prototype-campbell-uv-ufii10-newarmor-full PROTOTYPE

prototype-campbell-uv-ufii6-campfaceReal Name: Robert "Bob" Campbell

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-93060/"Ultraverse"; see comments) human mutate ("ultra") and advanced technology (exoskeleton) user;

Occupation: Government sponsored adventurer
    former Corporate mascot;
    former vigilante;
    former stuntman;
    former Ranger (US Army Special Forces), hand-to-hand combat instructor

Group Membership: UltraForce (Black Knight-616/Dane Whitman, Ghoul/Johnathon Martin, Hellblade/Jefferson Kotto, Amber Hunt, Iron Clad/Spencer Collins, Lament/Sarah Walks Unseen, Maxis/Dar' U Sorrin/Maximum Power Retriever, Prime/Kevin Green, Ripfire/Matt McKinney/Chi'arr, Topaz, Wreckage/Jack Prosper);
    U.S. Army Special Forces/Rangers (retired);
    formerly UltraTech

Affiliations: Aladdin, Jake Alexander, Angella, Arena (Keiko?), Basil, Charlie (stuntman), Cromwell, Earthforce-96535 (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, Prime, and Whipslash), Exiles (Sienna Blaze-616, Cayman/Evan Muramaya, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut-616/Cain Marko, Reaper-616/Pantu Hurageb, Shuriken/Brittany Chien, 'Strike/Brandon Tark), Foxfire (Rose Autumn), Gateway-616, Green Goblin-616 (Phil Urich), Hardcase (Tom Hawke), Hastings, Mantra (Lauren Sherwood), Mastodon (Timothy Halloran), Night Man (Johnny Domino), Prime-15180 (Kevin Green), Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Regina, Rex Mundi, Chantal Shrine, Siren (Jennifer Pearson), Solution (Dropkick/Troy Wilde, Outrage/Vurk, Shadowmage/Aera, Tech/Lela Cho), Spider-Man-616 (Peter Parker), Dr. Swanson, Thelma (pet cat), US Military, Warner Bros., Garrison Whistler, X-Men-616 (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Beast/Hank McCoy, Lucas Bishop-1191, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe);
    formerly Stanley Leland;
    indirectly Nemesis (the "Big Change" reality warp that resulted from her involvement in the Ultraverse restored Campbell's arm, marriage,and career as Prototype)

Enemies: Alien Elite of the Tulkan Empire (notably BemmBackstabber (Kaitlyn O'Hare), Bonehammer, Demonseed, Dog, Entity/Ship on the Moon, "ghost of the dragon," Glare (Gerald), Hundred Legs of Death, Stanley Leland, Meat Rack, Metabio Inc., Phoenix Force of Reality-616, Progeny, Prototype (Donovan Jones), Prototype-2000/Gordon Bell, Quattro (Book, Death Dance, Gate, Meathook), Rawborgs, Shifters, Techuza (including unidentified monstrous agents), Terrordyne (notably Egon and Karl), UltraTech, Veil (Marjorie Fredericks);
    Arena's unidentified ex-husband;
    indirectly Alex Autumn, J.D. Hunt and (formerly) Rex Mundi;
    formerly Arena, New York Police Department,
Exiles (Sienna Blaze-616, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut-616, Reaper-616, Shuriken, 'Strike), Maxis, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Solution (Dropkick, Outrage, Shadowmage, Tech), Specimen 13, Wreckage

Known Relatives: Felicia Campbell (wife; see comments)

Aliases: Formerly Ranger;
    "Beer can" (from Outrage);
    "Mr. Bitter" (from Felicia);
    "Hero of Liberty Island" (from Mayor Rudy Giuliani)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last seen based out of Headless Cross, Arkansas;
    formerly Manhattan, New York;
    formerly Hollywood & Los Angeles, California;
    formerly Beirut, Lebanon

First Appearance: Prime I#1 (June, 1993)



    Bob Campbell's most recently seen Prototype's armor (seen in the main image) -- cobbled together from various suits of armor he had within UltraForce's Headless Cross base -- granted him unspecified levels of superhuman strength and durability.

    He could fly and project energy blasts.

    He could generate a refracting field to ricochet energy assaults back at an attacker.

    He could electrify the armor's surface, forcing even the powerful Maxis to break contact.

    It almost certainly afforded Campbell atmospheric protection, oxygen supply, etc.


prototype-campbell-uv-ufii2-upperprototype-campbell-uv-ufii-beamcar    Following the reality-warping of the Great Change ("Black September") and prior to this armor's destruction, Bob Campbell wore the latest version of the Prototype armor worn (similar to that worn by Jimmy Ruiz before the reality warp), although there is not evidence he had any of the implants/direct connections and/or ultra powers that Jimmy Ruiz possessed.

    See Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz's profile) for more details on that armor.

    That armor granted Campbell unspecified levels of superhuman strength and durability.

    He could fly and project energy blasts.

    Other notable features included a beam carousel on an independent aiming system, polygraph evaluation (monitoring the vital statistics (heart rate, blood pressure, etc. on a subject in an effort to determine whether they were telling the truth), other systems scanning, and remote measuring and calculations (including evaluating the bite radius on a bone and comparing it to human dentition).

    It almost certainly afforded Campbell atmospheric protection, oxygen supply, etc.



prototype-campbell-uv-prot10-ranger-flyto prototype-campbell-uv-prot10-cov-ranger  The Ranger armor granted Campbell unspecified strength (greater than the mark I Prototype armor, but less than the mark II+ Prototype armors)

    Ramjets facilitated high speed flight (presumably between Mach 3 to Mach 6).

    The armor was highly durable, notably being bulletproof, even against high-power automatic rifles.
    It was also able to withstand powerful energies weapons, including those used by Terrordyne and Glare's heat and light blasts

    It allowed him to catch bullets in the glove unit and to crush them into a solid metal ball.

    Campbell felt that the servos worked much better than the Mark I Prototype suit.

    The armor allowed him to project energy blasts from his gauntlets. He also added in a neuro-disruptor weapon given to him by Arena that allowed him to fire a beam that scrambled the thoughts of a target after striking his or her forehead (at least).

    The armor's weapons systems allowed him to turn his head to target line-of-sight.

    Sensors granted nearly 270 degrees of vision.

    It provided Campbell some degree of atmospheric protection, and it had an oxygen supply sufficient to travel underwater from Staten Island to Liberty Island



prototype-campbell-uv-prot4-completedarmorprototype-campbell-uv-prot4-completedarmor-jackhammer    His pre-Ranger self-built battlesuit had metal body armor and a servo-strength of 15.2 times human (if it augmented its user's strength to that degree, it would have allowed Campbell to lift (press) 2280 pounds if he could lift could 150 lbs. on his own (vs. 4560 lbs. if he could lift 300 lbs. on his own, for example).

    However, if it could lift 15.2 more than peak human (which is lifting closer to 800 lbs.), it would have allowed him to lift 12,160 lbs. (about 6 tons)).

    It could fly, although not as far or as fast as the Prototype mark I armor.

    In addition to his dense body armor, it included an array of weapons, including anti-personnel rubber bullets, armor-piercing shells, explosive missiles, and a jackhammer arm.

    It almost certainly afforded Campbell atmospheric protection, oxygen supply, etc.



prototype-campbell-uv-prot1-flightprototype-campbell-uv-prime1-gulf-weapontest     The Prototype mark I armor granted Bob Campbell superhuman strength, enabling him to bend a tank's gun and to rip it off of a tank.

     The armor allowed flight at unspecified speeds and/or for undefined distances.

     The armor provided an unspecified level of resistance to injury;
it was bulletproof (including against automatic rifles).

     Additional weapons included sonics and machine gun weapons on the arms

     These weapons were either aimed directly by pointing his arm and/or lining up crosshairs.

    The armor also allowed Campbell to monitor police radio and used the armor when there was a problem on the street.

    It almost certainly afforded Campbell atmospheric protection, oxygen supply, etc.


prototype-campbell-uv-prot1-pros-portprototype-campbell-uv-prot1-prosthesis    Following the battle with Prototype-2000, Bob received a prosthetic right arm (which he nicknamed Louise).

    He had a port at the end of his amputation site (just below the elbow) into which the prosthetic arm linked.

    The arm and hand functioned and looked like his human arm and hand.

prototype-campbell-uv-prot2-circsawattachprototype-campbell-uv-prot2-circsaw    It could apparently use a finger to rapidly heat food or drink. '

    The port could also accept other pieces of equipment, such as a circular saw attachment, which was powerful to cut through Backstabber's talons.


    Bob has sufficient technological knowledge and experience with the Prototype armors to construct and/or repair his own armor.

    Bob is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat (on a level sufficient to train Rangers) and is a tactical weapons expert

    Bob exercised heavily to maintain excellent physical condition

    Bob had some history of drinking excessively and allowing this to interfere with both his career/performance and his personal relationships (notably his marriage), and he had resolved to stop drinking when he and Felicia were getting back together...but they never got divorced in the altered reality (the Big Change/"Black September").

    He sometimes traveled aboard UltraForce's dropship.

Height: Unrevealed; (unarmored) approximately 6'; (Prototype Mark I) approximately 7'; (pre-Ranger armor) approximately 7'; (Ranger) approximately 6'2"; (modern Prototype armor) approximately 6'2"
Weight: Unrevealed; (unarmored) approximately 200 lbs; given the unrevealed armor compositions, I am not going to speculate on various armored weights
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (sometimes shown as blond)

History: prototype-campbell-uv-prot0-stuntman
(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - Bob Campbell served in the US Army Special Forces (Rangers), serving as a hand-to-hand combat instructor and tactical weapons expert.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bob Campbell served with special forces in Beirut.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - After retiring from the army, Campbell worked in Hollywood, California as a stuntman in low budget sci-fi pictures, like "Ex-Terminator" and "Death's Company."

