Real Name: Arno Stark, Senior

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D.) human technology user

Occupation: CEO of Stark International (formerly Stark-Fujikawa); Mercenary

Group Membership: Former member of the Heralds of Earth X and the Legion of the Unliving (see comments)

Affiliations: Bill (former brother-in-law), Broadani, Hawk/Hawkins (former advisor), Howard (advisor (actually Tony Stark), Iron Bots (agents), Melodi "Micky" Caitlin MacLain (girlfriend), Redwing of Earth X, Uatu the Watcher of Earth X;
Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent);
Spider-Girl 2020;
    former employee of Sunset Bain/Baintronics and Marcus Wellington;
    pawn of Immortus, Kang the Conqueror, the Time Keepers, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

Enemies: Annihilus of Earth X, Ant-Man (Lang) of Earth-616, Blastaar of Earth-X, Blizzard (Shapanka) of Earth-616, Dicemen (Athey, Chance), Irkutsk Liberation Front, Iron Man (Tony Stark) of Earth-616, Iron Man (Tony Stark) of Earth-Vampire World, Machine Man, Wellington Marcus, Midnight Wreckers, Reed Richards of Earth-Vampire World, Robert Saunders, Robert Saunders of Earth-616, Spider-Man of Earth-616, Thunderstike of Earth-616, Time Variance Authority, Watchers of Earth X;
Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent);
    possibly Aliya of Earth-Aliya, and Cable (the version active on Earth-616)

Known Relatives: Cynthia (wife, deceased), Arno, Jr. (son, deceased), Bill (former Brother-in-Law);
    Morgan Stark (father), Tony Stark (uncle),
    Howard (great-uncle), Maria (great-aunt)

Aliases: Iron Man

Base of Operations: Stark International, Earth 2020;
    also active on Earth X, and has visited Earth-616 on many occasions

First Appearance: Machine Man II#2 (November, 1984)


Powers/Abilities: His armor grants him superhuman strength (Class 50?) + durability, and allows him to fire powerful energy blasts, generate force fields, and launch bladed shuriken-like weapons. He had a pair of rocket-skates as well as jet for flight in his boots, and his onboard computer (SX-9) allows him to interface with and manipulate other computer systems, to analyze opponents, and to improve his firing accuracy, repair damage, reboot, etc.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Machine Man II#3 (fb) - BTS) - With the apparent death of Tony Stark, Arno purchased his company, Stark International (formerly Stark-Fujikawa), and bought the exclusive rights to the name and armor of Iron Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#20) <2015> - Having developed a workable Time Displacement Device, Arno became a front runner for Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" award. In order to maintain the military's backing for this award, Arno was forced to work with them on the Weapon MK-3, the "Planet Buster" bomb, a nuclear weapon developed in secret. After supervising a weapons testing, the weapon within Stark International was activated by Robert Saunders, leader of a radical anti-war faction that sought to demonstrate the dangers of the weapon. Sealing the plant to prevent Saunders escape, Iron Man took out the terrorists, but Saunders' ship crashed and he was vaporized in an explosion. Only then did Arno learn that Saunders had set a time detonation device that could only be deactivated by Saunders' retinal patterns.
    His wife and son still inside the plant, Arno used his time machine to travel back to the modern era of Earth-616 so that he might get a retinal scan from the young Saunders. He emerged seconds after Saunders had been taken hostage by the criminal Blizzard, who blasted Arno. Not having time to waste in battle, Iron Man unleashed a blast that slew Blizzard. Arno then prepared to scan Saunders' retina pattern, but Spider-Man mistook his actions for an attack, and he snagged the scanner out of Arno's hands. Iron Man blasted at Spider-Man, who dodged, but dropped and shattered the scanner in the process. Realizing he had no choice but to take Saunders with him, Arno then attacked Spider-Man, attempting to make him let the kid go. When one of Iron Man's blasts sprayed Saunders with broken glass, badly scarring him, Spider-Man became furious, attacking Arno savagely. Arno was caught off guard, and his armor malfunctioned, allowing Spidey to virtually demolish his armor. Arno was suddenly time-shifted back to 2020, only to find that the Planet Buster had already gone off, and his main office, his wife, and his son were no more.
    "Meanwhile," back in the modern era, young Robert Saunders, disfigured from the glass, began to contemplate revenge against the man who had ruined his life.

