Real Name: Dheilius Shreck

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-Hercules 2300), extraterrestrial (possibly human), technology user

Occupation: Worshipper of Thanos

Group Membership: Leader of his own band of mercenaries

Affiliations: Deen, Dukula, other mercenaries, Thanos

Enemies: Hercules, Mentor, Recorder#417, Skyppi, Starfox

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Earth's solar system, Earth-Hercules 2300

First Appearance: Hercules: Prince of Power II#3 (May, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Shreck possesed a negative generator which he used to extract the Nega Bands from Mar-vell's corpse. While wearing the Nega-Bands, Shreck could generate blasts of photonic energy, fly, and possessed superhuman strength enabling him to lift 10 tons.

History: (Hercules: Prince of Power II#3)- As the last follower of the mad Titan Thanos, Dheilius Shreck set out to obtain the Nega-Bands which had been worn by his enemy Captain Mar-Vell, to use them to destroy Titan. Shreck sent his mercenary followers into Mar-Vell's tomb to retrieve the Nega-Bands, but they were all killed by the security devices inside. With no other alternatives, Shreck set into the crypt himself.

Shreck was nearly slain by the security devices himself, but just at that moment, Titan's computer ISAAC shut down all non-essential systems to perform a scan of Olympus on behalf of the demi-god Hercules. Using a Negative Generator, Shreck extracted the Nega-Bands from Mar-Vell's body and donned them himself. He then set out to assault Titan, to obtain vengeance on behalf of his god.

Shreck attacked Hercules, Mentor and Starfox, and easily shocked Starfox unconscious with energy from the bands. Mentor attempted to fight Shreck off, but Shreck flew too fast for him to strike, and knocked him down. Finally Hercules engaged him, and struck him near his ally Skyppi the Skrull, who transformed into protoplasm to entangle him. Shreck was able to set himself free with the bands' energies, and when Mentor and Hercules caught up to him, struck them both down. Then he set out to begin the destruction of Titan.

However, Hercules revived and tricked Shreck into attacking him again. Hercules knocked Shreck into Titan's solar generator, where Shreck quickly absorbed more energy into the Nega-Bands-- more than he could contain. Shreck exploded with energy, and was completely disintegrated.

Comments: Created by Bob Layton.

by Prime Eternal

The Last Disciple of Thanos should not be confused with:

Images taken from:
Hercules: Prince of Power II#3, page 12, panel 1
Hercules: Prince of Power II#3, page 3, panel 5

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