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bob Campbell did stunt work for Warner Bros.

    He continued to wear his military dog tags, which reminded him that he liked civilian life better.

(Prototype I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Bob's wife, Felicia took care of Bob when he injured himself as a stuntman.

(Prototype I#1 (fb) - BTS) <Several years before the main story> - UltraTech created the Prototype program.

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech's advertising agency hired Bob to wear a multi-purpose exoskeleton prototype their Research and Development division had created. They were shooting a promotional film for the military brass.

(Prototype I#6 (fb) - BTS) - It took Campbell two hours to get sealed in the Prototype armor.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Bob was surprised that the exoskeleton was real and not just rubber like in the movies he had worked in. The armor went through its programmed choreographed activities until some blast knocked the armor's computers offline. Enjoying the opportunity to control the armor, Bob improvised and put on a spectacular show.

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - Impressed by Campbell's work, UltraTech president Stanley Leland was inspired to make Prototype/Campbell UltraTech's living corporate symbol. Leland paid Campbell more money than he had ever seen before.prototype-campbell-uv-prime1-origamor

(Prototype I#3 (fb) - BTS / Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - Leland had Bob and Felicia move from Los Angeles, California to Manhattan, New York to work for UltraTech, with Bob taking the position of Prototype and Felicia taking a research position.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bob Campbell worked out to maintain his physical conditioning.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Bob and Felicia initially had a very positive relationship and enjoyed New York.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Prototype was introduced on stage to an impressed crowd.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Campbell's military training added to UltraTech's weapons research and development. The generals liked Campbell's "Rambo style."

(Prototype I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype became the symbol of UltraTech, greatly enhancing their image, facilitating their entry into the consumer market, protecting their investments overseas, increasing their stock prices and net income, and earning them the best press they had had in their company's existence (UltraTech having been formed in 1978).

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell began using the Prototype armor on his own as a hero. He kept a police radio on and used the armor when there was a problem on the street.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Prototype rescued a woman from a burning building.prototype-campbell-uv-prot8-mach1-prof

(Ultraverse Premiere#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to test the weapons of her newly designed armor, Arena chose to challenge Prototype.

(Prototype I#8 (fb)) - Arena showed up at a military air show and first challenged Prototype, who initially believed it to be one of Leland's public relations stunts. Campbell played along until one of Arena's sword strikes damaged his armor, noting that they would take damages out of his expense account. When Arena began destroying property, Campbell realized the attack was real, and Arena claimed to be the force that would make Prototype a true warrior or destroy him. Prototype fired his machine gun attachment at Arena, who formed a protective shield; fortunately none of the ricochets went into the crowd. Although both combatants practically wrecked their armors, they were excited by the opportunity to cut loose with their suits' full power.

(Ultraverse Premiere#11/4 (fb) - BTS) - After her first battle with Prototype, Arena left her husband, telling him that she had finally found a warrior worthy of her.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype appeared at everything from diplomatic balls to shopping center openings.

(Prototype I#7 (fb) - BTS / Prototype I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Over the years, Arena regularly challenged Prototype, considering the two of them to be the yin and yang of combat; Campbell eventually began to look forward to their conflicts. Although the fights were violent, neither of them were ever badly hurt, almost like they were martial arts sparring matches or dances (with death as one possible misstep). Arena considered Prototype to be a worthy opponent, and Campbell considered Arena to be the toughest fighter he ever faced, but he also appreciated that it was almost as though they had some sort of odd relationship.

(Ultraverse Premiere#9/2 (fb)) - Arena challenged Prototype to engage in sacred combat, and he told her that he was ready and that this time he was bringing her down.

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech initially did not mind Campbell's heroic activities as it was good for public relations. However, every time he used the armor, it cost UltraTech "fifty big ones" (presumably $50,000) in computer support and ammunition. The expenses cost the shareholders.'

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Leland complained to Campbell about these expenditures, but Bob refused to listen, arguing that he was a hero and that he was helping people.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype aided in the development of weapon for the USA's Persian Gulf peacekeeping forces.

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Bob began drinking more heavily and allegedly cavorting with other women.

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Bob showed up drunk (and brought the bottle with him) and donned the Prototype armor but subsequently collapsed. A "Code 42" was reported to Leland.

(Prototype I#0 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Felicia told Bob about some of UltraTech's subdermal implants and their potential to damage the body, as well as the fact that no one knew all of their long-term side effects.

(Prototype I#3 (fb) - BTS) - While Bob (as Prototype) attended air shows and supermarket openings around the country, enjoying the attention, Leland seduced Felicia.prototype-ruiz-93060-uvorigins

(Prototype I#0 (fb)) - Bob returned home to see Leland leaving his house. He subsequently physically threatened Leland to stay away from her, and Leland resolved to get rid of Campbell.

(Prototype I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Felicia left Bob for Leland.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - Hastings served as Campbell's servant and caretaker, also helping him out when he had had too much to drink.

(Prototype I#0/3 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell refused to accept UltraTech's subdermal implants and/or neuro-transmitter booster shots.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - Marjorie Fredericks, aka Veil, offered to take out Campbell, but Leland refused her.

(Prototype#2 (fb) - BTS / Mantra I#7/2 (fb)) - Prototype showed of his powers by firing a blast toward the ceiling during UltraTech's National Video Game Tournament, unaware that UltraTech was trying to choose his successor. He later was part of the crowd watching Jimmy Ruiz excel at the Ultra Cop game (or he at least stood by as others watched Ruiz rather than Prototype.

(Mantra I#7/2 (fb)) - Unaware that UltraTech had chosen Ruiz as his successor, Prototype (Campbell) posed with the tournament-winning Jimmy and his trophy.

(Prototype I#0/3 (fb)) - UltraTech sent Glare, another of their creations, after Prototype. Although Glare temporarily blinded Prototype, Campbell was able to locate him by voice and tackled him. Glare injured himself turning up the heat and light, causing UltraTech to abort further work on him. Bob apparently suffered some burns despite the armor.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell occasionally complained of a hangover after overindulging the night before.

(Prototype I#6 (fb) - BTS) <a couple weeks before Campbell lost his arm> - Bob saw an UltraTech memo referencing Veil as a biological prototype, a corporate assassin who could evade security sensors and kill with a touch.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell spent two years serving as UltraTech's corporate symbol and armament demonstrator.prototype-campbell-uv-prot1-dismember

(Prototype I#1 (fb) - BTS) - During what was to be an exhibition for UltraTech to test the equipment's progress of Prototype 2000 (a ten-year project in its third year), Prototype (Campbell) found the Prototype 2000 to be out for blood, as it disabled his primary power, severed his contact with ground control, and finally blew off his right arm right around his elbow.

(Prime I#1 (fb)) - Prototype was medically evacuated, and it was reported that his exo-armor had failed during a weapons test.

(Prototype I#1 (fb) - BTS) - About an hour later, Campbell's arm was found as a homeless man was trying to sell it for $20.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - Campbell could no longer operate the Prototype armor.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - UltraTech covered up Prototype's accident.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ultra! (presumably Ultra Monthly) obtained films of Prototype's medical evacuation.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ultra Monthly asked Stanley Leland about Prototype's fate, but he replied that noting UltraTech did not comment on confidential competitve information and the disposition of its resources. He did note that they expected to have an announcement in a few weeks.

(Prime I#1 (fb) - BTS) - During a GNS Special Report: Ultrahumans Update, Carol Dickey met with special contributor Al Baker of Ultra Monthly Magazine. They discussed Prototype's disappearance from public view, and Baker showed footage of the medical evacuation and the interview with Stanley Leland. Baker further noted that their sources indicated that Prototype was seriously injured and that he may not have survived the accident.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - Campbell attempted to return to UltraTech but he was physically beaten and thrown out by security under Leland's orders.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell accepted the Worker's Compensation settlement.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - Bob found and adopted a homeless cat.

(Prototype I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell received a prosthetic arm, which he nicknamed Louise (to match his cat, which he had named Thelma)

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell discovered that his prosthetic port could also be linked to other pieces of technology, and he had some tools -- including a circular saw -- designed to hook into his port.

(Prototype I#0/4 (fb)) - An UltraTech legal agent interviewed Leland, Felicia, Marjorie Fredericks, and Hastings about Bob Campbell.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell began working on his own suit of armor.

(Prototype I#1) - Campbell awakened from a nightmare involving his losing his arm and prepared to head to UltraTech's stockholder's meeting.

(Prototype I#1) - Introducing the new Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Stanley Leland noted that several months ago, they had taken Prototype off the market and sent him back to the shop.

    Observing the new Prototype armor, Campbell realized that they must have solved the micronization problem after his departure, although he still preferred his old suit. When Prototype malfunctioned and crashed through some windows, Campbell swiftly appreciated that something was wrong, and he realized that perhaps he liked this a little too much. prototype-campbell-uv-prot2-partarmor

(Prototype I#1 / Ultra Monthly#3) - When Leland opened things up for questions, Campbell stood up, asked why he was let go/dismissed, why he did not return his calls, and what he intended to do about the age-discrimination suit he had filed against UltraTech. As Leland stated that is was not UltraTech's policy to respond to pending litigation, UltraTech security agents led Campbell away, telling him he knew the routine by now. Marjorie Fredericks advised him to do everyone a favor and stay away from UltraTech, as it would be a shame if something happened to him.

