Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-Shadowline, though he relocated to Earth-616) Shadow, magic-user

Occupation: Mercenary: Enforcement, Intimidation, Murder
    former squire, knight

Group Membership: Runs the business Terror, Incorporated

Affiliations: (Earth-616):
    (allies): Boneyard (deceased), Brunnhilda, Hafifa, Mahboobullah (deceased), Geoff Pfiffer, Alexis Primo, Rekrab;
        formerly Condesa of Castella de Vigo (circa 1348 AD), David Meyer, unidentified Duquesa  (circa 1348 AD), unidentified witch  (circa 1348 AD)

    (associates): Luke Cage, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Daredevil, Frank Drake, Nick Fury, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Hellfire, Silver Sable, Wolverine;

    (clients): "Buddy Henry," hired by an unidentified consortium of small third world nations to take down Barbatos;
    People with money (wait...make that people with money who don't mind having their enemies' limbs ripped off)
    (Earth-88194): Talita (former lover,
deceased), unidentified witch and blacksmith who preserved Talita's arm
Dr. Zero, former enforcer  of the Ravenscores (Dirk, Erc, Tyler); Patty Richardson;
People with money (wait...they were similar to his Earth-616 clients);

Enemies: (Earth-616): Aban, Angel de la Muerte, Baki , Roger Barbatos, Beelzeboul, Braniff, Culex, Death Reign (Roger Harper, Sparks, unidentified mystic, many others), Dr. Strange, unidentified Duque (circa 1348 AD), Ecotage, Ghasta, Cockroach Hamilton, the hellfire serpent and its cult, HYDRA, Dr. Jean-Marc LeFēvre, the Mob Princesses, Neith, Piranha Jones, Priapus, Punisher (Frank Castle), Rat, Sabaist and his cult, Se'irim, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), Strigae, Vulkanus, Zahhak;
    very uneasy alliance with any of the heroes mentioned above under affiliations.
(Earth-88194): Angel de la Muerte, Michael Devlin, the mare, Marid, Patty Richardson, Skinwalker (John Nighthunter)

Known Relatives: Former wife (deceased);
    it is unrevealed whether he ever had any official relationship with Talita

Aliases: "Don Shreck,"  Espanto, Groza, Kongbu, Ru'b, Schreck, Shreck, "Shrecken," Terror, INC, Terrore, Vrees, "the Beast Who Couldn't Die," Ferreydun the Mighty

Base of Operations: San Francisco, California; mobile across Earth-616;
    formerly mobile across Earth-88194

First Appearance: (Shreck) St. George#2 (August, 1988);
    (Terror) Daredevil I#305 (June, 1992)




Powers/Abilities: Terror has the ability to replace parts of his body (hands, feet, arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, etc.) with those of other organisms. He usually does this with human parts, but he can do so with animal parts as well. In addition to taking on the physical attributes inherent to those body parts, he is also able to access a combination of psychometry and postcognition to gain talents and memories of those parts. By taking an eye, he can then recall the visions seen by that eye in life. By taking the hands of a safecracker, he gains those skills. By taking the limbs of a martial artist, he becomes a master fighter as well. He can even add body parts that he would not otherwise possess, such as wings or a prehensile tail. By taking the parts of a superhuman being, he gains the abilities inherent to those parts, as well.
    He is also immediately aware of the strongest memories and emotions of his "donors." As such, he often has to focus past these to maintain his professionalism.
    When necessary, he can even replace his own head, and he can also take possession of an entire body if his own body is damaged beyond recovery. He rarely does this (possibly because the more of a body he takes, the harder it is for him to not be influenced or even controlled by his victim's memories, emotions, and will).
    The bulk of the spell/curse's magic that grants him his power is contained within his former lover's arm, without that arm, his parts decay rapidly, he feels their pain, and he is more susceptible to the emotions and will of his component parts.

    Although the body parts become part of him, they remain as dead tissue. As such, they continue to decay, and he will eventually need to replace them with fresh parts.






    Regardless of the nature of the parts he possesses, he retains certain physical abilities. On contact he can generate a molecular acid which he sends to work at a corpse (or living victim's joint(s) or other connective tissues, freeing them up, and giving him a means of gaining leverage. Even when he is down to a single arm, he can grab hold of and tear a new limb from anyone who gets within striking distance. This same chemical acts as a bonding agent to Terror's body, fusing the limb in place and putting it to work. In addition, his body extends tendrils that grow into his new body parts, solidifying this attachment. If he is completely lacking limbs, these tendrils can reach out and claim new parts for him.

    Terror has superhuman regenerative abilities. He can weather attacks and impacts that would slay a normal man. He is not affected by penetrating trauma, or almost any form of attack, unless it physically incapacitates his component parts. Even when cut completely in half, he is only weakened until he can gain fresh parts. He can even replace his own head. Further, even when his remains were doused in molecular acid, dumped down the drain, and sent to a sewage treatment plant, the magic in his body allowed his cellular debris to bond with another living being and take it as a new host.
    Terror is apparently immune to aging, and he is over 1500 years old.

   His body remains a separate series of body parts under his control. If a toxin, chemical, etc., were introduced into one of his parts, it would affect only that part.

    The spikes on his face came from the mare. They may be removed and replaced at well, and can serve as weapons. They can be regrown if severed or otherwise damaged, though he has been seen on several occasions without spikes.

    Terror is talented with a number of handguns and other firearms, which he uses as needed.

    Terror formerly employed Boneyard, who acquires and preserves for him body parts of desired or certain-talented individuals, which he can use at his discretion.
    He is generally aided by Ms. Alexis Primo (his personal assistant), as well as Brunnhilda (his tailor), and Rekrab (who obtains needed artifacts of magical or monetary value).

    Terror has little interest in drawing the attention of the superhuman crowd, and avoids contact with them whenever possible.




Distinguishing Features: Terror's body is composed of an assortment of dead and decaying body parts which gives it a pale, green-gray to greenish-yellow color, and a harsh odor. He has pronounced, sharpened canine teeth, and a face resembling a nearly naked skull without lips or eyelids. He often has three 10" long projections of an unknown composition from his face. His left arm is generally that of his deceased former lover, Talita, and is covered by metal casing that magically preserves it.

Terror's left arm (formerly along with the facial spikes) is his one constant feature. On one occasion he actually spoke to it, and it seemed to give him compassion and a conscience.
The hand inside the metal shell belonged to a love as pure as so much of my existence is depraved. It hangs by a thread and with it the emotional resonance of all she meant to me.
To Drakonmegas, who was studying at a seminary : I keep a piece of my past close at hand--as it were--to remind me of the closest I've ever come to salvation...and what you'll pay me in return for my services is a prayer--a good word on my behalf with whatever it is that's in the top office...On the off chance that what I am and who I loved might one day have a reunion of some manner...on some level...

Height: Variable, usually 6' 2"
: Variable, usually 170 lbs.
: Variable
: None










(Terror#1 (fb)) - The man who would become Shreck and later Terror was one of the Vandals, an East Germanic tribe, and he had a wife, of whom he was none too fond.

