Real Name: Rick Pearson

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/Alternate Earth (Earth-93060 (Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Mercenary, bounty hunter;

Group Membership: Kickback Studios;
    formerly Aladdin, U.S. Marine Corps

Affiliations: Carlos, Diana, Dropkick, Laquita, Mac, Tsu

Enemies: Aladdin, Manic, Mannequin, Zothros

Known Relatives: Pamela Joyce Dent (wife), Jennifer Pearson (Siren, daughter), Diana (sister-in-law)

Aliases: Jack Bodick

Base of Operations: Kickback Studios, Houston, Texas, Ultraverse

First Appearance: Solution#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#10 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: The Eliminator is either a cyborg or a robot, apparently constructed using alien technology by Aladdin. He is a highly skilled martial artist, acrobat, and marksman. He has superhuman strength and durability. He can place people into a comatose state , eliminating them from activity, by touching their head is a certain fashion.
    His vehicle can be reconfigured from motorcycle to sportscar to airship. He relies on intelligence gathered by his technical expert, Mac. The full extent of his abilities are unknown.

(Eliminator#2 (fb)) - Rick Pearson was high school classmates and best friends with Brian Marmount. They joined the marines together, worked the same jobs, played the same games, and loved the same woman (Pamela Joyce Dent), with Pearson always edging Marmount out. Both men joined the government agency Aladdin and impressed their commanding officers mission after mission, though Pearson getting all the commendations and eventually taking Pam as well.

(Eliminator#2 (fb)) - Rick and Pam had a daughter, Jen. They were happy together until the day a government agent came to their door and announced Rick's death.

(Eliminator#3 (fb) - BTS) - Brian seemingly died saving Rick's life (taking a shot meant for him), while both were converted into cyborgs or robots using "regenerative tissue" and "alien technology." Rick was given a cybernetic right arm and the memories of his past life were erased, and he was given new memories as Jack Bodick, the Eliminator. Brian was transformed into the monstrous Mannequin.

(Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Eliminator and Dropkick studied under an aged Tibetan monk. They learned about the Tribeccan Cycle, which could open the gates of Hell, and about the lost art of the Trine.

(Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Eliminator was trained by Tsu.

(Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Eliminator and Dropkick worked together on the "Humboldt job," with both parties being deceived to some extent. Dropkick killed their mark, and the Eliminator was frustrated, because they could have at least salvaged a couple thousand if he hadn't done that. Eliminator and Dropkick left with bad feelings.

(Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Eliminator worked out of Kickback Studios in Dallas, Texas, assisted by Carlos (training and field assistant), Laquita (personal assistant and lover), and Mac (his technical assistant). Those targets that he captured but didn't get paid for returning were "eliminated" (apparently placed in some sort of comatose state) and kept in "The Morgue," hooked up to various monitors.

(Solution#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Eliminator was hired to bring in sensitive accounting data stolen by the Ultra known as Manic.

(Solution#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#10) - On the streets of Los Angeles, the Eliminator led Manic on a chase, then turned a corner, flipped around, and ambushed him. He brought Manic back to his office in Dallas, Texas and contacted the contractor, telling him it would be an extra hundred thousand if he wanted Manic alive for negotiating leverage. The contractor laughed at the concept of paying extra, and the Eliminator promptly "eliminated," refusing to turn him over for free.
    Turning down a contract involving a priest, the Eliminator joined Carlos for a sparring match. They were interrupted by Laquita, who showed the Eliminator a message from Tsu, stating that he had found the last scroll and needed his help, after which the screen had gone blank.

(Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11) - The Eliminator followed up on his only lead to Tsu: Dropkick. Mac (the Eliminator's technical assistant) arranged a meeting with Dropkick, not telling him that it was with the Eliminator. After a brief fight, the Eliminator revealed Tsu's death and the loss of the last scroll, which meant the Tribeccan cycle could begin again. Dropkick was called away on business, but recommended that he try the Darke Shoppe n London, and ask for Diana.
    Meanwhile, the demon Zothros, who held two of the scrolls, plotted his escape from "this soul forsaken realm." He reawakened Manic from within the Morgue.

(Eliminator#0) - Manic, under Zothros' control, ambushed Mac and took the data spike he was studying.
    The Eliminator wandered the streets of London until he was directed into an unnamed door, which led him to the Darke Shoppe. Diana performed a ritual, creating a medallion for the Eliminator, which she placed around his neck to lead him to what he sought.
    Manic gave the data spike to Zothros, who intended to resurrect Argus who would reward him with the power that was rightfully his. The Eliminator followed the pull of the medallion to the Island of Mytos and again defeated Manic. Wandering into the cavern from which Manic had ambushed him, he found a number of crucified individuals, including Tsu. Zothros then appeared, attacked him, and then began to merge the scrolls--which showed a portal into the Godwheel (particularly an image of Thor battling the Lord Pumpkin-possessed Argus). The Eliminator grabbed the two scrolls away, and Zothros grabbed the spike and attacked him, but the spike was absorbed into his cybernetic arm, and Zothros was disintegrated in the process.

