Real Name: Dr. Philip Roth

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror; former physician

Affiliations: former ally of Tuck;
    former commander of the Raptors

Enemies: Death's Head  (Minion), Phaedra, Tuck, X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Professor X, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Chief Wonder of an Uncommon Universe, Leviathan in the...something (he was knocked out in mid-sentence), Nemesis of the World, Scourge of the Dark

Base of Operations: formerly Haven;
    formerly Troughton Heights, Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: Death's Head III#1 (October, 1992)


Powers/Abilities: Wrathchilde's powers and abilities prior to exposure to the Sapphire Lotus are unknown, but he apparently had no superhuman physical abilities. He may have had access to advanced weaponry or technology.

    With the Lotus, Wrathchilde gained great physical and energy powers, which increased the longer he was exposed to it. His powers increased to Class 100 strength and energy manipulation comparable to the Silver Surfer.  His originally meek personality became increasingly confident and megalomaniacal.     The Lotus granted him supreme control over Haven, the pocket realm created by Phaedra, usurping Phaedra's own power and enabling him to control the Raptors as well.




History: The details of Wrathchilde's past is unknown.
(Death's Head III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Phillip Roth was a practitioner in the ills of the everyday flesh before becoming Wrathchilde.

(Death's Head III#1) - Like many others, Wrathchilde was drawn to Paxton, Oregon, by the seductive energies of the Sapphire Lotus.  Wrathchilde planned to attack Death's Head to gain access to Tuck and the Lotus, but whilst he trailed alongside ol' Hood and bragged about his power, he cracked his head on a pipe and knocked himself out.
    A short time later, while Death's Head was occupied with a struggle against the X-Men, Tuck formed an energy shield to prevent others from attempting to claim the Lotus. However, the Lotus itself recognized something within Wrathchilde and allowed him entrance into the room.  Within seconds, Wrathchilde was reborn, claiming to be "a thousand times them man I was...now everything is so clear...all my life I've been a silly joke, a sad, self-deluding sham, nourished on feeble dreams of power and mystery. But now, oh Tuck, but now...I know what it feels like to be a god." 
    He then opened a dimension portal and transported he and Tuck to his apartment in Chicago.

(Death's Head III#2) - At Roth's former apartment, Wrathchilde decried his former life and proclaimed himself a supergod. Death's Head and the X-Men--having since made nice--tracked the energies of the Lotus to them. Wrathchilde's new powers enabled him to drop Death's Head with a single blast, but Wolverine then skewered Wrathchilde with his claws.  Tuck jumped to the defense and held off both attackers until Wrathchilde could recover. Suddenly, the Raptors--agents of Phaedra, creator of the Sapphire Lotus--arrived to reclaim it and to destroy all who got in their way.

(Death's Head III#3) - Wrathchilde was ecstatic with Tuck's transformation and encouraged her attacks on her former partner.  The Raptors attacked them, but they easily overcame them...initially.  However, the Raptors regenerated almost immediately and escalated their offensive programs, neutralizing both Wrathchilde and Tuck with a single blast. The Raptors took Wrathchilde and the Sapphire Lotus with them back to Phaedra's realm of Haven, leaving Tuck--who had become addicted to the power of the Lotus--to die.

(Death's Head III#4) - However, within Haven, the Sapphire Lotus amplified Wrathchilde's power 1000x, granting him absolute mastery of all matter and energy, and he took control of the Raptors and turned them against their former mistress. Phaedra summoned Death's Head and the X-Men for assistance and attempted to cloak them all with a dark matter bubble, but Wrathchilde detected them, shattered the bubble, and sent the Raptors to attack them. Phaedra and her allies escaped the Raptors and confronted Wrathchilde in her former citadel, but he recalled the Raptors--or created more, amplified their powers several levels, and sent them after his attackers.
    Death's Head and Wolverine evaded the Raptors and confronted Wrathchilde himself, but although they struck the first blow, his new power soon had them at his mercy. As he stood over Death's Head, gloating and preparing to execute him, Tuck appeared by his side, proclaiming her love for him and distracting him. As "Tuck" revealed herself to be Phaedra, Jubilee--drawing on the power of the Lotus itself, blasted him. Phaedra trapped Wrathchilde in a cold matter bubble, while Jubilee and Phaedra blasted him relentlessly, expanding his power and size rapidly.  Death's Head then grabbed the Lotus and smashed Wrathchilde in the face with it.  The sudden influx of power was more than Wrathchilde could handle, and the power exploded, consuming him. The others survived, shielded by Phaedra.


Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp.

Quote: (to Tuck) Now, you beauteous creature, is there anything I can get you? Iced tea? Soda? The Universe on a slowly turning spit?

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