Real Name: Frank Hoag

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Former Detective Sergeant in the New York Police Department (NYPD)

Group Membership: Formerly the NYPD

Affiliations: Aubrey, Mrs. Basheroski, Bash Brothers, Chas, Firearm (Alec Swan), Foxfire (Autumn Rose), Don Johanssen, Dr. Ferdinand Lalama, the Night Man,Organism 0.9B, Pistol, Prime, Princess Die, Shelley Rogers, Ultraforce, Vinaigrette
    formerly Mrs. Chiu, Edna, Lord Pumpkin, John Paul Marcello, Pistol

Enemies: Bloodstorm, Cassandra, Dragon Fang, Dweeks, Don Johanssen, Lord Pumpkin, Mastodon, John Paul Marcello and his gang, Pistol's father, Chester "The Molester" Polanski, protohumans, Niall Quinn, Rafferty and his mercenaries, Dr. Lilith Ridlin, Rivermen, "Secret Weapon," Veffir Voon Eeyax, Veffir Voon Iyax, Vittorio Sabatini, Professor Garrett Whale and his men, witch + son + minions (including "Snort"), Wong Ten Yu, man who scarred Edna;
    formerly the Bash Brothers, Hessshites, Muutars, Organism 0.9B, Pistol, Prime, Princess Die, Ambrose Uhok, Vinaigrette

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Santy Claus, Sewer Monster, Sewer Thing, U-231 (Aladdin designation), Walking Sludge Heap

Base of Operations: The sewers beneath Manhattan, New York, Earth-Ultraverse

First Appearance: Sludge#1 (October, 1993)







Powers/Abilities: Sludge has superhuman strength (Class 25-50) and a large body composed of a malodorous slime-like material, which dripped from his body constantly. While he can be injured and made to bleed, he recovers from most assaults in time. He can even regenerate severed limbs, though this can take a couple hours. He does not need to breathe, though he usually does choose to eat. Sludge's thought processes were altered such that he had a difficult time thinking and speaking coherently. He almost always used the wrong word in a sentence, sometimes several times, and it often seemed to involve some sort of unconscious slip. Certain magical energies, usually derived from the Godwheel, such as those of Lord Pumpkin and the Zuke, were capable of partially restoring his humanity, though the effect was always only temporary.
    Sludge exuded an unidentified chemical from his body that fused, warped, and/or distorted flesh on contact. This process was painful, and sometimes fatal, to his victims. He eventually learned how to hurl some of his slime at others, melting and/or fusing their flesh at a distance.

Height: 8' (estimated)
Weight: 800 lbs. (estimated)






(Sludge#1 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Hoag was a twenty year veteran of the NYPD.

(Sludge#10 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Ferdinand Lalama developed a human tissue regeneration process, seeking to find a way to speed up the healing process by accelerating the body's own capacity to heal itself.
    Lalama was fired from Caldwell and written off as crackpot.

(Sludge#10 (fb) - BTS) - After buying out Caldwell Pharmaceuticals, some of mobster John Paul Marcello's men discovered Lalama's work. Caldwell reopened the project in their Re-Gen laboratory, and they tried to rehire Lalama, who refused to work with them.

(Sludge#4 (fb) - BTS / Sludge: Swamp of Souls (fb)) - Hoag made an arrangement with a prostitute named Edna. He would not turn her in for unspecified crimes if she would work for him, both in his profession and hers. Amongst her diverse duties was acting as an informant.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1 (fb)) - Hoag had Edna wear a wire to record unspecified crimes on an Indian man. The man discovered the wire and attempted to kill her, but Hoag slew the man, then took Edna to work off her debt. Afterwards, he hoped that she would begin to like him, but she told him that she could never like him while he was using her. Feeling guilty, he released her from any further obligation, as long as she stayed clean. However, as he prepared to leave, she relented, grabbing him and dragging him back to bed.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1 (fb)) - Weeks later, as Hoag was heading to visit Edna, he arrived just in time to see a seemingly homeless man pitch acid into Edna's face. The corrosive liquid horribly scarred her.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hoag never caught the man who had hurt Edna, and over time this changed him, causing him to drift away from his friends.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1 (fb) - BTS) - When Hoag learned how much the surgery would cost to restore Edna's face, he apparently refused to pay it.

