Membership: Sunset Bain, Bainies, Baintronics Security, Miles Brickman, C-28 Death-Dealer, Dr. Cyclobe, IU-104/E (Eliminator), Jocasta

Purpose: Profit via robotics sales

Affiliations: BroadaniIron Man and the Iron-Bots

Enemies: Machine Man, Midnight Wreckers

Base of Operations: Baintronics Central

First Appearance: Machine Man II#1 (1984)

(Machine Man II#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Sunset Bain captured Machine Man, had him dismantled, and used his technology to further her own company. She also captured the remains of Jocasta and had her rebuilt. Jocasta elected to stay by Sunset's side in hopes of  palliating the damage she might do.

(Machine Man II#1) - An IU-104/E Eliminator found the hand labeled box containing the components of Machine Man. As it did not recognize the code, it classified the material as obsolete and sent it to a waste dump. The remains were recovered by a group of Midnight Wreckers, who escaped the Baintronics Security and Bainies that pursued them. When Baintronics security brought the Priority Red lid to the box back to Sunset, she immediately recognized it for what it was and sent security out to slay the quartet.
    A group of Bainies and security, as well as a C-28 Death-Dealer attacked the quartet of Wreckers in their base, but--with the aid of the newly reassembled Machine Man--they escaped again. Meanwhile, Sunset contracted Iron Man (Andro Stark) to take out Machine Man and the Wreckers.

(Machine Man II#2) - Another group of Bainies and human security agents pursued the Wreckers above Manhattan, but the Wreckers blew up their pursuers ships and escaped into the subway. Iron Man correctly deduced that the Wreckers would try to contact Broadani to arrange transport out of the city, and had another group of Bainies travel their to ambush them. Machine Man and the Wreckers escaped their attackers, though one of their number--Hassle--was captured by the Bainies. She was taken back to Baintronics Central, where Dr. Cyclobe tortured her in hopes of learning the location of Sanctuary, the secret refuge of the Midnight Wreckers. After a few attempts, Cyclobe had Hassle marked with a tracking device, then allowed her to escape, knowing she would lead them to Sanctuary.

(Machine Man II#3) - Iron Man and his agents followed Cyclobe's tracking device to lead an assault on Sanctuary, but they were fought off.

(Machine Man II#4) - Machine Man headed back to Baintronics where he confronted Sunset in hopes of forcing her to call off all further attacks on himself or his allies. Sunset sent more Bainies, and then Iron Man against Machine Man. She even attacked Machine Man herself, but he eventually overcame all opposition. Finally, she agreed to leave him and the Wreckers alone, and they left her in peace.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Herb Trimpe, and Barry Windsor-Smith.

According to the issues, The Machine Man series took place b/t September 23-25, 2020, though these events may turn out to be topical.

The closest spin-off point one can see for Earth 2020 is Iron Man Annual#11. As pointed out by our own Luis Dantas, in that issue, Sunset Bain obtained the original Machine Man for repairs, and took advantage of the occasion to duplicate Aaron.  IIRC there were significant hints that the duplicate was in fact the 2020 version of Machine Man:

Sunset Bain is the alternate future incarnation of:

Baintronics is the alternate future incarnation of:

Miles Brickman is the alternate future incarnation of:

C-28 Death-Dealer has no known connection to:

IU-104/E, the eliminator class drone

Jocasta is the alternate future incarnation of:

Sunset Bain

    She was the founder of Baintronics and an old enemy of Machine Man from some forty years past. She had eventually defeated and dismantled him, but he returned to plague her in 2020. She went to great lengths to try to destroy him and his allies, until he forced her to cease and desist. She had also captured and rebuilt Jocasta, who stayed at her side as her advisor, and perhaps her only true friend.

    Sunset had used a great number of surgeries and other treatments to maintain her youth, but as she continued to age (she was in her seventies), it had begun to show. Still, she was more than willing to personally get involved in a fight when the need arose: She jammed some torn electric cables into the side of his head while he fought Iron Man, nearly incapacitating him.

--Machine Man II#1 (1(fb) - BTS, 1-4











Actually known as C-10 Killer Bots, they served as the security force to Baintronics, along with the human agents. They were sent against Machine Man and the Midnight Wreckers on many occasions, and they did once succeed in capturing one of the Wreckers.

--Machine Man II#1 (2-4




Baintronics Security


They were sent against Machine Man and the Midnight Wreckers on many occasions, and they did once succeed in capturing one of the Wreckers.

--Machine Man II#1 (2, 4




Miles Brickman


An old enemy of Machine Man from nearly four decades past, he was a former ambassador to the United Nations in the year 2020. He became unglued when his old foe returned to plague him. He panicked as Sunset sent wave after wave attacks after Machine Man that met with failure. When Machine Man invaded Baintronics, he put a bullet in his head.

--Machine Man II#2 (3, 4




C-28 Death Dealer


    A powerful and supreme confident robot created by Baintronics, one was sent to destroy Machine Man and slay the Midnight Wreckers, but ended up being electrocuted and incapacitated by Machine Man.


    From its digits it could launch narco-pellets which contained a sleeping inducing chemical which is absorbed through the skin. It has superhuman strength (Class 10) and durability (able to catch and contain mini-rocket explosions in its palms without damage). It has a pair of electro-blasters on each hip and can launch mini-missiles from its chest. It has a pair of extendable tentacles which can utilize circular saws, highly potent acid launchers, etc.


--Machine Man II#1





Dr. Cyclobe


    Though his area of specialty remains unknown he was a skilled and enthusiastic torturer. However, he apparently had no stomach for direct combat, as he quickly vanished when Machine Man stormed Baintronics Central.

    He had a variety of pain-inducing equipment and could implant tracking devices within others.


--Machine Man II#2 (3, 4




IU-104/E (Eliminator)


    This model scanned equipment and storage and had anything it regarded as obsolete sent to the trash dump. It was one of these babies that failed to recognize the hand-written Priority Red code on the box containing Machine Man's parts and had it sent to the dump

--Machine Man II#1





    An old and close friend of Machine Man from before his dismantling, she was rebuilt by Sunset Bain and kept as an advisor, eventually becoming her only real friend. Even when given the chance to leave Sunset and go with Machine Man, she felt unable to leave Sunset. This was due to their relationship, as well as Jocasta's commitment to minimizing the damage Sunset might do.


    Other than being a thinking machine, she demonstrated few offensive capabilities. It is unclear whether her revised form had any superhuman abilities at all.


    --Machine Man II#1 (1(fb) - BTS, 1-4


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Other appearances:
Machine Man II#2-4 (November, 1984 - January, 1985) - Tom DeFalco & Barry Windsor-Smith (#4) (writers), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Barry Windsor-Smith (inks), Larry Hama (editor)

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