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Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Deathurge

Identity/Class: Cosmic entity

Occupation: Messenger of death, formerly servant of Oblivion

Group Membership: None, formerly Maelstrom's minions

Affiliations: Death, Great Lakes Avengers (Big Bertha, Dinah Soar, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Squirrel Girl), Maelstrom, Oblivion, Patsy Walker, Phaeder, Uranian Eternals,

Enemies: Avengers (Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Starfox/Eros, Vision, Wasp/Janet van Dyne) Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Gorgon, Karnak), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Ghost Rider, Olympian Eternals, Infinity Watch (Drax the Destroyer, Maxam, Pip the Troll) Quasar (Wendell Elvis Vaughn), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Squadron Supreme (Arcanna Jones, Doctor Spectrum/Joseph Ledger, Hyperion/Mark Milton, Whizzer/Stanley Stewart) Thing (Ben Grimm), Uatu the Watcher

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: D'urge (nickname used by young Craig Hollis)

Base of Operations: GLA HQ, Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
                                  formerly Maelstrom's underwater base, Atlantic Ocean
mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One I#72

Powers/Abilities: A wraith-like specter composed of Darkforce energy, Deathurge can turn intangible at will. He cannot be harmed through conventional means, easily surviving such grievous injuries as decapitation. He manipulate the otherdimensional negative energies in his body for a variety of effects. He can draw primitive weaponry from his form like axes, a bow and arrows, swords, flails, lances, sai and even chains. When these energy weapons strike living beings, they have the capacity to instantly kill but only if the victim seeks death. If not, the weapons sap their will and feed self doubt. Deathurge can fly at light speeds, usually by forming skis from his body and taking off. He can also use ride his flying lance. Deathurge is a teleporter as well, with seemingly unlimited range. He can sense suicidal urges in others and has a limited ability to create self destructive impulses in his victims. Deathurge gains strength from suicidal thoughts. He is a limited shapeshifter, able to take on the form of the people and creatures who he comes to claim.

Height: 6'2" (variable)
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Unrevealed, possibly inapplicable
Hair: Unrevealed, possibly inapplicable


(Quasar I#2 (fb) - BTS ) - Deathurge is the embodiment of every living organism's darkest impulse: self destruction. He appears to those who have lost the will to live, thrive and endure. As a messenger of oblivion he stands ready to provide the release of non-existence.

(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Deathurge believes oblivion is the universe's natural, preferred state. He considers himself a protector of the universe, fighting to protect it from "the chaotic blight of that aberration called life".

(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Deathurge makes it a point to visit everyone who seriously contemplates activating the Ultimate Nullifier, since operating the device will inevitably lead to the user's own death. As the avatar of self destruction, he is very much interested in people willing to kill themselves to use the Nullifier.

(Quasar I#2 (fb) - Deathurge was on hand when the Uranian Eternals grew so bored with existence after they discovered and verified the equation that explains the universe. With no more secrets left to discover and no way to end their own life, they ultimately turned to Deathurge who appeared on Uranus to shatter the protective life-dome that shielded their colony. Deathurge contently watched the Uranians embrace oblivion with open arms and loving smiles.

(GLA I#1 (fb) ) - On April 6th, at 11.42 am, Deathurge arrived in Sheboygan to claim the life of Aubrey Hollis, shortly after she had given birth to Craig Hollis. The future Mr. Immortal was aware of Deathurge's presence and witnessed how he promised Audrey to look after her son.

(GLA I#1 (fb) ) - Deathurge kept his promise, appearing in a form only visible to Craig and goading him into increasingly dangerous activities like playing in traffic, sitting in trees during a lightning storm and trying to pet the crocodiles at the zoo. Craig told his father Edward about his friend 'D'urge', who believed the boy was talking about an imaginary friend.

(GLA I#1 (fb) ) - On his eighth birthday Craig was tricked by Deathurge to set fire to his home, killing his father in the process. Edward Hollis kicked and screamed as Deathurge carried him off, but he assured the dying man that he would look after his child.