(Sludge#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Hoag began taking payments from Marcello to look the other way or to cover up certain criminal activities of Marcello and his men.

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/3) - Hoag investigated the murder of a woman covered with death's head brands. Despite his best efforts, he never located or identified the killer.

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/3) - Hoag brought in registered sex offender Chester "The Molester" Polanski, suspecting him to be the branding iron killer, but Polanski's alibi was tight and he was released.

(Sludge#1 (fb) - BTS) - Marcello asked Hoag to kill another crooked police officer, Niall Quinn (who was working for both Marcello and his rivals in the Dragon Fang), but Hoag refused.

(Sludge#1 (fb) / Sludge#10 (fb) - BTS) - Hoag met at the E.J. Caldwell Pharmaceuticals Tower with Marcello and his consigliore, Vittorio Sabatini, who asked him to rethink their request. When Hoag again refused and also told them that he couldn't remain silent if they took out Quinn, Vittorio shot Hoag. Taking a shoulder shot, Hoag managed to duck out of the room and into Caldwell's Re-Gen laboratory, into which Marcello's men tossed a grenade. Caught in the explosion and bathed in unknown chemicals, Hoag screamed in agony as Vittorio and two others (Joey and Sal) emptied their guns into him. Certain that Hoag was dead (and he probably was), the men tossed him into the sewers to get rid of his body. However, the chemicals from the lab mixed with the sewage, reviving him in monstrous form. Emerging from a sewer pipe, he was mortified to see his reflection in the water.

(Sludge#1) - Three weeks later, Sludge had made his home in the sewers. When a group of gang bangers (agents of the Dragon Fang) did a drive by on the streets of Manhattan, Sludge emerged from a manhole, smashing in the hood of their car and forcing them to stop. Though he fell before their guns and blades, he quickly healed and then renewed the battle, fusing a swordsman's hands together and suffocating another attacker (Jackie) on his own flesh. Sludge finished off the remaining three bangers, brutally beating them to death. So, was it worth the monkey, guys? ...the money...damn head.
    After recalling his origins, Sludge returned to the sewers as the police arrived; they appreciated whomever had taken out the criminals. He crushed a radio to stop the noise of an annoying talk radio host, prompting its former owner (Aubrey) to wonder what that walking sludge heap was. However, as Sludge had given Aubrey the money he had taken from the bangers, Aubrey told him that was no way to talk about "Santy Claus."

(Sludge#2) - Sludge brutally beat a group of Marcello's enforcers, confronting and killing Sal, one of the men who had participated in the murder attempt on Hoag. Marcello hired the assassin Bloodstorm to find out and get rid of whomever was killing his men.
    Six days later, after Sludge sated his appetite from a dumpster and a homeless man's liquor, he confronted Marcello's men and Quinn on Pier 37, by the Hudson. After Sludge had finished the men, Bloodstorm (who had been watching Marcello's men) fired an explosive arrow into Sludge and distracted him with a hail of gunfire into his torso to prevent him from removing the arrow, which exploded, leaving Sludge seemingly dead with entrails hanging from his side.

(Break-Thru#1 / Sludge#3) - Driven to madness by the energies being transmitted to Earth by the "Entity on the moon," a group of people picked up Sludge's body and hurled it into the Hudson. Eventually recovering while floating near the bottom, he decided to try to drown himself to no avail, and he then resolved to remain there until the water washed him away. However, his activities had attracted the attention of Lord Pumpkin, who sent his monstrous Rivermen to retrieve him. After a brief struggle, Sludge allowed the Rivermen to electrocute and capture him. They brought him to Lord Pumpkin, who swiftly showed the indignant Hoag that he had the power to kill him. Pump refused to grant him death, however, until he would do some work for him. Just then, some of Marcello's men assaulted Lord Pumpkin's base with a War Machine tank. Lord Pumpkin destroyed the tank and Sludge helped stop the criminals, earning the resentment of Lord Pumpkin's right hand man, the young Pistol (who felt Sludge was making him look bad). Shrugging off Pistol's bullets, Sludge refused Lord Pumpkin's offer and wandered off.