(Ultra Monthly#3) - Vance Lee of Ultra Monthly subsequently caught up with Campbell (whom he thought looked vaguely familiar, although he did not know who he was) and gave him his card. Although Campbell told Lee he did not want to talk to the press, Lee reminded that he just had at the new Prototype debut and asked what was his beef against UltraTech. However, they were interrupted...

(Prototype I#1 / Ultra Monthly#3) - Still nearby as Prototype engaged Glare, Campbell considered that when he was Prototype, he could have taken this character down in minutes and still have enough energy left to film a new commercial. 

(Ultra Monthly#3) - In the published article, Vance Lee told the man he had given his card to give him a call and share his story.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell enlisted Basil to purchase parts for a suit of armor he was building but told him to keep it under $7000.

(Prototype I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Marjorie Fredericks hired a special contractor known as Backstabber to take care of Campbell.

(Prototype I#2 - BTS) - Marjorie informed Leland that she had taken the initiative and assigned a special contractor, and that Campbell would not be a problem much longer.

(Prototype I#2) - As Basil met with Campbell at a bar, both Aladdin agent Jake Alexander (who wanted information on the new Prototype) and Backstabber were present, knowing Campbell would be there as he usually was. Although the $10,000 was more than he expected, he agreed to the terms -- despite thinking that he would be eating tuna salad until his next workers compensation check came in -- and went out to the parking lot to get the equipment from Basil's car and to settle up with him.

(Prototype I#2 - BTS) - Observing a woman waiting for Campbell, Alexander suspected trouble but decided to let Campbell handle it himself.prototype-campbell-uv-prot4-completedarmor-fullsmaller

(Prototype I#2) - After Campbell returned to his seat and considered that even though it was costing him everything, he had to get a working battlesuit together so he would be ready when "it all hit the fan." Introducing herself as talent agent Kaitlyn O'Hare, Backstabber offered to buy him a drink and talk about casting. She flirted with him, and eventually Campbell took her back to his place, explaining away the suit of armor in his garage as a design for some low-budget feature.

    Once inside, she came on strong and asked him to show her his bedroom, and he carried her inside, although he considered that she was a lot heavier than she looked. Once they were in bed, she raked his back with her claws and revealed her true nature. He fled from her, taking a slash to his prosthetic arm and then had it pinned to a wall by a knife she had thrown. Leaving the arm behind, he was nonetheless caught by her and pinned by her superior strength, until Thelma leapt on and scratched her face, allowing him to kick her away and flee into his basement.

    By the time she reached him, he had donned his armor, but when he punched her, he found her ribs to be as hard as metal. Punching her back and taking another slash, he added a circular saw attachment into the port for his prosthetic arm and cut off her extended, razor sharp nails.

(Prototype I#3 (fb)) - After Backstabber fled, Bob collapsed.

(Prototype I#2) - Bob subsequently arrived at Felicia's house.

(Prototype I#3) - After Bob related his story, Felicia gave him a check-up, and he told that he still needed a wife to put him back together. The discussion soon shifted to Felicia leaving him for Leland, and after expressing his frustration, Bob told Felicia that he would gladly give up his other arm for second chance. prototype-campbell-uv-prot4-completedarmor-machgun

(Prototype I#4) - Having completed assembly of his own exoskeleton armor, Bob tested it out in a field in his fenced off backyard, although he worried that it was too loud and that he would wake the neighbors. Noting that it did not fly as far or as fast as his old suit of armor, he tested its weapons, including anti-personnel rubber bullets, armor-piercing shells, explosive missiles, a jackhammer arm, and servo-strength of 15.2 times human. However, he was then confronted by heavily-armed and high-tech equipment-wielding apparent NYPD officers, who informed him that he was under arrest for the previous night's burglary of UltraTech (which had been performed by Wrath).

(Prototype I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell was taken to a midtown Manhattan jail.

(Prototype I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Claiming that most of Campbell's armor belonged to them and that he had stolen the design before leaving the company, UltraTech gained custody of the armor Bob had built.

(Prototype I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Via information gained from Ruiz's Prototype suit via Wrath, Aladdin built the suit of armor that Campbell would later wear as Ranger. Aladdin was unable to understand some of the biological aspects and the micro-circuitry, so they focused on the mechanical systems and left the rest for research and development.

(Prototype I#5) - Campbell futilely expressed his innocence to other inmates until he was bailed out by Jake Alexander, who introduced himself, noted that he wanted to help him, and suggested that ten minutes of his time was worth the $100,000 bail he had paid.

(Prototype I#6) - With Jake Alexander in his office, Bob watched footage of his successor crashing to Earth in fused armor after returning from the moon, and Bob accused UltraTech of using Ruiz like a piece of replaceable machinery. After Jake discussed Aladdin's extensive knowledge about Campbell and confirmed that UltraTech had set him up via the "accident" that had cost him his arm, Bob asked what Aladdin wanted with from him. Jake replied that they wanted the original Prototype and information on UltraTech, and in return Jake gave him the booster for his bionic arm that the police had confiscated, as well as a new suit of armor built by Aladdin incorporating notes they had found in his apartment.

    Meanwhile, seeking to execute Campbell, Veil (Marjorie Fredericks) invisibly entered the Aladdin facility. As Bob was donning the armor, noting that it was much more comfortable than his Prototype armor, Veil entered the room and slammed the door shut. As they saw a shimmering in the air, Veil taunted them and even revealed her name, causing Bob to appreciate the danger that they were in. Sealing his armor and activating his weapon systems despite not having been checked out with the control systems, Bob located her via infrared; however, his lack of experience with the equipment caused him to miss her, and she was able to touch and poison Jake. prototype-campbell-uv-prot10-ranger-full

    As Jake collapsed in agony, Veil warned Bob that the same thing would happen to him if he did not drop the UltraTech lawsuit. Bob then flew Jake to a hospital.

(Prototype I#6 - BTS) - Not aware that there was a new person in the Prototype armor (but aware of the armor upgrade), Arena assaulted Prototype at UltraTech HQ.

(Prototype I#7) - Dr. Swanson reported to Bob that he had gotten Jake there just in time, and that his informing them that he had been poisoned allowed them to detect the toxin and treat him. When questioned about what happened, Bob claimed he had found him like that, muttering about poison. Bob then visited Jake, who noted that now they owed each other. prototype-campbell-uv-prot10-face

(Prototype I#8) - As he worked on the Aladdin armor, adding some of the gimmicks he had worked out for his previous jerry-rigged outfit, Bob watched TV news footage on the Prototype-Arena battle, recognizing Arena despite the new armor. Bob considered that he could really challenge Arena in this new armor, although he did not understand half of its high-tech gimmicks, which he proved by accidentally firing its wrist blaster. Nonetheless, he looked forward to getting back into action.

(Prototype I#10) - Campbell and Jake Alexander made plans to take down Terrordyne agents who were holding hostages in the Statue of Liberty. As Ranger, Bob soon swam underwater toward Liberty Island, hoping to arrive before the oxygen reserve ran out.

    Meanwhile, Alexander confronted the terrorists, using body armor to weather a gunshot to the leg and then summoned Ranger, using a a force field to protect the hostages until Ranger arrived. Pleased to be playing the heroic role again, Bob wished that Felicia could see him like this. Alexander and Ranger drove back the terrorists and freed the hostages, after which Ranger was free to cut loose. He progressively took down the terrorists, shrugging off the energy blast from a powerful weapon wielded by Egon, although it knocked his sensors loose. Only group leaders Karl and Egon escaped via jet ski.

    Ranger subsequently appeared at a press conference where Mayor Rudy Giuliani extended the city's thanks to him, calling him the hero of Liberty Island. After thanking the mayor, he backed up his equipment in his jeep, considering that he had forgotten how media relations could be so much work. Jimmy Ruiz then confronted Bob, telling him Arena sent his regards. Although Jimmy told him he needed Bob's help, Bob punched him down, resentful of having lost his wife to his job and then Jimmy having taken his job. The assault caused Jimmy's energies to flare up, and he levitated, glowing, and noted that his whole body was on fire. He told Campbell to help him.

(Ultraverse Premiere#9/2 (fb)) - Observing Ranger in action while out of her armor, Arena recognized the style as that of the Prototype with whom she had enjoyed sparring, and she marked his energy signature so she could track him down. prototype-campbell-uv-prot11-ranger-facemask

(Prototype#11) - Jimmy quelled his energy build-up before exploding and then collapsed to the ground. Campbell diffused the anti-ultra mob by threatening to use Jimmy's power against them, and when Alexander summoned him to the Aladdin facility to deal with a problem (Glare threatening to break out of captivity), he brought Jimmy with him. 

    Unseen by Campbell, they were observed by Donovan Jones (Ultra-Tech's newest Prototype), who considered that they neither looked nor acted like heroes.

(Prototype#11 (fb) - BTS) - En route to Aladdin, Bob called Felicia to meet him there (to help Jimmy, although he apparently did not have time to explain that on the call).

(Prototype#11) - At the Aladdin facility, Felicia chastised Bob for still playing hero and asked what he was trying to prove, but Bob countered that he was doing it for himself. However, he clarified that he had called her there to help the kid (Jimmy), while he had to deal with another problem. As Ranger, Campbell then entered Glare's cell, answering a death-threat by smashing Glare into a wall. However, Glare swiftly recovered and punched Ranger twice, but when Glare unleashed a blinding blast, Ranger's armor protected him, and he blasted Glare back.

    After some further struggle, Glare smashed Ranger through the wall into the chamber in which Felicia had been treating Jimmy. With Ranger temporarily incapacitated, Jimmy took down Glare. Amazed at his own power, Jimmy wondered what Ultra-Tech had done to him, and Bob told him that it was the same they had done to him: "Made you, used you, then used you up." Felicia added that they had done a lot more to Jimmy, using subdermal circuits to link the user directly to the armor and to transfer power between man and machine. She then explained that Jimmy was an ultra and that Ultra-Tech had lied to him all along.