(GLA I#1 (fb) ) - Deathurge answered when Craig's first girlfriend Terri got so depressed she wanted to commit suicide. Craig returned home in time to see his old childhood friend D'urge take Terri away. Though an inconsolable Hollis begged to be taken as well, Deathurge refused. He did promise that Hollis would see him again.

(Quasar I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Sensing his future importance, Oblivion ordered Deathurge to seek out the Deviant/Inhuman hybrid Maelstrom and pose as his underling.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#72) - Maelstrom sent Deathurge to take out his minions after Helios, Gronk and Phobius got captured by Thing and the Inhumans. Mounting his spear, he flew off to Hydrobase where he swiftly eliminated his three targets and easily avoided attacks by Thing, Karnak and Gorgon. Though he was tempted to take their lives as well, he returned to Maelstrom's side.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#72 - BTS) - For unrevealed reasons Deathurge kept to himself when Thing and the Inhumans attacked Maelstrom's underwater base near old Attilan. He only involved himself after Maelstrom's plans were thwarted. Bested in combat by Black Bolt with the base coming down around them, Maelstrom ordered Deathurge to "attend" to him, which meant killing him. Deathurge witnessed Maelstrom's feeble father Phaeder die moments later. Now without a master to give him orders, Deathurge made no attempt to escape the destruction of the base.

(Avengers I#248 (fb) - BTS) - After Maelstrom revived himself and his minions using their clone bodies, Deathurge returned to the villain's service and watched from a distance as he executed a plan to attack the Eternals of Olympia just as they were joined together in the Uni-Mind. Despite the accidental involvement of the Avengers, Maelstrom succeeded in capturing the Uni-Mind. He ordered Deathurge to stand guard.

(Avengers I#248) - Amused by the notion that Maelstrom still thought he was his master, Deathurge did nothing when he spotted the Vision approaching Maelstrom. The Avengers leader engaged the villain long enough for the Scarlet Witch to disrupt the Uni-Mind, freeing the Eternals and causing Maelstrom's plans to fail. When he was unable to hold his own against Earth's mightiest heroes, he ordered Deathurge to "attend" to him. Deathurge once again hurled his darkforce spear at Maelstrom. Starfox tried to stop the projectile with his hand, but it phased right through to hit the target. Deathurge then left, eluding even the lightning fast Captain Marvel by sinking through the ground. Deathurge reemerged in Maelstrom's secret base where he dutifully knelt down in front of Maelstrom's upcoming clone body already being prepared for activation.

(Avengers I#249) - Deathurge was present when Maelstrom's mind inhabited his latest clone body. He was instantly berated by his 'master' for not stopping the Avengers, but Deathurge simply responded that it was not their time to be stopped and that he only served by bringing final sleep. Ignoring these vague proclamations, Maelstrom was more concerned with the fact he had but one clone body left and it wasn't even fully formed yet. He announced he'd be making more, but Deathurge calmly explained that Maelstrom's own death-urge would prevent him from ever doing so. When Maelstrom angrily denied to have a death wish, Deathurge felt he was no longer needed and vanished from the scene.

(Quasar I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Sensing Quasar's overwhelming existential dread, Deathurge planned to deliver him into the arms of Oblivion and traveled to Uranus when he learned the young hero was headed there for a fact finding mission on the origins of his quantum bands.

(Quasar I#2) - Deathurge met Quasar in the ruins of the Eternals' former home and explained his role in their demise before attacking Quasar himself. When Quasar realized he was unable to affect his opponent he fled, with Deathurge giving chase on his darkforce skis and shooting arrows at him. Deathurge ultimately got his victim, encasing him in darkforce energy. With moments before he was sent to his death, Quasar was suddenly whisked away to a small sector of subspace.

(Quasar I#2- BTS) - Deathurge was left in the dark while Quasar met his savior: the cosmic entity Eon who requested Quasar's aide and asked him to become the new protector of the cosmos. Quasar accepted the role, which led to him instantly gaining full knowledge of the usage of his quantum bands.

