Real Name: Sir Gavin Ravenlock

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Castle lord, pirate

Affiliations: Hell-Hound, Mycroft

Enemies: Ken Astor, Countess Caution, Nick Fury, Rachel, Allistair Rampson

Known Relatives: Allistair Rampson (step-son), Rachel (grand-daughter), unnamed son (deceased), unnamed daughter-in-law (deceased), Black Hugh Ravenlock (ancestor, deceased)

Aliases: Black Hugh Ravenlock

Base of Operations: Castle Ravenlock, Scotland

First Appearance: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#3 (August, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: While disguised as the Ghost of Ravenlock, Gavin wore clothing doused with fluroescent dye, and bore a schiavona (sword).

History: (Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3 (fb)) - Following World War II, Sir Ravenlock formed an alliance with Miles Von Croft, a Nazi officer who had drifted into piracy. Ravenlock allowed him to base his operations out of the so-called "Tower of Terror" on his property. To keep people away from the tower, Ravenlock impersonated his infamous ancestor, "Black Hugh" Ravenlock. Among those he slew on the moors was Ken Astor, an old friend of Nick Fury.

(Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3) - Shortly after Fury arrived at Castle Ravenlock to investigate his friend's death, Ravenlock had Von Croft (disguised as the medium Mycroft) set up a seance at the castle. Ravenlock appeared at the seance as the ghost and attempted to kill Rachel, but Fury fought him off. Ravenlock's body was later found on the moors, having been killed by Mycroft to throw off suspicion.

Comments: Created by Jim Steranko and Dan Adkins.

The Hell-hound was based on the Hound of the Baskervilles from the Sherlock Holmes novel, which was also doused with fluorescent dyes.

Regarding Nick Fury's friend, Ken Astor -- "Ken Astor" is an anagram of "Steranko"
--John Kaminski

by Prime Eternal

The Ghost of Ravenlock should not be confused with:

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Nick Fury's friend Ken Astor, has no known connection to:

Angus MacGregor was the servant of the Ravenlock family, and believed strongly in the legends of the Ghost of Ravenlock. He recounted the history of Black Hugh Ravenlock to the others, and was himself a suspect for the identity of the ghost.
--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3

The Hell-Hound was a hunting dog doused with fluroescent dye to grant it a ghostly appearance. It also seemed to be immune to Nick Fury's bullets, but Fury's gun had been loaded with blanks by Mycroft. Mycroft unleashed the hound to kill Rachel, but Fury fought it off. It was later responsible for killing Mycroft when it accidentally shut him inside of an iron maiden at the Tower of Terror. The Hell-Hound was slain when Fury destroyed the Tower of Terror.
--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3

Allistair Rampson was the stepson of Gavin Ravenlock. He did not suspect his stepfather was behind the Ghost of Ravenlock. When the affair was completed, he revealed to Rachel that she was his niece, and brought her to live at Castle Ravenlock.
--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3

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Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#3 (August, 1968) - Jim Steranko (writer/pencils), Dan Adkins (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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