nopictureavailableVEFFIR VOON EEYAX

Real Name: Veffir Voon Eeyax

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Reality-93060/"Ultraverse") extradimensional (Godwheel) alien race (Hessshites)

Occupation: Would-be ruler

Group Membership: House of Veffir

Affiliations: Atuu Itme, House of Veffir, Ambrove Uhok;

Enemies: Pah Gorah, Muutars, Predatori, Princess Die, Sludge (Frank Hoag), Veffir Voon Iyax

Known Relatives: Veffir Voon Iyax (brother, deceased);
    as his brother was heir to the House of Veffir (they presumably had at least a mother or father from whom he inherited that title)


Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    apparently perished in the Kingdom of Hesssh, the Godwheel, Reality-93060

First Appearance: "Swamp of Souls" unpublished script (November, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: A semi-humanoid-crocodilian, Veffir Voon Eeyax may have had superhuman strength, although he did not demonstrate any feats of strength. He also did not demonstrate any combat ability or inclination.
Like most Hessshites, he was significantly smaller and less powerful than other Veffir Voon Iyax.

    While he was not pictured, his brother's skin was covered with green scales, with spike-like plates running along the back of his neck, his back, and the top of his tail. Iyax's thorax and abdomen were more smooth without prominent scales.

    Eeyax presumably had some degree of superhuman durability, although, again, likely less so than his brother.

    He had sharp-teeth in his elongated snout and sharp claws on each of his digits.

    He had a long tail, which he could use.

    Like other Hesssh, Eeyax was presumably poikilothermic, with his body temperature and metabolism significantly affected by the ambient temperature.

Script description of Veffir Voon Eeyax (since he's not pictured): He’s smaller than his brother and has a more “refined” look about him. From the finery he wears—gold-trimmed robes with his family crest, the tail of an alligator, embroidered on them— it’s clear that he’s a very wealthy and prominent Hessshite. Think of him as the alligator equivalent of a Roman senator.

Height: Unrevealed (he was significantly smaller than Iyax who was perhaps 6'8" and described as normal human-sized; so perhaps 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed; perhaps 160 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: None
Skin/scales: Unrevealed; perhaps light gray-green

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Although neither Veffir Voon Eeyax, nor his brother, Veffir Voon Iyax, nor the rest of the Hessshites knew it, they lived on the Alderson disc (a.k.a. the Godwheel) in an area of the galaxy of Reality-93060 (aka the Ultraverse) where the stars are much more closely clustered.

(Sludge#4 (fb) - BTS) <Approximately 2000 BC (see comments)> - The Hessshites were (and/or perhaps just Veffir Voon Iyax was) worshipped on Earth.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Iyax was elected heir to the House of Veffir.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - There was some rivalry between the Veffir Voon brothers, Iyax and Eeyax.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Iyax led the Predatori movement, telling the other Hessshites that they had lost touch with "Mother Mud" and that -- as civilization had dulled their senses and numbed their instincts -- they needed to return to predation.

(Sludge#4 (fb) - BTS) - Iyax apparently traveled to Earth via dimensional "breach on the heels of some rivermen."

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Eeyax chose Atuu Itme as his consort.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to recover Iyax, Hessshite religious leader Ambrove Uhok attuned a dimensional breach to Iyax's psychic signature.

("Slave of Souls" script - BTS) - After Uhok recovered Iyax's remains and confirmed Iyax's fate, he arranged a funeral procession to bear their fallen tribesman to the city.

("Slave of Souls" script) - Looking through a tower window, Veffir Voon Eeyax observed alongside Atuu Itme, neither of whom were particularly unhappy about the funeral procession.

    When Itme mocked Iyax's death and seductively approached Eeyax, he resisted and reminded her that as Iyax had been the elected heir, he (Eeyax) needed the support of the populace, including Iyax's Predatori followers, to claim his legacy, and that the Predatori would demand retribution for his death, which Eeyax could exact. Itme further noted that they must convince the others that they needed another leader, not another martyr.

("Slave of Souls" script) - That night, in a torchlit square in the center of Hesssh, in the center of the courtyard, Veffir Voon Iyax's remains were laid to rest.. Standing at Iyax’s right hand were Eeyax and Itme, and Eeyax spoke to the crowd, faking a posture of courage in the face of bereavement. "Citizens of Hesssh! I know the THIRST that blisters your gullets-- and the only POTION that can QUENCH it! I beseech you, Ambrove Uhok-- work your DIVINATIONS on my brother’s BONES! Show me the FACE of his SLAYER!"

