Membership: Agrom, Boomer, Graw, Larrs, Nikoh, Spak, Vlon, Whilge, Zharkah, Zeopah(d), Zheops(d); unnamed

Affiliations: Currently allied with, former enemies of, the Chosen and Beginagains;
X-Factor allies

Base of Operations: Unnamed planet, various tribes across the surface

First Appearance: X-Factor I#43 (August, 1989)

History: The Rejects are a sect of an entire race of mutants on an unnamed planet. At some point in their past, the mutants with physical aberrations and deformities, the Rejects, separated from those without, the Chosen. While the Chosen embraced science, genetics, etc., the Rejects embraced nature and avoided all use of machinery, etc. Thye believe their lives are governed by Mother Moon, the nature goddess. They enjoy their powers and use them as part of their daily lives. However, with each generation, the number of mutations increased, such that they began to have increasingly fewer viable offspring. They warred against the Chosen, capturing them when possible to barter for their own who had been captured for use in the Chosen's gladiatorial Arena.

When the human mutant team X-Factor was brought to their planet by the Celestials, the members were split up and divided to fit into each of the sects. Beast was brought to the Reject Djade tribe, led by Zharkah, where he used a cover story that his memory had been damaged by a "jammer" to cover his lack of knowledge of history, etc. When he revealed a friendship with Marvel Girl he was imprisoned as a traitor to the Chosen until the Reject Agrom connected him to Archangel, whom he had befriended. Beast led the Rejects to storm the Chosen city and free his friends and their own. On the way, they joined with the Beginagains, and ultimately they allied themselves with the Chosen to seemingly fight off the Celestial judgement against their race. After this, Zharkah became part of a triumvirate, along with Beginagain leader Ryest and Chosen leader Palik, to guide the unification of the sects. Whether this continues without the threat of destruction by the Celestials remains to be seen.

COMMENTS: Created by Louise Simonson and Paul Smith.

Clarifications: The Rejects are not to be confused with:


The son of Vlon. He was a former prisoner of the Chosen and nearly died in forced combat against Archangel. He was freed as part of a barter for the Chosen to obtain Marvel Girl. He was one of the leaders of the warrior force that invaded the Chosen city.

He is large and strong, and exceptionally agile.

--X-Factor#45 (46 48-50




The father of Nikoh.

He can cause explosions within objects

--X-Factor#49 (50



Encountered Jean Grey during the initial battle.

Not clearly seen. Not pictured



Djade clan, best friend of Nikoh.

His horns act as sonar receivers






Djade clan, youth, recently developed powers.

Generate flames


--X-Factor#45 (46 49, 50




Njeak clan, incapacitated Jean Grey during the initial conflict.

A "jammer," can mentally stun others

--X-Factor#43 (48







The father of Agrom,his mind was severely damaged by a Chosen "jammer." He sat atop one of the peaks of his village, staring at the city of the Chosen where his son was held. He regained portion of sanity during unification to repel the Celestials.

Powerful telepath

--X-Factor#44 (46 50





The widow of Zheops and mother of Zeopah, friend of Zharkah.

See through solid objects

--X-Factor#44 (45 49, 50




The daughter of Wilghe and Zheops, she died shortly after birth due to weak heart.

--X-Factor#45(born, dies)





leader of the Djade tribe and member of the unification triumvirate. She befriended the Beast during the initial conflict and brought him back to her tribe.

She can cause objects around her to explode at will

--X-Factor#43 (44-46 48-50







mate of Wilghe and father of Zeopah, died in the initial battle, not seen.


unnamed Reject


Fought Cyclops in the initial skirmish.

He had inherited eyeblasts and invulnerability from each of his parents.


--X-Factor I#43







X-Factor I#43-46 (August-November, 1989) - Louise Simonson (writer), Paul Smith (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
X-Factor I#48-49 (December, 1989) - Louise Simonson (writer), Paul Smith (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
X-Factor I#50 (January, 1990) - Louise Simonson (writer), Rich Buckler (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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