Real Name: Amanda Saint

Identity/Class: civilian

Occupation: unrevealed

Affiliations: former ally of Morbius

Enemies: Apocalypse, Demon-Fire, Poison-Lark, Reaper, Sister Saint

Known Relatives: Catherine (Poison-Lark, sister, deceased), Sister Saint (mother, deceased), father (deceased)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: formerly San Francisco, now unknown

Appearances: Vampire Tales#2 (October 1973), (3/6, 4, 5, 7, 8)

Powers: none. She wasn't a skilled fighter or athlete, she pretty played the role of victim, although she did offer her neck to Morbius to save his life when he was dying.

History: Amanda Saint's mother left her when her father discovered she had been involved with the satanic cult, Demon-Fire. Her father soon left, searching for his wife. Amanda stayed at home with her older sister Catherine, and dated a guy named Justin.

Unbeknownst to Amanda, both her sister and her boyfriend were also members of Demon-Fire, who sought to use her as a virgin sacrifice. Amanda was rescued from their first attempt at capture by the living vampire Morbius, who originally had planned on using her as a victim himself. Upon returning hom, she was quickly captured and was to be sacrificed to the spider-demon Arachne II. Morbius saved her again, and most of the members of the San Francisco sect, including her sister were killed and their temple destroyed.

In search of her mother, Amanda and Morbius then traveled to Malevolence, Maine, where they stayed in the boarding house of a Mrs.Agnes, who was actually Sister Saint in disguise. Blood-Tide, leader of the Malevolence sect, directed Sister Saint to kill the two, but Morbius again saved her, eventually slaying Blood-Tide. Sister Saint fell on her own axe and split her head open. Morbius left out the details, but told her that he learned that her mother was dead.

In search of her father, Amanda and Morbius then arrived in the amusement park in Gallow's Bend, Nevada. There they found her father, recently hanged by other members of Demon-Fire. They were attacked by Reaper, Death-Flame, Rigor, Phineas T.Coroner, and eventually the leader of the whole cult, Apocalypse. In course of the battle, Amanda allowed Morbius to drink some of her blood to regain his strength to battle the cult.

Ultimately, Howie Rivers, owner of the amusement park, decided to sacrifice his park to stop the demons. He and Sagebrush Robbins, either an employee or a local defending the area from demons, wired the park with dynamite and blew it up, killing Apocalypse and every other cult member present. What became of Amanda after this is unknown.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.

Some people bitten by Morbius turned into pseudo-vampires, others didn't. I don't know what determined who was affected. I'd like to see some sort of follow-up. She'd make a good member of the Legion of the Night, not that they're going to be appearing anywhere, either.

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