(Quasar I#2) - Returning to his native dimension filled with renewed hope and purpose, Quasar was now able to fight back against Deathurge who could no longer influence his opponent. After a brief but decisive struggle, Deathurge took his leave but not before promising Quasar that when they'd meet again, the hero would beg Deathurge to kill him... And he would refuse.

(Quasar I#21 (fb) ) - Deathurge witnessed a meeting between Oblivion and the newly revived Maelstrom in the Dimension of Manifestations. Maelstrom offered his services and to prove his loyalty planned to collapse the universe into a single anomalous point, causing all that is into Oblivion's domain. To aid him in this ambitious endeavor, he required cosmic awareness. Oblivion pointed him towards Eon, the least powerful of all the entities that possessed this insight. As Maelstrom left, Deathurge showed himself and told his master he finally understood why he had to pose as Maelstrom's underling.

(Quasar I#21 - BTS) - Maelstrom attacked Eon's champion Quasar, brutally slashing off his hands to acquire the power of his quantum bands.

(Quasar I#22 (fb) ) - Deathurge responded to a summons by the newly empowered Maelstrom who had a request for him. Fearing the Watchers might pose a problem to his future schemes given the fact some of them were known renegades, Maelstrom asked Deathurge to look into a way to kill the entire race without anyone suspecting he was behind their demise. Deathurge was tasked to work on the oblivion plague, a way to make even ageless beings like the Watchers give up the will to live. He had to start with Uatu, the Watcher of Earth.

(Quasar I#22) - Deathurge sensed the agony of Quasar, now without hands and a prisoner of Maelstrom's. He went by to check on his old foe who begged for death, but Deathurge gleefully reminded him of the promise he'd made him during their first encounter: he would refuse him the dignity of a quick death.

(Quasar I#22 - BTS) - Quasar eventually embraced death on his own terms. His passing was sensed by Ghost Rider who honed in on his location to avenge the loss of innocent life.

(Quasar I#23) - Maelstrom's minions were unable to defend their base against the powerful demon, but Deathurge seemed immune to his abilities, including the penance stare. After a brief struggle with no clear winner, Deathurge left the scene of the battle, claiming he was bored.

(Quasar I#24) - Deathurge met up with Maelstrom who was still reveling in all the newfound power the quantum bands granted him. Deathurge wanted to know where Quasar had gone. Maelstrom explained that Quasar was now an energy simulacrum that had fled into the trackless quantum zone. However, because of his newly acquired cosmic awareness, Maelstrom was convinced he'd know instantly when and if Quasar would reappear in real space. Satisfied with that answer, Maelstrom asked his master what other task he wished him to do. Sensing the prying eyes of Uatu, Maelstrom ordered his minion to take the Watcher's eyes. Deathurge lunged at the being's head with sais at the ready, only for Uatu to teleport away. 

(Quasar I#25 - BTS) - Part of Maelstrom and Oblivion's universe threatening scheme was the cessation of the Earth's rotation. Doctor Strange had sought out Earth's mystics including Arcanna of the Squadron Supreme to join forces and help keep the devastating side effects of this global upheaval at bay.

(Quasar I#25) - While Maelstrom and Oblivion faced Infinity and the newly empowered Quasar, Deathurge was sent to take out Doctor Strange to disrupt his mystical rescue mission. Deathurge surprised the mage in his sanctum, but he himself was ambushed by Arcanna's fellow Squadron members Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum and Hyperion who were sent to defend Strange. Hyperion was ultimately able to overpower Deathurge long enough for Strange to complete his mission.

(Quasar I#39 - BTS) - When the Magus rose to power and threatened to reactivate the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos, the Infinity Watch and a bevvy of Earth's champions including Quasar gathered on board Galactus' vessel to mount a counteroffensive. One of the plans was to use the Ultimate Nullifier on Magus' base before he would succeed in achieving omnipotence. Quasar volunteered to use the potentially lethal device, catching the attention of Deathurge.