(Sludge#4) - Sludge encountered a pair of youths in the sewers who fled from him, only to run into Veffir Voon Iyax, one of the Hessshites (an alligator-man from the Godwheel). After getting a newspaper from his old friend Chas, Sludge learned of the deaths in the sewers and began to investigate. He saved reporter Shelley Rogers from Iyax and then battled the monster. Iyax temporarily stopped Sludge by skewering him through the chest with his tail, but Sludge recovered and then beat Iyax to death. Sludge shattered Rogers' camera and, as payment for saving Rogers' life, asked for $ 0.35, which he gave to Chas to pay for the newspaper he had taken.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1 (fb)) - Sludge watched as Iyax's body floated out to sea, spitting as it went past.

(Sludge#5) - Sludge encountered the zombie-creature Don Johanssen feeding on civilians in a Manhattan alley and drove him off. Sludge was forced to overturn a police car when the cops saw him and stopped over the sewer grate he used to return to the tunnels. Shortly thereafter, he was distracted by a false cry for help by Cassandra, an agent of Professor Garrett Whale (who had mutated Johanssen), and she shot him with a drug that incapacitated him and allowed Whale's men to bring Sludge back to Whale's lab in New Jersey (though one of the men ignored the order to wear gloves and destroyed his hand by touching Sludge). Sludge was studied and tested by Whale before awakening, after which the zombie Johanssen arrived and attacked Whale's men. As Sludge broke free, Johanssen killed Whale, and then Sludge fought Johanssen. Sensing that Johanssen just wanted to die, Sludge pulled Johanssen's head into his chest, smothering him. Sludge was jealous of Johanssen for being able to die.
    Lord Pumpkin observed Sludge from afar via his magic egg, knowing that Sludge would be more receptive to his offer in the future.

(Sludge#6) - Sludge rode a sewer barge back to Manhattan. Later, he watched from the coast as a passing ship exploded. Seeing that the ship had contained passengers (Chinese immigrants being drafted into a slavery ring), Sludge swam out and grabbed a survivor (Ms. Chiu), pulling her back to land, but unwittingly horribly mutating her wrist where he had held her. Later, back in the sewers, he was plagued by dreams of Edna, after which he tore open an electrical cable in a futile effort to kill himself. Sludge sought out Lord Pumpkin, agreeing to work for him in exchange for the promise of Lord Pumpkin killing him at the conclusion of their business. Lord Pumpkin had Sludge accompany him to Eretz Shalom Cemetery for a meeting between rival ganglords Marcello and Wong Ten Yu (of the Dragon Fang). Sludge went after Marcello, who mistook him for an agent of the Dragon Fang, and the two crime lords held each other at gunpoint while Sludge slaughtered their men. Wanting the crime lords to know what it meant to be his enemy, Lord Pumpkin then appeared and blew up their cars and several of their men with an energy blast. When Sludge insisted that Lord Pumpkin pay him via killing him, Lord Pumpkin refused, telling Sludge that he had only made a small down payment on his service. Lord Pumpkin then commanded Sludge to return to the sewer, threatening him with immense pain without killing him.

(Sludge#7) - Following nightmares about Edna and Lord Pumpkin, Sludge went back up to the surface to feed from a dumpster. There he encountered and slew a young man under the influence of buds from the Zuke plant who had been going on a wilding rampage. Lord Pumpkin then contacted Sludge, giving him a mission to kill Marcello to earn another installment towards death. Sludge traveled to Marcello's penthouse on 1911 Park Avenue, fighting his way past Marcello's men and then confronting Marcello himself. Sludge revealed himself to have been Hoag before he fused Marcello's face shut and then pushed him off the roof of the building.

(Night Man I#12) - Night Man traveled to Manhattan to enter Ultratech Headquarters. Seeking to gain secret entrance via the sewers, he unwittingly stepped on the sleeping Sludge, angering him. The disoriented Sludge attacked him, but after Night Man used a smoke bomb to obscure his location, Sludge calmed down and allowed him to pass in peace. Night Man tried to explain himself, but Sludge couldn't understand what he was talking about and headed back to go to sleep.