(Eliminator#1) - The Eliminator helped Carlos search for his missing brother, Antony. They fought their way past a bar full of punks and found Antony working for a criminal; Antony hesitated at the thought of shooting his own brother, and Carlos kicked the criminal out of a window when he went for the gun himself. Carlos yelled at his younger brother for mixing it up with gangbangers, and Antony got mad and left.
    Meanwhile, the corpse of Brother Lao, picked up by Aladdin, revived--glowing with energy--and slew the pilots, causing the ship to crash into the ocean. A shark consumed his form, and its eyes took on the blue glow (apparently being taken over by the cybernetic pod form of Mannequin, which itself was merged with the Infinity Space Gem.
    Laquita told the Eliminator that they had convinced "last month's Rodriguez Project" to take another target, O'Connell, from their hands, freeing up space in the morgue and saving them the money it cost to pay to maintain O'Connel. However, the Eliminator was distracted by resurfacing memories of his past life, and Laquita got mad and stormed out.
    Finally, Antony came across the now-beached shark on Freeport beach, and the cybernetic module invaded his skull, took over his mind, and directed him to Alamo Base, where he was transformed into Mannequin.

(Eliminator#2) - Mannequin/Marmount, influenced by the Space Gem, continued to receive power from Aladdin's Alamo Base, while the Eliminator had another dream about his past life, waking up next to Laquita, blowing her off, and then heading off to work.

    The Eliminator, with help from Mac, tracked down Carlos, who was following Antony's trail. The Eliminator helped Carlos break free of the Aladdin agents detaining him, and they made their way to Alamo Base. Following instincts, the Eliminator led Carlos to the main lab, where they were confronted by Mannequin, who had slain a number of investigating Aladdin agents, and who called the Eliminator "Pearson."

(Eliminator#3) - Mannequin attacked the Eliminator, again identifying him as Pearson. Mannequin defeated the Eliminator and Carlos, then slaughtered an arriving group of Aladdin agents, and the Eliminator and Carlos used the distraction to flee Alamo Base, returning to Kickback Studios. While Mac tracked Mannequin heading north to Chicago, the Eliminator began to regain memories of his life with Pam and Jennifer. The Eliminator and Carlos confronted Mannequin in Chicago only to find that he had taken hostage Jennifer Pearson, now the superhero known as Siren. After some struggle, Mannequin tore some of the flesh off of the Eliminator's left shoulder, revealing more machinery underneath it. The Eliminator managed to pull Jennifer to safety, but Mannequin formed a powerful gun and aimed it at him. Carlos jumped in the blast's path and was killed by it. Siren assaulted Mannequin but was easily overpowered. As Mannequin threatened Siren, the Eliminator attacked him, breaking off his head.
    Two days later, the Eliminator, Laquita, and Mac attended Carlos' funeral, unknowingly watched by an Aladdin agent.
    Meanwhile, the cybernetic pod, which had escaped Antony's corpse, was summoned by the Eternal Sersi, who shattered its cybernetic casing, releasing and claiming the Space Gem within it.

Comments: Created by Hank Kanalz, Roland Mann, Mike Zeck, and Dennis Janke.

Eliminator#0 reprints the two previous Ultraverse Premiere stories, as well as containing new material.

I'm not sure if Tsu was the same person as the "senile Tibetan monk" that Dropkick referenced, or of Brother Lao, of the Anira Order, who transported the Pod to Antony Hernandez.

The Eliminator series took place immediately before Black September. I don't recall any further being clarified or altered on him.

Profile by Snood.

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Eliminator#1 cover
Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11, p1, panel 1 (sans make-up)

Other Appearances:
Solution#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#10 (January, 1995) - by Hank Kanalz & Roland Mann (writers), Mike Zeck (pencils), Dennis Janke (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Night Man#16 / Ultraverse Premiere#11 (January, 1995) - by Hank Kanalz & Roland Mann (writers), Mike Zeck (pencils), Dennis Janke (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Eliminator#0 (April, 1995) - by Hank Kanalz & Roland Mann (writers), Mike Zeck (pencils), Dennis Janke (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)
Eliminator#1-3 (May-July, 1995) - by Hank Kanalz & Roland Mann (writers), Mike Zeck (pencils), Denis Rodier (inker), Chris Ulm (editor)

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