(Quasar I#39) - Deathurge caught up with Quasar and Eon on Rus, the galaxy's academic center. They had come there to determine if there really wasn't a way to operate the Nullifier without dying. When Deathurge appeared before them, Quasar assumed he had come to stop them and tried to lure him away from Eon who dutifully continued his studies. Deathurge indulged the hero, all the while trying to explain why he was really here: to determine whether or not Quasar had the heart to see the mission through. In order to activate the Nullifier, the wielder has to accept the void it generates in their own heart. When it became clear to Deathurge that Quasar was unable to do that, he concluded that he would fail to activate the Ultimate Nullifier. He left, leaving behind a rather confused protector of the universe.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#138/4 - BTS) - Deathurge made regular visits to Memorial Hospital's cancer ward to claim terminally ill patients. Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich heard rumors of a 'costumed man' near two patients right before they went. Peter Parker decided to investigate as Spider-Man.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#138/4) - Deathurge eventually reappeared to help more patients move on, but he was forced to contend with Spider-Man who did everything he could to stop him. Deathurge tried to explain why he was necessary, but when his pleas fell on deaf ears he simply decided to vanish, telling the wall-crawler that his business was not with him and that he wouldn't be able to remain there forever. As Deathurge vanished, Spider-Man looked at the suffering, terminal patients he had saved, wondering if he'd actually done them a favor by chasing off the ebon entity.

(Hellstrom: Prince of Lies I#12 & 13) - As part of his role as suicide agent for the guilty, Deathurge was seen across the world taking the lives of people who were ready to stop living for a variety of reasons. He ended the existence of a Brazilian talk show host who had just killed four homeless children, he also took the life of an old Russian soldier right after he told his wife how he earned their summer home. In Amsterdam he took out a serial rapist right after the man had claimed his 23rd victim. Next to his victim's body the bud of a black cigarette was found. Deathurge then became aware of Patsy Walker.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies I#14) - Sensing the distress of the mentally disturbed Patsy Walker, Deathurge appeared in her bedroom at Fire Lake. Too weak to defend herself, Patsy could only cry as Deathurge told her the reason she wanted to die: she felt guilty for letting her husband, the devil's son, live. Deathurge comforted the exhausted, frail former superheroine ho leaned on him as manifested a dagger to swiftly end her suffering.

(Silver Surfer/Rune I#1 (fb) - BTS) - When the extra-dimensional energy vampire Rune managed to steal the infinity gems from the Infinity Watch, he froze everyone in the universe in time. Everyone except Deathurge who sensed Rune's desire to die and began a search to track him down. The quest brought him to the Infinity Watch's base on Monster Island.

(Silver/Surfer/Rune I#1) - Strong-armed by the Living Tribunal to stop Rune's plans, the Silver Surfer arrived at Monster Island as well where he encountered Deathurge. After a brief struggle, Deathurge used one of his ebon spears to nail the Surfer's board to the ground, hoping it would gain him a head start to find Rune and the Infinity Gems. Silver Surfer managed to retrieve his board and caught up with Deathurge within moments, hitting him so hard he briefly disrupted the Darkforce that controlled his corporeal structure. Deathurge explained that his body was formed by the despair and guilt suffered by every living, breathing creature in the universe, adding that he didn't have a face because his head served as a mirror into the souls of others. Deathurge managed to confront Silver Surfer with all the long suppressed guilt he experienced during his time as Galactus' herald, getting dangerously close to taking the life of the former herald. At the last possible moment, Silver Surfer managed to confront his self destructive tendencies, thereby driving out Deathurge who vanished into nothingness. Silver Surfer then continued to look for Rune and the Infinity Gems.