    At Bob's query, Felicia confirmed that if Jimmy did not have the suit, his powers would periodically be released explosively, and Bob/Ranger agreed to accompany Jimmy to help recover the suit, but also to settle a score with Leland.

(Prototype#12 (fb) - BTS) - Felicia outfitted Jimmy with a temporary exoskeleton to stabilize his energies.

(Prototype#12) - Felicia drugged the guard Harvey, after which she joined Ranger and Ruiz (in his temporary suit) in breaking into the basement. Thereafter, however, they were ambushed by the newest Prototype, Donovan Jones, who blasted Ranger across the room. Ranger nonetheless took on Jones while Felicia calibrated Jimmy's Prototype model for him. When Jones threatened to overwhelm Ranger, Jimmy blasted Jones back with his body's eyeblasts. Bob's combat experience allowed him to fend off Jones just long enough for Jimmy to don the adjusted armor, and then Ruiz/Prototype incapacitated Jones after a brief struggle. Watching the struggle, Bob appreciated that Jimmy was much more violent and angry than he himself had ever been. prototype-campbell-uv-prot13-ranger-unleash

    Ranger and Prototype/Ruiz then broke into Leland's office. Leland stalled the men and put off-guard with a number of offers, convincing them to take off their helmets in the hope that the invisible Veil (Marjorie Fredericks) could drug them. However, Felicia instead both exposed and took out Veil. When Bob, Jimmy, and Felicia threatened to expose Leland's corruption, Leland instead called in Prototype 2000 to finish them off. However, containing the mental program of UltraTech chairman Gordon Bell, Prototype 2000 instead blasted of Leland's legs and sent him out the window to fall to his seeming death. Revealing his presence, Bell then told Bob, Jimmy, and Felicia they all worked for him.

(Prototype#13 (fb) - BTS) - As Jimmy flew down to the ground to check on Leland (whose body vanished), Bob approached Bell/Prototype 2000, whose self-defense programming forced Bob away from him, leaving Bob with a headache.

(Prototype#13) - Bob swiftly appreciated that Bell's memories seemed trapped in the past and that he considered Felicia to be his old secretary and right hand woman, Kate Connolly. He further assessed that Bell did not remember or even seem to realize that his memories had been downloaded into Prototype 2000. After J.D. Hunt announced his lawsuit against UltraTech, Bob and Felicia stayed with Bell/Prototype 2000 to keep him under control while Jimmy investigated reports of Prototype (actually a robot duplicate) battling Blind Faith (Travis) and Warstrike (Brandon Tark) in Yankee stadium. As Felicia examined Bell/Prototype and found evidence of some organic material within his armor, perhaps Bell's head, brain, or spinal column, she noted that they had worked on many things for human retrofitting when she was with UltraTech. Bob questioned how she could be part of that, but she told him that that she had quit back when it was all theoretical.

    Both resenting the armor that had blasted off his arm and wanting to know the truth about Bell, Bob as Ranger used his full power to blast Bell/Prototype 2000...but only destroyed his desk. When Jimmy returned, Bell/Prototype 2000 noted that UltraTech was undergoing a hostile takeover.

(Nightman I#12 - BTS) - Coerced by Rex Mundi, NuWare CEO J.D. Hunt resolved to send his Teknight robot and then hired the Solution to investigate "shady dealings" at UltraTech. Having been investigating Teknight, Night Man stowed away on the plane transporting Teknight.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 (fb) / Solution#13) - When Bell's monitors reported the approach of a number of agents serving JD Hunt, he sent Bob down to the basement to engage the Solution (sent by Hunt allegedly to investigate Bell's activities, but really so conflicts would further de-value UltraTech so he could more easily buy up its shares) and Nightman (who had secretly followed them); and he sent Jimmy went up to the roof to confront Teknight.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / Solitaire#10 / Solution#13) - Ranger arrived as Nightman battled the Solution, ordering all of the trespassers to halt as he was going to hold them until the police arrived. Outrage attacked, and as Shadowmage tried to nail him with a spell, Ranger blasted her. Although she leapt out of the way, Outrage angrily hurled Ranger into some boxes. Tech then shut down Ranger's suit, stopping the fight so they could talk. Tech discussed how they had been hired to investigate Bell's activities, but Ranger countered that they had broken in and attacked him and were no better than criminals themselves. Identifying Campbell, Tech discussed his past experiences with UltraTech, and Bob told the Solution that they could find Bell on the top floor. After Tech restored his armor's functions, Ranger joined the Solution and Night Man aboard the freight elevator to the top floor.

    While they planned to try to reason with Bell, his security had sensed their approach and he ambushed them as the elevator opened.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / Solitaire#10) - Their subsequent struggle brought them into the room where Bell, Ranger, Felicia, Nightman, and the Solution were present.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1 / (Prototype#14 (fb)) - As Hunt threatened to gain controlling interest of UltraTech, Bell forced Ranger and the others out of his office and then began to destroy his own building to prevent Hunt from possessing it. Shadowmage formed a protective spell that allowed Jimmy and all the others to survive the building's destruction.

    Bell subsequently flew off, telling Hunt to pick up the pieces but warning that someday soon he would come back for him.

(Prototype#14 (fb) - BTS) - Bob and Felicia resolved to give their relationship another try to see if they had changed at all. Bob agreed to stop drinking, and they hoped that without the constant media attention, he would be less stressed. He did plan to work part time for Aladdin and get back into acting. They further planned to move back to the West Coast.

(Giant-Size Prototype#1) - As Bob discussed his recent successes and working with Aladdin with his cat, Thelma, he was interrupted by a blast through his ceiling, after which Arena appeared and told him to prepare himself for combat. After he told her not to bring their rivalry into his home, Arena clarified that she needed his help against an old enemy. They were soon confronted by the giant robotic centipede known as the Hundred Legs of Death, and Arena held it off while Bob donned his armor but was ultimately overwhelmed and taken into its mouth. Ranger blasted the creature repeatedly, causing it to drop Arena, and then he slammed into it, after which it swatted him away with its body. It subsequently swallowed him, but he blasted through its weaker internal armor with a full power plasma burst, cutting through some of its main conduits in the process and causing it to lose control of its body. Sustained blasts to its held melted its armor, exposing and injuring its brain, killing it.

    After explaining that the creature was Techuza-created, Arena collapsed, unresponsive, Bob broke open the armor and was surprised to find a bloody woman inside.

(Ultraverse Premiere#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Ranger brought Arena to an Aladdin facility under the care of Felicia. Expecting that the injured Arena would be targeted, Jake Alexander supplied a human simulation decoy of her in a more open while Felicia treated her elsewhere. Felicia modified Arena's armor so that she could interface with the armor less invasively.

(Ultraverse Premiere#9/2) - When a pair of Techuza agents threatened the Arena decoy, Ranger attacked and defeated them, after which their tattoo-implants came to life and killed both of the Techuza. After Arena revealed her origins, she donned her armor and prepared to join Ranger in going after the Techuza.

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/4 (fb) - BTS) - A pair of Aladdin agents reported Techuza activity at their front company, Aragone Wholesale Meats. The Techuza presumably discovered and slew them soon after (Arena suggested that the Techuza may have discovered them before the report, presumably indicating that the Techuza had sent the message as a trap to whoever received it).

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/4) - Arena led Ranger to sneak into the Techuza stronghold through its front company, Aragone Wholesale Meats. There they found a pair of dead Aladdin agents, and the seeming carcasses hanging subsequently came to life and attacked them in monstrous forms. Engulfed by the maw of one such creature and unable to get his gauntlets into a position to get a grip on it or blast it, Ranger was saved by Arena, after which he returned the favor, blasting it; as they reformed, Arena instructed him to destroy their structural integrity to prevent this. Bob considered that Arena was so in control and completely assured: Frightening, yet powerfully attractive.

    At Arena's provocation, the monsters dropped, and she and Ranger were confronted by Techuza Battle Agents; while Ranger attempted to take them out non-lethally, Arena slew the warriors. However, they were then confronted by Arena's giant husband, and her bonding to him forced her to submit to his control.prototype-campbell-uv-prot17-ranger-fullflight

(Ultraverse Premiere#11/4) - Arena's husband attacked Ranger, and although Ranger was able to overload the "ghost of the dragon" that the giant warrior had unleashed upon him, the energy drain left him unable to combat the giant warrior directly. Ranger re-routed his remaining power for an ineffectual blast, and when he was at his attacker's mercy, Arena overcame her bonding programming and blasted her husband. After Arena revealed that she loved Campbell and not her husband, her husband stripped Campbell of his helmet and put an energy blade to his neck, forcing Arena to agree to return to her husband (and the Techuza) to save Campbell's life. As she departed alongside her husband, she told Campbell that while her statements and emotions did not matter, she and Campbell were combat personified, and that combat was never over.

(Prototype#14) - Jimmy visited Bob Campbell's house in Queens, where he discussed his recent encounter with the Manhattan Project, and Felicia suggested some bio-feedback exercises to help him control his energies. They also told Jimmy of their plans to move back to the West Coast in perhaps a few weeks, but Felicia assured him that she would set him up with someone she trusted to help him and that she would still be available for consultations. Bob offered to let Jimmy rent their house to raise his family.

(Prototype#15) - Prototype and Ranger saved cars and drivers on a bridge that had partially collapsed; Bob guided Jimmy to focus on balance to prevent the cars from going over. Jimmy's power did most of the work, but he appreciated that Bob had the experience and savvy to know the right thing to do. Bob also advised Jimmy that there was more to life than being a hero and having a job, and that he should be certain he made time for family.

