Real Name: Unrevealed

extra-terrestrial (unclassified), extradimensional/alternate earth (

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Unnamed race (creators); Alternate, Rex Mundi;
    Amber Hunt (agent/pawn);
    The Squad, The Strangers, many other Ultras (empowered by jumpstarts)

Enemies: Exiles, Rex Mundi, Phoenix Force, Ultraforce, X-Men;
    in an alternate future, also Rune.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Entity from the moon (it's not FROM the moon originally, but it is still referred to as that on occasion); the mother ship; the Great Ship

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly Earth's Moon and the bottom of the Ocean; formerly the Godwheel (Ultraverse dimension)

First Appearance: Strangers#1, Break-Thru#1, 2 (January, 1994)

Powers: Undefined. The entity could release various forms of energy that could generate superhuman, I mean ultra-human, powers in its target. It possessed portals which could reveal distant and/or future or past events. It could communicate telepathically with certain individuals, and could mentally manipulate others.
The Mother Ship possessed power of an even greater degree, enabling it to open portals between dimensions and siphon power from sources such the sun or the Phoenix Force.

History: The origins of the organism and/or technology known only as the entity from the moon are not completely known. The mother ship itself, or its guiding program, is over 4 billion years old.

(Ultraverse: Futureshock(fb)-BTS) - It was apparently created by members of an unnamed extra-dimensional race that dwelled on the Godwheel. This race wished to spread its genetic makeup across the universe.

(Phoenix: Resurrection (fb)-BTS) - Sixty million years ago, it was in a space vessel that that soared through space towards Earth. This "mother ship" contained dozens of nanotech probes which were to be deployed throughout the galaxy in order to sed chosen planets with pre-programmed life forms in the same image as the mother ship's creators.

However, something knocked the mothership off course. Part of it was lodged in the sun, while the majority of it crashed on Earth, and threw massive amounts of soot into the air, blotting out the sun. Global temperatures dropped dramatically, heralding the end of the reign of the dinosaurs. As the ship tore through Earth's atmosphere, bits of nanotechnology were sheared from its surface and scattered across the planet. An alien virus was also introduced into Earth's ecology, and over a long period of time, this virus began to evolve some beings into superhuman "ultras."
Slowly, the mother ship attempted to recover and rebuild itself. The bulk of the ship existed at the bottom of the ocean, by what would eventually become Bermuda. It sent portions of itself to forage for raw materials. These bio-mechs obtained materials from cetaceans, crustaceans, ships, planes, and the odd lost human soul--all gathered, disassembled, and grafted into the whole. So the ship prospered, and the legend of the Bermuda Triangle grew.
In addition, millennia ago, the mothership implanted the instructions on how to pilot itself within the mind of the man who would become one of the first Ultras, Rex Mundi. At some point, the mother ship itself was sent into a state of slumber, under unknown cirumstances.
Meanwhile, the Entity, the "black box" of the mother ship, sat on the cold, lifeless surface of the moon. Unable to send its message of the mother ship's plight back to its creators, the Entity began searching for ways to fulfill its programming. It began directing waves of energy, in actuality pleas for help, to Earth. These "jumpstarts" triggered superhuman abilities in seemingly random individuals. The Entity wanted these ultras to rescue it and take it home.

(Ultraverse: Year Zero: The Death of the Squad#1-4-retold)-The Squad (DJ Blast, Forsa, Hardcase, Starburst) were empowered by a "jumpstart".

(Strangers#1, Rune#0 (Installment E), Freex#4/2) - Fifty-nine people were mutated on a San Francisco Cable Car by the biggest jumpstart to date--a bolt from above. In the months following, many (perhaps all) of the passengers would become Ultras. The cable car ended up slipping down the street and hit Johnny Domino's Miata, leaving him badly injured. JD Hunt had just been thrown out of the cable car and was also hit by the jumpstarting bolt.

This would turn out to be one of the defining moments of the Ultraverse. Among the Ultras thus created are the Strangers (Atom Bob, Electrocute, Grenade, Lady Killer, Spectral, Yrial, Zip-Zap), the Night Man (Johnny Domino) and Edwin Doyle (who was immediately contacted by Rune and soon became his first Ultra victim). Many villains were also jumpstarted at that moment.

(Rune I#5) - The power of Shu-ji, unleashed by the creation of Gemini, rippled out from Earth, washing over the Entity. Gaining more power than it had ever had, the Enity probed Earth for an ally, a savior, which it found in Amber Hunt.