(X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three (fb) - BTS) - Stark International soon held all of the fundamental patents in the science of robotics which were not already held by Baintronics. After a short time of employing his armor in defense of his company's market share, Arno's wealth made this no longer necessary. Though he had no interest in searching corporate America for injustices to right, he had developed a taste for blood.
    Arno placed Iron Man's services on the market, for sale to the highest bidder. His price was high, and he continually raised it, but it was always met. Because the jobs that Iron Man took stayed taken. The people he was sent after were delivered without fail into the hands of whoever met his price. Along the way, he'd converted his site security into a mercenary cadre that few could equal. He called them Iron-Bots, despite them being human agents inside armor, as part of a joke to the age of robots.

(Machine Man II#2) - After a group of Midnight Wreckers found and reassembled Machine Man (who had been dismantled and stored by Baintronics for decades), Sunset Bain contacted Arno Stark, requesting his aid in recovering or destroying her old enemy. Having already learned of this and taken an interest, Stark had contacted Broadani, the owner of a Video Addict (Vidiot) parlor, and set up a number of robots to ambush them. When Machine Man and the Wreckers defeated their attackers and escaped, Arno donned his armor and decided to get personally involved. Donning his Iron Man armor, Arno prepared to follow a Baintronics tracking device to the Wreckers' secret base, Sanctuary.

(Machine Man II#3) - At Baintronics, Arno met with Sunset Bain, and her agent, Dr. Cyclobe, gave Arno a tracking device to follow one of the Wreckers to their secret base, Sanctuary. He then led a squadron of mercenaries in an aerial assault on the base. As the mercs attacked the Wreckers, Iron Man located Machine Man and knocked him from the air with his bladed throwing weapon. As the two fought, Iron Man remarked that he was disappointed with Machine Man's fighting challenge (or lack thereof), until X-51 fired his hand at Arno. Extending its arm like a cable, the hand wrapped around Arno, releasing an anti-magnetic null field to contain him. Arno broke free, but the effort exhausted his energy reserves, leaving Arno helpless.

(Machine Man II#4) - Recovering and recharging, Arno was at Sunset Bain's side when Machine Man and the Wreckers stormed Baintronics, INC. Though, Machine Man had just come to try to reason with Sunset, she set Arno him once again. Iron Man battered Machine Man brutally initially, but X-51 soon became disgusted with his attacker's anti-robot rhetoric, and fought back. Machine Man then turned the tides, pummeling Arno. Sunset granted Arno a reprieve by electrocuting Machine Man with a severed high power cable, but Machine Man dragged himself to his feet and fought anew. Machine Man continued his attack, pounding Arno into unconsciousness.

