Real Name: Jennifer Pearson

Identity/Class: Human mutate (Earth-93060/Ultraverse)

Occupation: Professional thief

Group Membership: Formerly Ultraforce (Black Knight of Earth-616, Contrary, Ghoul, Hardcase, Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype, Topaz)

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Widow (Romanova), Captain America (Rogers), Crystal, Giant-Man (Pym), Iron Man (Stark), Sersi, Starfox, Thor, Vision; all of Earth-616), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) of Earth-616, Exiles (Siena Blaze of Earth-616, Cayman, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut of Earth-616, Reaper of Earth-616, Shuriken, 'Strike), Genie, Iron Clad, Kyi of Earth-616, Ripfire, Taskmaster of Earth-616, Whizzer of Earth-712

Enemies: Aladdin (the General, Genie), "Angels," Mad Dog of Earth-616, Mannequin, Maxis, Grandmaster of Earth-616, Loki of Earth-616, Nemesis of Earth-616, Tulkan Star Empire and the Alien Elite (especially Aquan, Gormada), War Machine (James Rhodes) of Earth-616

Known Relatives: Rick Pearson (Eliminator, father), Pamela Joyce Dent (mother, deceased), Dee Dent (aunt), Diana Dent (aunt). Since Aladdin notes that there were two "successes" from their experiment, Siren apparently has an unrevealed sibling

Aliases: Jen, Subject U-035

Base of Operations: Aunt Dee's penthouse; formerly Taskmaster's base (Earth-616), Contrary's airship, Ultraforce's Miami headquarters

First Appearance:  Eliminator#1 (May, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Siren possesses quickened reflexes, slightly increased strength, and indestructible bones. She possesses hydrokinetic powers, meaning she can telekinetically control liquids in her vicinity. She has twice evidenced an ability to control men's minds, but when last seen was not aware she had this ability. She has only four fingers on her right hand, and is a master thief. While her chalk-white appearance and red facial "tattoos" were originally just makeup, they now appear to be permanent.


(Siren Special#1 (fb)) - Decades ago, Aladdin began a genetic research experiment to create the perfect soldier using adaptive DNA from one of their top three "Cybernoids," Rick Pearson. They believed they had two successes, one of which was Jennifer Pearson.

(Siren Special#1 (fb)) - Aladdin took the infant Jennifer Pearson from her mother. Jennifer had been bred to have an indestructible skeleton, but when they tested this by cutting off one of the fingers on her right hand, they were proven wrong as the bone cut right through. Eventually the experiment was deemed a failure and the child was returned to her mother, who would tell her later in life that the missing finger was a birth defect.

(Eliminator#1 (fb)) - While Jennifer was still very young, the government told Pamela Dent that Jennifer's father, Rick Pearson had died; according to Dee Dent, Pamela already knew and was expecting the message.

(Eliminator#1 (fb)) - When Jennifer was four, her mom died. She was raised thereafter by her mother's sister, Aunt Dee.

(Eliminator#1) - In Monte Carlo, Siren raided a castle to retrieve the world's largest uncut emerald, the Adolfo Emerald. Successfully stealing it, she allowed an alarm to go off so as to make her escape more challenging/fun.

(Eliminator#2) - Jennifer returned to her Aunt Dee's penthouse and the two discussed her life of crime as Siren, with Aunt Dee despairing that Siren was almost as bad as Jennifer's Aunt Diana.

(Eliminator#3) - Jennifer tested a new spray which allowed her Siren facial paint to become instantly visibile when the spray reacted with the otherwise invisible makeup. Shortly thereafter, she was attacked by Mannequin, who insanely believed her to be her mother Pamela. She was rescued by the Eliminator and his friend Carlos Hernandez (who died protecting the Eliminator). After Mannequin's defeat, Siren hesitantly approached the Eliminator asking is he was really her father, and he brusquely told her that he was not her father and she should go home.

(Ultraforce I#8) - Hired to steal genetic data from the Miami-based Metabio company, Siren broke in and successfully stole it but in doing so released a mysterious "angel." Witnessing the "angel" transform someone into another "angel," Siren went to the Ultraforce team for help, lying to them and telling them that she was a government agent assigned to the team as its newest member, and she needed their help. Prime and Prototype accepted her story, and with the Black Knight, who'd just met them, they confronted the angels. They were soon joined by Ultraforcers Topaz, Ghoul, and Contrary.

(Ultraforce I#9) - Though the angels were spreading geometrically through the city, Ultraforce confined them in the end. Siren and the Black Knight were soon publicly introduced as the team's newest members.

(Ultraforce I#10) - In the wake of the "angel" event, Ultraforce was kicked out of its Miami headquarters and took up residence in Contrary's ship. The Asgardian deity Loki sent an ice giant into New York City and the team confronted and defeated it there.

(Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1) - With Hardcase, Ultraforce confronted the bellicose Sersi near the site of the battle with the ice giant; she defeated and confined the team. They were then pulled by Loki to the Godwheel where he separated them into smaller groups; he chained Siren while he confronted Contrary himself, but Siren eventually escaped and stole the Reality Gem from Loki, but quickly discovered that she did not have the real gem and he'd been manipulating them all along.

