Hellion confronts Wrath


Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060 (Ultraverse)) extraterrestrial

Occupation: Exile

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsModeus, unnamed mentor

Enemies: Aladdin agency, Mantra (Eden Blake), Wrath (Thomas Hunter)

Known Relatives: Sister (name unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile on the east coast of the USA, notably Pittsburgh;

formerly his homeworld

First Appearance: Wrath#1 (January, 1994)


Powers/Abilities: Hellion was an extraterrestrial of unknown origin with gray resilient skin and stood almost 10' tall. He had superhuman strength and could manipulate energy, particularly generating lethal and powerful blasts from his hands. He could also levitate. Hellion also utilized various alien technology, including Modeus, a flying disk, and a battle suit that also had sensors. Leeching energy also augmented his own powers, although he needed to touch the power source to achieve this. He had an arrogant disposition.


(Wrath#2 (fb) - BTS) - Hellion's people had battled demon hordes for millenia. Hellion's sister took the throne and he was exiled to Earth by his mentor. 

(Wrath#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hellion sought to gather energy to return to his home planet and so drained various power stations, including Pittsburgh. The covert agency, Aladdin, implemented "Plan W" in response, sending out their agent Wrath to investigate.

(Wrath#1) - Hellion attacked Shadowood nuclear power station, blasting away security forces, leaving several with severe burns and injuries, then smashing through walls. He stole considerable plutonium in the process. He then hid in the sewer near the power plant but Wrath detected his presence and found Modeus, which then sped back to Hellion. Wrath gave chase but stopped when he suddenly reached the alien and was dwarfed by his size. Although Modeus offered to translate, Hellion dismissed the option. Wrath sought to have Hellion leave with him, but the alien fired a blast at him. Using his special suit, Wrath was barely able to absorb the intense energy and quickly fired it back at Hellion, who was knocked off his feet. Hellion demanded an analysis from Modeus and was intrigued at the prospect that Earth beings had such powers. He then left to go but was jumped by Wrath. Hellion swatted him away, angered that the human would touch him, and then triggered a device that sent a blazing large ball of energy at Wrath. This exploded behind the Aladdin agent just as he escaped outside.

(Wrath#2) - While Wrath and Mantra tracked Hellion, the alien approached an electrical sub-station. He considered the prospect of returning home with ultras to help him in his quest to wrest the throne from his sister and then die for his cause. However, at that point, Wrath and Mantra attacked Hellion before he could absorb any electrical energy. The alien fell and identified Mantra as being mystical in nature and he affirmed his preference for that energy type. While Modeus went after Mantra, Hellion tackled Wrath in a silent strategy to get Mantra to attack him. The alien was careful to avoid blasting his foe directly as he remembered Wrath's ability to absorb energy. The fight then led to fists before Hellion blasted Wrath again, almost overloading Wrath's shields as before. Mantra intervened and directed a mystical attack against Hellion; however, he absorbed so much mystical energy that Mantra was knocked out. Hellion wanted to kill her but Wrath blasted Modeus, knocking it out; with that, Hellion regained his composure and flew off in an energy bubble, promising to meet up with them again.

   Wrath later filed a report recommending that Aladdin dispatch a priority alpha "sniffer" mission to find Hellion.

Comments: Created by Eric Dinehart and David Ammerman (plot/pencils) - identified in UltraFiles column.

Mantra suspected that Hellion's powers may have been mystical in origin.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Hellion has no known connections to:



Modeus was a fast flying disc that stayed with Hellion and provided technical advice, such as translations, plus situation analyses and potential strategies. In the later confrontation between Mantra, Wrath and Hellion, it provided support for its compatriot by distracting Mantra, but was soon blasted down by Wrath. Hellion took the disabled disc with him when he left the battle site.


--Wrath#1 (2

images: (without ads)
Wrath#1, p18 (main image)
Wrath#2, p18, pan3 (punching)
Wrath#1, p17, pan1 (Modeus)

Wrath#1-2 (January-February, 1994) - David Ammerman (plot/pencils), Mike W. Barr (script), James Pascoe (inks), Dan Danko (editor) 

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