(Prototype#17 (fb) - BTS) - After Jimmy's Prototype armor was damaged in battle with Engine of Destruction and the Techuza had abducted Angella, Bob and Felicia Campbell repaired the Prototype armor, with Felicia upgrading it so that his power coupling was improved by 40% (via some things she had learned while repairing Arena's suit interface). She also modified the interface so that it did not hurt when it was at stress points.

    Additionally, Jake Alexander programmed the frequency markers from Techuza into the armor's onboard systems.

(Prototype#17) - Initially impatient, Jimmy apologized and was pleased with Bob and Felicia's work. Jake Alexander explained that he should be able to track down the Techuza but that the Techuza probably knew that as well. 

    Ranger and Prototype soon flew off in pursuit of the Techuza, with both men silently considering their respect for one another. Based on seeing the work of the Techuza, Bob had an idea what they might do with an unborn child with ultra genes; however, he was reluctant to share his concerns with Jimmy.

    As they arrived, Ranger pointed out that there was no point in trying to be inconspicuous, and they walked into a Techuza-owned restaurant, leading some armed men to assault the them, and Bob warned Jimmy to raise his eye protection to avoid a knife in the eye. After Jimmy withstood a powerful energy blast (shielding Bob from it), they were assaulted by and then slew a pair of fish-monsters (Bob appreciated the similarities to the fish enlarging out of the fishtank to the Circus of Dr. Lao). Techuza agents then scanned their armors and some Techuza being remotely reported that they had extracted Jimmy and Angella's unborn child, and that it was still viable but now belonged to them. The remote being further noted that if Jimmy served their needs against their competition, Terrordyne, he would have hope of recovering his child.

    Although refused to aid Techuza against Terrordyne and advised Jimmy that the Techuza were liars and could not be trusted, Jimmy punched him away and rushed to what seemed to be Angella but was instead something that melted in his hands.

(Prototype#17 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Techuza agents dumped Angella off in Brooklyn, and she clutched her abdomen, exclaiming that they had stolen her baby.

(Prototype: Turf War#1 (fb) - BTS) - Angella was taken to a hospital, and Ranger, Prototype, and Felicia all traveled there.

(Prototype: Turf War#1) -When Prototype vowed to get the creeps who had done this to Angella even if he had to rip up half of New York to do it, Ranger tried to restrain him and get him to think things through, but Jimmy lashed out. The two fought briefly before Felicia broke it up and sent Jimmy in to see Angella.

    Meanwhile, Terrordyne and the Techuza engaged in a war throughout the city. Prototype apparently battled some of Terrordyne at some point, but he refused to answer Bob's calls, leaving Ranger exhausted in battling the two forces.

(Prototype: Turf War #1(fb) - BTS) - The Techuza apparently arranged to deliver/sell ultra genetic material to Aladdin.

(Prototype: Turf War#1) - Learning of this and believing this to be Jimmy and Angela's child, Jake Alexander informed Bob Campbell. Jake advised Bob that they could do more when they learned more about the transfer.

    Bob returned to his home to find Arena waiting for him.

(Prototype: Turf War#2 (fb) - BTS) - Ranger agreed to help Arena and the Techuza against Terrordyne in exchange for her recovering Ruiz's genetic sample.

    Arena gave Ranger a neuro-disruptor beam that she (and/or Techuza designed), and he added it to his armor.

(Prototype: Turf War#2) - As Terrordyne was preparing to execute Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Ranger and Arena arrived. Ranger incapacitated the Terrordyne leader with the neuro-disruptor. When a pair of Terrodyne agents targeted Ranger with a super-heated plasma cannon, Arena stepped in front of him, and her armor  -- designed with appropriate counter-measures --  was unphased by the blast. As they fought off the Terrordyne agents, Ranger noted his frustration in aiding the Techuza, and he reminded Arena that he was holding her to word on her honor as a warrior.  She assured Ranger that she would do as she promised (although she silently considered "if my husband allows him."

    Ranger freed Mayor Giuliani, who angrily stated that his reckless actions could have gotten him killed, leading Ranger to replace his mouth gag. Nonetheless, he soon led the mayor out of the building in front of the waiting press. When the press questioned Ranger about working with Arena, a Techuza leader, Ranger replied that when someone was in danger, there was no time to be choosy about allies, and that Arena had been critical to this mission.

I don't believe the rest of Turf War was ever published. The "next issue" feature seemed to show Ranger and Arena allied with the Techuza against Prototype, Terrordyne, and Stanley Leland. Heater was also shown, presumably coercing Ruiz to work with Terrordyne.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nemesis' warp generated a pocket dimension (a few thousand miles across, shifting matter to create other locales as needed), merging elements of Reality-616 and -93060, mirroring Reality-32659, in which independent engineer Bob Campbell (working out of Aladdin Garage) developed a Prototype suit of armor, the face of which mirrored a Sentinel's.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 - BTS) - Black Knight-616 (Dane Whitman) struck Nemesis with an alternate reality counterpart of the Ebony Blade, apparently destroying the composite Nemesis and splitting all of the Infinity Gems apart again.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 - BTS) - Reality-93060 was remade, notably with Bob Campbell restored completely and restored to the Prototype identity.

(Ultraforce II#1) - Aboard the Ultraforce flyer, Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prime, Prototype, Topaz), along with Dr. Felicia Campbell, arrived at their new headquarters in Headless Cross, Arkansas, where they met their White House-appointed support staff, Cromwell.prototype-campbell-uv-ufii2-flightto

    After Prime stepped on a hidden panel that activated a defense mechanism, Prototype ordered Cromwell to get his wife to safety; after Topaz ordered Prototype to give her covering fire so she could get closer, Black Knight countermanded the order, instead instructing the team to cut the mechanism's guns off. Using a beam carousel on an independent aiming system, Prototype disarmed the mechanism, after which Topaz and Prime shattered it.

    Ultraforce the received a message about the Ultra known as Wreckage who was believed to have been responsible for a series of murders and a blitzkrieg bombing campaign on Manhattan that morning. The group was given a 24 hour stand-by order, with plans to take down Wreckage if conventional methods failed, after which Cromwell supplied them with Metabio's communication bugs.

(Ultraforce II#1 - BTS) - The US government agents associated with Ultraforce instructed Cromwell to gather the team and send them to stop Wreckage.

(Ultraforce II#2) - Via the "Ultra Bomber" ship, Ultraforce traveled to Manhattan with the instruction to stop Wreckage, placing their communication bugs en route under the Black Knight's instruction. Upon arrival, the Knight had them split up, and Prototype -- hearing Prime scream in agony under the effects of Wreckage's shudderers -- flew in, tackled Wreckage, and threw him to the ground, stunning him before he could strike back.

(Ultraforce II#2 - BTS) - Wreckage was taken into police custody, but another Ultra, Lament, convinced the Black Knight that Wreckage was not the real killer, so the Knight took Wreckage into Ultraforce custody rather than turn him over to the authorities.

(Ultraforce II#3) - After learning Wreckage's story, Campbell agreed with Topaz's concerns that the government wanted to execute an ultra, noting specifically, "Giuliani and Pataki are hot for an ultra on the chair." Ultimately, Ultraforce agreed to allow Wreckage to help lead them to the real killer, Bonehammer, an agent of the Commission (an organized crime organization). Returning to Manhattan, Prototype and the others raided a series of Commission bases until finding the one containing Bonehammer. Wreckage incapacitated Bonehammer, and both Wreckage and Lament joined Ultraforce.

(Ultraforce II#2/2) - As Ultraforce fought Meat Rack, Prototype and Topaz followed orders to blast and incapacitate their foe, but then observed as he vanished into portal to Earth-616, which briefly opened and then closed.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - After Earth-616 Australian aboriginal teleporter Gateway transported the X-Men (Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine) to the Ultraverse, Prime confronted them but was then bonded to the Phoenix Force, becoming Phoenix-Prime.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - Receiving a report of this, Cromwell sent Prototype and the rest of Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Topaz) to aid Prime, and after Storm recognized the Black Knight, the X-Men ceased their assault. This gave the Phoenix-possessed Prime time to recover, and it sought to drain the life forces of the assembled heroes, using the Prime body as a conduit. However, Prime resisted again and once more the heroes attacked together until Prime was finally able to expel the Phoenix Force. Ultraforce, the X-Men and Prime then pursued the maddened Phoenix Force.

    After the Phoenix bonded to Amber Hunt, Prototype warned the others that ht Phoenix had found a new host.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations#1) - Ultraforce and the X-Men tracked the Phoenix Force, which had now possessed Amber Hunt. Prototype parked their ship one block west, crushing a car with its landing gear, and he informed Jubilee (who called his parking "gnarly") that they had government sanction and could park where they pleased.

    While Quattro (Book, Death Dance, Gate, Meathook) attacked Amber, she was defended by the Solution. Unfamiliar with the combatants, Storm asked Prototype for guidance, but he was uncertain what to tell her. After the Exiles joined the fray, the Ship/entity -- having detected a trace of the pilot program in the ultras -- directed the Phoenix-powered Amber to attack those around her.

    The Ultraforce/X-Men team then attacked Amber, and they were quickly joined by the Solution and the Exiles. Mantra (Lauren Sherwood) and the Nightman also arrived to lend assistance. After Rose Autumn's "father" was damaged in Amber's assaults, Rose lashed out at Amber with her own power, both Amber and Rose collapsed, and the Phoenix Force left Amber Hunt and then split in two.  

    After Amber shared the knowledge she had gained of the ship/entity and Phoenix Force, including where the divided Phoenixes were headed, to Rex Mundi (the now-sentient being originating from the ship's guidance program) and Regina (aka the Alternate, Mundi's semi-clone)

    Prototype was part of the large team of mutants, ultras and others who departed through one of Gate's portals for the alien ship/entity. Prototype and the other "invaders" were assaulted by antibody-like components of the ship/entity.

