MEMBERSHIP: Dykon, Ryest, Zalph

AFFILIATIONS: Sect of unnamed race; currently united with, formerly opposed by Chosen and Rejects. X-Factor allies

BASE of OPERATIONS: Unnamed planet, formerly used caverns outside of city of the Chosen

First Appearance: X-Factor I#44 (September, 1989)

HISTORY: (X-Factor I#44-46, 48-50)- The Beginagains are natives of a planet shared by themselves, the Rejects, and the Chosen. All natives are mutants, but at some point, the race was divided into those with humanoid features, the Chosen, and those with physical mutations or aberrations, the Rejects. The two sects grew increasingly different and antagonistic until they degenerated into all out war. As the chosen became increasingly dependent on science, they lost the ability to reproduce naturally, and in an effort to create only the most perfect offspring, they had fewer children in each generation. The Rejects became increasingly more mutated with each generation, and they began to have fewer viable offspring with each generation.

Fearing that the divisions between the two sects would doom their entire race, or that they would be judged as unworthy to continue by the fifth Celestial Host, a third faction, the Beginagains formed. This group embraced disaffected members of both sects, who sought to begin again, in peace. While the Chosen warred against the Rejects, the Beginagains used their powers and science to moderate the severity of their physical mutations. They adopted a pacifistic policy, but they were scorned by the Chosen for the physical mutations, and by the Rejects for interfering with nature.

When the group X-Factor was pulled to their planet along with their Ship by the Celestials, the heroes were mistakenly split up divided into Reject and Chosen camps by the members of those races. However, Cyclops, who was separated from the battle by the foot of the Celestial Gammenon, met the Beginagain leader, Ryest. He convinced the Beginagains to join him in his efforts to free his son and allies.

When the Celestials prepared to make their judgement, Ryest convinced the sects to set aside their differences to unite against the Celestials in an effort to save themselves. Channeling all of their power through Cyclops, they disintegrated the hand of Arishem the Judge, causing the Celestials to leave. Ryest understood that the Celestials had only allowed themselves to be driven off to encourage the unification of the sects. Ryest, along with Chosen leader Palik and Reject leader Zharkah, formed a triumvirate to guide the unification of the races. Whether the unification is successful or not remains to be seen.

COMMENTS: Created by Louise Simonson and Paul Smith.

Dykon is the son of the leader Ryest. While he avoids physical conflict, he is willing to use his powers to try to overcome obstacles to the unification. He encountered Chosen leader Palik and used his powers only to keep Palik off balance, but not to injure him. He was willing to battle Palik with his physical abilities. He was temporarily blinded by Palik until he was forced to restore his vision.

He can project shock waves and tremors, and open cracks in the surface of the ground

--X-Factor#44(45, 46 48-50


Ryest is leader of the Beginagains and a member of the unification triumvirate. He is father to Dykon. He is a strict pacifist, vowing never to use his powers to hurt a member of his race.

He is an interceptive telepath--X-Factor#44( 50



Zalph is a telepath and/or precognitive who was not actually seen



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