(Avengers/Ultraforce#1) - Loki and the Grandmaster gambled for control of the Infinity Gems, with Loki setting Ultraforce as his champions against the Grandmaster's champions, the Avengers. Siren and Topaz battled the Black Widow and Crystal, and the Widow quickly put Siren down. The Grandmaster conceded the contest to Loki, but Sersi revealed herself to be possessed by a seventh Infinity Gem (Ego), and stole all the Gems to become Nemesis, an Infinity being, of sorts.

(Ultraforce/Avengers#1) - Nemesis created a new universe populated by amalgamated Ultraforce/Avengers members, but Siren was not one of those amalgamated. Siren and many of the unamalgamated Avengers and Ultraforcers teamed with the amalgamated heroes and attacked Nemesis. In the end, the Black Knight broke Nemesis back into the individual gems, and the universe broke apart sending people back to their own continuums. However, several, including Siren, were scattered to the wrong worlds.

(Siren Infinity) - In a bright green flash, Siren materialized inside the Taskmaster's dojo, in the Marvel universe proper (Earth-616). Thinking quickly, she claimed to have come to him for training, sent by "the Operator" (a name she made up off the cuff). Taskmaster accepted her, and that evening while showering she discovered that in her dimensional transition her Siren makeup had become permanent and now covered her entire body. The next day, Siren proved herself to Taskmaster by defeating Mad Dog in a training match. One of Taskmaster's former students turned villain turned hero, Diamondback, also showed up and the two women briefly fought before Taskmaster assigned them both to assassinate James Rhodes.

(Siren#1) - After training against a virtual War Machine in a virtual reality machine, Siren put down two jealous fellow students and then traveled to Los Angeles to stalk Rhodes. Siren confronted him and Rhodes slipped away to become War Machine, blasting Siren through a wall.

(Siren#2) - War Machine fought Diamondback, and Siren forced him off with a weapon that Taskmaster had given her. During the fight, she and he were both surprised when he unwillingly obeyed her orders; similarly she was surprised when a sudden burst of water knocked War Machine out. As, unbeknownst to each other, neither Diamondback nor Siren really wanted to kill Rhodes, both fled. Siren discovered that Taskmaster had bugged them both and moved to destroy the bugs' recordings before he could hear them, but was confronted by Diamondback.

(Siren#3) - When Diamondback offered Siren $20 grand to empty the Taskmaster's building so that she could destroy it, Siren agreed. That day she trained with the Taskmaster's new pupil, Kyi, and in the evening seduced the Taskmaster to draw suspicion from herself; during training she discovered that she now had hydrokinetic powers: she could control liquids. The next morning, Kyi found the explosives Diamondback had planted. The Squadron Supreme's Whizzer, drawn by Kyi's teleportation, invaded the headquarters, and ultimately he fled while Taskmaster, Kyi, and Siren fled through one of Kyi's portals. The three were separated, and Siren landed in a Nevada desert.

(Siren Special#1) - Lost in the desert, Siren was found by Aladdin (she was now back on her own Earth), and sedated and confined in their Groom Lake facility. Aladdin analyzed Siren, and determined that she now had the unbreakable skeleton which she had been bred for. Aladdin's Genie told Siren her history, and using a carrot (one million dollars if she succeeded) and a stick (a pain-inducing implant in her head) they forced her to hunt their renegade agent Shuriken. Siren confronted Shuriken and her teammate Juggernaut, and ultimately teamed to deceive Genie - she returned to Aladdin, who knew of her betrayal as expected. Allowing herself to be defeated, she agreed to serve Genie and Aladdin, in the process gaining access to Aladdin's databases and implanting a virus Shuriken had given her, which give Genie the illusion that he controlled her, allowing her time to have the implant removed. At Genie's behest, she left to return to Ultraforce.

(All New Exiles#11) - In New York City, the Tulkan alien race invaded. When the Exiles' Reaper was knocked out, Siren collected his unconscious body and took it into the sewers, intending to "cash him in." However, she was confronted by Ripfire and his people there, and they in turn were confronted by the other Exiles, who'd fled into the sewers as well. They were all then attacked by the power-absorbing Maxis, and Siren was rendered unconscious.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce discovered the unconscious Siren, Ripfire, and Exiles.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - Ultraforce, the Exiles, Siren, Ripfire, and Iron Clad all teamed up to battle the Tulkan invaders and their Alien Elite vanguard. Reaper, Prime, Amber Hunt, and Siren ended up battling the Tulkans Gormada and Aquan at the Statue of Liberty, where Siren's water control powers allowed her to easily knock out Aquan. Eventually they returned to the New York invasion site, and Siren witnessed the Tulkans withdraw, the Exiles befriend Maxis (who then sent the Black Knight, Sienna Blaze, and Reaper back to their own universe), and Aladdin's forces arrive to begin cleaning up the mess.

(Ultraforce II#13) - Topaz noted that Siren had vanished; Ghoul theorized that as a thief and criminal she fled the moment Aladdin appeared.

