head shotReal Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate/Ultra

Occupation: Field Leader, Guardian, Tactical Trainer

Group Membership: Freex (for two short periods, as their leader).

Affiliations: Captain Jacob Rome, the Freex, Firearm (Alec Swan), Night Man, Prime, Ruby

Enemies: Contrary, Lost Angel, Monsters of the Fire People, the Night People, Rafferty

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Sniper" (used by the police and the Freex before meeting him)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Freex#7 (January 1994)

Powers/Abilities: The Old Man claimed to be thousands of years old, although he might have been lying to impress them or for some other reason. His ease at finding the Freex implies that he must have been a good tracker (or as he puts it, "hunter") as well. He was also a good tactician and leader. There are hints that he might also had some sort of stealth ability, although this is unconfirmed and could simply be the conventional skill of a good hunter. See also the Comments.

full bodyHistory: The Old Man's origins are unknown

(Freex#7) - As Lewis ("Anything") and Angela ("Sweetface") were caught by a pair of police officers while visiting Ruby at the hospital and had to flee their reinforcements, the Old Man watched them and provided cover fire to facilitate their escape.

(Freex#8) - As the Freex drove off Lost Angel's assault on Lewis, the Old Man approached them and offered to lead them in their search for their origin and a cure for their weird conditions.

(Freex#9) - The Old Man defeated the Freex with ease to prove his point that they needed tactics training and effective leadership. He then led them against an attack by the Night People. Since the team was still unsure about trusting him he then left, promising to meet them again.

(Prime I#13/2) - By Old Man's command, the Freex traveled to the Midwest to investigate some apparitions from Monsters of the Fire People. This led to them meeting Prime (who was also investigating the Monsters) while they were searching the China Lake Naval base.

(Giant-Size Freex#1) - Old Man was with the Freex as they fought Prime for the usual reasons of mistaken identities and misplaced suspicions. He accompanied them as they investigated the Fire People's tunnels and found statues of various unidentified Ultras and of what appeared to be the Freex themselves.

(Freex#12/Ultraforce I#1/2) - Old Man was with Prime and the Freex as they found and were attacked by several Monsters of the Fire People. The fight was cut short when Michael located a set of headpieces ("Crowns") that allowed the team to mentally control the monsters.

(Freex#13-15, Firearm#15, Night Man I#14) - The Old Man continued to lead the Freex through various adventures, including a confrontation with Rafferty that ended up with Michael being shot and killed despite Firearm's help.

(Freex#16) - The Old Man attended the funeral of Michael (Plug) and later entered into a discussion with Contrary about the best course of action for the Freex's future. Later still he fended off an assault by Lost Angel. He then procceeded to test the Freex's prowess by goading them into a fight. They won, proving to his satisfaction that they were now ready to stand on their own - so he left.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Ben Herrera and Mike Christian.

The Old Man is initially called a "sniper", but it seems to be an inaccurate description of his role. His weapon looks nothing like a sniper rifle - it in fact seems to be a shotgun, and such weapons are quite useless at the distance from which he must have shot at Freex#7. Maybe I know less about firearms than I think I do, but otherwise it would seem that either he or his weapon have some unusual sharpshooting-related ability. His appearances at#7-8 also suggest that he may have some sort of stealth ability, but this is unconfirmed.

Hmmm...Luis posted this to the Appendix back in February 2004 (leaving clarifications out, etc.) and I just found in September 2004. Luis tends to vanish and cease contact, so I don't know if it was done or not. Aside from his origins, I don't know what else is missing. He made comments about some specific events, I think possibly the crucifixion of Christ and some others...don't know which issues those occurred in and I don't have the time to dig them all out to check. If you know what issues those occur in, let me know and I'll add it, thanks.

Profile by Daevanator and Snood.

The Old Man from the Ultraverse has no known connections to



Freex#7, p11, pan4 (head shot)

Freex#8, p23, pan2 (full body)

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Last updated: 09/24/2004

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