    Uhok performed a divination on Iyax's ribs, revealing an image of Sludge as Iyax's killer. Eeyax vowed to cross over to the realm where Iyax died and deliver to them Iyax's killer so they could drink of his blood. As planned, Itme then dramatically through herself at his feet, and while Eeyax feigned resistance, she shouted that it must not be, as he was the last of the House of Veffir and his obligation was to posterity: He must live to spawn. Ambrove concluded that she was correct: as the Veffir clan was as venerable as their kingdom itself, he must find another to undertake the quest. Clenching his fists with his eyes downcast and insisting he wanted his vengeance, Eeyax feigned frustration with the burden of his station in life, but ultimately he acquiesced to the crowd, who reiterated Ambrove's statements: "You have spoken. I accept your will. Come the morn, I shall depart for the Mountains of Muut to engage a stalker from among the smoothbodies (the Muutars). And, if necessary, all the riches of my house shall be committed to this cause."

    As he walked away from the cheering crowd, arm-in-arm with Itme, Eeyax asked her it he was convincing. She assured him that he was, but advised that when the time came to let her negotiate the price.

("Slave of Souls" script) - The next day, Eeyax and Itme met with Princess Die, ruler of the Muutars, with Itme offering to return the long sought heart of Die's ancestor Himsomel if she traveled to Earth and returned with Iyax's killer.  

("Slave of Souls" script - BTS) - Princess Die successfully defeated Sludge and transported him back to the Godwheel.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - While Die was away, Eeyax's forces slaughtered her camp as punishment for their having looted Hessshite trading parties.

("Slave of Souls" script) - Upon Die's return, Eeyax's forces ambushed and captured her. Eeyax then had her shackled, and he ordered his forces to bring both Die and Sludge back to Hesssh to be executed.

("Slave of Souls" script - BTS) - Sludge and Die were hung in chains over the side of a Hessshite autogyro.

("Slave of Souls" script) - Eeyax mocked the captured Die, thanking her for positioning him to rule Hesssh. Die goaded Eeyax that he wasn't half the reptile his brother was, but Eeyax replied that Iyax was dead, and so was their rivalry.

    At daybreak, above the courtyard and a large crowd of Hesshites, a Hessshite magistrate sentenced Sludge to death for Iyax's "assassination," and Die was sentenced to death for plunder and slaughter).

    However, the ceremony was interrupted when Pah Gorah (Iyax's lover) led a group of Predatori who demanded the execution be carried out according to their ways, which involved their devouring Sludge alive. As this idea appalled the Hessshite crowd, Itme flew the autogyro higher, advising Eeyax that the Predatori were few with scant influence and that the people would proclaim Eeyax a hero for complying with law and dropping the prisoners to their deaths.

    However, this distraction allowed Sludge to climb the chains and confront Eeyax in his seat. As Eeyax scratched futilely at Sludge, Sludge swung Die to the ship's prow, where she assaulted Itme. Sludge then grabbed Eeyax by his robes and held him over the side of the ship, Eeyax struggled frantically until Pah Gorah's Predatori barge arrived to assault the autogyro, and Sludge dropped Eeyax to face this new challenge.

("Slave of Souls" script (fb) - BTS) - Eeyax fell onto of a tree limb, which broke his spine and killed him.

("Slave of Souls" script) - Seconds later, Itme -- thrown overboard by Die -- landed fatally a short distance from Eeyax.

("Slave of Souls" script - BTS) - Sludge and Die destroyed the Predatori ship and then crashed into the Swamp of Souls

    Ultimately, Uhok and Pah Gorah thanked Sludge, noting that with the last of the Veffirs dead, and in the aftermath of the day's mass casualties, the people may at last come together to heal one another. After Sludge gathered a number of the Zuke plant/fruit (that allowed him to temporarily return to human form) from the Swamp, Uhok sent Sludge back to Earth; still hating Die, Uhok sent her to Earth alongside him.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber.

    I'm not sure what was up with why Uhok made the breach to summon Iyax back at the particular time that he did. Perhaps as Iyax had been the heir, it is possible that his father died, and it was time for his to ascend to a ruling position. Very sadly, Steve Gerber is no longer with us, so I can't ask him anything about it.

    Sludge had a dream where he and his associates were World War II allied forces and a Hitler-esque Eeyax sought to become the Ubergator.

    Princess Die is an obvious play on Princess Diana of Wales, widely known as Princess Di.

    You can find the unpublished script to Swamp of Souls here

    This profile was completed 12/12/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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"Swamp of Souls" unpublished script (November, 1995)  - Steve Gerber (writer)

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