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Real Name: Jack Prosper

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Unrevealed;
   formerly UltraForce member;
   formerly FBI special agent

Group Membership: None;
   formerly UltraForce (Black Knight (Dane Whitman (originally Earth-616)), Ghoul, Lament, Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype (Bob Campbell), Topaz);
   formerly FBI (all Earth-93060)

Affiliations: Felicia Campbell, Cromwell (all Earth-93060);
   briefly Green Goblin (Phil Urich), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (all Earth-616)

Enemies: Bonehammer, the Commission (Rabies Badalamenti, others), Dog, J.D. Hunt, Metabio, briefly New York police (Captain Barry Schuch, others ), Progeny, Rawborgs, Shifters (all Earth-93060)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
   formerly UltraForce HQ, Headless Cross, Arkansas, USA (Earth-93060);
   formerly New York, USA

First Appearance: UltraForce II#1 (October, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Jack Prosper is an excellent (former) FBI detective with special agent training. His body has been enhanced with technological wetware to give him enhanced agility and peak human strength, being able to jump between tall buildings, and hardened/replaced leg bones. Wreckage has excellent hand-eye coordination for accurate multiple shots with handguns, and has athlete-level endurance. He is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter from FBI training, but relies heavily on two pistols (presumably he carries multiple magazines in his coat to quickly reload, given his rapid-fire technique in close quarters).

   He has forearm implants are weaponized with "shudderers," activated at will by palm contact, which stuns a victim and causes sudden micro-spasms; the intensity and duration is determined by Wreckage. The higher a jolt, the longer it takes for him to recharge, but their use provides him with an intense rush that he relishes and he has begun to show less time needed between shuddering recharges. Wreckage can also phase through solid objects (he calls "spinning"), but it takes one to two days before he can do it again; he can also carry phased objects that he is touching (like clothes and handguns). The implanted subdermal wetware has left him with a pale skin complexion and many distinctive scars. His vision had to be repaired and he prefers to operate in the dark, indicating he has excellent low-light vision to aid his stealth attacks.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: White (formerly brown)
Hair: Brown


(UltraForce II#3 (fb) - BTS) - FBI Special Agent Jack Prosper ran various cases, including investigating backstreet bodywork operations for illegal superhuman ("ultra") upgrades. Prosper later ran a stakeout on the Commission (New York mafia) when ultra assassin Bonehammer brutally smashed the FBI agents. Prosper was the only one to survive, but only barely with extremely severe injuries. A year later, he could barely move with crutches, having partial vision, one lung, a weakened heart, temporal lobe epilepsy, loss of motor control and an obsession with revenge against Bonehammer. Invalided out of the FBI, he received his pension in one lump sum. He sold his house and disappeared to get physical enhancements, knowing that very few "normal types" go up against ultras and win (Alec Swan was the only one he knew of).

(UltraForce II#3 (fb)) - Prosper took all his money to backstreet bodywork operations and underwent the painful process of getting considerable surgery to receive physical enhancements and powers.

(UltraForce II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Prosper didn't understand the physics of what powers he had, only what they did. He planned his attack on the Commission to get at Bonehammer.

(UltraForce II#1) - Wreckage began his destructive rampage across Manhattan, setting off fiery explosions in Commission sites, causing the deaths of many involved with the Commission. Fearful citizens glimpsed him and the next day, photos of his ultra leaping ability made the news. UltraForce (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prime, Prototype, Topaz) were sanctioned by the US Government to hunt down Wreckage and set off at dusk. In Manhattan, stealthy bounty hunter ultra Lament followed new destruction to find Wreckage.

(UltraForce II#2) - Government liaison to UltraForce Cromwell noted a pattern to Wreckage's bombings. Police tried to shoot the bomber, but were instead hit (but never fatally). Lament followed Commission mobsters to a safehouse that was suddenly attacked by Wreckage. More mobsters arrived and a fierce gunfight ensued, but this attracted Prime. Wreckage stunned him with his "shudderer" ability until the armored Prototype smashed Wreckage away. Wreckage was turned over to the police. But nearby, Black Knight considered Lament and Ghoul's statements about Wreckage's targeting, and he ordered Cromwell to have Wreckage released to UltraForce for further questioning.

(UltraForce II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Wreckage was remanded into UltraForce's custody and put in a cell in their base, although the mayor was keen for a swift trial and have an ultra publicly executed, with politicians Guiliani and Pataki keen to boost their public ratings.

(UltraForce II#3) - Wreckage willingly answered questions and gave an account of his history. Later, the group considered his story; Cromwell confirmed Bonehammer's existence and consensus was reached to use rehabilitating Wreckage to get to Bonehammer. UltraForce returned to New York and soon found Bonehammer's safehouse. Wreckage engaged the near indestructible Bonehammer alone in an intense fight, following a strategy he had long planned, but chose not to kill the villain, instead bashing the body so that the villain's brain remained intact but could no longer move. Afterward, Wreckage and Lament joined UltraForce.