(Exiles I#4, Break-Thru#1, 2) - The entity took control of Amber Hunt, forcing her to release increasing levels of power. As these levels reach dangerous heights, various Organizations and groups of Ultras track the energy manipulating Amber to the Moon. Under various means and with various motives, the groups travel to the Moon. After the Ultras pound on each other for awhile, Mantra learned of the entity's origins and a portion of its history. The groups distrusted each other too much allow anyone else to gain the information, so they beat on each other some more. Eventually, Prototype attempted to download the data, which overloaded his armor. Yrial, Shadowmage, and Mantra combined their magical and empathic powers to channel the overloading entities power to another realm. It was uncertain whether the entity itself returned to its own world, was banished to another realm, or was destroyed. The influx of energy into Amber Hunt ceased abruptly, preventing the world from being consumed by Ultra-Violet rays.

(Strangers#11) - The Entity manifested first to Electrocute (psionically) and later to Zip-Zap (visually), showing them the way out of Bastinado's realm, where they had been stranded along with their Strangers' teammates Atom Bob, Grenade, Lady Killer and Spectral.

(Black September Infinity) - The mother ship of the Entity was awakened by the disruption of the space/time continuum caused by the Infinity Gems.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis) - The mother ship began to resume its plot of self-reconstruction, and realized that a part of itself was missing, still lodged within the sun. The ship lacked the power to reunite its parts, and so it sent out hundreds of probes to scour the dimensions for a potential power source. One of these sources entered the dimension of Earth 616, where it observed the Phoenix Force, which it judged to be an acceptable candidate. The two portions of the ship united their power and tore a hole in the dimensional wall immediately in the path of the spaceborn Phoenix Force, bringing it into the Ultraverse. The two portions then caught the Phoenix between energy beams that drained its power. The Phoenix Force retaliated, sending an attack back along the energy of the ship, temporarily stopping its assault. The wounded Phoenix Force took temporary residence within the body of the ultra Prime, and then moved on to Amber Hunt.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations) - Amber/Phoenix probed the mother ship and learned of its connections to the Entity and to herself, but then the mother ship took control of the Phoenix Force, split it in to, and sent it to acquire the receptacle of its piloting instructions: Rex Mundi (as well as his feminine "clone", the Alternate). After acquiring and subverting the will of its "pilots" the ship tore free from the ocean bed, setting off volcanoes across the planet. Using the Phoneix power, it then began to move the planet Earth closer to the sun, to reunite its parts. However, a group of ultras, including Amber Hunt and members of Ultraforce and the X-Men (again brought to the Ultraverse), made their way into the ship. Amber's connection to the entity allowed her to locate and recognize the ship's power conduits and controls, which Wolverine then destroyed. With the ship's power weakened, the Phoenix Force broke free from its control, flew into the air, and then directed its full power at the ship, crippling it.
The ultras worked together to banish the Phoenix, sending into the past, some 60 million years ago. From there, the Phoenix returned to its home dimension, Earth 616, but the energies released shattered several small planetoids. This created a meteor shower that eventually crashed into the Great Ship, resulting in its crashing into the relatively young planet Earth.
Meanwhile, the fragment within the sun waited patiently. "It's good at waiting. It's had four billion years of practice. What's another ten...another hundred...another thousand years to that? One day."



Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and George Perez (script+pencils). Plot devised by Jones, Mike Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Perez, James Robinson, Len Strazewksi.

In Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath, in an alternate future some fifty years of the future, Amber had been cured of the Theta Virus, and had merged with the entity from the moon. In that time period, she is known as the Entity is was a secret ally of Glorianna Mundi, herself a descendent of Rex Mundi and an agent of the Entity. Foxfire, Autumn Rose, uncovered her true goals of extermination of humanity, and her alliance with the Progeny. Foxfire then led Earth's forces to destroy the Progeny.

In another alternate future, revealed in Ultraverse: Future Shock, Rune usurped the power of the dormant entity and used it to slay many ultras before being decapitated by Witch Hunter.

It has been hypothesized that the creation of mankind might have been a form of Jumpstart.

Synopsis of the Ultraverse

I would be remiss if I did not mention that in the MU, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle (although few people remember it, and there may be more than one source) is connected to the realm created by the Scorpian race, as seen in the late, great Skull the Slayer.

The entity from the moon has no KNOWN connections with various unnamed (or named) entities from any other dimension.

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