(Terror#1 (fb) / historical record) <455 AD> - He was part of the group of Vandals who sacked Rome, raping, murdering, pillaging, burning, and causing destruction for its own sake until the Vandals' king Geiseric let the Pope Leo the Great talk them into signing a treaty to abstain from murder and destruction by fire.

(Terror#1 (fb) / Terror Inc.#13 (fb)) - The Romans turned to witchcraft (or asked the Pope for a favor) and summoned "a mare" -- a thing ruling the dark -- that slew half of the Vandals' village in the first night, and the sheep and the warrior's wife on the second night. The warrior led the remainder of the village against the creature, ultimately crawling down its gullet, fighting with its entrails, and eating its heart before cutting his way back out.










The warrior was declared a hero and enjoyed the pleasures of many women, until he began to decay, afflicted by "the mare's curse."

(Terror#1 (fb) / Terror Inc.#13 (fb)) - After a month, the others ran him out of town. He wandered around, begging and killing small woodland creatures; his body began to breakdown, but he learned he cold acquire replacement parts from other people and animals. Named Shreck (meaning fear) by villagers, he degenerated mentally and spiritually as he replaced even his head with animal parts.
    Eventually Shreck began taking the human body parts he needed from those crucified by the Romans.

(Terror Inc.#13 (fb)) - Shreck's body took on a more decayed form, and with it the demon's green facial spikes bonded to his face. He also gained the demons' power of bonding the limbs of others to his form.

(Terror Inc.#13 (fb) - BTS) - Over the ages he turned the fear he embodied into a grim test of strength for those he encountered.








(Terror#1 (fb)) <1164> - Draghignazzo (later Dr. Zero) found Shreck, recognized his curse, and saw him as a means of tipping the balance of power with the other shadow knights; his "magics" healed Shreck's pain, and Shreck became his loyal squire. For countless years, Draghignazzo & Shreck pillaged and burned their way across the land.


(Critical Mass#5/2 (fb) / Terror#1 (fb)) <13th century (or close to it> - One rainy day, on the banks of the river Rhine, Draghignazzo fell, ganged up on by his enemies who badly beat him and Shreck. Draghignazzo was gravely wounded by George of Cappadonia. Draghignazzo had the then mostly human Shreck bury him in an unmarked grave to complete the illusion of his death, protected by three mystical seals where he could begin the long process of healing and recovering his strength in solitude.














(Terror Inc.#13 (fb) / Terror#1 (fb)) - Shreck turned to Draghignazzo's wife, Talita, and they gathered Draghignazzo's men and took unholy revenge on their enemies, swimming in blood for ten years.

(Terror#1 (fb)) - For ten years after that, Talita ruled and they had peace as she divided the land, the people worked their own farms, and the harvest were strong.

(Terror Inc.#13 (fb) / Terror#1 (fb)) - Talita & Shreck fell in love.

(Terror#4 (fb)) - Talita wished to ride out with Shreck to see the new communities, but Shreck cautioned her, warning that the noblemen (who were furious over having their property divided by her) were resistant. Talita enforced her will, noting that Shreck was undefeatable and could protect her.

(Terror Inc.#13 (fb) / Terror#1 (fb)) - The rich landowners sent thousands (perhaps an exaggeration) of the worst cutthroats, thieves, murderers, mercenaries, and psychopaths gathered from the darkest corners of the Earth to ambush Talita and Shreck. They fought furiously, but, knowing they were lost, Talita bade Shreck to cleave her arm and leg to replace what he had lost in battle so that he could escape to avenge her another day; she never uttered a sound, and soon the two were merged; he escaped.

(Terror#1 (fb)) - Upon returning, Shreck was overwhelmed by what he had done, and he took her to the mountains and buried her; he ripped the mystic seals from Draghignazzo's grave and put them in hers, trying to remember the incantations as best he could.







(OHotMU Master Edition (fb) - BTS / Terror#1 (fb)) - With Talita's leg decaying from a wound, Shreck sought out a witch in the lowlands who had her blacksmith husband construct an encasement while she stripped naked and danced, weaving her magic to preserve the arm eternally so that Shreck could forever be bonded with her warm soul, and so that he could recall her touch forever.


(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1 (fb)) <1348 AD> - Shreck was in Cordoba, Spain during the time of the Black Death. He was mugged for his jewelry, but dismembered his attackers.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1 (fb)) <1348 AD> - A Duquesa hired Shreck (his first mercenary job, the start of Terror Inc.) to see to her children (dying of the plague) and murder her husband for his failed attempt to kill her due to his having an affair with the Condesa of Castella de Vigo. Shreck replaced his own head with the Duquesa's and went after the Duque but was seduced by the Condesa, during which time the Duque escaped.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1 (fb)) <1348 AD> - From the Condesa, Shreck learned the Duquesa's infected children had been placed in an abbey that had been converted into a clearing house for plague victims. Still wearing the Duquesa's head and feeling her spirit within him, Terror comforted the children as they died.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb) - BTS) - Via information from a witch, Shreck learned the Duque was in Zahhak the Dragon King's Persian castle, who had cured the Duque in exchange for 3 virgins for his serpents.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb) - BTS) - Possibly from the same witch, Shreck obtained an enchanted set of chains that could draw power from a mountain to be virtually unbreakable, and only he (Terror) could unlock them.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb)) <Apparently 1352 AD> - Four years after the Duqeusa's death, Terror located the Duque and and confronted Zahhak, whose snakes ate his brains; after replacing his own brains serially with 26 virgins', Shreck overpowered Zahhak, and chained him in a deep cave in what would become the Zagros mountains, on the Iraq/Iran border, where his snakes devoured his own regenerating brains daily.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb) - BTS) <Apparently 1352 AD> - Shreck tore out the duque's scrotum and left him to bleed out. Having obtained a large amount Zahhak's cure for the plague, Shreck spent the next several years making a profit from it.

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - <April, 1986> - Shreck, having served as an enforcer for the Ravenscores for many years, attended their party. When Eric Ravenscore blasted off Ripley Weaver's metal hand, Shreck quietly kneeled down and took the hand for his repertoire.

(Saint George#2) - In Turkey, two rogue drug dealers stumbled into a confrontation with Michael Devlin when they kidnapped an acquaintance of his. One of them was blinded in the struggle. Fumbling about, he inadvertently opened a door that unleashed Shreck. Shreck slew the man who had opened the door, and then enquired of the surviving drug dealer as to what had happened. The man started to describe Michael Devlin, but Shreck told him not to bother, since through the expediency of removing his eye and popping it in his own socket, Shreck was able to recall an image of Michael Devlin.

Recognizing Devlin as a member of the Order of Saint George, and aware of his identity, Shreck set out to prevent Devlin from leaving Turkey. To that end, he killed a pilot, stole his hand, and caused a plane crash on the runaway at the Turkish airport. This prevented Devlin from taking a plane, so he took a train to Paris.

A representative of Shreck saw Devlin on the train and tried to persuade him not to get on. Devlin refused, and Shreck disposed of his lackey. Later, Shreck confronted Devlin in his compartment. Horrified at the sight of Shreck, Devlin ran to the compartment of his traveling companions Barnabbas and Tony. They closed and locked the door, but Shreck penetrated through it. Devlin donned his armor, smashed open the window, and climbed to the roof of the train with Tony. However, Shreck then pierced his hand through the ceiling of the cabin. Devlin managed to sever one of Shreck's hands, but, unfazed, Shreck simply replaced it with a spare he carried with him; Ripley Weaver's metal hand.

