ravenscore-eric-88194-full-gunERIC RAVENSCOREravenscore-eric-88194-face

Real Name: Eric Ravenscore

Identity/ClassAlternate reality (Earth-88194/"Shadowline") Shadow (see comments);
    he was apparently of European descent

Occupation: Professional criminal

Group Membership: Ravenscore criminal family

Affiliations: A group of mercenary pirates (including Dolph);
    formerly Gordon Castle, Elizabeth Castle

EnemiesLenore Castle, Barbara Guillermos, Christina Guillermos, Michael Guillermos (and the rest of the extended Guillermos family), Victor Guillermos, Ripley Weaver, Emmanuel

Known Relatives: Tyler Ravenscore (father, deceased), Dirk Ravenscore (brother), others unidentified

Aliases: "Punk" (insult from Ripley Weaver)

Base of Operations: At least formerly the former Guillermos estate in Venezuela;
    presumably, at least formerly, an undisclosed location in Europe

First Appearance: Power Line#1 (May, 1988)

ravenscore-eric-88194-flyblastsPowers/Abilities: A shadow, Eric Ravenscore can fly and project energy blasts. The blasts can be like lasers, able to slice through flesh and bone; like force blasts, able to shatter rock; or just harmless displays of light. 

    His blasts, reflected back on himself, only caused minor discomfort.

    In addition, like many shadows was long-lived, apparently not aging past adulthood until he had children. 

    He smoked cigarettes on occasion, which would give him a characteristic odor, but it is unrevealed whether cigarettes would have affected his health like they do to humans. 

    He was experienced with using a bazooka-like shoulder-mounted cannon/rocket launcher, as well as an automatic rifle, and he at least carried a dagger.

    He was obsessive and somewhat crazed, which sometimes affected his decisions and limited his effectiveness.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6' +/- a couple inches)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Apparently brown (possibly light blue; they aren't shown in close-up)
Hair: Black

Power Line#1 (fb)) - Eric Ravenscore was presumably present when his father, Tyler, created a space warp that brought multiple Ravenscore family members to the house of the rival Guillermos, whom they slaughtered. Eric may have been the one to slay Christina, Victor's mother. 

    Long-time family friend Ripley Weaver escaped with Victor Guillermos.ravenscore-eric-88194-fireworks

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - A member of the European Ravenscore crime family (many of whom were shadows like himself), Eric Ravenscore became attracted to Lenore Castle, who came from an American Yuppie family of shadows after they saw each other in Europe.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lenore heard stories of how Eric was bad, but she hoped that it wasn't all true.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS / Power Line#2 (fb) - BTS) - As Eric was infatuated with weak-powered shadow Lenore Castle (Gordon's daughter), Dirk and Tyler arranged a masquerade in Lenore's honor at House Ravenscore, the former Guillermos estate.


(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lenore's parents sought to promote a union of their family and the Ravenscores, and they encouraged Lenore to use the party as a chance to get to know Eric better. 

(Power Line#1 (fb)) - At the party, as Lenore showed off her limited flight power, Eric, wearing a fake beard as part of his pirate costume, complimented her performance but then mocked them as weak when compared to his own abilities, which he demonstrated as a punctuation. When she noted that he considered himself such a big deal, he embraced her and asked if she wouldn't like to know how big. Insulted, she tried to slap him, but he grabbed her hand, called her sweetheart, and told her to play nice. He was then called away because his dad was looking for him.

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Eric attended a meeting of various shadows.

(Critical Mass#1/2 (fb)) - At the meeting, Ripley Weaver (who had not been present when the Ravenscores slaughtered the Guillermos family) tried to convince the rest of the shadows that as the Old One (now using the alias of Doctor Zero) was drawing negative attention to the shadows and that they should seek to promote a more positive shadow representative to counteract this. Disgusted with Ripley's discussion, Eric left as his father arrived alongside Gordon Castle.

(Power Line#1  (fb) - BTS) - Later, after Lenore bonded with Victor Guillermos (whose powers augmented each other's), a number of other guests confronted them, telling her they would tell Eric, and that he would not want his girl running around behind his back. She angrily flew off, asking who had said she wanted anything to do with Eric or "any of you losers."

(Power Line#1 (fb)) - Catching Lenore in mid-air, Eric reminded her that he had told her to play nice and, ignoring her arguments, pulled her back down to the ground, at which point his father, Tyler, opened a portal bringing himself and others to them. As Lenore's father, Gordon, criticized Lenore for breaking up a very important meeting, Eric put his arm around Lenore and told Gordon not to be so hard on her, as it was really Ripley Weaver (who had adopted Victor after the Ravenscores had killed his family) who "broke things up with his stupid ideas."

    When Eric suggested Ripley depart, Ripley took Victor and headed out, noting that they didn't need to hang out with people marrying their daughter off to a killer's son. Insulted, Eric challenged Ripley for his family's honor, and Ripley told to try and take him. Eric swiftly took to the air and blasted at Ripley, who used his steel hand to reflect at blast back at him, apparently causing him some level of pain. However, Eric then dove at Ripley and fired multiple blasts, one of which struck and cut through Ripley's normal left wrist, cutting off his steel hand. 

