Real Name: May Parker

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth 2020) human "mutant"

Occupation: page designer for Cadence Communications Corporations

Affiliations: Spider-Man of Earth-616;
Iron Man 2020 and the Iron-Bots 2020;
    former pawn of Kang the Conqueror

EnemiesMidnight Wreckers, Vidiots, presumably Machine Man 2020
    formerly Aliya of Earth-Aliya, Spider-Man of Earth-616, and Cable

Known Relatives: Peter Parker (father, deceased), Mary Jane Watson-Parker (mother), Richard and Mary (grandparents, deceased), Ben (great uncle, deceased), May (great aunt, presumably deceased)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: Queens, New York, Earth 2020

First Appearance: X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three (1998)

Powers/Abilities: Super-human strength (Class 10), speed, agility, reflexes, etc. She can fire "venom" blasts, which transmit a toxin which can cause weakness, unconsciousness, etc. These blasts are possibly generated by gold bracelets of cylinders she wears around each of her waists. She used a web-shooter to project webs in various forms, and may also have the early warning "spider-sense."


(X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three (fb) - BTS) - May is the daughter of her timeline's Spider-Man, and she inherited similar powers from him. When she was 14 years old, in high school, she decided to "join the family business," and suited up in costume as Spider-Girl--much to her mother's chagrin. Her father eventually died and went to the grave with his secret identity intact. May continued to live at home, even into her twenties, due to the housing crunch. Even at that age, she retained her initial moniker.

    May worked out of Queens, and she remained one of the few independently operating superhumans in the era. She protected her area from incursions of the technology raiding Midnight Wreckers, rioting Vidiots, and other Illegals.

(X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three) - Spider-Girl was contacted by Iron Man, who wished her aid against a group of Wreckers spotted by an anonymous source in Queens. That source was actually Kang, and the "Wreckers" were actually Aliya, Cable, and Spider-Man, who had come to 2020 to try to find a former piece of Kang's technology in order to track the villain to his fortress. She accompanied Iron Man and his Iron-Bots into the sewers, where they found their quarry. Iron Man attacked, precipitating a fight between the groups. Believing Spidey to be an impostor, desecrating her father's memory, she attacked him. The two dodged each other's attacks initially, but May managed to surprise and nail him with her venom blast. Iron Man sent his Iron-Bots to dog-pile on the stunned web-slinger, but Spidey managed to get free, and escaped alongside his allies.

    May and her allies located them minutes later, and though they surrendered--perhaps hoping to get a chance to explain themselves--Iron Man dropped the roof on them, and they left their victims for dead. The time-traveling heroes survived, of course, and made their way to Kang's time platform. Iron Man's scanners located them as soon as they went on the move again, and he, May, and the Bots confronted them once again. While Cable worked to extract the needed information, Aliya and Spidey tried to hold their attackers off. May knocked Aliya to her feet, but Iron Man directed her to fight Spider-Man, who was getting the better of him. However, correctly figuring that May was a future version of his daughter, Spidey took off of the offensive by surrendering and unmasking. With a few details about their family history, he convinced her of his identity, and she let him go. After Aliya dropped Iron Man with her ion cannon, Spider-Girl directed the Iron-Bots to take their commander and leave the travelers in peace.




Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Eluki Bes Shahar, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood.

Spider-Girl's powers differ slightly than "Mayday," her better known counterpart in the world of Earth-MC2. She also has red hair. It is possible that Mayday's powers may change with age, as she is supposed to be around her mid-teens, while May 2020 is twenty-something.
Also, you can't tell it from the picture above, but her costume was the traditional Spider-Man Red and Blue colors.

Since she was born with her powers, I think she fits the Marvel definition of mutant.

There's another image with a side-view close up of Spider-Girl, but my scanner crapped out on me tonight, and I gave up after 3 hours of trying to fix it.

She should be distinguished from her other dimensional counterparts, such as:


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