alphabetical: Black Knight (Dane Whitman) of Earth-616, Contrary (possibly Mary),
Ghoul (Johnathan Martin), Hardcase (Thomas Hawke), Hellblade (Jefferson Kotto), Amber Hunt, Iron Clad (Spencer Collins), Lament (Sarah Walks Unseen), Maxis (Maximum Energy Retriever/Dar’u ?Sarrin?), Pixx (Penny Burka), Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype (Bob Campbell), Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Ripfire (Matt McKinney; Ch'iarr), Siren (Jennifer Pearson), Topaz, Wreckage (Jack Prosper)

chronological: Contrary, Ghoul, Hardcase, Pixx, Prime, Prototype (Ruiz), Topaz, Black Knight, Siren, Prototype (Bob Campbell), Lament, Wreckage, Maxis, Amber Hunt, Hellblade, Iron Clad, Ripfire

Purpose: Protection of the public and controlling Ultras that were out of line

Affiliations: Cromwell (agent), Exiles-Strike, Mantra, Ultraforce of Earth-Ultraverse-future-main/true ;
    sanctioned by US government, loose alliance with Aladdin;
    Avengers, Green Goblin (Phil Urich), Spider-Man, X-Men - all of Earth-616

Enemies: Alien Elite, Angels, Atalon, Bonehammer, Demonseed, Dog, Entity, Fire People, Hybrid, Loki of Earth-616, Nemesis, Phoenix Force, the Progeny, Rawborgs, Sersi of Earth-616, Specimen 13, the Tulkan Fleet,  Helen Volcano, Whistler

Base of Operations:
Ultraforce HQ, Headless Cross, Arkansas;
    formerly Ultraforce HQ, Miami, Florida;
    They used a
dropship as their major transportation across the country

First Appearance: Ultraforce I#0A (June, 1994)

(Ultraforce I#0A) - Ultra icon Hardcase defended Ghoul from an unruly mob, after which he commented that only the Ultras would be able to keep other Ultras. His speech was heard by two younger heroes, Prime and Prototype, who each decided to act on the idea of forming a groups of Ultras. Coincidentally, Contrary and her young ward Pixx were out searching for young Ultras to recruit to her Academy for the New Elite.
    Around the same time, Atalon, leader of the Fire People, launched an attack on the surface world that drew the attention of all of the above.

(Ultraforce I#0B) - While Contrary sought to recruit Hardcase and Ghoul to her side, the teenage Prime and Prototype fought over who could form a better group, and who could do it first. Meanwhile, Atalon continued his invasion.

(Ultraforce I#1) - Topaz, one of the three queens of Gwendor, somehow arrived on Earth and went on a rampage until being recruited by Contrary, whom she trusted because she was a woman. Prime and Prototype went after Atalon and were nearly killed. Harcase arrived in time to save them, and he, Contrary, Ghoul, Pixx, Prime, Prototype, and Topaz joined together as Ultraforce, with Hardcase as leader (though Contrary had her own agenda).

(Ultraforce I#2) - Ultraforce received official government sanction from President Bill Clinton, and they had a press conference announcing their goals, the first of which was to stop Atalon and the Fire People. The group split up to try to recruit aid from Mantra, Night Man,  and/or the Strangers.

(Freex#14) - Contrary tried and failed to recruit the Freex, she then regathered Prime, Prototype, and Hardcase, pulling them away from their previous negotiations, to inform them that the Fire People were assaulting a nuclear weapons base in Russia.

(Ultraforce I#2) - As Hardcase tried to formulate a plan, Contrary's manipulations of the younger males in the team caused Prime to lash out at him, and a fight erupted, that ended with Prime leaving the team. The rest of the group headed out after the Fire People.

(Ultraforce I#3) - Atalon raised an entire new island for the Fire People, and Ultraforce engaged them there. They initially took the advantage of surprise, but Atalon captured Ghoul, nearly killed Pixx and Contrary, and sent Prototype out to stop a missile he had launched. Prototype stopped the missile, and the timely return of Prime saved Pixx and Contrary. However, Atalon detonated a nuke on the surface of his island, making it too inhospitable for any of them to return to continue the fight.

(Ultraforce I#4) - As the rest of Ultraforce regrouped and began to plan a new strategy against the massive power of Atalon, an unidentified plague began to spread across the USA. Realizing her mistakes, Contrary made efforts to use her influence to unite the group.

(Ultraforce I#5) - Contrary, Hardcase, Prime, Prototype, and Topaz distracted Atalon and the Fire People, while Pixx snuck into the chamber where he had stockpiled a massive nuclear arsenal. She succeeded in disabling the entire arsenal, and refused to heed Ghoul's pleading for her to stop when her radiation suit was damaged. By the time the others arrived, Pixx was dead from the radiation present from the previous explosion.

