Prototype, threatening to kill them. However, Earthforce of Earth-96535 (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, and Whipslash), joined by Prime-15180, then arrived to help them.

(Ultraforce II#9) - Topaz, Lament, and Prime threatened to destroy the Earthforce from the future, but Hellblade held his own against Topaz until Painkiller could blast Topaz unconscious with a weapon keyed to Topaz's bio-rythms. After Lament and Prime were stopped as well, the future Earthforce helped the modern group prepare an anti-viral agent to treat them; these events diverged the future reality from the modern one. They also revealed that Foxfire was the carrier, and brought her back to their world (see comments).
    Earthforce wiped the memories of their adventures of the last 24 hours from their past counterparts to prevent it from disrupting the future, though the modern group did feel a sense of reassurance. Nonetheless, the Black Knight forced Lament to leave, though he gave Topaz a second chance due to her long-standing membership.

(Ultraforce II#10) - While cleaning up the mess from their recent adventure in hopes of finding out what had just happened to them, Ultraforce (specifically the Black Knight) unwittingly aborted the cold sleep on Specimen 13, one of a large number of beings kept inert in their basement. After Cromwell was injured when a chunk of masonry Prime was flying overhead with crumbled, Topaz accompanied the Knight to the infirmary; Topaz was relieved to learn Cromwell was not seriously injured, though she would never admit it to his face. They then began checking the facility's lower levels, where they found Specimen 13's empty chamber; when Toipaz sensed movement, she prepared to charge their attacker, but the Knight convinced her to join him in a coordinated confrontation. Regard;ess, Topaz circled to the left as instructed, she called out to and challenged the creature in this shadows, and it swatted a number of crates towards her; one struck her head and knocked her out.

(Ultraforce II#11) - By the time Specimen 13 had flattened the Black Knight, Topaz recovered and confronted the creature anew, seeking to make up for her previous defeat. When her powerstaff hurt Specimen 13, she followed up by firing an energy blast from her staff, but the creature absorbed the energy, grew in power and tossed her across the room. After Prime and Prototype arrived and joined the struggle, Topaz peppered Specimen 13 while Prime prepared to skewer it with a girder he had twisted into a spike; but Cromwell interrupted the struggle and talked it down, revealing it to be his brother. Cromwell convinced it to return to its cold sleep chamber.
    Ultraforce was then dispatched to stop Maxis as it overpowered a number of Ultras in New York City.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce flew to New York City via their dropship and confronted Maxis, who had overpowered the Exiles and several others who had tried to stop it; in the process Maxis had retrieved most of their power codes and stored them within its own form. Topaz whirled her power staff to deflect throwing stars formed and hurled by Maxis, but when she directly assaulted it, it grabbed her staff, reading and recording her power codes as wel as incapacitating her in the process. After a lengthy battle aided by those recovering from their recent battle with Maxis (during which time it separated from Ripfire and became able to survive on its own), the Black Knight directed all of the others (including a recovered Topaz) to collapse a building on the Maxis, temporarily stopping it; however, they were then confronted by a massive armada of the Tulkan Fleet who had come there in search of Demonseed.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - After a super-powered group of aliens landed, Ultraforce, the Exiles, Ironclad, Ripfire, and Siren initially battled them upon learning their intent, and Topaz took offense to Prime's instruction to "kick some alien butt," as she was an alien. After the Tulkan ships distracted the heroes with fire, the alens that had landed split up to search New York for Demonseed. The heroes split up to deal with separate groups of the Tulkan Fleet. 

    Topaz joined Cayman and Strike against Foxeye and Stummp in Grand Central Station. Whirling her staff, Topaz deflected and energy blast from Foxeye and then fired back at her, but Foxeye deflected her blast; Foxeye noted that on her native homeworld, Vulpos, they had heard of the sisters of Gwendor and wondered why Topaz sided against the Tulkan fleet beside such lowly creatures as these. Ultimately, Topaz kicked Foxeye across the room and Cayman knocked out Foxeye and Stump by swinging Stummp by his tail into her; however, Strike had already been crippled when Stummp skewered (or just smashed) his spine with the point of his armored tail. Dispassionate, Topaz wondered where was this Demonseed.

    The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them. Maxis opened a dimensional warp, to send the Black Knight, Sienna Blaze, and Reaper back to Earth 616. Topaz bade the Knight farewell -- allegedly in the traditional Gwendor way -- with a kiss on the mouth, telling him, "Stay strong warrior, until we meet again."