(UltraForce/Spider-Man#1A & 1B) - At their base UltraForce were shocked by the sudden transdimensional arrival of a seemingly pained and aged Prime (actually an alien shapeshifting "Shifter" seeking to cause war between Earth-93060 (Ultraverse) and Earth-616). The others' defenses failed until Wreckage used his shudderers to drop the intruder. The Prime/Shifter faked a time travel story and sowed discord with a tale of a future UltraForce traitor plus new foe Green Goblin (Phil Urich-616). Feigning discorporation, Prime/Shifter reopened a portal back to Earth-616 and UltraForce followed to investigate. Finding Spider-Man and Green Goblin, and despite a brief fracas, they realized that both worlds had been set against each other. They separated into two teams to follow leads.

(UltraForce/Spider-Man#1A) - Prototype, Wreckage, Lament, Black Knight and Green Goblin rocketed to the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite, where they were attacked by Shifters. A hull breach caused all the aliens to be sucked out into space and die; Green Goblin and Prototype saved the team.

(UltraForce/Spider-Man#1A & 1B (fb) - BTS) - With both teams successful at stopping the threats but confused, they traveled back to the Ultraverse to explore further.

(UltraForce/Spider-Man#1A & 1B) - They rushed to Aladdin HQ to investigate a possible alien incursion there and found it swarming with Shifters. Intense fighting saw Wreckage's shuddering power particularly effective against them. With the Shifters near defeat, the aliens' hidden masters portaled them away. Topaz saved Wreckage from being pulled away as well, gruffly acknowledging he might be a friend as well as a teammate. Spider-Man and Green Goblin returned home, and both teams advised their respective organizations of the alien menace and fake interdimensional war threat.

(UltraForce II#4) - Black Knight took leave and left Prototype to lead the team on their next mission.

(All-New Exiles#4) - UltraForce were called in to investigate the bloody dissection of comatose ultra Catapult, whose organs had been harvested by an alien Progeny scout hunting the Theta Virus. They tracked it to its hideout, coincidentally just as rival team the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut, Reaper,Shuriken,  'Strike) arrived and the belligerent Exiles attacked, with Wreckage countering the expert combatant 'Strike. But soon the real enemy, the Progeny scout, was revealed and only the two teams' combined effort destroyed it. The Exiles quickly teleported away and left UltraForce amongst the rubble.

(UltraForce II#5) - UltraForce were assigned by Aladdin's Jake Alexander to examine the assassination of Senator Robert Shine because it was likely by an ultra. The team split their investigations into two ultras: Helen Volcano and Whistler.

(UltraForce II#6) - Black Knight, Wreckage, Topaz and Lament visited Volcano's apartment. Initially resisting (with Wreckage then wanting to use his guns against her), she confessed her involvement. Further investigation led them into a fight with the cheap but savage and fast-healing killer ultra Dog. Wreckage and Lament were keen to use lethal force, despite Black Knight's protestations.

(UltraForce II#7) - Wreckage used his shudderer power on Dog's brain but the killer's second combat brain then reigned. It took combined and coordinated efforts, including Wreckage firing multiple rounds point blank at Dog's head, to stop the killer. Ghoul's interrogation of the corpse confirmed corporate Metabio involvement. UltraForce crashed their way into Metabio headquarters, with Wreckage, Lament and Topaz uncontrollable in their bloody rage. Wreckage confronted the corporate head, J.D. Hunt, who confessed before UltraForce. Hunt was arrested and stated Shine's assassin would now be after them. Later, back at UltraForce HQ, Black Knight dismissed Wreckage, Lament, Topaz and Ghoul from the UltraForce because of their murderous ways.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis, Steven Butler, Ken Branch, Dennis Janke.

Where could Wreckage go after his expulsion? He was too brutal for police and FBI work (and had alienated the police anyway). He was probably too brutal for government or Aladdin wetwork once he was fully "in the zone." So maybe a slightly slower pace as a private eye and detective, similar to Alec "Firearm" Swan, whom he already referenced early on. Or perhaps Shine's assassin got to him... (The assassin's identity was never revealed, but was likely Veil).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Wreckage has no known connections to:

Rabies Badalamenti

Rabies (presumably a nickname) Badalamenti was a long-time enforcer for the Commission (mafia) in New York, very proud of his high murder count. In 1973, a man called McCann stabbed him and Rabies laughed it off. Many years later, the superhuman ("ultra") Wreckage went on a destructive rampage through parts of New York, seeking bloody vengeance against the killer ultra Bonehammer and his Commission protectors. Badalamenti was one of those killed in Wreckage's bombs planted at Commission sites. Soon after, the ultra Ghoul found Badalamenti's corpse and used his power to speak to the dead man's spirit, and found out that Wreckage was targeting Commission people and sites.







--UltraForce II#2

images: (without ads)
UltraForce II#3, cover (main image)
UltraForce II#3, p1, pan3 (headshot before wetware)
UltraForce II#2, p13, pan1 (phasing through ceiling)
UltraForce/Spider-Man#1A, p5, pan3 (using shudderers)
UltraForce II#7, p24, pan1 (headshot, dismissed)
UltraForce II#2, p14, pan2 (Badalamenti)
UltraForce II#3, p12, pan2 (called back to action)

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