Shreck again pursued Devlin and Tony. He smacked Devlin off the top of the train, and thinking he had killed him, set out to get Tony. He confronted Tony just as the latter had reached another car of the train. However, Devlin had actually survived, and managed to tie chains around Shreck's legs, fastening Shreck to the car of the train he was on. Using his staff, Devlin then blasted the car of the train Shreck was on so that it separated from the rest of the train. However, Shreck grabbed for the rail of the car Devlin and Tony were on, and refused to let go. Though he held on with all of his power, Shreck could not resist the force of the other train pulling him in the other direction, which tore his legs off.

This did not kill Shreck, who managed to crawl on his hands onto the car Devlin and Tony were on, making one last attempt to get Devlin. However, Devlin swatted him away with his staff. Shreck, who usually avoided any feelings about his victims, felt such humiliation and shame upon his humbling defeat that he swore to get revenge on Devlin...who had just made things personal.




(Saint George#4) - Shreck met with Dirk Ravenscore in a graveyard. The lackey Sapir went looking for replacement legs for Shreck as the assassin discussed terms with Dirk. Shreck told Ravenscore that he would not serve as the assassin for the Ravenscore family until he had settled up with Devlin, and that he would seek the permission of Doctor Zero to do so.

(Doctor Zero#5) - Doctor Zero faced Marid, a Shadow who could project illusions, take on an intangible form, as well as connect himself to computer systems. Doctor Zero, investigating a scientist killed by Marid, brought the remaining body parts to Shreck. The scientist had burned to death, so his cornea was melted and his auditory canal charred, but Shreck did his best to relive what had happened through them. Shreck then asked for permission to pursue Michael Devlin, but Doctor Zero did not want to immediately give an answer.

Doctor Zero and Shreck investigated the launch of a rocket that Marid had sought to stow away on to escape Earth. As Doctor Zero and Marid fought, Shreck severed the hand off of a corpse of an operator of the rocket, thus gaining the knowledge as to how to defeat Marid. Telling the launch system to simulate a power loss situation, this caused the system to increase power levels to the computer system, which caught Marid, who had connected himself to the launch computer system, by surprise. He reverted to solid form. However, Marid then bedazzled Doctor Zero with pleasant illusions. Shreck observing this, took action by removing his eye, replacing it with that of a marksman, producing a gun, and shooting Marid.

Shreck then went back to the tower and caused the blast-off countdown to resume. Doctor Zero then threw the weakened Marid underneath the rocket, so that he lay below where the blast-off flame would come out. At the last two seconds, Shreck caused the countdown to stop. Marid, relieved, ejaculated "Allah be...Allah be...." thinking he was saved, but then Shreck reinitiated the countdown again. Marid burned to death.

After this, Doctor Zero informed Shreck that he could stalk Michael Devlin, but not kill him unless he informed Doctor Zero ahead of time. Zero then remarked this was unlike Shreck's standard business practices, and Shreck agreed, saying this one was strictly for pleasure.

(Saint George#6) - Shreck went to Shade's Haunt, a Shadow drinking establishment. He went to a table where the Shadow low-lifes Lenard, Skigger, and Fachan were sitting. Shreck asked Fachan to leave, and enquired of Lenard and Skigger's encounters with Michael Devlin.

 (St. George#7) - Shreck learned of Devlin's destination--Nicaragua--from the unwitting Father Carew.

(Critical Mass#2/1) - Picking through the body parts of the dead of a Nicaraguan town that Michael Devlin had just made his way through, Shreck took the eyeball of one of the people he had killed. On his way out, he made sure to take care of his guide...


(Critical Mass#3/2) - Tracking Devlin to a bar, Shreck confronted him. Devlin's friend Skinwalker shot his arm with a poisoned dart, but Shreck simply ripped off the arm and replaced it with another's. Devlin jumped to action, but the bar was severely smashed from the battle. While the others ran, Shreck merely stood in the bar while it came crashing to the ground. Skinwalker and Barnabbas, who was also in Devlin's party, tried their best to buy Devlin time to escape, and Skinwalker even shot Shreck in the eye with another poison dart. However, when Shreck got his hands on them, they were easily taken care of. Interrupting a beautiful scene between Devlin and Patty Richardson, Shreck and Devlin continued their battle. Devlin was well on his way to taking care of Shreck when Patty fell down a large hole in the ground. Devlin ran over to save her, but had to take off his armor to fit in to save her. After doing so, was ambushed and quickly taken out by Shreck. The next morning, Shreck crucified Devlin to a large tree.

(Critical Mass#4 - BTS) - Devlin remained staked to that tree.

(Critical Mass#5/1) - Unable to kill Devlin due to Zero's orders, Shreck simply left him to the jungle and went off to find a new eye. Finding some parts and a carriage from a local merchant, Shreck was prepared to go on his way when Devlin caught him by surprise. Shreck fought back as best he could, but his right arm was broken. Devlin knocked Shreck over a waterfall, but even this wasn't enough to kill him. Their battle raged on until Devlin knocked him into a lake, where he was attacked by piranhas. Devlin tried his best to save him, but when he offered Shreck his arm, he could tell Shreck was taking him far too literally. Devlin let go and Shreck fell back into the lake where he was sunk beneath a pool of hungry fish. Devlin continued on his journey...

That evening, a group of human scavengers searched the area, and came across Shreck's skeleton.

One of the men was impressed: "I know a man who'll give his right arm for these gold fillings!"

Shreck suddenly leapt at the man saying, "I can appreciate that pricing structure!"

As Shreck did what he does best, he thought to himself, "These are fellow entrepreneurs...after a sort. As such, I will attempt to make it clear to them that this is not the nightmare it is about to seem--that it is, instead, an investment opportunity in the rebuilding of a major corporation.
Perhaps they will even listen--before their screams grow so loud as to prevent them form hearing anything else--ever again...
Unless, of course, I take their ears..."




(Critical Mass#7/2) - Shreck, still very much alive, met up with Patty Richardson again and told her of Michael Devlin's heroism, and that he was also still living. Shreck attempted to get to know her better (He hit on her), but she wasn't interested.

(OHotMU Horror 2005) - Shreck somehow traveled to Earth-616 and established himself as Terror.

(Terror Inc.#1-5 (fb) - BTS) - Terror was hired to slay Roger Barbatos, a munitions dealer who had been supplying a larger country with the means to maintain power over several smaller countries. Several of these third world nations formed a consortium to hire Terror. Barbatos, however, had mad a deal with the demon Beelzeboul, such that he could not be killed.
Unaware of this demonic pact, Terror kept trying--hemlock garnishing his salad...sixty thousand volts through his Mercedes' mobile phone...and enough knife thrusts to dull every blade in his collection...all to no avail.