    As Ripley collapsed in agony, Eric landed in front of him, noting, "Took you, old man," and Eric's dad told him to finish Ripley. When Victor leapt over top Ripley to protect him, Eric offered him a family reunion, obviously intending to reunite him with his dead family members. Victor initially protected Ripley with his weak force field, but then Lenore grabbed Victor's hand, amplifying his field's power and allowing them to fly away with Ripley. Protected from Eric's blasts, they turned and fired their own blasts that drove back their pursuers.

(Power Line#1 (fb) - BTS) - As Victor, Lenore, and Ripley fled through the woods, the Ravenscores fired energy blasts blindly, once catching them and knocking them out of the air, although Victor and Lenore's field protected them from injury.

(Power Line#8 - BTS) - Victor, Lenore, and Ripley returned to Venezuela via boat, seeking vengeance on the Ravenscores. ravenscore-eric-88194-pl8-face

(Power Line#8) - Unaware of who was aboard the ship, Eric led a group of pirates to confront the ship, believing their to be enough cargo in the hold to buy a small country. A wave knocked Victor overboard, and Lenore dove after him. See Lenore, Eric instructed his boat's driver to go after her instead. When the driver thought he was joking to let the ship get away, Eric used a bazooka-type shoulder cannon to blast the ship then held the driver at gunpoint, telling him they knew exactly where the ship was: Exactly where the driver would be going if he didn't go after the girl. 

(Power Line#8 - BTS) - Having spotted Eric amongst the pirates, Victor and Lenore arrived on the same shore some time apart, and they each headed to the jungle as per Ripley's training. Victor wanted to make sure he found Lenore before Eric did, and Lenore resolved that she would not let Eric ruin what she had with Victor. Having made sure his friend and ship captain "Mangler" Mike got to a lifeboat, Ripley arrived on shore later.

(Power Line#8) - Eric and a group of pirates arrived on the same shore sometime thereafter (see comments). Noting that all three of his enemies had arrived on that stretch of beach, he instructed the other pirates that he wanted them found, and he split his group into thirds to fan out and find them without getting too far from one another. He further ordered them to make sure they kept the boy and the girl apart, as they were more dangerous than they looked. Nonetheless, he told the pirates that he wanted them alive, at least initially. Once he was done with the girl, the other pirates could do whatever they wanted with the other two.ravenscore-eric-88194-boulder

    As some pirates were shot in their own crossfire while fighting Victor, Eric caught up to and kicked Victor to the ground. When Eric told Victor it was time to join the rest of the family (holding a gun in one hand and preparing to blast Victor with the other), Victor caught him with a kick to the abdomen and then fled into the brush; reversing his previous stance, Eric shouted at the pirates to kill him. 

(Power Line#8 - BTS) - After Lenore took down a trio of pirates, Victor pulled her into hiding. 

(Power Line#8) - Frustrated that the kids were making fools of them, Eric instructed the pirates to find and finish the kids while he went after the old man (Ripley). Finding Ripley by a cliff, Eric tackled him, but Ripley's wrestling skills allowed him to throw Eric to the ground. As Ripley started to choke him with his one remaining steel hand, Eric told him he should have cut both of them off when he'd had the chance. Flashing back to that moment, Ripley stepped back, apparently resolving not to kill Eric. As one of the pirates then ambushed Ripley, striking him across the head with his rifle and knocking him over the cliff, Eric told Ripley that he should have (killed him), as he wouldn't get a second chance.

    After telling the pirates to find the other two, Eric, now alone, decided he could use his powers, and he flew down to the ground and then blasted a piece of rock from the cliff. As it fell toward Ripley, the approaching Lenore and Victor rushed to save him, and Eric blasted more rocks on top of them. Believing them dead, Eric flew away, noting "three pathetic birds with several thousand stones."

    However, after his departure, Victor and Lenore blasted away the rocks, Victor's field have protected them both and Ripley, and they renewed their vow of vengeance against the Ravenscores.

Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester, Margaret Clark, David Ross, and Bob McLeod.

    In case you're not familiar with the Shadowline, here's your primer.

    It doesn't make much sense to me that Eric and the pirates arrived on shore by boat after Victor, Lenore, and Ripley swam there. It was enough distance that it swimming should have taken a long time.

    Further, I don't know why Eric was hiding his powers from the pirates, nor why he would have tackled Ripley when he could have decapitated him or blasted him off the cliff...or why he would have blasted the cliff to cause an avalanche when he could have slain him directly with a blast. Oh well, he did demonstrate some craziness in the issue, so I guess we'll just go with that.

    Eric and Dirk Ravenscore were still active on Earth-88194 when last seen, but that was over 30 years ago, so who knows when/if we'll ever seen them again.

    This profile was completed 07/08/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

Eric Ravenscore
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    #8, pg. 13, panel 1 (full, with gun);
            panel 5 (face, shadowed);
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Power Line#1 (May, 1988) - D.G. Chichester & Margaret Clark (writers), David Ross (penciler), Bob McLeod (inker). Steve Buccellato (associate editor)
Power Line#8 (July, 1989) - Howard Mackie (writer), Mike Manley (penciler), Al Williamson (inker). Steve Buccellato (associate editor)
Critical Mass#1/2 (January, 1990) - D.G. Chichester & Margaret Clark (writers), Gray Morrow (art), Marc McLaurin (managing editor), Carl Potts (executive editor, Epic Comics)

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