(Ultraforce I#6) - Ultraforce teamed up against Atalon, driving him back, but he then collapsed the entire chamber on them. Realizing that his plans were falling to pieces, Atalon unleashed his full power into the Earth, causing powerful waves of gravity that would destroy the entire planet. Contrary teleported him into her ship and negotiated with him to grant him his own island nation for the Fire People if he would declare a truce against the world.

(Ultraforce I#7) - During some down time, Ghoul investigated the death of the Ultra singer, Mosh.

(Ultraforce I#8, 9) - Prime and Prototype encountered the Black Knight as he arrived in the Ultraverse from Earth-616. All three were then recruited by Siren to stop the Angels which had been unleashed inside of the Metabio Corporation. They were joined by the rest of the team and Ghoul's power, assisted by the Black Knight's flying him around on a skysled, enabled him to contain the Angels. The group welcomed the Black Knight into its membership.

(Mantra I#24) - Contrary, Ghoul, Prime, and Prototype accompanied Topaz on her quest to confront Mantra and reclaim the Sword of Fangs (aka Gwendor's Claw). They ended up falling into a trap of Hybrid, who sent them on a pair of dead end quests to Egypt and to a deserted aircraft carrier.  Ghoul and Prototype went with Mantra to Egypt, where they were attacked by pharaoh Ahmed-Set who Ghoul unwittingly revived, though Mantra and Prototype drove him off. Prime, Contrary, and Topaz went to the carrier, where they were trapped inside a force field in the midst of a missile test. Prime successfully pushed the carrier out of the missile's trajectory and they escaped.
    Both groups then followed the energy trails back to Hybrid, who attacked them, armed with the power of the Sword of Fangs. Together, Protype and Mantra stunned Hybrid, and Mantra impaled him with the Sword. Topaz then made her peace with Mantra and agreed to let her keep the Sword.

(Ultraforce I#10) - Ultraforce fought a frost giant construct created and sent by Earth-616's Loki to occupy them while he plotted to obtain the Infinity Gems. After the construct vanished, they were led into the mysterious Dark Shoppe, where they were attacked by Earth-616's Sersi, who had apparently gone mad as a result of her trip to the Ultraverse and separation from the Black Knight, her Gann Josin.

(Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude) - Sersi continued her assault on the Ultraforce, challenging them with illusions in which they each were tempted with one of the Infinity Gems (she may have been somehow linked to the Ego Gem and actually tapping into the true gems' power). Ultimately, the Black Knight convinced her to return Ultraforce, but she vanished once again.

(Avengers/Ultraforce) - The Grandmaster, seeking the Infinity Gems, came to the Ultraverse and challenged Loki to a contest, offering as a reward the heretofore unknown 7th Infinity Gem, the Ego Gem. The Grandmaster picked the Avengers as his warriors and the Ultraforce as Loki's. Although the various struggles had mixed results ending in a draw, Loki's trickery won the day as he had named his goal as not to lose, which he did not. The Grandmaster conceded, awarding him the 7th Gem, which was linked to Sersi, who merged with Loki, uniting the 7th Gem with its long-lost six brethren, and recreating Nemesis, the being from which the Infinity Gems had originally been spawned. Nemesis then unleashed a reality warp across both the Ultraverse and Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Avengers) - Nemesis created a new pocket world, combining various aspects of Earth-Ultraverse and Earth-616. A struggle between that world's Avengers and Loki ended when Topaz struck Loki, the was a trans-dimensional energy backlash from the elements of the two wildly different continua where they from, which destroyed the pocket reality and destroyed the Godwheel. Nemesis teleported to Earth-93060, and the remaining members of Ultraforce and the Avengers-616 were swept there as well. 

(Ultraforce/Avengers) - Nemesis created a new pocket world, combining various aspects of Earth-Ultraverse and Earth-616. A struggle between that world's Avengers and Loki opened a portal into the true Ultraverse and destroyed the mysterious Godwheel. Ultraforce, the Avengers, and the Avengers of Earth-Ultraverse-New World joined together and attacked Nemesis to prevent her from destroying their timelines. Finally under direction of the Black Knight of Earth-616, the others kept Nemesis off balance long enough for him to use an alternate dimensional counterpart of the Ebony Blade to cut Nemesis in half.
    The energies released from Nemesis' form remade the Ultraverse, altering it on some levels (kind of like the Crisis on Infinite Earths), and the Infinity Gems were dispersed to parts unknown.

(Black September Infinity - BTS) - Reality was revealed to have actually been changed twice, once by the renegade Time Gem (Earth-Ultraverse-Time Gem), and then reversed and permanently changed by Amber Hunt using the Reality Gem.

