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Membership: Various

Purpose: Terrorism, extortion, manufacture and training of new super-beings (ultras)

Affiliations: Battlewagon, Heater, Stanley Leland, Ultra-Violence

Enemies: Aladdin, Jake Alexander, Dinsey Studios, Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Ranger (Bob Campbell), Techuza, UltraTech, Buzzy West

Base of Operations: USA

First Appearance: Prototype#3 (October, 1993)

Special Notes: Terrordyne use variations on a human skull design for its theme. Its headquarters are in Turks & Caicos Islands and include specialized facilities for rapid personalized human cyborg medical operations. They use skull masks for their military operations outside, but not while in base.


(Ultraverse II Origins card #42) - Heater was recruited by a Terrordyne subsidiary known as Ultra-Violence.

(Prototype#3) - Armed and skull-masked Terrordyne agents attacked the plane carrying players from the Denver Rangers baseball team headed for the World Series from St. Louis airport. Terrordyne wanted to hold the players ransom, but Prototype intervened. Rangers player Buzzy West helped knock out the criminals. Heater stepped in and took the fight outside. The Rangers and the Terrordyne agents were evacuated from the airplane, which was soon after incinerated by the angered Prototype.

(Prime I#1/2) - Terrordyne agents, armed with a massive truck-mounted cannon, attacked Dinsey Studios because they hated its cartoon characters. Prime easily thwarted their attempt, knocking each one out and passing details on to the police.

(Prototype#18 (fb)) - Terrordyne pulled Frankie (a former close friend of Jimmy Ruiz/Prototype) from rubble caused by Prototype's battle with Arena, hoping to make use of the survivor's body.

(Prototype#10) - Terrordyne was concerned it was losing ground to other terrorist groups. Led by the brutal Karl and filmed by Egon, an armed Terrordyne faction sought notoriety by detonating the head of New York's Statue of Liberty, holding hostages and claiming the island as its own territory. Aladdin agents, Jake Alexander and the armored hero Ranger (Bob Campbell) attacked and took down all Terrordyne activists, although Karl and Egon escaped.

(Prototype#18 (fb)) - Frankie's lower body, apparently injured beyond repair, had been replaced by Terrordyne medical and science staff and affixed to a mobile armed unit, but Terrordyne lied that his wife had been killed in order to drive Frankie's urge for revenge. Dubbed Battlewagon, he joined Terrordyne and was assigned to kill Prototype.

(Prototype#16) - Terrordyne resuscitated and operated on the severely injured body of Stanley Leland, cut in half, in their headquarters in Turks & Caicos Islands. The medical team lowered a tentacled metal appendage to be affixed to his lower half.

(Prototype#17) - Recovering from the operation and shocked to see the multiple metal tentacles at his mental command below his stomach, Terrordyne offered him the position of CEO to exact revenge against Prototype. Meanwhile, Ranger and Prototype discovered that the criminal Techuza organization was also manufacturing ultras in preparation for an imminent war of super-powered humans that would include Terrordyne as a major enemy.

(Prototype#18) - Battlewagon attacked Protoype in Manhattan under orders from Terrordyne.

Comments: Created by Tom Mason & Len Strazewski (writers), David Ammerman (penciler) and James Pascoe (inker).

Prime I#1/2 (April, 1994 Malibu print date) was (re?)packaged as Wizard Presents Prime I#1/2 (May, 1994 Wizard print date), a promotion from Wizard the comics magazine. And that's Prime [half].

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Terrordyne has no known connections to:

Buzzy West

Buzzy West

Buzzy West was a high-profile, professional, left-handed baseball player dubbed the "Homerun King". A member of the Denver Rangers, he was on board the plane when it was hijacked by Terrordyne agents, who deliberately hit his injured shoulder. He knocked out a Terrordyne agent with a handy baseball bat (somehow not checked-in). He was non-plussed when Prototype asked for his autograph.




images: (without ads)
Prototype#3, p2-1 (main image)
Prime I#1/2, p8, pan2 (head shot)
Prototype#10, p6, pan1 (logo)
Prototype#3, p14, pan6 (West)

Prototype#3 (October, 1993) - Tom Mason & Len Strazewski (writers), David Ammerman (penciler), James Pascoe (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Ultraverse II Origins card #42 (Heater) (1994) - Mike Weiringo (art)
Prime I#1/2 (April, 1994) - by Len Strazewski & Gerard Jones (writers), Norm Breyfogle (artist), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Prototype#10 (May, 1994) - Len Strazewski & Tom Mason (writers), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#16 (December, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Roger Robinson (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Prototype#17 (January, 1995) - Len Strazewski (writer), George Dove (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Roland Mann (editor)
Protoype#18 (February, 1995) - R.A. Jones (writer), Paul Abrams (pencils), John Strangeland & Rodney Gates (inks), Roland Mann (editor)

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