(Death's Head I#10) - In New York the Iron Man of 2020 is stopping a group of would-be assassins from killing some Arab diplomats, unaware that his every move is being observed by a tiny flying camera. Watching him as he kills his opponents are Chance, a member of the Dicemen, and his butler Athey. The Dicemen like to play games, manipulating others for their own amusement, and at the moment Chance and Athey have been using Arno Stark as one of their pawns. After his last two "spectacular failures" (his last two appearances in the comics probably, but not definitely), Iron Man has been finding mercenary work in short supply, and Athey hired both Stark and the assassins, which leaves the mercenary extremely confused when he discovers the men he saved are not only not his employers, but are also deeply peace-loving and horrified at his violent actions in their defence.
  Chance decides to play Stark a second time, an action Athey reminds him is strictly against the rules of the Dicemen. They decide to pit him against Death's Head, recently arrived in this time zone via the Fantastic Four's time machine. Athey approaches the cyborg and hires him to kill the diplomats, informing the freelance peacekeeping agent that they are instead terrorists protected by diplomatic immunity.
  Some time later the diplomats arrive at their hotel, still accompanied by Iron Man, who is desperately trying to redeem his recent embarrassments by defending them, regardless of their protestations that they don't want his services. As they enter the lift, a metal hand pushes Stark back, telling him that it is full; the bemused mercenary is left standing outside as the elevator departs, leaving the diplomats at the mercy of the metal hand's owner... Death's Head. Before the cyborg can execute the two of them however, Arno lands on the roof of the conveyance and rips open the ceiling. He is knocked flying by an energy blast from his adversary, but swiftly returns to confront the cyborg, who has now climbed onto the roof of the lift. A stray repulsor ray cuts one of the two cables supporting the elevator, and Death's Head extends his wrist blade to sever the other one. Iron Man rams him to stop this, sending them both crashing through a window and out of the building. They crash onto a nearby rooftop, and before Death's Head can recover from the impact, Iron Man manages to grab his head and rip if clean off.
  The watching Chance is peeved about this, as he had money riding on the mechanoid winning. Iron Man meanwhile is starting to wonder who hired him, but his reverie is interrupted when Death's Head's body, remotely controlled by his detached head, starts pounding on him. Having worked out his aggression at being decapitated, Death's Head stops the attack, and the two hired guns compare notes, swiftly discovering that they were both hired by a forty-something Indian man with an English accent (Athey). Figuring that whoever manipulated them was likely watching their fight, they scan for monitoring devices, and spot the cloaked flying camera. Chance watches in dismay as Iron Man plucks the fleeing device out the air, and this dismay turns to terror as the two mercenaries trace the signal back to his mansion base in mere seconds. Easily overcoming the perimeter defences, Iron Man and Death's Head smash their way into the house to find Chance dead, shot at close range (by Athey, to protect the Dicemen's secrets), and the balance of their fees laid out waiting for them. Then Stark's sensors detect an energy build-up under the building, and the two flee seconds ahead of a massive explosion which destroys the entire mansion, and any evidence therein.
  Landing in the grounds the two mercenaries say their farewells. Shaking Iron Man's hand, Death's Head tells him to lay aside the doubts that have recently plagued him. "Be sure of yourself....Strike fast, take the money...and don't lose your head, yes?"



(Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three) - Following an anonymous lead (actually courtesy of Immortus, as Lireeb, an agent of Kang the Conqueror) that the Midnight Wreckers were active in Queens, Arno led a group of Iron-Bots to join forces with Spider-Girl, the heroine of that part of town. Rather than Wreckers, they encountered a time-traveling Spider-Man and Cable, as well as their ally, Aliya of Earth-Aliya. These time-displaced heroes had come to Earth 2020 in search of one of Kang's Time Platforms, which would lead them to Kang's fortress, so that they could stop his current plot. Iron Man and his allies confronted the travelers, demanding their surrender, but then attacking them without waiting for a response. Iron Man opened fire on Cable, who fired back and then surprised him by rushing and knocking him off balance. The travelers escaped briefly, but Iron Man and his allies relocated and surrounded them. Cable agreed to surrender, perhaps hoping to convince their assailants that they were not who they thought they were, but Iron Man the fired an energy blast that collapsed the roof on the travelers, and then left them for dead.
    The travelers survived, of course, and were rescued by the real Midnight Wrecker, together with Machine Man. Cable then used his tracker to locate the Time Platform, but they were again discovered by Iron Man, his Iron-Bots, and Spider-Girl. Spidey convinced the Wreckers and Machine Man to escape while they could, and Cable worked to extract the needed information from the Platform, which had been stripped down by others long before.
    Impressed with the survival abilities of these "Wreckers," Iron Man thought that it might be worth keeping them alive to sell them to that new company, Alchemax, which was taking an aggressive stance on bioshop technology. However, his flight was interrupted by a web-line from Spider-Man that caused him to arc straight into a concrete wall. As he pulled himself from the wreckage, Spidey taunted him relentlessly, accusing him of copyright infringement, and asking him what would happen if the real Iron Man found out what he was doing. Iron Man played right into Spidey's hands, attacking him in a blind rage, in which he ended up playing the Wile E. Coyote to Spidey's Road Runner.
    Iron Man then called to Spider-Girl to trade partners, figuring she could match his speed better, and that he himself could easily handle Spidey's female partner. Before the swap, however, Spidey blinded Arno with a patch of webbing to the face. The blinded Iron Man swung blindly at Aliya, shattering the wall and ground around her, until she had time to ready her ion cannon. Aliya fired her weapon--a microminiaturized nuclear reactor capable of delivering ionized pulse energy in forms from a diamond-cutter beam to a street-sweeper blast. A side effect of the weapon was the high-frequency harmonics and Electro-Magnetic Pulse waste that effectively scrambled an opponent's technology.
    When the steam cleared, Iron Man was embedded like a frog in a thickly-iced birthday cake in the remains of the wall that had been behind him. His armor was badly melted, but it did serve to protect the life of its wearer. Meanwhile, the Iron-Bots surrendered rather than face a similar attack, unaware that Aliya's gun did not have another charge in it.
    Meanwhile, Spider-Man convinced his alternate world daughter that he was the real deal and negotiated for peace, and Cable obtained the needed info from the Time Platform, allowing the travelers to leave the world of 2020.

