Real Name: Broadani (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: owner of Astro Vid Parlor;
    also served a number of other purposes, including transport out of the city 

Affiliations: Baintronics, Iron Man Vidiots

EnemiesMachine Man, Midnight Wreckers

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: "Fat Man"



Base of Operations: Astro Vid Parlor in Forest Hills, Queens, Earth 2020

First Appearance: Machine Man II#2

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman powers. Broadani was quite wealthy and had access to a variety of transports, conveyances, etc. People seeking to travel undetected frequently came to him. However, he was also in search of more wealth, and his alliances changed with whoever was paying him more. He attempted to avoid conflict within his own property, as he didn't want to damage his possessions, such as his Persian rugs.







History: Broadani ran Astro Vid Parlor in Forest Hills, Queens, catering to the Vidiots. He also was the one to talk to if one needed to arrange transport out of the city, especially under unusual circumstances.

(Machine Man II#4) - Knowing they needed special transport to escape the Bainies and get out of the city undetected, Brain contacted Broadani. However, this tactic was anticipated by Iron Man, who contacted Broadani and paid him off to make arrangements for a squad of Bainies to ambush Machine Man and the Midnight Wreckers there. The Bainies ambushed the group, but they fought back and escaped, though one of their number, Hassle, was captured. Broadani himself escaped unscathed, though he did suffer some property damage from the fight in his office.



Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Herb Trimpe, and Barry Windsor-Smith.

Though called "Fat Man" as a derogatory term, he has no known connection to:

Astro Vid Parlor has no known connection to:

The Vidiots have no known connection to:



They were hopelessly addicted to video games. Vidiots were surgically implanted with terminals that linked their minds directly to their machines.

Hassle's parents were both Vidiots.

Broadani ran Astro Vid Parlor, catering to the Vidiots. He became wealthy while supporting their addictive habit.


--Machine Man II#2




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