    Per Storm's advice, Prototype presumably traveled with Beast, Bishop, Black Knight, Ghoul, Amber Hunt, Prime, Rogue, Topaz and Wolverine to get to the ship's control room. The heroes succeeded in disabling the ship and escaping with Rex Mundi and Regina via a Gate-created portal augmented with Book's spell.

    The Phoenix Force, no longer held in check by the alien ship, vengefully assaulted the ship, which was fused into Earth's crust. At Mundi's guidance, the gathered fighters battled the Phoenix Force, driving it through a Gate-created portal augmented by Amber Hunt, that sent it four billion years into the past. Departing back to its native space/time, the Phoenix Force unwittingly caused the mothership's crash on Earth in the past.

    Prototype joined the others back on the tanker in Bermuda and found only the Exiles and the X-Men left, the others having teleported away. Gateway arrived with the Ultraforce dropship, and Prototype and the rest of Ultraforce as well as the Exiles departed in the ship, after which
Gateway transported the mutants back to Earth-616.

(Foxfire#1 - BTS) - Prime and the rest of Ultraforce were sent to bring in Rose Autumn, who had used her powers to escape police custody after she had been brought in on suspicion of murdering her father.

(Foxfire#1) - Ultraforce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prime, Prototype, Topaz) found Rose unconscious in the New York sewers amidst piles of human remains (she had been knocked out in battle with the cannibalistic Mastodon). As she revived, the Black Knight announced she would be coming with them.

(Foxfire#2) - Rose feigned ignorance of Rose Autumn, claiming instead to be Foxfire, and telling them of the monstrous being who had attacked her. She told them how she had been helped by a big, blue, slimy guy, whom Prime correctly figured to be Sludge. Prototype's scans noted the bite radius on the bones floating around them to far exceed human dentition, while polygraph evaluation identified Foxfire as telling the truth, although she was holding something back. When Foxfire mocked his scanning her as perverted, suggesting that he could even tell what color underwear she was wearing, Prototype confirmed this, noting them to be white.

    Prototype suggested Foxfire be taken away as a novice like her should not face a killer, but Topaz convinced Black Knight to allow her to assist in their investigation. Prototype was paired with Topaz, noting how revolting the sewer waters were while they failed to discover anything.

    When Mastodon ambushed the Black Knight and Foxfire, Felicia used their communication system to advise the others to come to his aid. While Prototype worried that Foxfire had been the one to ambush the Knight, by the time he and the rest of Ultraforce arrived, Foxfire had already defeated Mastodon.

    Foxfire talked Mastodon down, and he reverted to Timothy Halloran. Prototype and Prime retrieved a medi-kit for Halloran, whom they then sent to the hospital, and they found Sludge already gone.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B (fb) - BTS) - An extraterrestrial race of metamorphs known only as the Shifters attempted to manipulate the Ultraverse into a war with Earth-616, planting evidence of plots in which each side was planning to invade Earth.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - A shifter posing as an aged form of Prime from the future appeared in Headless Cross, feigning madness from time-traveling and initially battering Prototype and most of the rest of Ultraforce (Black Knight, Lament, Topaz; Ghoul was spared) before being incapacitated by Wreckage. Seemingly coming to his senses, Shifter-Prime warned the rest of Ultraforce that all ultras save himself and Ghoul would be hunted down and slain; Ghoul would be dissected into a thousand pieces but kept alive. Shifter-Prime named Earth-616's Green Goblin (Phil Urich) as the architect of this slaughter, and also told them that one of Ultraforce was a traitor and would ally himself with the Goblin. Shifter-Prime gave Ultraforce a displacer that would open a dimensional portal to Earth, and a message from Aladdin reiterated the threat from Earth-616. Shift-Prime discorporated just before the true, modern era Prime showed up.

    Prototype and the rest of Ultraforce arrived on Earth-616 and encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker, though he was mistakenly drawn in the costume of the Ben Reilly Spider-Man) aiding the Green Goblin against criminals attempting to loot Stark International. Prime took off after the Goblin, but Spidey convinced him that this Goblin was a good guy.

    After Lament discovered a plot by Ultraforce's Earth (-93060)'s government to launch an attack on Earth-616 and a similar plot from Earth-616 to attack Earth-93060 -- with a dimensional gateway opened via machinery in Hawaii and powered by a SHIELD satellite -- Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Green Goblin teamed up to investigate whoever had manipulated them, and they split up into two groups.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A) - Carrying Wreckage on his back and carrying Black Knight by the armpits, Prototype joined Green Goblin (and Lament, riding on the back of his glider) in investigating the SHIELD satellite.

    Aboard a SHIELD helicarrier, Prototype and the others met with an unidentified SHIELD agent who informed them that Project: PEGASUS had registered unauthorized arrivals from Earth-93060 and that SHIELD had resolved to cripple Earth-93060's ability to travel to Earth-616, just in case these were true security risks. When a report came in of monstrous creatures assaulting the SHIELD satellite, Black Knight was able to convince the SHIELD agent that these creatures might represent the third-party instigators and to allow his group to stop them first.prototype-campbell-uv-ufii2-rear

    En route, Prototype considered that all those with whom he was working were unknown (or less known) quantities and could be trouble; he wished he was working with Prime, Ghoul, and Topaz.

    As Prototype's group arrived on the satellite and he blasted one of the attacking agents, the agents morphed into monstrous form and attacked. Prototype soon fell under their assault, but after the battle shattered the hull and pulled the others into space (with the heroes holding each other's arms to prevent being lost), Prototype recovered, pulled them back in, and sealed the breach. They then prepared to reunite with the other team and compare notes.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1B - BTS) - Prime accompanied Ghoul, Topaz, and Spidey to the Stark International facility in Maui, Hawaii, near the long dormant volcano, Mt. Haleakala, where they found a number of corpses, slain by the Shifters, who had come through computers from the Ultraverse. After defeating the Shifters and destroying the equipment they had used to cause a volcanic eruption, the team returned to SI's Brooklyn facility

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Goblin traveled to Earth-93060 and to an Aladdin base, where they found many dead agents. Traveling to the lower levels, they found and battled a number of Shifters, but the Shifter's masters eventually recalled them, believing that the information they had spread to SHIELD and Aladdin was sufficient to foment the war between the worlds they sought, and that the heroes' arguments would not sway this.

    Spider-Man and the Green Goblin returned to Earth-616 and Spider-Man sent a report to SHIELD, while Ultraforce shared their information with Aladdin; nonetheless both organizations continued to believe that the other Earth intended to destroy them.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to all, Foxfire had been the carrier of a viral neurotoxin from the Progeny, which she apparently transmitted to Ultraforce.

(Ultraforce II#4) - Despite some argument, Dane Whitman appointed Bob to be his second-in-command and his replacement when he was away; the latter was effective immediately, as Whitman took some time off for R&R.

    Ultraforce was instructed to depart on a mission without the Black Knight. Knowing where Dane was, Bob suggested they could just pick him up en route, but Cromwell ordered that they didn't have time, and he mocked Bob for not being able to handle a mission without the Black Knight.,

    As Whitman wasn't wearing his communications bug, neither Bob nor anyone else associated with Ultraforce had any idea that he ended up fighting an "Alpha Class Stalker."

(All New Exiles II#4 (fb) - BTS) - A living ship, presumably associated with the Progeny, came to Earth at some point and established a base in a derelict refinery. From there, it sent out its symbiotic insectoid to collect animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens for an unrevealed purpose. 

    The insectoid desecrated the graves of a number of deceased members of Rachel Deming's Exiles, slaughtered the people at a hospital, and shredded the techno-organically enhanced ultra called Catapult (Kevin Albers),

(All New Exiles II#4) - After the slaughter of the people at a hospital, Ultraforce (Prime, Ghoul, Lament, Prototype, Topaz) were called in to help; seeking to learn more about his former teammate in the Exiles, Ghoul removed his commbug and sought out Catapult in the morgue. Seeing an image of a derelict refinery while communing with Catapult's soul, Ghoul went there to investigate -- while Prototype tried (and failed due to the removed commbug) to contact him -- and encountered Amber Hunt, who was also investigating the Exiles' bodies desecration. 

    As Ghoul had also activated his stealth field, Prototype's sensors couldn't locate him, so he contacted Cromwell back at Ultraforce HQ. When Cromwell pretended to have difficulty receiving his message, Prototype criticized him as an "unhygienic dwarf" and asked if he could set the base's long range scanners to track his telemetry. Cromwell did so and transmitted the information to Prototype's suit while noting that Ghoul had encountered Amber Hunt.

    As Ultraforce tracked Ghoul, the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Juggernaut, Reaper, Shuriken, ‘Strike) tracked Amber Hunt to the refinery. Ultraforce and the Exiles encountered each other, and a brief but vicious fight ensued, during which Prototype engaged 'Strike.prototype-campbell-uv-ufii6-campfull

    Prime and Juggernaut broke through a wall that revealed the embedded techno-organic structure of a living alien ship within. As a defense, the ship released the powerful insectoid symbiote, with both teams then uniting to repel it, until Prime and Juggernaut teamed up to take down the techno-organic beast, and then Reaper tore open its carapace, killing it. 

    Prototype detected the ship's heat sources increasing exponentially, indicating its engines were powering up, and the Exiles and Ultraforce abandoned the ship just before it took off. The two teams then parted ways.