Comments: Created by Hank Kanalz & Roland Mann (writers), Mike Zeck (penciler), Denis Rodier (inker), Chris Ulm (editor).

Workin' that 90's she-mullet, isn't she?

Siren's kind of an example of some of the best and the worst of the Ultraverse once Marvel bought it out -she moved from an interesting, fairly straightforward "good girl" to an out-and-out sleazy "bad girl" with weird and not fully explained powers. She started with a backstory tying her to the greater universe, and moved to being a bit player playing unimportant cameo roles as the plot hurried past all the characters (apparently no one but her creator ever really knew what to do with her). She was in a universal merger (is it just me or did they recycle the Avengers/Ultraforce plot for Avengers/JLA?), hopped universes twice, tricked Aladdin with mindless ease, fought a super-alien who reformed on a dime, and fought aliens who pretty much packed up and left because the story needed to end - man, the whole Ultraverse just feels, well, rushed there at the end. Still, an interesting character with a lot of potential and a very cool look!

There's some hinting at mysticism on Siren's mom's side of the family - Dee always wears a big bulky green amulet; Pamela knew Rick was "dead" before she was told, and there's the odd Aunt Diana who seems to be some sort of super-something. It remains (probably forever) an unrevealed mystery, however. Speaking of family, attention should be drawn to the Aladdin comments in Siren Special#1 that there were two successes drawn from Rick Pearson's genes - Siren appears to have a sibling out there somewhere, very likely someone already revealed in the Ultraverse, though I couldn't guess who.

In Ultraforce I#8, Siren shows up flying a high-tech "trifighter" which she had before raiding Metabio; we never learn where it came from, and we never see it again after Ultraforce, but it definitely seemed out of her league. Maybe it was loaned to her by whomever hired her to raid Metabio?

For those not Ultraverse cognizant, Aladdin is a government sponsored organization charged with regulating "ultra"s (super-humans). Think X-Files government conspiracies in a super-heroic world and you're probably there.

Similarly, Rick Pearson didn't really abandon his family at all - he became an amnesiac when he "died" and became the Eliminator.

Slight point of confusion: in Siren Special#1, Jennifer is a babe in arms when they clip off her finger to test if the genetics worked on her. In Eliminator#2, there's a picture of dad, mom, and a two year old (or so) Jennifer. So. Eliminator's origin has him being changed into his cyborg form after Jennifer is born, and therefore Jennifer's origin has her being tested to see if daddy's cyborg DNA has any effect before daddy become a cyborg. Maybe the government was running experiments on Rick Pearson well before he had the actual accident that let them turn him into a cyborg?

The possible alternate future (50 years from the present) seen in The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (January, 1996) included in its crowd scenes of ultras (pages 32-33 as labeled) a boy and a girl identified only as "the Siren Twins" and looking a lot like our heroine, complete with white skin and facial markings. The female Siren Twin survived a brutal battle against an alien ship; the male's fate was unrevealed.

Profile by SQUEAK.

Siren, a.k.a Jennifer Pearson, has no known connections to

Dee Dent (Aunt Dee)

(Siren Special#1 (fb) / Eliminator#2 (fb)) - After Dee's sister Pamela died, Dee raised Pamela's four year old daughter, Jennifer.

(Eliminator#2) - Jennifer grew up to enter a life of crime as Siren; Dee housed her in her penthouse anyway, good naturedly grousing that Jennifer was as bad as Jen's Aunt Diana.

-- Eliminator#2 (Siren Special#1 (fb)/Eliminator#2 (fb), Eliminator#2


(Siren#1) - In Philadelphia, the teen-aged boy Kyi spotted Diamondback flying one of the Taskmaster's hovercars. He confronted Diamondback, who brushed him off. Suspicious, he snuck onto the hovercar and tagged along, thinking he could expose her, impress Taskmaster, and be admitted to his school. Diamondback flew the car to Los Angeles, where she and Siren confronted War Machine

(Siren#2) - Having witnessed the girls' fight with War Machine, Kyi revealed himself and asked to see Taskmaster, they took him back with them. Kyi demanded admittance to the school, and Taskmaster grudgingly told the kid that he'd have to beat him to get in. Kyi was challenged to get past Taskmaster on a basketball court and score a basket, which he did by revealing the talent he'd hidden: he could teleport.

(Siren#3) - Kyi took the codename Jolt, and trained against Siren under the Taskmaster's tutelage, but despite being an accomplished gymnast he was easily defeated. The next morning he discovered that Diamondback had mined the Taskmaster's school with explosives; he, Siren, and Taskmaster removed many of them. In attempting to disarm them, Kyi accidentally activated them. The superhero Whizzer intervened, but Kyi teleported himself, Taskmaster, and Siren out of the base before the explosion. Kyi had never previously tried to teleport that far, nor that many people; the three were separated during the teleport.

-- Siren#1 (Siren#1-3

images: (without ads)
Siren#3, p2, pan2 (main)
Eliminator#2, p11, pan1 (head w/o makeup)
Siren#1, cover (head closeup)
Siren#3, p10, pan5 (using water powers)
Siren Special#1, pg5, pan2 (Dee)
Siren#3, p18, pan4 (Kyi)

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