Real Name: Roger Barbatos

Identity/Class: Human; empowered by a demon

Occupation: Head of RB Arms & Munitions

Affiliations: Beelzeboul; Lola;

Enemies: Terror; an unidentified consortium of small third world nations who hired Terror to take him down

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A mansion somewhere in New York

First Appearance: Terror INC#1 (July, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: In exchange for his soul, Barbatos gained what was basically invincibility. He could be hurt or injured to any degree, but he couldn't die and wouldn't even feel the pain from the attack. Also, as the leader of an international arms smuggling corporation, Barbatos had a large amount of flunkies who were very heavily armed.

History: (Terror INC#1-fb) Gaining an audience with Beelzeboul, Roger Barbatos signed a contract with the demon. The deal: his soul for protection from his enemies

(Terror INC#1-5 (fbs) - bts) The freakish mercenary, Terror, was hired by a group of Barbatos' enemies to finally put an end to his life. Terror did his best to murder him, including setting a bomb in his car, strychnine in his stamps, electrifying the urinals at one of Barbatos' favorite restaurants, and even strafed him on his yacht... None of which worked.

(Terror INC#1) Once more Terror attempts to kill Barbatos, this time by slitting his throat. Again, not the desired result, and Barbatos insults Terror at the simplicity of this attack. Several of Barbatos' bodyguards rush into the room and open fire on Terror, who is forced to jump out of the window. Barbatos sends some people to clean up the mess on the street, but Terror escapes.

(Terror INC#2) In his office, Barbatos tells Lola to take care of Terror before he finally gets taken care of himself...

(Terror INC#3) Barbatos gets Lola to hire a pilot to attack Terror in San Francisco. This plan does not succeed.

(Terror INC#4) Barbatos hires a group of assassins to take care of Terror in a lighthouse where he has been spotted. The assassins are pretty confident, until they see Terror and Hellfire fighting demons, and they run. Later on, they run into Terror and don't get a chance to run away again.

(bts) Barbatos gets into contact with a man named Wilcox, who puts a state of the art security system at his mansion. Upon completion, Barbatos has Wilcox murdered and left in an unmarked grave.

(Terror INC#5) In his mansion, Barbatos complains to Lola about the security system that was installed there, as Terror finds his way in. Barbatos tries to remember the guy who installed it's name, but failing to, Terror, with new arm, reminds him that it's "Wilcox". Barbatos tells Terror to give him his worst, since it won't hurt him either way, but Terror shows him the one thing he should fear, Barbatos' contract with Beelzeboul. Terror shreds the paper, and Barbatos experiences all the attempts on his life at once.

Comments: Created by DG Chichester and Jorge Zaffino

Now that is a face only a mother could love...

Profile by: Zerostar

Lola was always at Barbatos' side, though their relationship was never fully defined. After Terror finally killed Barbatos, he simply walked away from her, telling her it was "just business" - @Terror INC#1,2,3,4,5


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