Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Raptar

Identity/Class: Mystically-altered extraterrestrial

Occupation: Mystical champion

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alien robots/renegade mystics

Enemies: Cave people, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Puma (Thomas Fireheart), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Joseph Threetrees

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Wrath From Beyond, the Slayer of the Chosen

Base of Operations: His flying saucer

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (February, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Raptar could transform into a massive, superhumanly strong and durable reptilian creature; he had extremely strong defenses against mystical attacks. He had sharp claws and fangs, and could fire mystical energy bolts from his eyes. He could sense other totemic beings, and was apparently compelled to destroy them. He could teleport back to his ship by generating a foul-smelling fog; he could also simultaneously manifest on the physical world and the astral plane. Raptar's powers were fueled by his ship; while aboard it, his vitality is constantly renewed.

Height: (human form) 6'0" (approximate); (reptile form) 8'0" (approximate)
Weight: (human form) 200 lbs. (approximate); (reptile form) 400 lbs. (approximate)
Eyes: (human form) Grey; (reptile form) yellow sclera, black iris; solid purple when firing energy blasts
Hair: (human form) Silver; (reptile form) none

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - Originating from another world, Raptar was chosen to be his people's guardian, and was given the power to transform into a massive reptilian humanoid.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - At some point in the past, Raptar encountered Joseph Threetrees, shaman of a Native American tribe near Hartsdale, New Mexico. 

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - Raptar and his allies came to a jungle planet, and began abducting and enslaving the local tribesmen. 

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15) - Raptar came to Earth seeking another totemic entity, the Puma - who happened to be Threetrees' nephew. Wandering the alleys of New York City, he sensed the Puma's essence - but found only Spider-Man, who had found a totemic doll of the Puma. Disappointed, Raptar quickly defeated Spider-Man by slamming him into a wall and left. He next went to Hartsdale, where he abducted Threetrees from his home and took him back to his ship, where he imprisoned him. When Fireheart, seeking his uncle, came to see Spider-Man (due to a spider symbol that had been left in Threetrees' ransacked home), they encountered Raptar in Central Park. Spider-Man attacked, but Fireheart had renounced his Puma identity, and was unable to help. As Spider-Man struggled in Raptar's clutches, Raptar began to generate a mystical fog, transporting himself, Spider-Man, Fireheart, and the astral form of Dr. Strange (who had been observing the battle) back to his ship.  While Spider-Man and Fireheart fought Raptar's guards, Raptar battled Strange on the astral plane; with Raptar distracted, Spider-Man and Fireheart escaped to the jungle world below. Strange was unable to pierce Raptar's mystical defenses, and departed, eventually freeing Threetrees. Later, Fireheart returned to the ship, where he found Raptar (in human form) waiting for him. Raptar explained that, much like Fireheart, he was his people's defender, given the ability to transform into a powerful creature - and that it was their destiny to battle. With that, he transformed and attacked. Fireheart accepted his destiny and transformed himself, becoming the Puma once more. The Puma soon beat Raptar into submission, but retained enough control of his feral side to spare the unconscious Raptar's life. As the ship burned around them, courtesy of Dr. Strange's astral form, the Puma, Spider-Man, and Threetrees escaped the ship; Raptar was apparently still on-board when it exploded.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Joe Bennett, and Tim Dzon.

I'm writing the profile under the assumption that Raptar was actually a real individual, possibly manipulated into challenging the Puma by Joseph Threetrees.

Despite being from another dimension, Raptar was sufficiently aware of Earth culture to drop references to Underoos and Texas line-dancing - maybe a hint that he wasn't real, or possibly having learned of Earth from a prior encounter with Threetrees.

Given that he seeks out and destroys tokens, I wonder if Raptar here might be somehow connected to the Inheritors, from the Spider-Verse crossover.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Raptar has no known connections to:

alien robots/renegade mystics

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - Raptar's people accompanied him to a jungle world, where he subjugated its inhabitants.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15) - Raptar teleported Spider-Man, Thomas Fireheart, and Dr. Strange's astral form to their ship, where his guards waited to escort them to captivity. The guards (who Fireheart and Spider-Man saw as alien robots, and Strange saw as renegade mystics) battled with Fireheart and Spider-Man; while Raptar was occupied with Strange, Fireheart and Spider-Man escaped the guards to the jungle world below. The guards searched the ship for Strange, but he evaded them and freed their captive, Thomas Threetrees. Later, Spider-Man and Fireheart returned to the ship; while Spider-Man handled the guards, Fireheart slipped past them and confronted Raptar. The guards were presumably destroyed when their ship subsequently exploded.

The robots/mystics were armored and had built-in energy blasters...or they had mystical powers. Or both!

--Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (15 (fb), 15

Raptar's flying saucer

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - Raptar used a massive flying saucer as his base of operations; it was stationed on a jungle world he had subjugated. He also brought Thomas Threetrees, a human shaman, there as his prisoner.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15) - Raptar teleported Thomas Fireheart, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange's astral form to his ship; Fireheart and Spider-Man escaped, while Strange remained. Strange freed Threetrees; they were soon rejoined by Spider-Man and Fireheart. While Fireheart battled Raptar as the Puma, Spider-Man attempted to get the ship to transport them home, while Dr. Strange shut down the saucer's other systems. Whether due to Strange's tampering or the Puma's defeat of Raptar, the ship began to overload; it transported the four humans home moments before it exploded.

The flying saucer was a massive high-tech spaceship; it was also linked to Raptar, as he drew his power from it.

--Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (15 (fb), 15

cave people

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (fb) ) - The alien Raptar conquered a race of Stone Age cave people living on a jungle world, ruling them from a hovering spaceship.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#15) - The cave people encountered displaced humans Thomas Fireheart and Spider-Man, who had escaped from Raptar's ship. They were initially hostile, but they recognized a tribal Puma doll Fireheart was holding as a representation of their savior of prophecy, the Tarata. The cave people took the two to their puma temple, where their shaman showed them carvings depicting their history. The two subsequently defeated Raptar and destroyed his ship, freeing the cave people from Raptar's tyranny.

--Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (15 (fb), 15

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Spider-Man Unlimited I#15
, p17, pan1 (main image)
Spider-Man Unlimited I#15
, p44, pan5 (headshot, human form)
Spider-Man Unlimited I#15, p36, pan2 (alien robots)
Spider-Man Unlimited I#15, p30, pan2 (renegade mystics)
Spider-Man Unlimited I#15, p36, pan1 (flying saucer)
Spider-Man Unlimited I#15, p34, pan3 (cave people)

Spider-Man Unlimited I#15 (February, 1997) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Joe Bennett (pencils), Tim Dzon (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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