(Terror Inc.#1) - Failing to assassinate Barbatos, a dirty weapons dealer, yet again, this time by slitting his throat, Terror made a quick exit through a window of his high-rise when several of his agents came to his aid. After crashing into a parked car, Terror restocked himself on some guards Barbatos sent down to clean up. Later, Terror looked through the new additions to his collection along with his friend, Ms. Primo, on a yacht. Through one of the eyes, he saw that Barbatos' pact with Beelzeboul. Terror went to visit Rekrab, an expert in the paranormal for more information on the demon he was dealing with. Rekrab told him that Beelzeboul was in fact Daimon Hellstrom's father, a demon calling himself Satan just for the ego boost. According to Rekrab, Hellstrom would be of no help to Terror, since he had transferred his Darksoul into a serpent, however, Beelzeboul had another son, Mikal Drakonmegas, a well known magician. Finding the temple where some weird religious types were keeping the serpent, Terror murdered one of the priests attending to it and the snake itself, stealing it's jaw and taking it for his own.

(Terror Inc.#2) - While Mikal Drakonmegas slept, Terror snuck into his bedroom and bit him with the serpent's fangs, effectively transferring the Darksoul to him. Drakonmegas was later holding a show for reporters at Alcatraz, trying to debunk his former colleagues in his mission against magic. When the Darksoul kicked in, Terror helped Drakonmegas escape the cops and was taking him back to the mainland on a boat when Hellfire emerged from within him.

(Terror Inc.#3) - Terror calmed Drakonmegas with the help from his mother's hand, then explained his situation with Barbatos to him. Hellfire agreed to help, when shots rang out at them from a helicopter. Terror easily defeated Barbatos' assassin and took his arm, giving him and Hellfire an escape route. At the cemetery where Hellfire's mother was laid to rest, Terror dug her up and took her eye. Terror watched the past through her eye and narrated her life to Hellfire, when he suddenly noticed they had a demonic visitor...

(Terror Inc.#4) - Hellfire and Terror waded their way through a group of demons sent after them by Beelzeboul, but walked out basically unharmed (Well, Terror lost his eye, right arm and legs, but that's okay for him). Terror then told him that after he had gotten an audience with Beelzeboul, he would take the Darksoul from him, which Hellfire gratefully accepted. Having Hellfire kill a surviving demon that attacked them, its body was teleported back to Beelzeboul's Hell, along with Hellfire and Terror. Dr. Strange then arrived, just too late to stop them from continuing their journey, though he promised he'd make Terror realize what he had done at a future date. In Hell, Terror found one of the demons who had attacked him earlier, Vulkanus, was still alive, and possessed the hand of Hellfire's mother, which he had taken from Terror. The demon gloated to his fellow demons, over exaggerating his prowess against Terror, until Terror himself showed up to take back what was his.

(Terror Inc.#5) - Vulkanus started with an advantage, but Terror broke off two of the spikes from his cheeks, and stabbed the monster in the eyes, then took back Cassandra Drakonmegas' hand. With the hand back, Terror finished telling Hellfire the story of his mother's life, and that she had actually vanquished Beelzeboul back to hell to keep him from getting her son, though he killed her before he left. Confronted by Beelzeboul, Terror bit into Hellfire's arm again with the serpent's teeth, and took the Darksoul back, delivering him to his father. In exchange for this, Beelzeboul gave Terror what he wanted all along, his contract with Barbatos, and Terror went on his way to return to Earth. Deciding this was bad business practice, Terror returned, along with a set of wings he borrowed from a demon. Making his way back to Mikal Drakonmegas, he bit into him and returned the Darksoul to Hellfire, who used the same knife his mother used to vanquish Beelzeboul again. Using Beelzeboul's death as a portal, Hellfire and Terror returned to Earth, where Dr. Strange gave Terror a good lecture on opening up portals to Hell dimensions. Later, Terror found where Barbatos was hiding, and ripped the contract in front of him, causing him to feel all the executions Terror had attempted at him all at once.

(Daredevil I#305) - Terror was contacted by Deragon, a Las Vegas mobster who wanted an in to the Dead Man's Hand, which was a meeting to divide up the possessions of the then dethroned Kingpin. Deragon and his men were unable and unwilling to pay Terror's high fees.

(Daredevil I#308) - Still in Vegas, Terror gave Daredevil information regarding the Yakuza.

(Daredevil I#309) - After Wolfgang von Strucker had slain his son, Werner, Terror showed up to claim one of his eyes. Terror again met with Daredevil and granted him further information, in exchange for his "friendship," should he ever need a friend in New York City--meaning in case he ever got on the bad side of any of the many superhumans concentrated there.

(Wolverine II#58-59) - Wolverine sought Terror's aid to gain information from Lance, a dead man who had been allied with the eco-terrorist Ecotage. Terror learned what he could from the eyes of the dead man, but he wound up getting involved with the conflict when Monkey Wrench and the rest of Ecotage--Pick Axis, Paul, and Bunyan--showed up. Paul and Bunyan used a two man saw to cut Terror in half. Terror replaced his missing parts with the legs of a martial artist, James J. Chan, and helped fight off Ecotage.
Terror helped Wolverine safely remove an explosive spike jammed into his chest by Monkey Wrench. He then assisted in the search for Alice Hoff, who had been kidnapped by Ecotage.

(Terror Inc.#6) - Hired to put a hit on crimelord Piranha Jones, Terror was interrupted by the Punisher. Losing focus of their target, the Punisher and Terror ended up battling each other in a gunfight, that ended with Terror missing some legs. The Punisher was shocked when Terror stole the legs of Rat, the criminal hired by Jones to steal a disc with information on the criminal activities of the Mob Princesses from them. The Punisher, deciding Terror deserves it as much as any other criminal, opened fire on him. Terror, however, decided to jump off the building onto a passing bus, escaping. Stopping at a library, Terror took a pair of eyes from a librarian and studied up on the Jones case via the library's computer system, then got more information from Ms. Primo on the trio of women who helped Piranha Jones get into town, mob princesses "Babyface" Ann Repucci, Vita "the Headcutter" Buchetta, and "Cruella" Cortese.

(Terror Inc.#7) - A gunfight erupted between the mob women and Piranha's people at a local mall. Terror and the Punisher became involved, and Terror even saved Piranha from the Punisher's vengeance. Later, the Punisher arrived at Piranha's mansion, but Terror was already there. Terror informed the Punisher that Mr. Jones had met his pets in his swimming pool, but the Punisher decided that Terror was guilty too, and kicked him in as well. After the Punisher left, Piranha Jones looked out from his hiding spot, as Terror popped out of the pool, covered in piranhas. Terror apologized for killing Jones' pets, as he had taken enough poison that it seeped through his skin, and on their first bite, they died (He'd had bad experience with piranha in the past). Jones understood and admitted to Terror that he was the one who hired him... To kill him. He knew the mob princesses were using him all along to get a name for themselves, and with Terror's help, he would frame them for his murder and they would go to jail for a long time. Jones made some modifications to the contract with Terror, dictating that a large majority of the money would now be going to charity, and while he handed over Terror's payment, a one dollar bill, he was taken care of.


