Real Name: Atalon

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Ultraverse) human variant (Fire People)

Occupation: King

Group Membership: Ruler and member of the Fire People

Affiliations: Anton Lone, Mr. Paris (pawn)

Enemies: Rex Mundi,  Ultraforce; (Contrary, Ghoul, Hardcase, Pixx, Prime, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Topaz); people of Earth

Known Relatives: Great Fathers (ancestors)

Aliases: King of the Fire People

Base of Operations: Zenalla (the island/temple city of the Fire People), somewhere off the coast some distance from Cuba; Ultraverse

First Appearance: Ultraforce I#0A (June, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Atalon has great strength (Class 100) and durability. He can manipulate earth and rock, and has near total control over gravity. He can form tunnels under the earth and travel through them at great speeds.
    In addition, he is virtually immune to radiation and able to speak underwater (he may not require oxygen).

(Ultraforce I#4 (fb) / [Break-Thru#2]) - When the "Keepers of the Truth" told the Fire People that there was no air-world on the surface, Atalon refused to believe. He tried to convince the others to join him on a quest to the surface world, but was instead exiled from their world. Managing to locate the remnants of the tunnel through which is ancestors had traveled, Atalon pounded through rock, digging for an unspecified period of time, surviving on lichen and seepage. Though fatigued, Atalon still marveled at the beauty and the colors, especially the violet sky, which grew brighter and brighter until exploding. The energies released by
Amber Hunt under control of the Entity mutated Atalon, granting him great strength and power. After mastering his power, Atalon returned to the subterranean world of the Fire People, slew the Keepers of the Truth, and placed himself at the head of their great renaissance. He promised to return the Fire People to the surface, to cripple the air people, and take over the Earth, moving the burial ground on the Great Fathers to the surface world in the process.

(Ultraforce I#0A (fb)) - The Fire People destroyed a US Naval Weapons station in California, slaughtering all people present, and stealing their nuclear warheads.

(Ultraforce I#0B) - Atalon and the Fire People destroyed several other US military bases, increasing their supply of nuclear weapons.

(Freex#13) - Though hearing the poundings signifying the awakening of the immense Savior, Atalon ignored them and continued to lead his people to steal the nuclear weapons.

(Ultraforce I#1) - As US Air Force pilots investigated the destruction of the Redstone military base in Alabama, Atalon pulled their ships out of the air, crushing them and all of the the pilots to the ground. Prime located the Fire People by tunneling through the ground, but Atalon splattered his face across the room with a single punch (he got better, though). Prototype, who had tracking Prime, next went after Atalon. Prototype was nearly crushed inside his own armor before being punched into unconsciousness and having a large portion of the roof dropped on him. Only the timely arrival of Hardcase saved the two young heroes from death.

(Solitaire#8) - Atalon met with arms dealer Anton Lone (father of Solitaire) to discuss the trade of the Fire People's gravity weapons for Lone's nuclear arsenal. At Lone's assistance, they traveled to the realm of the Fire People so he could see the arsenal for himself.

(Solitaire#9) - Amongst the Fire People, Atalon agreed to Lone's negotiations after Lone refused to bow to his power or threats.

(Ultraforce I#2 / Prime I#17) - Atalon and the Fire People assaulted Arzamas-16, a secret Russian city designed for the production of nuclear weapons. They raided it and completed their supply. However, while choosing the foundation stones for their new city, they encountered a nuclear submarine, which Atalon crushed, taking its arsenal to add to theirs further. Based on the strategic location recommended by his human ally, Mr. Paris, Atalon raised an island to the surface from the ocean floor.

(Prime I#17) - A gigantic sea monster was released from the ocean floor where Atalon had raised the island.

(Ultraforce I#3) - Atalon summoned his nuclear arsenal to his new island. A coalition of US, British, and Soviet military forces assaulted the island, but Atalon himself easily destroyed all incoming ships and jets with his gravity powers. Ultraforce then attacked, using an organized plan to keep Atalon off balance as they fought both he and the Fire People. This worked for a short time, but when Atalon observed Ghoul speaking with a dead pilot, he was inspired to use him to communicate with the long dead Great Fathers of the Fire People. Smashing Prototype away, he used his powers to pull Ghoul towards him, and when Prototype tried to hang on to him, he only succeeded in ripping Ghoul's right arm and leg off. Atalon launched one of the nuclear weapons, which Prototype managed to diffuse with the guidance of Pixx. He then sank Pixx and Contrary's aircrafts, and only Prime saved them both from drowning. Before Ultraforce could launch a new assault, however, Atalon detonated another of the nukes on the islands surface, making it too inhospitable for them to return.

(Ultraforce I#4) - Atalon forced Ghoul to communicate with the Great Fathers, and he received their approval of his plan to retake the surface world. He then tricked his ally Mr. Paris, into believing that he had made the surface of the island safe, and Paris quickly died from the radiation poisoning.

(Ultraforce I#5) - Ultraforce, protected by radiation suits, attacked Atalon anew just as he was preparing to launch all of the missiles. The combined powers of the heroes kept him off balance while Pixx sneaked into the cavern containing his arsenal and deactivated each of the warheads. By the time Atalon finally gained the upper hand, his arsenal was destroyed, though Pixx's suit had been damaged in the process and she died.

(Ultraforce I#6) - Ultraforce renewed its assault on Atalon, collapsing the cavern containing the deactivated arsenal, though all still alive managed to escape. Furious over the loss of his major weapon and unwilling to accept defeat, Atalon unleashed his full power on the world, triggering massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and threatening to destroy the entire planet. Contrary then teleported him aboard her ship, showing her that the technology had been derived from the Fire People's and convincing him that gaining an island on the surface for his people was preferable to killing them all. Atalon recalled his power and declared a truce. He considered still fighting to regain their old lands, but Ghoul spoke to the Great Fathers for him and convinced him to settle for the island...for now.
    Atalon christened the island Zenalla, after the ancient burial ground of the Great Fathers.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and George Perez.

I'm almost certain that Atalon showed up again, either noting some struggle and wishing the heroes ill, or speaking of his ultimate plans of world conquest. This was somewhere @ Ultraforce I#8-10 (I've got #9 listed in my notes), but I can't find it. Let me know if you know

No known connection to:

Mr. Paris

A radical scientist, he saw Earth's eco-system as dying due to the population explosion. He believed the pruning the population by millions and putting a more responsible race in charge was the only way to save the Earth. To this end, he joined forces with Atalon and the Fire People showing where tactical nuclear strikes would do the most damage to the existing political powers. However, after Atalon no longer had any need for Paris, he tricked him into believing he had made the surface of the island safe for him, and he quickly died from radiation poisoning.

--Ultraforce I#2 (4







Named for the ancient burial ground of the Great Fathers, the island was raised from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean some distance from the coast of Cuba. The Fire People were granted sovereignty of the island in exchange for a truce against the Surface World

--Ultraforce I#4 (5, 6






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