(Sludge#8) - Following yet another nightmare about Edna, Sludge was again contacted by Lord Pumpkin, who instructed him to come to his base. Lord Pumpkin told Sludge about the Zuke plant and the Zuke buds as they waited for Bloodstorm--who had been sent by Vittorio Sabatini--to arrive. Lord Pumpkin and Pistol ambushed Bloodstorm, after which Sludge jammed some Zuke buds into Bloodstorm's mouth. Some of the buds became lodged into Sludge's palm, causing him great pain and forcing him to collapse. Sludge's hand was skewered by a large construction nail, but his pain was palliated when he realized that the Zuke had turned his hand back to norman...normal...damn head.

(Sludge#9) - Lord Pumpkin drugged Bloodstorm into a frenzy with Zuke then temporarily stunned him so that Sludge could bring him to the Caldwell Tower, where Bloodstorm slaughtered a number of mobsters, though Vittorio escaped. Later, as the Dragon Fang sent their secret weapon (a cyborg-ized and reprogrammed Ms. Chiu) to take out Lord Pumpkin, the Pump summoned Sludge back to his base, promising the final installment of his fate if he survived the next encounter. During the struggle with the secret weapon, Sludge recognized her as the woman he had pulled from the wreckage of the destroyed ship. This caused him to pause long enough for the secret weapon to extinguish Lord Pumpkin's candle, incapacitating him. After freeing Shelley Rogers (whom Pump had been holding prisoner), Sludge attempted to get more Zuke, and the secret weapon blew up Lord Pumpkin's base.

(Sludge#10 (fb) - BTS) - Sludge managed to escape with 6-7 mature Zuke.

(Sludge#10) - Sludge ate several Zuke and jammed one directly into his abdomen. When nothing seemed to happen, he wandered topside, where he encountered Vinaigrette fleeing from the police atop her faithful companion, Organism 0.9B. He initially tried to stop them, but when a cop fired on him, they escaped. Fumes poured from the bullet holes in Sludge's chest, which eventually changed him into a more humanoid form and also restored his mental clarity. His friend Chas directed him to the Glory Mission, which he broke into to obtain a set of clothes so he could operate incognito. He returned to his old apartment, whose new owner chased him out and revealed that he had lived there for the past nine months. Sludge contacted Shelley Rogers and revealed his story to her, in exchange for a big meal and her help in finding out what the chemical was that had mutated him. Rogers learned of former Caldwell employee Dr. Carlucci, from whom she learned about Re-Gen and Dr. Ferdinand Lalama. Sludge accompanied Rogers to Lalama's clinic outside Ottsville, Pennsylvania, but the woman who opened the door, Mrs. Basheroski, closed it again as soon as she realized Shelley was a reporter. Sludge broke the door down and was then confronted by Viniagrette and Organism 0.9B, who knocked him back outside of the building and delayed him until Basheroski's children, the Bash Brothers, could arrive.

(Sludge#11) - The Bash Brothers knocked out Sludge, but then Shelley Rogers explained how Sludge had been connected to Dr. Lalama, so they helped Sludge get up. Sludge had already begun his degeneration back into his more monstrous form, but he accompanied Ms. Rogers, the Bash Brothers, Vinagrette, and her Organism back to locate Lalama's lower Manhattan laboratory. Finding only an open dimensional portal, they entered it, arriving in a swamp on the Godwheel (though they knew it not). There they found Lalama, who had become covered in Dweeks (little puffball creatures). Sludge's composition repelled the Dweeks, freeing Lalama, who showed them another portal (in the sky) through which they could return to his apartment. Just after Shelley had made it through the portal, the rest of the travelers were assaulted by membranous protohumans arising from the swamp. The Dweeks swarmed over the protoplasm, feeding on it, and Shelley tossed down a rope that the others used to climb through the portal. After Munroe Basheroski destroyed the portal, the rapidly degenerating Sludge told Lalama that his Re-Gen formula had mutated him and asked him why.
    Lalama theorized that since Hoag had been bleeding and near death when dumped into the sewer, Re-Gen must have mistaken organic components of the sewage for Hoag's own constitution and re-constituted them together. Lalama could not explain why the Zuke would partially restore him to normal, and none present had any idea where to find any.
    Ironically, they had just left the Godwheel, the home of the Zuke plants.