(Fantastic Four I#405) - Just as Arno unleashed a blast at Machine Man, he was plucked from that Earth to Earth-616 by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man to destroy Ant-Man (Scott Lang). Ant-Man dodged the blast, though, and Stark was confused at the situation. Lang then wrapped a steel cable around both his feet and Conan's, and knocked him into the barbarian. Zarrko then transferred Iron Man back to 2020.

(Avengers West Coast II#61) - Iron Man 2020 was summoned to Earth-616 by Immortus to serve in the third Legion of the Unliving, and to stop the West Coast Avengers. He immediately challenged his Uncle Tony. Arno had the advantage due to his more advanced armor, but his uncle, more knowledgeable about the suit, eventually triumphed. He was then sent back to 2020. (see comments)

(Thor Corps#2) - Iron Man an his Ironbots fought Machine Man and the Midnight Wreckers. A time-traveling Thunderstrike briefly popped onto the scene, dodging blasts from the Ironbots and Iron Man, and then returning fire with an energy blast from his mace that sent Iron Man flying. Thunderstrike then vanished through another portal, pulled by Beta Ray Bill.

(Avengers Forever#11) - In order to defeat the Avengers, the Time-Keepers used the Forever Crystal to summon Avengers from divergent realities that had turned dark and destructive.  Manipulated by the Time-Keepers and given the order to kill, Iron Man 2020 was among these minions.  Rick Jones summoned a host of alternate-timeline Avengers to fight them, who were from realities that had not turned destructive.

(Avengers Forever#12) - Iron Man 2020 was seen battling various time-displaced Avengers.  However, when Captain America shattered the Forever Crystal, Iron Man 2020 returned to his native timeline, just like all the other summoned, alternate-timeline Avengers.  

(Paradise X: Heralds#1) -Arno was brought by X-51 to his Earth X moonbase where he meets the other Heralds. Revealed he murdered his reality's Machine Man. X-51 sent the Heralds to various worlds, were they were to warn those worlds' Reed Richards about the Celestial Egg within their Earths. Arno was partnered up with Bloodstorm (of the Mutant X reality) and they were sent to a world dominated by vampires. 

(Paradise X: Heralds#2) - Met the inhabitants of the vampire world, namely a vampire Reed Richards who explained to them that they will be detonating a nuclear device destroying their world. Arno was attacked by the vampire counterpart of Tony Stark/Iron Man, whom he destroys with a single blast to the face. Arno and Bloodstorm then returned to the Earth X reality.  

(Paradise X: Heralds#3) - Once on the moonbase he and the other Heralds tried to prevent the Watchers from executing Uatu. They succeeded and X-51 took them to Earth.    

(Paradise X#1) - With the other Heralds, traveled to New New York where they encountered Officer Parker and his daughter Venom.

(Paradise X#2) - Still in New New York with the Heralds.  

(Paradise X#4) - Met with X-51 at the Baxter Building as X-51 explained to Wolverine (DoFP) his "origin." (or the freaky, weirdo Earth X version, which is the goofiest thing in a whole goody series).  

(Paradise X#6) - At the Baxter Building saves Redwing from falling to his death and helps the other heroes fight back Annihilus' and Blastaar's forces.  

(Paradise X#7-8) - The Heralds and Annihilus' forces were gathered by Reed Richards as he made his way to Latveria.  

(Paradise X#9) - Revealed to Vance Astro that he was responsible on his world for detonating an Atomic Bomb which killed millions. 

(Paradise X#10) - Said farewell to Killraven as he returned to his reality. (Killraven returned that is).