(Punisher / Captain America: Blood & Glory#3) - In the Central American nation of Medisuela, Terror gets involved in a conspiracy to create war started by the US Attorney General and General Miguel Alfredo Navatilas. Terror first took a dying soldier's eye, which told him that Captain America and the Punisher survived the conspiracy's attempts to kill them. He then reported this to General Navatalas, who attempted to force further information out of Terror. Terror defeated the General's men and departed.

Later, after the General was killed, Terror assisted Cap and the Punisher, giving them information regarding the conspiracy gleaned from the dead General's organs. He made sure to tell them that he was not doing them any favors, but rather accumulating debts.

(Terror Inc.#8) - Visiting a man on death row--Buddy Henry, Terror was bought to take care of the man's family for him... Not that way! Literally to care for them. After the execution, Terror took his eye and arm, and went off. Finding the man's ex-mob buddies stalking his wife and kid, Terror sprung into action, but the wife was still caught. Tracking the mobsters back to their base, Terror rescued the man's wife and made sure they wouldn't be bugging her ever again. On Christmas night, Terror returned, leaving his pay... Well, 70% of it, at least, on the man's family's table.

(Terror Inc.#9) - Terror, with a little help from Ms. Primo, was able to steal a body from a police escort (With lots o' casualties, of course) Later, he performed a little autopsy on the body to get a better idea of the murder. Returning the woman's dead body to her father, the man buys his revenge services. Due to the wounds being inflicted by a tri-bladed weapon, Terror began to worry that the murderer may have been an acquaintance of his: Wolverine. Going to a specialist named Boneyard, Terror was able to acquire his own clawed arm, and he set out on his job. Tracking Logan to a little diner, Terror said his hellos, then shot him with a shotgun. Wolverine easily got the better of this fight, and Terror was forced to escape, stealing a truck. On his way out, he made sure to run over Wolverine's motorcycle, which was almost definitely not a good idea. Wolverine jumped onto the back of the truck, sliced the back tire with his claws, forcing it to crash near a funeral home. Terror crawled inside, but Wolverine tore him apart. Terror was lucky enough to escape... Into his own cremation.

(Terror Inc.#10) - Figuring Wolverine wasn't gonna just let him out, Terror set an electro-magnetic mine, blowing the machine up and granting him his escape. Dragging himself into the morgue, Terror had his pick of body parts to rebuild with, but made sure to repair his precious left arm. Coming face to face with the newly healed Wolverine, Terror offered... An apology, which Logan accepted. Finding the group of Hydra agents who had set Wolverine up posing as SHIELD agents, Wolverine and Terror got their revenge. The woman's father then revealed that he was actually a Hydra agent named Braniff, and that he was just trying to redeem himself in the organization by framing Wolverine for the girls (who was revealed not to be his daughter) murder. But being face to face with the two assassins, Braniff decided the easier way out was suicide.

(Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. II#46) - While fighting with a band of warring drugs czars at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Terror's right arm and leg were filled with bullets by one of the gunmen. Terror killed the man with a knife, then put on a "spare" arm from his handbag, and tore off the gunman's right leg to replace his. Just then, he was attacked by an assault team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and incapacitated with electrical cables. He was brought to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier, where Fury questioned him on the death of Werner von Strucker. Terror had them attach one of Werner's ears to him, and he identified the cause of death as being the Death Spore Virus, contracted from his father, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. After receiving the information, Fury had Terror released.

(Infinity Crusade#6) - Terror stood by helplessly as the Goddess' cleansing flame appeared to consume all life on Earth.

(Terror Inc.#11) - Hellfire was duped into assisting Brother Randi in locating the Carnal Serpent. Due to their past enmity, Hellfire attacked Terror before eventually convincing Terror to take the job of searching for the Carnal Serpent (Terror thought to use the item to locate the path to salvation). Finding out the only way to call the Carnal Serpent was to combine the Vatsayana's Tryst, Terror set out to do just that. First by taking an arrow from a dead man named Bo Ting, then by ambushing Luke Cage on a train ride, taking the section of the Tryst that he possessed. Terror then made a surprise appearance at a private dinner Silver Sable was attending. A big surprise, thanks to the helicopter he crashed through the roof.

(Cage I#15) - Cage, pursuing Terror to retrieve his portion of the Tryst, boarded the ship Sable was on and saved her from becoming a part of the conglomerate that is Terror INC. Despite in-fighting amongst the three mercenaries, Terror escaped with two of the components. Hidden aboard the ship, the crewman who had assisted Terror's safe passage attempted to renegotiate their deal--maybe into three digits. Annoyed Terror renegotiated, instead taking five digits, and the whole arm, of the crewman.
Terror later took one of the crew hostage and forced Cage to give up the last part of the Tryst, and he took off in a lifeboat. However, Cage jumped after and caught up with him. After a short struggle, Terror sacrificed his own right arm to escape Cage, leaving him with the entire Tryst (Terror had found that he was immune to whatever salvation the Tryst offered).

(Silver Sable#13) - While Cage and Silver Sable discussed recent events and the big picture, Terror, with a fresh new arm, attempted to take them out with sniper fire from a parasail. Sable managed to shoot and cripple Terror's marksman's arm, and so he tried to cut his losses by cutting the rope to his sail. He fell under the motor of the boat's pilot, after which he pulled himself on board and replaced his three missing limbs at the expense of that pilot. However, Sable then blew up his boat, after which she and Cage brought the Tryst to the island for Randi. Instead, they met with Priapus, who took the Tryst by force and tossed them, in a steel net, for his pet sharks.

(Terror Inc.#12) - Rescuing Silver Sable and Cage, Terror himself was rescued when Sable narrowly pulled him out of the tank, just out of the shark's reach. Regrouping, the three attacked Priapus again, but using his power to call upon their past pains and loves, Priapus quickly gained the advantage again. Priapus unleashed three separate loves from the pasts of Terror's component parts. Terror's past experience with maintaining emotional detachment enabled him to easily fight off the forms of his various parts' lovers, but he was unable to stand against the third form, the form of his long dead lover.

(Cage#16) - Cage overcame the duplicate of his past lover and assisted the others in destroying the forms with which they were struggling. The group then made their way to Venezuela, where they fought the Carnal Serpent, which had consumed Priapus. Suddenly, Priapus, reborn with godlike power (well, he was already a god, but you know what I mean...). He then mentally enslaved Cage, Sable, and Terror, proclaiming them the first of his acolytes in his plans for world conquest.

(Silver Sable#14) - Under Priapus' lead the three assaulted an Italian monastery, with the intent of making the monks into Priapus' first legion of messengers. However, Terror found that Priapus controlled their bodies and not their minds. He was able to exorcise enough control of his left arm to remove his right arm and replace it with a fresh one, which was free from Priapus' control. He then used his right arm to shoot down a chandelier over Priapus, distracting him so that they could all regain their minds. Working together they fought off his newly mutated messengers and escaped to regroup. Upon returning, Sable pretended to be seduced by Priapus so that Terror could restrain him while Cage ripped the Tryst from his chest. Without the Tryst to control it, the Carnal Serpent burst forth from Priapus' form, and then it took the Tryst and vanished. The three parted ways, with neither Cage nor Sable particularly fond of the time they had spent working alongside Terror.



