Real Name: Li Ching-Lin

Identity/Class: Human/Assassin

Occupation: Assassin, former MI-6 agent

Group Membership: None
Former member of: MI-6

Affiliations: Wang Yu-Seng (Fu Manchu in disguise)

Enemies: Shang-Chi, MI-6

Known Relatives: Huo Li (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

Appearances: Master of Kung-Fu#115 (August, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent hand-to-hand fighter

History: (Master of Kung-Fu#115) - At the MI-6 headquarters, training with other MI-6 agents, watched by Fah Lo Suee. Later at his house, visited by Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi demands that Li Ching-Li shall come with him, but he refuses and attacks Shang-Chi--he manage to escape from Shang-Chi. He runs to Wang Yu-Seng’s house, and tells him that Shang-Chi has been there after him, and tells him that he was everything Wang Yu-Seng told him he would be. Wang Yu-Seng gives Lin Ching-Li a new mask and tells him that he is now Death-Dealer. Later, Death-Dealer tries to kill Reston, Black Jack, Leiko and Shang-Chi with a bomb. He fails and then tries to escape, but is followed by Shang-Chi. The two of them begin to fight, but Death-Dealer manages to escape once again

(Master of Kung-Fu#116) - Alongside one of Wang Yu-Seng’s men, takes the unconsciounce Shang-Chi away from the giant scorpions who had stung him, takes him to Wang.

(Master of Kung-Fu#117) - At Fu Manchu’s fortress, by Fu Manchu himself sent against the weakened Shang-Chi. Begins to fight him, but even the weakened Shang-Chi is still a far better fighter than Death-Dealer, and he once against tries to escape Shang-Chi. He succeeds once again and gets onboard Fu Manchu’s helicopter, and is taken away from the fortress.

(Master of Kung-Fu#118) - When Shang-Chi arrives at Fu Manchu’s fortress again, he is met by Death-Dealer who cuts Shang-Chi with a knife, yelling that Fu Manchu has requested Shang-Chi’s blood, and that he will get him the blood. But before he gets the chance to kill Shang-Chi, Shang-Chi manage to burn Death-Dealer to death, leaving him one less opponent to defeat.....

(Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fo One-Shot#1 - BTS) - Death-Dealer's son eventually tried to take revenge on Shang-Chi, but was easily defeated by him. Shang-Chi showed mercy, not killing him.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Gene Day

Profile by: The Beetle

Death-Dealer has no known connection to:
Death @Captain Marvel I#27
Death, of the Axi-Tun Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, @ GS Fantastic Four#3
Death, a.k.a. Angel, a.k.a. Warren K. Worthington @X-Men I#1
Death, a.k.a. Caliban @Uncanny X-Men#148
Death, a.k.a. Wolverine @Incredible Hulk II#180
Death Adder @Marvel Two-In-One#64
Death-Flame, of Demon-Fire, @ Vampire Tales#7
Death-Sting @Iron Fist III#1
Death's Head, Paxton Payne, @ Daredevil I#56
Death’s Head Squadron @Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#1
Death-Stalker @Daredevil I#39
Deathbird @Ms. Marvel#9
Deathcharge @Namor Annual 4/2
Deathcry @Avengers I#378
Death God, Abdul Alhazred, @ Tarzan#15, Marvel Comics Presents#62, 152
Deathgrin @Web Of Spider-Man#104/2
Deathlight @Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#3
Deathlok, a.k.a. Luther Manning @Astonishing Tales#25
Deathlok, a.k.a. Josh Kelly @Marvel Comics Presents#62/4
Deathlok, a.k.a. Michael Collins @Deathlok I#1
Deathlok @Uncanny X-Men#371
Deathmaster Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1
Death Metal, @ Death3#1
Deathshield @Amazing Spider-Man#367
Deathstorm @Amazing Spider-Man Annual 27/2
Deathstroke @ Spider-Woman I#395
Deathtoll @War Machine#5
Deathunt 9000 @Fantastic Four Annual 25
Deathurge @Marvel Two-In-One#72
Deathwatch @Ghost Rider III#1
 HA! You're on crack if you think I'm filling the rest of this one out. I've got over 70 characters, groups, places, etc. listed that start Death. I'm adding the ones for which the Appendix already has profiles, and that's it!!!!! Suffice it to say, no connection to other characters with "Death" or "Dealer" in their name, or with a hyphen, for that matter--Snood.

Master of Kung-Fu#115-118 (August-November, 1982) - Doug Moench (writer), Gene Day (artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu One-Shot#1 (November, 2009) - Mike Benson (writer), Tomm Coker (pencils), C.P. Smith (inks), Jody Leheup & John Barber (editors)

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