(Doom 2099#25/1) - A legion of Iron Men observed the battle between Doom and Erik Czerny, as their clash caused them to go crashing through several dimensions.

(She-Hulk II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Man was imprisoned by the Time Variance Authority in one of their Time Cells.

(She-Hulk II#2) - A ranting Iron Man was glimpsed by She-Hulk.

(She-Hulk II#3 - BTS) - The Two-Gun Kid was released from another Time Cell.

(Iron Man 2020) - Arno was hired by Wellington Marcus to rescue his daughter, Micky MacLain, from the Irkutsk Liberation Front. Arno did so, slaying the entire Front in the process, but as he brought Micky back, she told him that her father was planning to unleash a computer virus that would wipe all all systems in the world. Marcus had a cure and planned to use the event to become exorbitantly wealthy. In addition, Marcus intended to kill Micky as she was the only one--outside of a few strategic employees--who knew of his plans. Arno surprised Micky by revealing his own plan to use the virus cure she had to preserve his own systems, and then to send Marcus to prison by revealing his involvement. However, when Arno attempted to renegotiate with Marcus, he instead attacked them, wearing his own giant set of armor. Ultimately, Arno had a change of heart and he sacrificed his own armor via the virus to destroy Marcus' armor. Marcus was killed while trying to attacks Arno with his malfunctioning armor.
    Micky inherited her father's fortune and company, and she proposed a relationship between herself and Arno. In addition, Marcus' former assistant, Howard, came to work for Arno, intending to help him rebuild his armor and teach him to be a better man. Arno had no idea that Howard was in fact his uncle, Tony, who had merely faked his death years before.

(Astonishing Tales II#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Arno married Micky.

(Astonishing Tales II#1/2 (fb)) -

(Astonishing Tales II#1/2) - After locating and killing a criminal who had stolen Stark International schematics, Arno informed SHIELD commander Jessica Drew that the dataleak had been plugged and she could proceed with the live trial. He then prepared for the maiden voyage of the Spirit of Free Enterprise, an SI prototype civilian heliiner).

(Astonishing Tales II#2/2) - Arno hosted the maiden voyage of the Spirit of Free Enterprise, attended by Madame MODOC, Warren Worthington IV, and many of society's richest. The heliliner was confronted by Commodore Q's ship, the CQS Vengeance.

(Astonishing Tales II#3/2) - Commodore Q's ships attacked the Spirit of Free Enterprise, after which Commodore Q offered to let the Spirit of Free Enterprise go if they transferred their guests aboard the CQS Vengeance. Arno pretended to agree to his demands, then armored up and accompanied his five (or six?) Foetal Enhancile Gold units to confront Commodore Q.

(Astonishing Tales II#4/2) - Commodore Q sent out Sky Jumper and Surf Jet Squads against Arno's units, who delayed them in battle, allowing Cynthia time to locate Commodore Q's jamming signal, after which Arno  takes control of SHIELD's Howling Command and summoned it to aid him. Commodore Q then uncloaked his 25 other ships.

(Astonishing Tales II#5/2) - With only two of Arno's Gold Units remaining intact, Arno had Cynthia take control of SHIELD's sensor array, learns that CQ is the only living being in his fleet. Iron Man then entered the CQS Vengeance and was attacked by Long Jenny, whose Vibranium structure, charged with unknown energy proved resistant to everything IM tried against it. Cynthia finally located the "Penultimate Nullifier" as the countermeasure to Long Jenny's energies, and Iron Man purchased it for $ 1million per minute user fee; Arno then used it, blowing her up;
    CQ sets the CQS Unstoppable on a collision course with the Spirit of Free Enterprise

(Astonishing Tales II#6/2) - CQS Unstoppable rammed the Spirit of Free Enterprise, and Commodore Q prepared to claim the hostages. Iron Man diverted power to maintain Long Jenny's life in exchange for her revealing Commodore Q (her grandfather)'s real name. Cynthia then located info on Commodore Q's past, and Iron Man forced Commodore Q to stand down in exchange for his sparing Long Jenny. He then had SHIELD destroy Commodore Q's fleet, after which he killed Commodore Q.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#683 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Earth-616's Sunset Bain acquired Iron Man 2020's armor and stored it at a warehouse of Baintronics East in Taiwan. It was eventually stolen by Chameleon for Doctor Octopus, who used its future technology to deactivate Iron Man's armor in battle with the Avengers.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe.