(Terror Inc.#13) - Terror and Hellfire made their way to Sabaist, who was trying to call his god, Culex. Terror interrupted the ceremony, causing Culex to kill Sabaist, but Terror ripped his arm off before he was pulled into Culex's dimension. Terror then went about calling Ghost Rider... By summoning Culex to Earth. Terror demanded Ghost Rider's penance stare, but Ghost Rider soon had his hands too full with the demon. Cutting off one of the demon's arms, Terror combined it with his body, and used it to open a portal, sending Culex back to his own dimension once more. Deeming him worth of the Penance Stare, Ghost Rider gave it to him... And Terror again remembered his past.

Later, Terror had a very private dinner with his good friend, Ms. Primo. Alexis reminded him of the only job he didn't complete, her husband's hit on her, and the two danced the night away...

(Beyond#3 (fb)) - Terror was part of a group, including Coldblood, Darkhawk, Deathlok (Michael Collins), Dracula, Photon (Monica Rambeau), Sleepwalker, and Wonder Man summoned to Battleworld by the Stranger (posing as the Beyonder) to fight to the death that he might understand how humanity might be defeated in the future. Ultimately Deathlok brokered a deal with the "Beyonder" that allowed them all to return to Earth while he stayed on Battleworld.








(Terror#1) - After spending the last 6 months without a case, Terror was hired by alleged government agent Roger Harper (actually a member of the terrorist organization Death Reign) to eliminate Roy Montgomery, the leader of the US government black ops organization Mother, allegedly for being a mole and costing many agents their lives. As Montgomery apparently met with the terrorist group Death Reign, Terror tore off one of Montgomery's agent's heads and replaces his own to help infiltrate them. Terror was discovered and badly shot up before reaching Montgomery when the others saw his metal-encased hand. Terror nonetheless fought past them and confronted Montgomery, who has no idea who Harper is. Sparks, a member of Death Reign, killed Montgomery (framing Terror for the assassination), and then Terror is assaulted anew. Terror used a grenade that took most of his assailants out, but Sparks decapitated him and prepared to dump him in molecular acid.

(Terror#2) - Terror's remains were doused in molecular acid, while Talita's arm was preserved; Terror's remains were then mopped up and flushed down the toilet. After making it into a sewage treatment plant, some of the material was consumed by a frog that Terror then possessed before it was hit by a car and carried into a suburb. After being scraped off the grill and cast into a trash can, the frog escaped, only to be attacked by a cat. Shreck bonded the frog to the cat before taking over the form of a man named Craig (the man who had hit the frog in the first place; he was the abusive boyfriend of the mother of a youth named Derek). Without the stabilizing effect of Talita's arm/soul, Terror was tormented by the pain of his constant decay, which was much faster than normal, and he began to lose it. In addition, Craig's mind (and that of others of whom he had bonded limbs) began to influence his own.
    After Terror was reunited with Alexis, he was attacked yet again, this time by agents of Mother for killing Montgomery.
    Mrs. Primo contacted Boneyard to prepare some prime parts for Terror, but she was killed by Death Reign agents (who had apparently tapped Primo's phone and traced her call) before Terror reached her. Taking her eye, Terror observed her being assaulted, raped, and killed. Sparks them blew up Boneyard's place with Terror in it, but he came out ready to fight anew.

(Terror#3) - Sparks and other agents of Death Reign scanned the area for microscopic residue of Terror's body, intending to use something given to them by an unidentified mystic serving Talita to utterly destroy him. They failed to realize that most of him was still intact, and he attacked and then blew up his attackers. Terror tore Sparks apart, ignoring his efforts to tell who he was working for and where he could find her. Terror then rebuilt himself with more of Boneyard's body parts. Terror then met Primo back at her place, and she told him what she learned about Death Reign. Rebuilding himself from Death Reign corpses, Terror sought out Death Reign's leader Angel de la Muerte (Angel of Death), but was stunned to learn she is Talita, who tore into him with her life-draining machine.




(Terror#4) - His limbs severed from his body, Terror was placed in a pentagram, and spells were performed to restore Talita's arm to Angel de la Muerte, who was strengthened by it and regained full mobility, after which she threatened to ravage Mrs. Primo (whom they had captured)'s body for parts. Telling Talita he never stopped loving her, Terror took control of the arm -- which had been part of him much longer than it was part of her and forced it to attack Angel's agents. As the arm started to strangle Angel, they were forced to saw it off of her body.
    Terror was then cut up and kept in separate containers. Angel de la Muerte explained that she had been happy to die for Shreck knowing that he would avenge her, but instead he trapped her between life and death for 800 years in a void of blackness, and she had gone mad several times over.
    Primo, having escaped, freed Terror's head, and he took over Harper but was partially overwhelmed by Harper's devotion to her. Primo was forced to stab Terror to bring him to his senses, but (his power weakening without Talita's arm) he soon succumbed to Harper's will again.

(Terror#5) - Harper imposed his will on Terror, forcing him to release control of the arm to her. Primo then tore up Terror's body until Harper lost control of it, and Terror restocked himself with a number of other bodies but had a hard time maintaining control over them. Primo slits her throat so Terror could use her body parts and not be corrupted by the others, but seeing her do this snapped him out of the other parts' control and gave him the will to go on. He saved her life and sent her to a hospital.
    Terror informed government agents about Death Reign's plots and location, and the government confronted them, but they all just started blowing themselves up. Terror confronted Talita and the two tore themselves to pieces, and Terror -- gambling that he had a greater connection to the arm than Angel de la Muerte -- ultimately allowed his remaining body parts (head and arm) to disintegrate just before another explosion from Death Reign members consumed the whole room in a fiery explosion;
    The arm indeed reformed Terror, who visited Mrs. Primo in the hospital.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1 (fb) - BTS) - Terror was hired by Israeli agent David Meyer to obtain a lethal virus from a secret base in Istanbul. He was not informed that the virus was contained within a youth-like being there.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1) - Terror fought his way into the Istanbul base and found Dr. Jean-Marc LeFēvre seemingly experimenting on a young boy, Aban (in reality, LeFēvre was trying to slay the immortal plague carrier for the Mujahideen). Terror freed the boy and slew Dr. Jean-Marc LeFēvre, but when Terror brought the boy to a hospital, everyone present began to die from the plague.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb)) - Maddened by fever, Terror went on a rampage where he believed himself to be battling Zahhak, until he was blow up by soldiers.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2 (fb) / Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Mujahideen agents broke Aban out of quarantine, intending to re-imprison him, but they all eventually died and he escaped in Tehran.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2) - Ms. Primo torched all but Terror's left arm and then gave him a new corpse body to utilize.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2) - Agent Geoff Pfiffer arranged transport for Terror and Primo out of Istanbul, intending to send him to Afghanistan to locate Kid A (Aban). Terror first confronted Meyer in Israel over not informing him about the virus being the kid. Meyer committed suicide, but Terror took his legs to help locate Aban    )

