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Real Name: Alex Autumn

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-95431) cyborg

Occupation: Dragoon (rank sergeant), caregiver

Group Membership: Dragoons (Earth-95431)

Affiliations: Black Knight, Choice, Detonator, Dragoons, Ferret, Foxfire, Ghoul, Captain Hawke, Ony, Glorianna Mundi, Night Man, Prime, Prototype, Siren Twins, Technomantra, Tochsyn (all Earth-95431)

Enemies: Custodians, Entity (Amber Hunt), Progeny (all Earth-95431); Mourning Star (Earth-93060)

Known RelativesMariah Autumn ("wife", deceased), Foxfire (Rose Autumn) (adopted daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in USA (Earth-93060/Ultraverse);
   formerly Earth-95413

First Appearance: The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis (December, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Alex Autumn is a self-aware sentient cyborg ('biocon') from the future, integrating living tissue with internal mechanics. He has enhanced durability and strength. He is an expert combatant, including military team field operations, and has been trained in the use of firearms and undercover operations spanning many years. As a biocon, Alex can freeform thinking and adapt to changing situations.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (synthetic)


(The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1 (fb)) - Like other Dragoons of the time period, the Dragoon later known as Alex Autumn was an advanced self-aware biocon (cyborg) grown from tissue and integrated with mechanical chassis. Alongside commanding Captain Hawke, Alex was present at the birth of a baby intended to be the savior of a future Earth (Earth-95431) ravaged by the alien Progeny invasion. The baby, named Rose Autumn (later codenamed Foxfire) was gene-spliced to be an invincible warrior, but her powers needed cosmic activation. It was planned that she go back in time with two Dragoons (Alex and Mariah Autumn) acting as married parents and guardians so she could grow to maturity, guiding her until she could become host to the cosmic Phoenix Force and unleash her full powers. Alex and Mariah learned about parenting techniques from books and vids.

(Foxfire#4 (fb) - BTS) - Mariah was secretly reprogrammed by the villainous Entity to thwart humankind's effort so that the Progeny (whom the Entity considered superior) could win the war.

(The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1 (fb) - BTS) - Baby Rose Autumn was sent back in time to the 1970s with Alex and Mariah Autumn going undercover as married parents.

(Foxfire#4 (fb)) - The Dragoon couple Alex and Mariah Autumn cared for Rose Autumn.

(Foxfire#1 (fb) - BTS) - Alex and Mariah were careful not to leave any paper trail or records.

(Foxfire#4 (fb) - BTS) - Alex discovered Mariah's plot to end Autumn and physically fought Mariah; he mistakenly thought he had destroyed Mariah but she was secretly repairing herself and building her power base.

(The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - At home, Alex and Rose (now 17 years old) watched TV news showing the out-of-control Phoenix Force battle superhumans ("ultras") nearby. Rose was suddenly pained. Alex kept her home to recuperate after a visit from a "doctor" (possibly a Dragoon agent). Outside, their apartment was watched by Captain Hawke expectantly.

(The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations#1) - Close by, an intense battle raged between the newly Phoenix-possessed Amber Hunt of the Exiles, the mercenary teams Quattro and the Solution, UltraForce, the rest of 'Strike's Exiles and the X-Men (of Earth-616), all with various objectives. Rose was drawn to the window to watch the spectacle, despite being warned by Alex, when a stray battle blast smashed the apartment and the two Autumns fell into the rubble. Rose's powers began to manifest and she used her super strength to lift rubble to find her father, whose skin had ripped off in the fall, exposing his cyborg body. Angered, Rose's full power as Foxfire was revealed and she blasted away Phoenix-Hunt, but the strain made her collapse. The others chased the fleeing Phoenix Force while Alex and Hawke took Rose's unconscious body and time-traveled back to their future.

(The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1) - Back in their (future) time, Alex and Hawke visited the confused Foxfire (Rose). Hawke revealed her father's true origins, as well as her own. Foxfire angrily stormed off, rejecting Alex's attempt to assuage her. He later found her trying to hack into files to discover more of her situation and the two reconciled. Foxfire discovered that Earth's leader's personal aide, the Entity was a traitor. Soon after, Alex and Foxfire confronted Earth's forces leader Glorianna Mundi as she addressed Earth Force, Earth's last and best champions, and declared her findings. The Entity teleported away and Foxfire helped form a strategy of a main attack force led by Night Man against the Progeny, but this acted as a diversion while a smaller commando team, including Foxfire, Hawke, Alex and other Dragoons, was teleported onto the Progeny mothership's bridge. Intense fighting let Foxfire reach the command center and set off detonations. With the Progeny threat ended, the surviving Earth forces returned to the planet surface, feeling positive about the future.

(Foxfire#1 (fb) - BTS) - Foxfire returned back in time to New York to just after the Phoenix-Hunt battle, but was arrested for the alleged murder of Alex, whom the police identified only by height and weight as matching a new corpse (although it was coincidence). Foxfire escaped.

(Foxfire#3 (fb) - BTS) - Alex had returned with Foxfire, but Mariah used an alien device to snare him from the timeslide (although she actually wanted Foxfire). She imprisoned Alex inside her base and tore his cyborg body apart, torturing him and leaving only his torso and head functioning.

(Foxfire#3) - Foxfire was captured by Mariah, who was feeding off (and killing) ultras to extend her life. Foxfire escaped and investigated the base, eventually finding Alex. He warned her of the situation, but was ripped apart by blasts from Mariah's Custodian guards.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, Rob Haynes, Greg Luzniak, Mark Pacella, Darick Robertson. Philip Moy, Lary Stucker, Art Thibert, Tom Wegrzyn, Bob Wiacek.

    As discussed elsewhere, there's no indication that the Ultraverse was saddled with Marvel's sliding timescale, so the dates given can be considered accurate.

    Foxfire#1 gives a great double-page spread flashback image of the Progeny-Earth Force battle.

    The time travel involved with Foxfire and the Progeny storylines is very convoluted and complicated, basically:

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Alex Autumn has no known connections to:

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The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1, p40, pan4 (main image)
Foxfire#1, p5 (headshot)
Foxfire#3, p14, pan1 (ripped apart)

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