    Earth 2020 is a dimension common to a number of beings. It was first seen in Machine Man II#1, but it soon came to be seen to be temporary home of Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), the home of Dr. Evelyn Necker (and thus Death's Head (Minion) and his prequels, sequels, etc.), and presumably of Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle). Unlike Earth-616 and its sliding timescale, the world of Earth 2020 seems to be focused around the specific era of 2020 AD, with the heroic era (equivalent to the "Modern Era" on Earth-616) having occurred @ 30-40 years in the past.

It is extremely difficult to piece together the chronology of Iron Man 2020, given the fact that all but like two of his appearances involve time or dimensional travel. Many of the appearances involve him being pulled from an unspecified point and then being returned without much further detail.

    There was never any follow up on the Dicemen thread, or further details about who they were. Death's Head stated he didn't care, as he had been fully paid, but the Iron Man of 2020 doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to leave loose ends like this one hanging. Perhaps at some point, when Arno Stark is allowed to take centre stage rather than being a guest star in someone else's book, we might see them again.

In Iron Man I#250, in another alternate world @ 2093, we met Andros Stark, the Iron Man of Earth-Young Arthur. In that reality, Andros is the grandson of Arno, however, as these events have not yet happened to Arno is his timeline, Andros is not listed as his grandson. He is the grandson of the Arno Stark of "Earth-Young Arthur," though their pasts may or may not be common.
    Hey, since Arno Stark's son Arno, Jr. died, then we must presume that in "Earth-Young Arthur", Arno will have another son........ or in that timeline Arno Stark, Jr. never died.
    There are a number of possibilities. Arno sure seems like the type to sleep around and not worry about any of the consequences (i.e. not armoring up "Little Iron Man"). Or, possibly, he settled down with Micky/Melody--Snood.

    The presence of the legion of Iron Men 2020 in Doom 2099#25 was never expanded on. A logical assumption could just place them as a progression of the Iron-Bots, making that the chronological latest appearance (or close to it) of Arno to date.

There's a great website dedicated entirely to Arno:
    Thanks to that site for the contribution below.
    In an alternate world, Arno Stark did not return to Earth 2020 at the conclusion of Amazing Spider-Man Annual#20:

What If II#53: Rather than teleporting back to 2015, the future Iron Man is arrested and jailed. Six years later, when the news of Tony Stark's death is announced, Arno sees his chance. He teams up with Morgan Stark, Tony's jealous brother, to take over Stark Enterprises by framing Jim Rhodes. Rhodes shows up in the War Machine armor, but Arno makes short work of him, and kills him by blasting him out the window onto the pavement far below. Later, the telepresence Iron Man armor—commanded by Tony Stark!—shows up, and forces Morgan to tell him the whereabouts of "this new Iron Man." Tony hunts Arno down and pounds the living hell out of him. Arno flips out, and ends up crashing to his death. A few years later, Morgan is hiding down south with his family, still complaining about how Tony screwed him out of what was rightfully his. As he storms off, his wife puts their young son Arno to bed, telling him he can finish his Iron Man picture tomorrow.

Iron Man 2020 in Avengers West Coast#61 was supposedly only a simulacra of the real Iron Man 2020.
--Markus Raymond

In addition, thanks to the contributions from Zerostar, Kyle Smith, Caesar Godzillatron, Loki, and Jordan Brodie.

Arno should be differentiated from any other incarnations of Iron Man, in other timelines, etc.

Earth 2020 should not be confused with the time period @ 2020 AD in other dimensions, such as:

Spider-Girl 2020 (May Parker) encountered in "Time's Arrow" is to be distinguished from her other-dimensional counterparts:

It is not known if there is any connection between Earth-Vampire World, as seen Paradise X: The Heralds#1 and 2, and either version of:



Armored agents of Arno Stark, they accompany him on many of his mercenary missions, frequently against the Midnight Wreckers.

Austen, Brontė, Heyer, and Wharton were named.

--Thor Corps#2 (Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three(fb), Thor Corps#2, Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three




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