BTS - As a result of the reality waves alterations, Hardcase and Contrary were removed from the team, and from the memories of their former teammates, and possibly from everyone else on Earth as well. In addition, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) was also removed, though he was replaced by his predecessor in the Prototype armor, Bob Campbell. The Black Knight became the leader of the new group.

(Ultraforce Infinity) - Ultraforce investigated the death of Trinity Kirkbride , an Ultra, and the Fold, a cult led by Pascal. Ghoul's powers revealed the location of Pascal from Trinity, where they found him dead. From Pascal's corpse, Ghoul learned that the Fold had killed him, and that they had used him as a pawn to enforce their beliefs.


(Ultraforce II#1-3) - Ultraforce received a new headquarters in Headless Cross, Arkansas. They then  investigated a series of murders seemingly caused by a man known as Wreckage. Joining with another ultra, Lament, in the process, they found that Wreckage was actually after the Commission--a criminal organization, and that the murders were performed by Bonehammer (employed by the Commission). They defeated Bonehammer with the aid of Wreckage, who joined Ultraforce as well.



(Ultraforce II#2/2) - Ultraforce fought and defeated Meat Rack, but then observed a portal which briefly opened and closed into Earth-616.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis, Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations) - The Phoenix Force was pulled into the Ultraverse from Earth-616 and possessed Prime, and Ultraforce was scrambled to stop it. They ended up joining forces with the X-Men of Earth-616 in order to successfully drive the Phoenix from Prime, but it just possessed Amber Hunt instead.
    Ultraforce and the X-Men joined with the Solution, and Quattro in opposing Amber, though the Phoenix was then drawn out of her and into the Entity. However, the groups severed the link between the Entity and the Phoenix, and drove the Phoenix back into Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - An extra-terrestrial race of metamorphs known only as the Shifters attempted to manipulate the Ultraverse into a war with Earth-616, planting evidence of plots from each side, as well as from traitors within Ultraforce. Ultraforce traveled to Earth-616, where after a misguided effort to kill the Phil Urich Green Goblin, they teamed up with he and Spider-Man against the Shifters. Members of the group Aladdin, as well as Earth-616's SHIELD, were seen to have been infiltrated by the Shifters.

(All-New Exiles#4) - Amber Hunt and Ghoul (the last of the original Exiles) investigated the desecration of some of the Exiles' graves. This led the Exiles and Ultraforce into a conflict with one of the Progeny, an extra-terrestrial cock-a-rocha type race, possibly from the future, which had been collecting animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens for an unknown purpose.

(Foxfire#1, 2) - Ultraforce investigated Foxfire for the murder of her father (it was just a robot, and--ah, wait a few years and I'll do a Foxfire profile), as well as a series of murders in the sewers below New York. The murders turned out to be the work of the monstrous Mastodon, Timothy Halloran, from the days of the original Exiles of Rachel Deming. After Foxfire subdued the Mastodon, Ghoul explained his origins, and Timothy returned to his normal form. Ultraforce took him away from medical care.
    Unbeknownst to all, Foxfire was the carrier of a viral neurotoxin from the Progeny, which she apparently transmitted to Ultraforce.

(Ultraforce II#4) - Ultraforce were sent out on a mission without the Black Knight when he was off fighting an "Alpha Class Stalker."

(Ultraforce II#5-7) - Ultraforce investigated the murder of Senator Robert Shrine, which involved several ultras. Two of these ultras, Whistler and Helen Volcano, were killed during the investigation, and Ghoul pumped their corpses for info. Ghoul and the others fought the Rawborgs, and then the powerful Dog, who required several exertions of lethal force to stop him once and for all.
    Afterwards, the Black Knight flipped out over the bloodlust exhibited during the fight, and fired Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage.

(Ultraforce II#8(fb), 8, 9) - The Progeny viral neurotoxin plague (carried by Foxfire) took effect, driving several of the team members crazy, including Prime, and Lament and Topaz (who had hung around despite being ordered to leave). These three attacked the rest of the group and had them at their mercy until another Ultraforce, from a timeline fifty years in the future, arrived to help them. This group, composed of Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, Prime, and Whipslash, helped the regular group subdue their crazed members and prepare an anti-viral agent to treat them. They also revealed that Foxfire was the carrier, and brought her back to their world.
    As a result of that wacky time travel thang, the members of Ultraforce maintained only a vague recollection of meeting the future team. I think the future group may have actually wiped the modern group's memories.

