Membership: Alfred Coppersmith, Jackie (computer whiz), "old man" (boss)

Purpose: Produces products such as Sparklene mouthwash and Zumitrin pain killers.

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Alfred Coppersmith

Base of Operations: Zum Corporation's main factory in Queens

First Appearance: Punisher II#10/Daredevil I#257 (August, 1988)

History: (Punisher II#10 (BTS))- After Mrs. Fielding, the fourth victim of cyanide poisoning in the Zum Corporation pain killer Zumitrin had died, the Zum Corporation pulled the product from the shelves. The Punisher began to look into ex-employees, a list of 1500 which indicated that 12 of them lived in Queens, and only 8 of them were men. In Alfred Coppersmith's apartment, Alfred listened to the tv and heard the Zum Corporation's announcement. He decided that he could always poison some of their other products.

(Daredevil I#257 (BTS))- Daredevil was asked about the Zumitrin killer by the press. Daredevil said that he believed that the killer deserved a defense and that he would provide a good lawyer. Later he asked Bucko to see the Zumitrin evidence, and learnt that the Zumitrin had a trace of oil used by weightlifters.

(Daredevil I#257)- Daredevil paid the Zum Corporation a visit in order to learn more about the possible murderer. He talked with the man who had worked there the longest. Daredevil asked the man about the possible murderers, asking him if any of them were weightlifters. The man told him that Alfred Coppersmith might be a possibility. He told him how Alfred was the best man he ever had, but that he was a little slow when the company brought computers in, and that they didn't give him time to learn before firing him. The man introduced Daredevil to Jackie, just out of high school, who was now occupying Alfred's old job. The man gave Daredevil Coppersmith's adress and set him off to see him.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Ann Nocenti, Whilce Portacio, John Romita Jr., Scott Williams and Al Williamson.

Jackie is a young man, just out of high school and a computer whiz. He took over Alfred Coppersmith's old job. -Daredevil I#257

The "old man" was Alfred Coppersmith's old boos, and spoke highly of him, telling Daredevil that his problem was that he couldn't keep up with the technological development in the the firm, and the company had to fire him. -Daredevil I#257

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