Real Name: Phaedra

Identity/Class: Extra-dimension (Dimension of Phaedra) energy user

Occupation: Ruler of her dimension (Haven)

Affiliations: creator of the Raptors;
    ally of
Death's Head (Minion), Tuck, the X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Professor X, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine)

Enemies: K'Vant Lehdrox, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Wrathchilde;
    formerly the Raptors

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Creator

Base of Operations: An unnamed pocket dimension

First Appearance: Death's Head II#1 (March, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Phaedra has a number of powers, including teleportation, but she is most known for her precognitive abilities.  In addition, within her own realm, she has great energy powers and is responsible for the creation of both the Sapphire Lotus and the Raptors. She can generate cold matter bubbles to shield her existence from others, assume the form of others, and even (over time) terraform an entire pocket realm and create objects of great power.

    The Sapphire Lotus granted her unchallenged control over her pocket realm.

History: Phaedra's origins are unknown.

(Death's Head III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Eons ago, Phaedra began the creation of  her home in an extra-dimensional pocket realm.

(Death's Head III#4 (fb)) - Phaedra completed the final step in the creation of her realm, the Sapphire Lotus. It was to be the key which would grant her unchallenged control over her realm. However, the Lotus was stolen from her at the whim of Lord Chaos and Master Order...cosmic powers that even she could not predict would do such a thing. To them, the Lotus was a prize for lesser beings to fight for, and they sent it to be the power source of the extra-dimensional/extra-temporal city formerly ruled by the wizard majestrix Ghenghis.

(Death's Head II#1) <2456 AD, Earth-Lehdrox?> - Phaedra was abducted by the barbarian warrior K'Vant Lehdrox, who had traveled a long way to benefit from her power to tell the future. Though Lehdrox tortured her, Phaedra volunteered no information, telling him that she could not see the future for those who demanded it.  The Minion cyborg teleported to Altima Four (three parsecs from Zeta Reticula)--where Lehdrox was holding Phaedra--and slew the barbarian, assimilating his instincts in the process.  Phaedra thanked him for saving her life--though she could not condone his methods. She then teleported away, telling him that she would meet him again, prophetically calling him Death's Head as she vanished.

(Death's Head III#2, 3 - BTS) - While others (Death's Head, Tuck, Wrathchilde, X-Men, etc.) struggled over the Sapphire Lotus, Phaedra--not realizing that her former benefactor was involved--sent her powerful Raptors to recover her creation. However, while the Raptors struggled pointlessly against the X-Men and Death's Head, Wrathchilde accessed the full power of the Lotus and then teleported into and took over Phaedra's pocket realm. Phaedra then teleported Death's Head, Tuck, and the X-Men to her side for assistance (since they were alien to her realm and thus not subject to the direct control of the wielder of the Sapphire Lotus).

(Death's Head III#4) - Shielding her allies within a cold matter bubble in the periphery of her realm, Phaedra explained the Sapphire Lotus and explained her need for further assistance. Wrathchilde took control of the Raptors and sent them to burst her bubble and slaughter both Phaedra and her allies. After some struggle, Phaedra teleported her allies away to regroup, then returned them to her former citadel, which was under the control of Wrathchilde. In the course of the struggle against Wrathchilde and the Raptors, Phaedra assumed the form of Tuck, whom Wrathchilde had developed something of a fondness for.  In that form, she distracted Wrathchilde sufficiently so that Jubilee could boost her powers with the Sapphire Lotus. Phaedra then detained Wrathchilde with a cold matter bubble while Jubilee and Death's Head overloaded him with power, and he exploded when Death's Head smashed the Lotus into his face.
    Phaedra gave Tuck a shard of the Lotus and sent her to her homeworld of Lionheart to recover. Death's Head asked to be sent after her, but was pulled into several other conflicts. She returned the X-Men to Earth.

 (Death's Head Gold) - Phaedra channeled the energies of the Lotus shard as part of a collection of her own energies, those of the Castle Rigg stones, and the mental power of Professor X to help Tuck located Death's Head.

(Death's Head III#14/2 (aka Death's Head Gold#0) (fb) - BTS) - Phaedra predicted that Psyphon is/was the destiny of Death's Head, and that he would one day "rule a galaxy and there will be a thousand years of peace." To this end, Death's Head somehow navigated the spiral of probability vortices to confront Psyphon.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp.

    While Phaedra's exact origins are unknown, it makes sense to me that she might have been abducted by Lehdrox while she was out of her native realm, searching for the Sapphire Lotus.

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A name for the pocket realm created and controlled by Phaedra. Its creation began eons ago, and culminated with the creation of the Sapphire Lotus. Phaedra's control was briefly usurped by Wrathchilde when he gained possession of the Lotus, but she regained control after Wrathchilde's destruction.
    Except when controlled by Wrathchilde, it was a realm of serenity and peace.
    It was only glimpsed while under Wrathchilde's control. Pictured to the right is the last spot which Phaedra maintained as her own during his assault.

--Death's Head III#3-BTS, 4 ([4(fb), 3], 4







Monstrous creations of Phaedra, created in a desperate effort to regain the Sapphire Lotus.  Unbeknownst to Phaedra, the Raptors were twisted by proximity to the Lotus, and turned into bloodthirsty creatures, willing to sacrifice anyone and anything that stood in the way of their recovery of the Lotus. In this state, they fought Death's Head and the X-Men, as well as the Lotus-powered Tuck and Wrathchilde. When Wrathchilde mastered the power of the Lotus, he took control of the Raptors and sent them to slay Phaedra herself, as well as her allies, Death's Head and the X-Men. The X-Men held off the Raptors while Phaedra, Death's Head, and Wolverine engaged Wrathchilde. They were not seen following the destruction of Wrathchilde.

    The Raptors were anywhere from 8 to 20' in height, and had great strength (class 25-75) and durability.  Several of them had various energy powers, and they learned from each of their defeats, such that they would not be vulnerable to such attack again.

--Death's Head II#2 (3, 4

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