(Ultraforce II#5) - Following the murder of Senator Robert Shine, within their Headless Cross base, Campbell listened to Cromwell rant about the case clearly involving ultras. Campbell then received a call from Aladdin's Jake Alexander, calling in his marker of a promised favor, noting that someone in Aladdin was covering up and stifling investigation of the Shine assassination and asking Ultraforce's aid in investigating and granting them his official sanction. Cromwell then played a recording of the conversation for the rest of Ultraforce. 

    Bob and Felicia Campbell then visited Shrine's widow, Chantal, at her Georgetown, Washington, DC, home, where Chantal noted that their marriage had been a sham and that she had hired a private detective to gather evidence for a divorce. At Felicia's request, Chantal shared recordings and documentations.  

    Ultraforce subsequently investigated ultra suspects, including Garrison Whistler and Helen Volcano. Prime, Prototype, and Ghoul confronted Whistler, learning (and recording) that he had been hired to cover for another Ultra, but they were then attacked by the Rawborgs.

(Ultraforce II#6) - Prototype identified their attackers as Rawborgs, which he clarified to be wetware assassins: "Bad news! Trust me, I know!" Prime, Prototype, and Ghoul defeated the Rawborgs, but not before one of them slew Whistler. Ghoul sought further information from Whistler's corpse, but Whistler had told them all he had known. 

(Ultraforce II#6 - BTS) - Helen Volcano was slain by the Ultra known as Dog shortly after she had revealed that she had been hired to incinerate Shine's corpse before it could be autopsied. 

(Ultraforce II#6) - Back at Ultraforce HQ, Campbell worked with Cromwell and Alexander. Viewing a reconstruction of the face of Volcano's Aladdin liaison, Campbell recognized him as the Aladdin agent detailed to guard Chantal Shrine, and Alexander soon found that that agent Monhegan had been found dead, poisoned and with serious wounds to his face and neck. 

    Swiftly traveling to investigate the scene of Monhegan's death -- alongside Black Knight, Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage -- the unarmored Campbell was attacked by Dog, who spit his venomous saliva into Bob's eyes, burning them. 

(Ultraforce II#7) - Dog mocked Campbell, telling him he would save him for last because he was easiest. Defeating Dog required several exertions of lethal force to stop him once and for all. 

    Back in his Prototype armor, Campbell accompanied Black Knight, Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage to the Metabio building, into which Lament crashed. Alongside Black Knight, Campbell was disgusted with their teammates' brutal assault on the Metabio guards, but they ultimately confronted J.D. Hunt, who revealed how he had empowered Shine, infiltrated Aladdin, and arranged Shine's death when he went out of control.

(Ultraforce II#7) - Appalled over the bloodlust exhibited during the fight, the Black Knight fired Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb))) - A viral neurotoxin plague from an alien race known as the Progeny, unwittingly brought from the future to the modern era by Foxfire, took effect, driving the ultras of the team members crazy, including Prime, and Lament and Topaz (the latter two having hung around despite being ordered to leave). Prime uncharacteristic tried to grope Topaz while she was in the shower, and he, Topaz, and Lament gradually became more hostile until they began to attack the others. The Black Knight narrowly took out Topaz.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype tried to stop Prime with non-lethal force but was eventually knocked out.

(Ultraforce II#8) - Prime attacked the Black Knight and Cromwell, and the Knight's photonic sword only served to briefly slow him. Prototype recovered and blasted Prime, stunning him so that the others could flee. Prime, Topaz, and Lament caught up to them, but then Earthforce of Reality-96535 (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, Prime, and Whipslash), joined by an older Prime from the future of Earth-15180, arrived to help them.prototype-campbell-uv-ufii9-demolished

(Ultraforce II#9/Ultraverse: Future Shock#1) - The Earthforce helped the modern era group subdue their crazed members and prepare an anti-viral agent to treat them.

(Ultraforce II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype's armor was badly damaged in the conflict.

(Ultraforce II#9) - Whipslash and Angel of Destruction found Prototype's bloody helmet and then found him barely standing (presumably having been battered by the maddened Prime-93060).

(Ultraforce II#9/Ultraverse: Future Shock#1) - The Earthforce revealed that Foxfire was the carrier, and they brought her back to their world (see comments).

    The Earthforce wiped the memories of Ultraforce-93060's adventures of the last 24 hours to prevent it from disrupting the future though they did feel a sense of reassurance.

(Ultraforce II#9 - BTS) - Nonetheless, the Black Knight forced Lament to leave, though he gave Topaz a second chance due to her long-standing membership.

((Ultraforce II#10 (fb) - BTS) - Campbell cobbled together a new suit of armor from the spare parts of previous suits he had lying around his workshop.

(Ultraforce II#10, 11) - While cleaning up the mess from their recent adventure -- which pleased Prime not in the least -- in hopes of finding out what had just happened to them, Ultraforce (specifically the Black Knight) unwittingly unleashed Specimen 13, one of a large number of beings kept inert in their basement. Specimen 13 proved more than a match from Ultraforce, and after recovering from being beaten down in their first struggle Prime twisted a girder to have a spiked end and prepared to attack anew. Cromwell interrupted the struggle and talked it down, revealing it to be his brother. Cromwell convinced it to return to its cold sleep chamber.
    Ultraforce was then dispatched to stop Maxis.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce flew to New York and discovered the Exiles and several others who had been defeated trying to stop Maxis. Prototype identified the fallen T-Rex and Sienna Blaze. They then encountered Maxis, and after it/they took down Topaz, Black Knight stopped Prototype from rushing in to attack, convincing him that they needed a plan.

    In the subsequent conflict, Maxis weathered Prototype's assault but was unable to drain Prototype's power as he had no inherent power, and Prototype's electrifying of his own armor forced Maxis to break contact. After a lengthy battle, the Black Knight directed all of the others to collapse a building on the Maxis, temporarily stopping it, but they were then confronted by a massive armada of the Tulkan Fleet.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - Ultraforce, the Exiles, Ironclad, Ripfire, Siren, and the others split up to deal with separate groups of the Tulkan Fleet. Prototype joined Hellblade, Ripfire, and Shuriken against Bemm, F'leet, and Kwill at the Rockefeller Plaza Skating Rink. Bemm animated the statue of Prometheus and caused it to punch down Prototype, but then Prototype goaded Bemm into facing him directly and formed a refracting field that ricocheted Bemm's opti-blast back at him, incapacitating Bemm. His allies took out F'leet and Kwill.

     The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them. Maxis opened a dimensional warp, sending the Black Knight, Sienna Blaze, and Reaper back to Earth 616.

    Prototype (Campbell) succeeded the Black Knight as leader.prototype-campbell-uv-ufii15-kneesup

(Ultraforce#13) - Jake Alexander and Aladdin showed up, and Shuriken fled via some distraction caused by Amber Hunt. Alexander prepared to to arrest the Exiles, but Prototype and the rest of Ultraforce vouched for them, and they explained the Tulkan Empire and Demonseed's involvement. After contacting and receiving instructions from Aladdin central, Alexander agreed to grant amnesty to Amber Hunt and Hellblade, as long as they joined and were watched over by Ultraforce. After Ironclad vowed to take responsibility for Maxis, Aladdin agreed to release it under his care, and Prototype accepted Ironclad's offer for them both to join Ultraforce. Prototype offered Ripfire to join as well, and he accepted.

    However, Prime took a leave of absence to take care of some personal business. After learning that the Black Knight -- who had thrown him out of Ultraforce -- had returned to Earth-616, Ghoul asked to rejoin, and Prototype agreed. After Topaz noted that Siren was nowhere to be found, Prototype figured that, as a known thief, she had fled as well.

    Back at Headless Cross, Cromwell berated Prototype for bringing so many people there as there was not room for them, but Prototype reminded him that he was their official liaison, not their boss; he asked Cromwell to just do the best he could for now, and the details would work themselves out...eventually.

(Ultraforce#13 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype set the base's scanners to focus on locating any signs of Demonseed.

(Ultraforce#13) - Soon after, the new group met in the "Ultrabase conference room," and Prototype told them that the scanners had had no success finding a trace of Demonseed. After discussion of Demonseed's background, Amber Hunt attacked Maxis in a futile effort to force it to return the power it had taken from her, but it refused, as it needed that energy to maintain its molecular cohesion. When Ironclad tried to stop her, the two began to fight, but Prototype broke it up. Cromwell subsequently summoned the group to show that Prime had been exposed as a teenage boy. They were then confronted by Hardcase, whom none of them recognized.

(Ultraforce#14) - Although Hellblade and Amber Hunt mistook Hardcase's attentions and attacked him, Prototype stepped into the path of Amber's fiery blast and stopped the fight.

    Hardcase then revealed his history after "Black September" and the "Infinity Effect" and how he had unwittingly created Demonseed. prototype-campbell-uv-ufii15-flyto

    Prototype led Ultraforce to join with Hardcase and travel via the Ultraforce Drop Ship to New York City. Upon their arrival, Hardcase started giving orders, but he backed down when Prototype reminded him that he was the leader. They were then confronted by Demonseed.

(Ultraforce II#15) - When Demonseed mocked him, Hardcase told him he had created him and it was his job to destroy him. When Demonseed began to drain the Earth's energies, Prototype rallied Ultraforce to attack him, and only Maxis listened to Hardcase's urging to wait, before it was too late. After Demonseed had swiftly dropped and absorbed Ripfire, Topaz, Iron Clad, and Hellblade, Prototype blasted the now-giant Demonseed to minimal effect, after which Demonseed fired a burst of energy that shorted out his boot jets, dropping him to the ground. Although Hardcase's advised him to retreat, regroup, and try a new tactic, Prototype told him he could stay on the sidelines if he wanted to, but he had a job to do and would not stop until it was finished. Mocking this comment, Demonseed drained Prototype's armor's power, and even as Bob voiced that he was more than just his armor and that the man would keep fighting, Demonseed absorbed him as well.