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#3) - Terror and Primo located the village where Aban was brought, but found most everyone already dead. They were attacked by Mahboobullah (of the Mujahideen's men), whom Terror forced to surrender. After discussion, and learning that Mahboobullah's men had unwittingly unearthed and freed Aban and had been trying to kill Aban, then formed an alliance. Mahboobullah arranged transport to the Zagros mountain range, on the Iraq/Iran border, and they fought off attackers in Iran en-route.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#4 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing Zahhak would eat his head, Terror implanted a transponder within his own head so that they could allow Zahhak to lead them to Aban. He further had Ms. Primo bring him a spare head to replace the one he would lose.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#3) - Within Zahhak's prison, they found Saddam Hussein's VX nerve gas (his lost weapons of mass destruction); when they freed Zahhak, he revealed Aban to be his son, and then his serpents consumed Terror's head...just as Terror had planned.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#4) - Zahhak escaped, as Terror and Primo planned, but Mahboobullah released the VX nerve gas to try to stop the rampaging, mindless Terror. Ms. Primo tossed the new head into the cave, and, after attaching it, Terror regained control. Zahhak located and confronted Aban in Tehran, but Aban's increased power overwhelmed him. Having tracked Zahhak, Terror confronted Aban but was nearly overwhelmed as well until Mahboobullah sacrificed himself to give Terror a new, fresh head, which allowed Terror to punch out Aban.

(Terror Inc - Apocalypse Soon#4 (fb) - BTS) - Aban and Zahhak were both trapped in the Zagros mountains cave, where Zahhak's snakes try to consume Aban's brains each day before Aban's plague kills them. Aban's urine was either used to make a cure for the plague, or Pfiffer's ally Dr. Middleton devised another cure to stop the plague's spread.

Comments: Created by DG Chichester, Margaret Clark and Klaus Jansen.

    I still have to update Boneyard and will give Talita and Alexis Primo their own entries in the hopefully not so distant future.

    The following discussion is moot as DG Chichester answered the question, but I worked hard on it, so I'm leaving it here. Skip to the end if you like.

Does Shreck = Terror?

    A few years after the conclusion of the Shadowline saga, Chichester was enlisted to re-invent Shreck for the Marvel Universe. The result was Terror. While the editor, Marc McLaurin, insisted that they were not the same character (meaning they would be alternate dimensional counterparts), they remained virtually identical, despite the fact that Shreck is the only known being (short of real world characters written into comics, like politicians) to have a counterpart on Earth-616, and vice-versa.

    Their origin, powers, identity and look are all identical, but this brings you to the question "How did he cross over from Earth-Shadowline?" This would depend on how you view the Shadowline universe. I think it's highly possible that the events of Earth-Shadowline took place just prior to FF#1. If that's the case, it's simply Shreck waiting five or so years (Oh, you cute lil' sliding timescale) and deciding Terror was a cooler name.
Maybe in Earth-616 the movie Shreck came out earlier and Terror was embarrassed into changing his name? (-Zerostar)

Shreck and Terror are absolutely identical.

  • They have the same powers, the same profession, the same behavior, and the same appearance--right down to the spikes on the face and the metal casing on the left hand.
  • They both talk of "not doing favors, but rather accumulating debts" and of their interactions with others being "strictly business" (although people who interfere with Shreck/Terror, or push them/him too far run the risk of making things personal).
  • Shreck was created by Chichester, Clark, and Jansen for the Shadowline series.
  • In the Terror comics, most of the issues feature the credit on the first page:  "Created by Chichester, Clark, and Janson."
  • In Terror#7, Terror mentions a past history with piranha, just like Shreck in Critical Mass#5.
  • In Terror#10, Terror says" I knew another man with your <religious> passion--He had as St. George complex, too!"
    This is clearly a reference to Michael Devlin, a Knight of the Order of St. George.
  • Both Shreck and Terror were knights in the medieval era.
  • As contributed by Danny Wind: "Schreck" (the proper German spelling) is a German/Yiddish word meaning fright, scare or...terror.

The only argument I see is whether they are the exact same guy, or alternate dimensional counterparts.

  • The editor of Terror said they were different. Unfortunately, that's pretty hard to argue...unless someone else comes along and re-writes things. C'Mon!!!!
  • I'm not sure that Chichester necessarily agreed with this, as the Terror series was loaded with subtle references to Shreck.
  • Terror gives a list of aliases that includes Shrecken.
  • Terror has not been seen on Earth-616 prior to the modern era (which extends at most 15 years into the past), and in-fact, not really until the last third of the modern era. The Shadowline series concludes in 1989, and is dated as such, which would predate any of Earth-616 appearances.
  • Terror never directly references any Shadows, and Shreck never mentions anyone from Earth-616 (although he might not have known of any, since the Shadowline stories preceded the Earth-616 stories).

How could he have gotten to Earth-616?

  • I have no idea.
  • I can't agree with Zerostar's idea that the Shadowline stories took place on Earth-616. The stories of the Shadowline make it pretty clear that while Shadows were known previously as creatures such as werewolves, vampires, etc., there were no "super-heroes" prior to Dr. Zero. Sure the entire Shadowline series could have taken place before the modern era of Earth-616, but there have been literally hundreds of super-heroes on Earth-616 before the 1987-1989 Shadowline saga.
  • The lack of any of the identifiable beings of power make it LIKELY that the Shadowline took place not only in a different dimension, but probably within a different Multiverse (though in the same Megaverse).
  • Shreck could have somehow crossed over between dimensions. How he would have done so is unknown, but I'd think it likely that Dr. Zero, the most powerful of all of the Shadows, could have pierced the dimensional barriers and sent him there.

Finally, straight from from D.G. Chichester himself:

          Came across your excellent site while browsing something or other and wanted to thank you for a very nice walk down memory lane with Shreck and Terror. I admire and appreciate just how many references you picked up on, as well as how much you "got right" in your assessment and analysis of the character(s).

          No matter what Marcus may or may not have said as a "good soldier" in the Marvel Universe army, Shreck was Terror and Terror was Shreck [emphasis added]...but for the fact that Terror got to develop more of a a back story as time went on. We never did address the transition from Shadowline to MU, however, and probably never would have (as at that point the Shadowline was long since relegated to "Who cares?" among the larger editorial staff at the office (although those of us who invested a lot of time and effort in it kept a warm spot in our hearts).

In 2005 it was finally done in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Horror 2005: Terror and Shreck were revealed as one being!
Both profiles were melded together and what you see before you is the end result.
--Markus Raymond

Terror has entries in the OHotMU Master Edition and the above mentioned Horror 2005 issue.

    I don't know for sure how Talita got to Earth-616, but the logical explanation is that her magical link to Terror's arm drew her body there.

Other Comments

Terror's past

The fight with the demon is interesting, because as Terror puts it: "Its dread reign and nature (was) an obstacle to a fledgling species struggling to survive" this could put Terror WAAAAAAAAAAY back on the time scale, making him several thousand years old or even much older... If you put it that way, guess he doesn't look bad for his age.
    However, he has since been revealed to have originated in 455 BC. I guess it's all relative.

    It was alluded to that Wolverine and Terror had met up before, but the details of that situation (situations?) weren't revealed. Specifically, Terror mentions a long-standing series of markers between himself and Wolverine.