(Sludge#12) - An unidentified witch (brought to Earth by Mr. Mischief) used a magic spell to take control of Sludge, forcing him to seek out the other half of the Wertham Stone for her so that she could free her son and his minions that had been trapped in the stone by the wizard Fredrick. The ensorcelled Sludge retrieved the other half from a museum, but was observed by Prime, who mistook him for a criminal and attacked him. The witch's hold over Sludge was weakened by the distraction, but the witch cast a multi-conjuration that simultaneously weakened Prime while strengthening her control over Sludge. As a result, Sludge overpowered Prime and then returned to the witch. Prime revived and followed Sludge's trail, so the witch sent Sludge to battle Prime while she performed her spell. Without the witch's weakening spell in effect, Prime defeated Sludge (even proving immune to the effects of Sludge's slime), but the witch successfully completed her spell; however, her newly freed giant son unwittingly stepped on and crushed her.
    Prime observed the monsters running rampant and flew out to face them.

flip! - see comments

(Ultraverse Premiere#8) - Recovering from his beating at Prime's hands, Sludge was attacked by one of the witch's son's minions, "Snort," whom he slew. While Prime continued to fight the other monsters, Sludge recalled the Wertham Stone, located it, and broke it back in half, creating a vortex that pulled the son and his minions back into the stone. Prime was pulled into the vortex, but Sludge saved him from being trapped within the stone. Prime correctly suspected that a connection existed between himself and Sludge, but the irate Sludge told him, "If we're twins, you got all the looks," and then he wandered off.

(Firearm I#14) - Rafferty, assassin of Ultras, used a number of mercenaries in a staged assault on Sludge in the sewers. Though the attack was real, Rafferty had the information leaked to a bartender, knowing the bartender would leak it to Alec Swann, and that Swann would enter the sewers to investigate. Swann arrived as the mercenaries attacked Sludge, teaming up with him against them, but Rafferty then revealed his bomb plot and how to stop it. Swann activated Rafferty's neutralizer device, stopping the bombs in the sewer, but this action then activated an alternate bomb, in the hideout of Vinagrette, apparently killing her and Organism 0.9B.

(Sludge: Red X-Mas#1) - After another dream, Sludge had another dumpster meal and then stopped a car thief from beating up the car's owner, throwing the thief through a plate glass window. The terrified woman and her friend were less than grateful. Later, Sludge found the young Pistol, who was hiding out in the sewers. Pistol refused to tell him what was bothering him, but did tell Sludge that the Zuke came from the same place Lord Pumpkin came from, though he didn't know where that was. Sludge later visited Chas, reading a report where Pistol had saved a cop's life. Sludge began following Pistol to keep an eye on him.
    Pistol was subsequently kidnapped by agents of his own father, who wished him dead, but Sludge saw this and reached out of a manhole cover and flipped the escape van as it passed by. Sludge then saved Pistol from his father's wrath, shattering his father's right hand as punishment.
    Sludge wished everyone "peas on Earth."

(Ultraverse Premiere#10/3) - Watching through the window of a massage parlor, Sludge saw a television report on a person who had been murdered and was covered with brands. He went berserk and briefly attacked the parlor's occupants when they tried to change the channel, but he regained control and left. Later, rethinking his past investigations, he recalled a possible connection between seemingly unrelated murders, and he decided to go check on Chester the Molester again.

(Ultraverse Premiere#11/3) - Sludge located Chester at his job in a video store, scarring his face and forcing him to reveal the underground computer network that showed live footage of actual killings. Chester pointed Sludge in the direction of the insane psychiatrist, Dr. Lilith Ridlin, and Sludge confronted her. She used her advanced weaponry to shoot him and knock him off of a building, but Sludge recovered her and traced her into a subway station. He grabbed her and pulled her into his chest, burning and scarring her. In agony, she fled onto the tracks and was hit by an oncoming subway train.

(Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1) - Sludge had a dream, remembering his true relationship with Edna and what had happened to her. Sludge sought out Edna, but was struck by a taxi while briefly mistaking another woman for Edna.