    Prototype's fall convinced Ghoul and Amber Hunt (who had proven resistant to Demonseed's life-absorbing "grey") to fall back, and they accepted. Demonseed taunted them, showing that Prototype and the others he absorbed were now extensions of his body, which he manifested as one of their bodies on each of the fingers of his right hand.

    Via information learned from Maxis' scans, Maxis and Hardcase struck from opposite sides, and the opposing magnetic fields disrupted Demonseed's own energy field, bringing him down to human size and forcing him to release those he had absorbed. With Prototype and the other recently heroes weakened and Demonseed's force field seemingly impenetrable, Hardcase urged all of Ultraforce back to the dropship to rethink things; Prototype argued that Hardcase wasn't team leader, but he relented when Hardcase told him he'd be glad to hear if he had a better idea.

prototype-93060-campbell-uf15finalspeech    With Prime rejoining the team, Hardcase downloaded nanotech into Maxis' systems and made a secret plan and then led the group to attack Demonseed again. To disrupt Demonseed's force field, Ripfire sacrificed his life by releasing all of his energy in one explosive burst. Hardcase then had Maxis activate the program and transform into an interdimensional portal back to the limbo-like realm in which Hardcase had created Demonseed, after which Hardcase tackled Demonseed toward the portal; at Hardcase's insistence, Prime added his power to push them through the portal, although Hardcase was apparently lost forever.

    With Demonseed defeated, Prototype assured Ultraforce that they would look to the future...together!

Comments: Created by Len Strazewski, Gerard Jones, and Norm Breyfogle.


    The final issue of Prototype (#18) ended with an advertisement for Prototype: Turf War, which detailed how Terrordyne was going to use their new CEO (a cyborg Stanley Leland) in a battle against the Techuza, with Ranger and Arena on one side, and Prototype on the other...and the life of Jimmy's unborn child hung in the balance. Donovan Jones was also to have appeared in it.
    Written by Len Strazewski, penciled by Gabriel Gecko, and inked by Stephen Baskerville.
    But the series never came out...
    There are apparently black and white copies of the art available, but that's it...
    Angella's last name comes from that series
    It makes sense that it would have directly followed Prototype#17 and that the story in #18 would have come after that series (or perhaps #18 is a fill-in that took place earlier).

Courtesy of Gabriel Hardman (comic artist)

In 1994 I drew a Prototype miniseries called "Turf Wars." It started as issues 18-21 of the regular series, then was going to be published as a miniseries, then was cancelled. Three issues were drawn. If anyone is interested I'm posting a link to all the art for the first issue. Some pencils, some inks by Stephen Baskerville, some pages are lettered. It's a mixed bag but all the pages are here in one form or another:  Prototype Turf Wars#1

In the Ultraverse group of facebook.,Gabriel Hardman shared sketchs of  a second issue of Turf Wars(but only 11 pages), it primarily deals with a new encounter of Jimmy and Spider-Leland. Can be found here.
--Claudio Flores Espinoza
Thanks to Claudio for providing that added story information!

Black September / "The Great Change"

    In the altered reality:

  1. Bob and Felicia apparently never divorced
  2. Bob never lost his arm
  3. Bob was never replaced by Jimmy Ruiz (or anyone)...there apparently was not a Jimmy Ruiz Prototype in this reality

    In Ultraforce II#1, Cromwell reviews a file on Prototype, noting him to be a presumed baseline human in the best enhancement armor in the world.
    Bob and Felicia were still married.
    He further notes that Campbell has been in the ultra game longer than anyone, except maybe Hardcase.

    (1) Prototype/Campbell was active for 2 years before being taken out by Prototype 2000, and Ruiz succeeded him soon after (although in the re-written reality, there was no Jimmy Ruiz Prototype), while Hardcase was active for 4 or so months before the destruction of the Squad led him to retire, and then he inactive for like 15 months before going back into action. So, even if you start from when Hardcase was empowered, that's still only 19 months before the next age of ultras (starting with Prime#1) Prototype has him beat for a couple months.

    (2) Hardcase did not exist in the re-written reality, and no one remembered him when he returned.
I would say that so soon after the reality re-boot Hardcase may have still be remembered by some and perhaps may have even been in some records.
I don't think Hardcase's existence/status in the altered reality had been discussed yet, and so Warren Ellis was presumably unaware that he was not supposed to have existed.

    All the time travel and divergent realities associated with Foxfire were very confusing. Pending a Foxfire profile, they are discussed in the comments for Alex Autumn.

They flip, they float, they fly (off the racks)

    A novel idea, Ultraverse Premiere was an anthology comic that would appear on the flip side of a different title each month (floating from title to title).

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

Prototype of the Nemesis-created reality, which mirrored Reality-32659

prototype-campbell-uv-ufav-32659-campbellfaceprototype-campbell-uv-ufav-32659-upper (Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nemesis' warp generated a pocket dimension (a few thousand miles across, shifting matter to create other locales as needed), merging elements of Reality-616 and -93060.

     This pocket dimension mirrored Reality-32659, in which independent engineer Bob Campbell (working out of Aladdin Garage) developed a Prototype suit of armor, the face of which resembled a Sentinel's.

     Answering an e-mail bounced from Kevin Green and intended for the Fantastic Four, he met up with Giant-Man (Hank), Thor, and the Wasp (Jan), who had also answered the e-mail, in an effort to locate the Hulk.

     In the process, Giant-Man took a fatal blast from Loki intended for Thor. After Thor attacked Loki, who vanished in a lightning bolt, Prototype, wondered where Loki had gone, and Thor answered "If there is justice? Hel."  The Wasp promised to avenge her lover.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - The heroes apparently formed the Avengers.prototype-campbell-uv-ufav-32659-fullish

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - In the merged reality, Jimmy Ruiz succeeded Bob Campbell as Prototype 2.0 and in the Avengers.

images: (without ads)
Prime I#1, pg. 14, panel 1 (original armor, full);
            panel 5 (Gulf War weapons testing)
Mantra I#7/2 (collage showing Prototype/Campbell at National Video Game Tournament; panel 1: firing blast toward ceiling; panel 2: standing by as Ruiz played video game; panel 3 (posing with Ruiz); panel 5: arm blown off by Prototype 3000
Prototype I#0, pg. 1, panel 1 (stuntman);
    #1, pg. 1, panel 1 (Mark 1, flying);
          panel 4 (machine gun firing);
       pg. 2-3 (arm blown off by Prototype 2000);
       pg. 4, panel 1 (prosthetic port);
       pg. 5, panel 1 (prosthetic lower arm);
          panel 3 (full, unarmored, with Thelma);
    #2, pg. 20 (in partially-finished armor);
       pg. 22, panel 3 & 5 (inserting and using circular saw in prosthetic port);
    #4, pg. 22, panel 2 (completed armor - flight toward viewer);
          panel 3 (flight profile);
       pg. 23, panel 2 (weapons blasting);
       pg. 24, panel 1 (missile launcher);
          panel 2 (jackhammer arm);
    #8, pg. 9, panel 1 (mark1; profile);
cover (Ranger, flying/blasting);
       pg. 7, panel 4 (unmasked face);
       pg. 14, panel 1 (Ranger flying at viewer);
       pg. 15, panel 7 (Ranger full);
    #11, pg. 10, panel 5 (Ranger facemask);
       pg. 11, panel 2 (Ranger, profile flight, full);
    #13, pg. 22, panel 1 (letting loose with energy blasts);
    #17, pg. panel 7 (flying, full)
Ultraverse Unlimited#2, pg. 19, panel 3 (refractive field);
Ultraforce II#1, pg. 12, panel 1 (helmet and wrist beam carousel used to disable defense system);
    #2, pg.. 8, panel 2 (knees up)'
       pg. 12, panel 1 (rear, in flight);
       pg. 19, panel 1 (flight to, tackling Wreckage);
          panel 2 (full, throwing Wreckage);
    #6, pg. 13, panel 2 (Campbell, full body);
       panel 4 (Campbell face);
    #9, pg. 17, panel 1 (armor demolished);
    #10, pg. 10, panel 5 (new armor; full);
    #15, pg. 2, panel 6 (knees-up; generating energy);
          pg. 3, panel 3 (flying toward viewer);
       last page, last panel (vowing to face the future together);

Potential images - not used:
Ultraverse Premiere#9, last page is good with Arena
    #11 cover is great full body, but fight hand covered by headshot

UV Unlimited#2, pg. 1, panel 1 is a good flight toward image of his Prototype armor      

Ultraverse/Avengers#1, pg. 6, panel 4-5 (Campbell face & helmet of pocket reality mirroring Earth-32659);
       pg. 7, panel 2 (upper Prototype mark I of pocket reality mirroring Earth-32659);
       pg. 8, panel 3 (Prototype mark I fullish);

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Ultraforce II#11 (August, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Carlos Mota (pencils), Rene Michelleti (inks)
Ultraforce II#12 (September, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Deodato Studios, Carlos Mota & Rene Michelleti (artists)
Ultraverse Unlimited#2 (September, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Kevin West, John Fang, Vinton Hueck, Shannon Gallant & Don Hillsman (pencils), Bob Almond, Philip Moy & David Mowry (inks), Phil Crain (editor)
Ultraforce II#13 (October, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Deodato Studios & Carlos Mota (pencils), Deodato Studios & Rene Michelleti (inks)
Ultraforce II#14 (November, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Renato Arlem & Deodato Studios (pencils), Deodato Studios & Jose Pimentel (inks)
Ultraforce II#15 (December, 1996) - Len Wein (writer), Andy Park (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks)

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