    While Terror does have a sense of responsibility, he isn't just a mercenary who preys only on the evil. He's more than happy to claim body parts from any innocent victim who comes across him in the time of need: librarians, homeless people, whoever.

    Also, in Terror#9, he obtained a clawed arm from an Adamantium skeleton--a virtually duplicate of Wolverine's, complete with claws and everything. This skeleton first showed up in Wolverine II#52,again in Wolverine II#79, and was wrapped up/explained in Wolverine II#86. I'm not going to try for a full explanation, but this skeleton was actually Wolverine's when he was destroyed while time traveling and battling the Adversary...although he actually did not die, but was shunted through time again. The skeleton existed for a time as a temporal paradox as a result of Wolverine being involved in "the Big Crunch" at the end of time, and then it disappeared...and my head hurts now. Go read Wolverine#86 for the explanation.


    Beelzeboul is one of the several Hell-lords who contributed power to create a true "Son of Satan," though it was actually Marduk Kurios who directly fathered him. This is confusing to many people.

    The Marvel Zombie/Continuity Freak in me was and is most appreciate of the use of the hellfire serpent in Terror INC#1-5. This serpent is the same creature to which the darksoul was cast after it was forced out of the Miracle Man, who had usurped it from Daimon Hellstrom in Defenders I#120, 121.
Daimon, of course, retook his darksoul in Hellstorm#1. The fate of Hellfire has not been revealed, and is not likely to be, either.

Clive Barker

    In Terror#4, the Cenobite's Box (a la Clive Barker's novel Hellraiser) was seen in Rekrab's possession. Pinhead, a character from Hellraiser, was also mentioned in passing, although it was just in a Clive Barker book Cage was reading in Terror#11. Terror's creator D.G. Chichester wrote Marvel comic book adaptations for some of Barker's literary horror characters popularized on the silver screen, including Hellraiser and Night Breed. Rekrab is an obvious anagram and a nod to Clive Barker, as it is Barker spelled backwards.


    Terror INC#1 came out in July 1992, but Daredevil I#305, which also featured Terror, came out in June 1992. The Captain America/Punisher limited series only gives a year and not a month, so I'm not sure whether it came out first.
Danny Wind says "
According to the Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators, which is usually pretty reliable about these things, Captain America/Punisher: Blood and Glory#3 came out in December 1992, the same month as Terror Inc.#6.

    Terror has a profile in the OHotMU Master Edition, which only covers his appearances in the first six issues. Based on those issues and the chronological placement of the Daredevil and Wolverine issues, I have made a stab at his chronology. Again, I'm really not sure when the Captain America/Punisher series took place. The Punisher SEEMED to be encountering Terror for the first time in Terror#6, so I placed that before the limited series--Snood.

Some nice quotes by or regarding Terror:

  • I HAVE character! I got it from a nun and keep it in a freezer in Arizona.
  • He discusses taking the childhood game of "Got your nose" to all all new level.
  • From Ms. Primo: I know there's a good heart under that rotting savagery...I took an EKG of it before you put it in this afternoon.
  • To Wolverine: I'm the best there is at what I do...And what I do makes even your routine look very nice.

The third image from the top is actually a picture of Shreck, but its a great picture and the two characters are identical, so I went with it. That is an image from the cover of Critical Mass#3. The metal hand was left out of that image, presumably so as not to distract from Terror's face.

Profile by: Zerostar, Snood, Nick the Squid, Per Degaton, and Prime Eternal.

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims; combined by Markus Raymond


Terror formerly known as Shreck has no known connection to:

  • SHRECK, DHEILIUS of Earth-Hercules 2300 - see LAST DISCIPLE of THANOS @ Hercules II#3
  • Max Shreck, who played the title role of the ghoulish-looking vampire in that German silent horror movie Nosferatu.
  • Terror (Laslo Pevely) @ Mystic Comics#5
  • TERRORDOME, mobile assault weapon by magnum munitions, piloted by Lawson @ Deathlok II#11
  • TERRORDYNE of Earth-UV (HEATER, Stanley Leland @ Prototype#3
  • TERRORIST - see CUTTER, JAINE @ Hellstorm#12
  • “TERRORIST”, leader of plot to use CAT tags to cause mass death of all American soldiers, defeated by Captain America @ Captain America IV#6
  • TERROR SQUAD @ USA Comics#6
  • TERROR UNLIMITED, wore gold armor, held world trade center hostage @ Spider-Man Unlimited I#8

Archie Goodwin, who helped develop the Shadowline concepts, should not be confused with Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe's partner from the Rex Stout novels, although a joke about the coincidence did appear one of those birthday calendar back covers of Marvel Age
--Per Degaton.

The "mare"




(Terror#1 (fb) / Terror Inc.#13 (fb)) - The Romans turned to witchcraft (or asked the Pope for a favor) and summoned "a mare" -- a thing ruling the dark -- that slew half of the Vandals' village in the first night, and the sheep and the warrior's wife on the second night. The warrior led the remainder of the village against the creature, ultimately crawling down its gullet, fighting with its entrails, and eating its heart before cutting his way back out.

    Two markedly different renditions of this creature exist. Presumably it's a shape-shifter.

    Yeah, I don't know what a mare is, either (beyond a female adult horse). A living nightmare? Terror's power is described as "the curse of the mare."












The wife

Per Terror: "I never had much at home. My wife was a bore, and after tasting those Roman ladies, well...she didn't even seem appealing in the dark."

"The mare killed half my village the first night. The second night, not so bad...the sheep and my wife. Still being something of a romantic, I led what was left of us out to face the thing."

--Terror#1 (1 (fb, dies)



The witch

With Talita's leg decaying from a wound, Shreck sought out a witch in the lowlands who had her blacksmith husband construct an encasement while she stripped naked and danced, weaving her magic to preserve the arm eternally so that Shreck could forever be bonded with her warm soul, and so that he could recall her touch forever.


--Terror#1 (1 (fb)



main image: Wolverine II#58 or 59 (scanned from OHotMU: Horror 2005: Terror entry)
Terror#1, p1 (pre-mutation form)
        p2, panel 2 (former wife)
        p2, panel 4 (the mare)
        p5, panel 1 (deer head)
        p9, panel 2-4 (witch, blacksmith, and the forging of the encasement)
    #2, last page (holding own leg)
    #5, p13, panel 4 (confronting Angel de la Muerte, axe in hand)

Other appearances:
Saint George#4 (December, 1988) - D.G. Chichester & Margaret Clark (writers), Klaus Janson (pencils), John Beatty & Klaus Janson (inks)
Doctor Zero#5 (December, 1988) - D.G. Chichester & Margaret Clark (writers), Brett Ewins (pencils), Steve Dillon (inks)
Saint George#6-7 (April-June, 1989) - D.G. Chichester & Margaret Clark (writers), Klaus Janson (#6) & Dan Spiegle (#7) (artist)
Critical Mass#1-5 (January-May, 1990)
Critical Mass#7 (July, 1990)
Terror Inc.#1-2 (July-August, 1992) - D.G. Chichester (writer), Jorge Zaffino (artist), Marc McLaurin (editor)
Wolverine II#58-59 (August, 1992) - D.G. Chichester (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
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