(GLA I#1 (fb) ) - When the Great Lakes Avengers tried to stop Maelstrom, Mr. Immortal saw his girlfriend Dinah Soar get lethally injured by one of the villain's proto-natural force bolts. Mr. Immortal went mad with grief when he was unable to stop Deathurge from appearing to take Dinah away from him, while the other members of the team wondered who he was yelling about.

(GLA I#2 (fb) ) - Deathurge reappeared during Dinah Soar's burial ceremony, causing the grieving Mr. Immortal to fly off the handle again and attack him at the graveyard. Though Deathurge tried to calm Hollis down, his old friend would not listen to reason. Some time later Deathurge emerged to claim the life of the GLA's most recent member Grasshopper (Douglas Taggert) when he accidentally perished during his first mission.

(GLA I#3 (fb) ) - The loss of Dinah Soar set Mr. Immortal on a spiral of self destruction. He constantly tried to kill himself, though Deathurge only looked on in pity. The very nature of Hollis' powers prevented him from ever taking him. A little later, acting on orders from Oblivion,  Deathurge paid a visit to Maelstrom who was working on a device to bring about the end of all things, including oblivion itself. When Deathurge failed to convince Maelstrom he had to stop, he warned the villain that others would hopefully rise to the task.

(GLA I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The GLA's former member Leather Boy (Gene Lorrene) killed Squirrel Girl's pet squirrel Monkey Joe.

(GLA I#4 (fb) ) - Deathurge arrived at GLA headquarters to collect the soul of Monkey Joe. Appropriately shaped like a small rodent, he was no match for Mr. Immortal who overpowered him and proceeded to beat him into submission. Deathurge was now forced to reveal why he had involved himself with Craig Hollis' life. He went on to explain that Hollis had evolved beyond death and was now a true immortal. In fact, he was destined to become the last living being in the entire universe, which meant he was going to learn the ultimate grand secret at the end of all things. To prepare him for this role and a seemingly endless lifetime of loss that awaited him, Deathurge made sure he got accustomed to grief at an early age.

(GLA I#4 (fb) ) - Deathurge explained to Mr. Immortal what Maelstrom was planning, telling him that the mad mutate wanted to learn the ultimate secret himself by bringing all that is to an early end. Thanks to his involvement, the GLA went out to stop Maelstrom and his minions.

(GLA X-mas I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Because Deathurge had failed the simple task of claiming the life of Monkey Joe, Oblivion decided to look for a new servant and forced him to remain stuck in his rodent form inside GLA headquarters.

(GLA I#4 (fb) - BTS) - When GLA member Doorman died in the final fight against Maelstrom, Oblivion reached out to him and, because of his preexisting connection to the Darkforce, offered to make him Deathurge's successor. Doorman accepted and was transformed, though he continued to serve with the GLA.

(GLA X-Mas I#1) - Still stuck in his rodent form, a seething Deathurge demanded an audience with Oblivion. The entity appeared eight minutes before Christmas Eve and begrudgingly offered his former servant a chance to redeem himself. If he succeeded to bring him the soul of Squirrel Girl's new pet Tippy-Toe, before midnight, he would reinstate him. Deathurge quickly set up a series of lethal Rube Goldberg style traps, but he failed in his mission and was forced to continue existing as a lowly mammal.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald & Ralph Macchio, Ron Wilson, Gene Day.

From a mysterious presence in one of Marvel's B-level team up books to a starring role in a major Avengers arc with appearances in anything from Quasar to Hellstorm: Prince of Lies and even an Ultraverse crossover... Deathurge definitely has a unique history. And now, assuming it's canon, he remains stuck as a small squirrel like creature who's presumably still hanging out with the GLA.

Deathurge's appearance and role seems patterned after the DC character Black Racer, created by Jack Kirby as part of his Fourth World saga.

Deathurge received a profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update I#2 and appeared as part of the Maelstrom's minions entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#6 though he's incorrectly listed as a 'human with Terrigen-based powers'.

Profile by Norvo

Deathurge should not be confused with

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GLA X-mas I#1, p32, pan3 (bickers with Oblivion)

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