    Veffir Voon Iyax's remains were eventually located and transported to the Godwheel by Ambrove Uhok, the religious leader of their people, the Hessshites. Ambrove's magic divined the identity of Sludge as Iyax's killer. Sometime later, Sludge was ambushed by Princess Die of the Muutars--a very uneasy ally of Veffir Voon Eeyax (brother of Veffir Voon Iyax) and his lover Atuu Itme, who plotted to use avenging Iyax's death to become the rulers of their people, the Hessshites. Sludge defeated Die's three Muutar bikers and nearly stopped Die (even burning her precious head-fin), but she used her venomized talons against him, incapacitating him. Die returned with Sludge to the Godwheel, only to find that Eeyax and Itme, who had promised to return the long lost heart of her people's hero Himsomel, had instead used Die's absence to slaughter her people. Die and Sludge were quickly captured by the Hessshites, who prepared to destroy them in a public ceremony.

    After explanations had been made, Sludge and Die agreed to unite against their common enemy. When the Predatori--Iyax's former followers who practiced a more savage, primal lifestyle--interfered with the planned execution, Sludge and Die used the distraction to break free and fight back against their would-be executioners. Sludge slew Eeyax and Die killed Itme, dropping both from their auto-gyro that had been holding them. Sludge used the starfoam that powered the autogyro to destroy the approaching Predatori ship, but Sludge and Die then crashed the autogyro into a swarm of Dweeks and then into the Swamp of Souls. The protohumans of the swamp pulled Sludge and Die down below the surface, but--unable to digest Sludge--they soon spit them both back out. Hurling through the air, they landed in a patch of Zuke plants. Sludge and Die were confronted by Ambrove Uhok, who announced that with the last of the Veffirs dead, the Hessshites could at last come together and heal. Uhok transported Sludge, Die, and the Zuke patch to the Manhattan sewers (where the Zuke could thrive by consuming the organic material present).

    Using regular doses of Zuke to temporarily turn human, Sludge sought out Edna, only to find that she had long ago moved away. She had actually left her information to be given to Frank Hoag, but as the non-human Sludge still wasn't recognizable as Hoag, he was not given the information.

(Foxfire#1) - Back in full Sludge-mode, Sludge observed Foxfire as she investigated a series of cannibalistic murders in the sewers. The search led her to the savage Mastodon, who nearly overpowered her, but Sludge then stepped in, battling Mastodon.

(Foxfire#2 (fb) - BTS) - Foxfire passed out,and the fight between Sludge and Mastodon moved some distance away. Mastodon eventually got the better of Sludge.

(Foxfire#2) - Foxfire, who had been joined by Ultraforce, joined with the Black Knight as the team split up to search for Mastodon. They were distracted by the injured form of Sludge and ambushed by Mastodon, but Foxfire finally overpowered him, beating him until he begged her to stop. The heroes searched for Sludge, but he had already healed and was long gone.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Aaron Lopestri, and Gary Martin.

    Probably my favorite book out of the Ultraverse. Dark and amusing. It's too bad we'll never know what was intended for Sludge. As Swamp of Souls was never published, the writers of Foxfire had no way of knowing how Sludge was intended to have progressed.

    For the full story of Swamp of Souls, see the script available on this page:

    The appearances of Edna in the flashbacks of the main series made it appear as if she was Sludge's wife, but in Swamp of Souls she is revealed to have been a prostitute that he had had a relationship with for some time. He does refer to himself as having been a lousy husband in Sludge#5, so maybe he was married to another woman at the time of his affair, or perhaps before then. Or, more likely, it could just be that Sludge's damn head was screwing up his memories.

    Some additional minor information was presented in Ultraverse Origins, as Grendel Prime pointed out and as I have added to this profile.

    They flip, they float, they fly (off the ranks). A novel idea, Ultraverse Premiere was an anthology comic that would appear on the flip side of a different title each month (floating from title to title).
Ultraverse Premiere#8 was on the flip side of Sludge#12.
    #10 was on the flip side of the Solution#16.
    #11 was on the flip side of Night Man I#16

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Sludge#1 - cover (face close up)
        p6 (smashing car)
        p16, panel 4 (Hoag)

    #2, p6 (vs mobsters)
    #4, p2 (face+torso)
    #10, p9 (humanoid Sludge)

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