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2 - BTS) - Prototype (Campbell) succeeded the Black Knight as leader of Ultraforce.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - After the dimension warp had closed, a fleet of Aladdin helicopters arrived, commanding the heroes to instantly surrender.

latter appearance(Ultraforce II#13) - Aladdin prepared to arrest the Exiles (Amber Hunt and Hellblade, after the former had helped Shuriken escape), but Ultraforce vouched for them, and attempted to explain the Tulkan Empire's involvement. The Aladdin agents agreed to grant amnesty to Amber Hunt and Hellblade, as long as they joined and were watched over by Ultraforce. A similar offer was made to Maxis, and two others who had participated in the recent battle, Ironclad and Ripfire, also joined.

    As Strike was taken away in a stretcher, Topaz apologized for failing him in battle by letting Stummp break his back; Strike told her he had foreseen it, and it was his destiny. Cayman assured her he was accompanying Strike to the hospital to make sure they treated him right. Now certain that Strike would receive the best care, Topaz said, "Fare you both well, brave warriors...until we meet again."   Prime took a leave of absence to take care of some personal business, and Ghoul rejoined the group (since it was the Black Knight who had tossed him out). Topaz couldn't believe Prime was leaving and tried to convince him to stay, but as he was about to lose cohesion and revert back to Kevin Green, he left anyway.

    Topaz informed Prototype that she could find no trace of Siren, but Prototype figured she had departed as soon as Aladdin had shown up, as she was a known thief.

(Ultraforce II#13 - BTS) - Ultraforce returned to Headless Cross.

(Ultraforce II#13) -  Ultraforce met and shared what they knew about Demonseed, and Topaz asserted that her people would rather perish than surrender, instructing the others that a true warrior must be willing to fight to the death...and beyond, if necessary.

    After Amber Hunt futilely attacked Maxis in an effort to force it to return her full powers, Topaz agreed with Prototype, reminding them that they had sufficient enemies without fighting amongst themselves.

    Along with the others, Topaz viewed press footage where Prime was shown reverting back into the 13 year old Kevin Green. After which, Hardcase appeared, announcing his return, but neither Topaz nor any of the others remembered him at all due to the reality re-write of the Black September Infinity Effect.

(Ultraforce II#14) - A few of the others futilely attacked Hardcase after he had told them he used to be their leader, he explained how the Infinity Effect -- apparently unable to destroy him due to the nanotechnology of which his body was composed -- had shunted him to a pocket limbo realm, wherein he had used his nanotech to create the being that became known as Demonseed. Shortly thereafter, Ultraforce was summoned to Ground Zero to oppose Demonseed

(Ultraforce II#15) - Following Prototype's instruction, Topaz and the others attacked Demonseed directly; their attacks had minimal effect on Demonseed, and he spread his "grey" into the ground, pulling Ripfire, Topaz, Ironclad, Hellblade, and eventually Prototype beneath the tentacle-sprouting quicksand-like ground. He then absorbed them into his body, leaving them each as the termination of each of the digits on his right hand. Maxis and Hardcase generated opposing magnetic fields that temporarily discorporated Demonseed, freeing the others from within him. When Demonseed surrounded itself with a force field, Hardcase ordered a retreat to their dropship to plan anew, whereupon they were rejoined by Prime. 

    Prototype led the others in a full-on assault on Demonseed, and Ripfire sacrificed his life's energies destroying Demonseed's force field, after which Maxis used nanotechnology given by Hardcase to form a portal to the limbo realm in which Hardcase had formed Demonseed. Hardcase then grabbed Demonseed and had Prime push the two of them through the portal, leaving them trapped and eternally locked in mortal combat.

    Topaz -- along with Ghoul, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Ironclad, Maxis, and Prime -- stood by Prototype as they vowed to stay together and continue doing what Ultraforce had always done.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones.

    Google "Topaz B-52s" and play it while reading this song.

    The Marvel Chronology Project puts the Foxfire issues right after the Phoenix Resurrection ones, but in All-New Exiles#4, Ghoul wondered what had happened to the Halloran kid after the deaths of the original Exiles.

    Topaz in the New World's Ultraforce was a divergent counterpart of Topaz, and may get covered when and if I have a chance to profile the New World, or, at least, Ultraforce of the New World.

    Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A and 1B had the same first and third chapters. Only the second chapter was different.

    All the time travel and divergent realities associated with Foxfire were very confusing. Pending a Foxfire profile, they are discussed in the comments for Alex Autumn.

Profile by Snood.

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