Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human possessed by a demon

Occupation: Enforcer of Apocalypse (Demon-Fire's leader)

Group Membership: Demon-Fire, San Francisco sect

Affiliations: Other sect members

Enemies: Amanda Saint, Morbius

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Gallow's Bend, Nevada

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#7 (October 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Death-Flame was most likely possessed by a demon, which granted him supernatural powers. He was only seen briefly, but appeared to be a fiery skeleton and rode a fiery skeletal horse. He used a barbed-wire lasso, which may have been stronger than normal steel, as Morbius was unable to break it. He was strong enough to hold the wire with one hand and drag Morbius against his will. He was destroyed by contact with water. He was also driven off by two blasts of buck shot. Maybe they were silver...

History: Unrevealed. Death-Flame, like several other members of Demon-Fire, was most likely possessed by a demon. Presumably he was originally a normal human who became a member of the satanic cult Demon-Fire and ascended in its ranks sufficiently to became a host to a demon.

(Vampire Tales I#7) - At any rate, he was present in Gallow's Bend when Morbius and Amanda Saint arrived there in search of her father. Death-Flame appeared, seemingly from nowhere, to stop Morbius from slaying another enforcer, Reaper. He threw his barbed-wire lasso around Morbius's neck and proceeded to drag him until Sagebrush Robbins shot him in the chest with a couple rounds of buckshot, causing him to flee.

(Vampire Tales I#8) - However, he soon returned to choke Morbius with his lasso a second time. Morbius managed to swing himself over the gallow's pole, knock Death-Flame off of his horse, and into a water trough. The "purity" of the water destroyed both demon and host, returning him to human form and leaving him dead.



Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.

The main image in this profile was colored by David Wiltfong aka DragynWulf. It was first published in the Demon-Fire entry in OHotMU Hardcover#3.

AFAIK the story does not specify if Demon-Fire was involved with any other MU demons, or with Marduk Kurios or Mephisto. It could go either way, I suppose.

No known connection to:

Vampire Tales I#7 (October, 1974) - Don McGregor (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Vampire Tales I#8 (December, 1974) - Don McGregor (writer), Mike Vosburg (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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