Real Name: Jimmy

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: warrior, assassin

Affiliations: Mad Dog Ward; served Doctor Hope
indirect agent of the Kingpin

Enemies: Captain Zero, Maggie Lorca, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mad Dog 2020, MD 2020, Mad Dog#2020

Base of Operations: currently unknown;
formerly the Mad Dog Ward of City Hospital, New York
formerly the Mad Dog Ward of Pleasant Valley Mental Hospital, Queens, New York

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man#33 (December, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Initially, Brainstorm may have had some degree of superhuman strength, or he may have just fought with a madman's rage. When sent into conflicts, he believed himself to be dreaming, and so had no compunctions about acting out his rage and violent emotions. His insanity allowed him to shrug off most forms of injury that did not utterly incapacitate him.

Later, he took on a more reptilian appearance, possessed superhuman strength (Class 10?) and durability. He possessed a "3rd eye" in his mind, through which he was constantly bombarded with visions of false pasts and alternate futures. In addition, he could project those images into the minds of others, or cause others to suffer hallucinations based on their own fears and paranoias.

Height: 6' 10" Weight: 300 lbs.

(Spider-Man#29 (fb)) - As a child, Jimmy burned down a hospital and was caught, which started his lifetime of going in an out of mental institutions.

(Web#33, Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133) - At some point, Jimmy was sent to the Mad Dog Ward, where he came under the care of Doctor Hope. The Doctor groomed him to become an assassin for the Kingpin, by conditioning him to believe that he was sleeping while following orders, so that he would feel free to perform violent acts without guilt, hesitation, or remorse.

Spider-Man ended up imprisoned in the Mad Dog ward, and he soon began to cause an uprising. Finally, Doctor Hope activated Jimmy, now Mad Dog 2020, or Brainstorm, and sent him to kill Spider-Man. Brainstorm attacked him, but quickly succumbed to his superior fighting power and skill.

(Spider-Man#29 (fb) - BTS) - When Doctor Hope was sent to City Hospital, Brainstorm and several of the other Mad Dogs were transferred there as well, and Hope continued his experiments on them.

(Spider-Man#29-31) - Hope initiated a new process of experimentation, by which he thought to bring out the primitive, reptilian part of the brain, which he saw as having greater potential then the human mind. Brainstorm underwent this process and mutated dramatically. Soon after, the new heads of the Mad Dog Ward came under fire from the investigation of reporter Maggie Lorca. The administrators forced Hope to send Brainstorm out to capture and silence Lorca by whatever means possible. Lorca was working with photographer Peter Parker, and so Spider-Man defended her from Brainstorm. Brainstorm's new mental powers enabled him to get the better of Spider-Man, and he left him trapped within rapidly hardening cement.

Captain Zero, also a former inmate at Pleasant Valley, located Brainstorm and stopped him from killing Lorca. Zero managed to occupy him long enough for Spider-Man to free himself. After some struggle, Zero hurled soapy water in Brainstorm's eyes, distracting him and allowing Spidey to drop him with a double ear clap. Brainstorm recovered almost immediately, but he decided to, "take a rest on the city's tab. Bust out when I'm ready."

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, Cindy Martin, and Chris Marrinan

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