(Ultraforce II#10, 11) - Searching through their base in hopes of finding out what had just happened to them, Ultraforce (specifically the Black Knight) unwittingly unleashed Specimen 13, one of a large number of beings kept inert in their basement. Specimen 13 easily overpowered Ultraforce and threatened to destroy them all, but Cromwell talked it down, revealing it to be his brother. Cromwell convinced it to return to its cold sleep chamber.
    Ultraforce was then dispatched to stop Maxis.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce flew to New York and confronted Maxis, who had overpowered the Exiles and several others who had tried to stop it. After a lengthy battle, the Black Knight directed all of the others to collapse a building on the Maxis, temporarily stopping it, but they were then confronted by a massive armada of the Tulkan Fleet.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - Ultraforce, the Exiles, Iron Clad, Ripfire, Siren, and the others split up to deal with separate groups of the Alien Elite from the Tulkan Fleet.
    The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them. Maxis opened a dimensional warp, sending the Black Knight, Siena Blaze, and Reaper back to Earth-616.
    Prototype (Campbell) succeeded the Black Knight as leader.

(Ultraforce II#13) - Aladdin showed up to arrest the Exiles, but Ultraforce vouched for them, and attempted to explain the Tulkan Empire's involvement. The Aladdin agents agreed to grant amnesty to Amber Hunt and Hellblade, as long as they joined and were watched over by Ultraforce. A similar offer was made to Maxis, and two others who had participated in the recent battle, Iron Clad and Ripfire, also joined. Prime took a leave of absence to take care of some personal business, and Ghoul rejoined the group (since it was the Black Knight who had tossed him out).
    As the group met to learn more about the imminent threat of Demonseed, Hardcase returned to explain it to them--although no one remembered who he was...

(Ultraforce II#14) - Hardcase explained to the team how he had been shunted into another dimension during the reality wave caused by Nemesis. 

(Ultraforce II#15) - Hardcase then led the group against Demonseed, ultimately willing to trap both himself and Demonseed back in their former dimension. The surviving members, Topaz, Prime, Hellblade, Hunt, Ghoul, Prototype, Maxis and Iron Clad, then looked to the future...

COMMENTS: Created by Gerard Jones and George Perez.
    Unfortunately, they only stayed on through the Atalon story arc. After that, Hank Kanalz + Chris Ulm wrote UF I#7; Kanalz and Wolfman wrote #8+9; Kanalz+Cain wrote#10; Terry Kavanaugh did the Prelude; Glen Herdling wrote Avengers/Ultraforce; Warren Ellis wrote Ultraforce/Avengers, Ultraforce Infinity (with Ian Edginton), UF II#1-3 and #5-7 (with Edginton); Doug Wagner wrote #4; Edginton and Dan Abnett wrote #8+9; and Len Wein wrote #10-15.
    I liked the first arc, and those by Warren Ellis the best.
    The artists switched just about as often.

    I don't have the Ultraverse indexed as well as the mainstream MU, so let me know what appearances I missed, and I'll add them.

Black September, or just BS for short.

    This was the Ultraverse's version of DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths. The difference was that DC's characters had too many different worlds and about 50 years worth of confusing continuity to correct. The Ultraverse had just one main universe with a couple potential futures (and only a couple years of history), but Marvel bought them out and used this as an opportunity to restructure things as they saw fit. It ret-conned the history of many heroes, such as ditching Contrary and Hardcase, and replacing the Jimmy Ruiz Prototype with his predecessor, Bob Campbell--with no explanation or reason. In addition, Campbell, who had previously retired after losing his arm, regained his arm, good as new, and never remembered losing it.
    Anyway, UF#8-10, UF/Avengers prelude, Avengers/Ultraforce, and Ultraforce/Avengers were part of the Countdown to Black September, which took place in Black September Infinity, UF Infinity, and every other Infinity book in the Ultraverse.
    It wasn't until AFTER Black September that it started to become a mess, with the New World, the brief Time Gem reality, and the "true future" and "alternate future" worlds. I still don't have the various future worlds straight!
    The bottom line in my mind is that the restructured Ultraverse is an altered present, which attempted to make retroactive changes, but the events still occurred as previously shown, unless specifically mentioned as otherwise

Other Stuff

    When the Black Knight flipped out at the end of UF#7 and fired Lament and Wreckage for killing Dog (saving the Knight's life in the process), Topaz for her bloodlust, and Ghoul, for not complaining about the others killing Dog...maybe you just like death too much.
  Remember, the Black Knight was one of the Avengers who participated in the seeming murder/destruction of the Supreme Intelligence at the conclusion of Operation: Galactic Storm.

Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A and 1B was a majorly cheap ploy for profit. Chapters 1 and 3 are identical, while Chapter 2 tells two different sides of the fight. And each version cost $4.00, back in 1996.
    Also, although the costume is that of the Ben Reilly Spider-Man, it's definitely Peter Parker in the story.

    The Ultraforce should not be confused with

Ultraforce I#1 (August, 1994) - Gerard Jones (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
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