MEMBERSHIP: Boomboy, Cayman, Feline, Flygirl, Waver
    Loosely affiliated with
AJ and Pixx;
    Led by

PURPOSE: Training and education in the use of their powers, assisting Contrary

AFFILIATIONS: Freex (AJ, Anything, Boomboy, Cayman, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface), Hardcase, Lukasz, Warstrike

ENEMIES: Argus, Boneyard, Lord Pumpkin, Necromantra, Rune,
    formerly the Freex

BASE of OPERATIONS: Currently unknown;
    possibly still Mt. Shasta, Northern California, Earth-Ultraverse

FIRST APPEARANCE: Freex#10 (April, 1994)

(Freex#18(fb) - BTS) - An official of the Fire People known as the "Keeper of the Powers" watched as the children of his race were born more and more monstrous.  Based on the prophecy of the Someday Champions and the legend of a group of humans encountered back in ancient Egypt, the Keeper of the Powers decided that humanity might be better able to save the Fire People. To this end, the Keeper took the Wetware (nanotechnology developed in the distant past by Prometheus to empower the Someday Champions) and gave it to a secret society on Earth (presumably Aladdin).

(Freex#5 (fb) - BTS) - <approximately 16 years before the modern era> A nurse stole the Wetware/nanotech and injected a number (dozens, by one account) of infants in a hospital with it. Several of these beings would become the Freex, with the potential to fulfill the prophecy of the Someday Champions. The government went after this nurse, but found her to have vanished without a trace. The nurse became known only as Wetware Mary.

BTS - The woman who would become Contrary somehow located an abandoned outpost of the Fire People within Mt. Shasta, which she took as her base. With the equipment and technology she obtained, she constructed an airship. Within Mt. Shasta, she established the Academy of the New Elite, a training facility for young mutates, presumably recipients of the Wetware, including Caymen, Feline, Flygirl, and Waver.

(Freex#10-11 (fb) - BTS) - Contrary used her charisma and her pleasure powers to strengthen her connection to her students and their loyalty for her.

(Freex#10) - The Academy members were present as Contrary brought Ray (Boomboy) of the Freex to Mt. Shasta to join them. The others were skeptical initially, and Contrary instructed Cayman to pretend to attack her, to test Ray's loyalty; Ray passed the test by defending Contrary. Soon thereafter, Waver notified Contrary on the approach of the other Freex, who had come in search of Ray. Waver took Flygirl and piloted a small craft outside of Mt. Shasta to scout around, but the Freex successfully hid from them. When the Freex, exhausted by their trek up the frozen mountain, reached the door, Lewis (Anything) managed to contact Ray, who opened the door to help his friends. Ray tried to tell the Freex that he wished to stay and learn from Contrary, but the Academy students then arrived and overpowered the invaders: Flygirl dropped kicked Valerie (Pressure), Feline punched out Angela (Sweetface), and Waver zapped Lewis; Ray stood back, uncertain of how to respond.

(Freex#11) - The original Academy students stood by Contrary as she offered membership to the Freex (who were kept in restraining manacles), expressing that they had joined and remained of their own free will. Cayman became furious and attacked Ray when he expressed doubt about whether Contrary's students were truly free, and Contrary had to break up the fight. Cayman walked out of the room, feeling like Contrary was just manipulating him, and Michael (Plug)--who had been unconscious the whole time from a previous trauma--revived and freed the Freex who were now refreshed and able to take on the Academy students. Val stunned Flygirl, and Feline stunned Val, but then Ray smashed a panel, causing a blinding light that dazed Contrary, Feline, Flygirl, and Waver. Ray helped the Freex to escape Mt. Shasta, but he decided to remain with Contrary, hoping to gain an education under her. Waver blasted Lewis, but then Cayman punched Waver out. Cayman surprised everyone by deciding that Contary had had too much control over him and that he needed to find out who he really was. Cayman held off Contrary and the other Academy students with an energy blaster, and he then left with the Freex, joining them. Ray joined the Academy.

(Giant-Size Freex#1/2) - Ray notified Contrary about Penny Burka, whose parents had called regarding needing Contrary's help with their daughters powers. Contrary traveled to the Burka's house and recruited Penny (Pixx) to her side, though she would not actually take classes at the Academy.

(Ultraverse Premiere#6/4) - Contrary and Pixx arrived at Mt. Shasta, and she was introduced to the Academy students, Ray, Feline, Flygirl, Waver. Feline and Flygirl taunted Pixx (and Waver, mocking him as a poor romantic candidate for her), but Pixx responded by making them think they were being chased by a pack of wild dogs. Both girls were initially terrified, and Feline was furious upon realizing the deception, but Flygirl stopped her from attacking Pixx and commented that it was about time someone had taken Feline down a peg.

(Freex#13) - While Contary and Pixx studied the tremors being caused by the Fire People, Contary had Pixx radio Waver and tell him that they would be away longer than initially expected. When Pixx mentioned that the Freex might be involved, Ray overheard and forced Waver to take Contary's other ship to meet up with Contrary.

(Freex#14) - Contary tried to dupe the Freex into thinking she had saved them from the Night Patrol, but Ray confronted her, revealing that she had been behind the Night Patrol all along. Waver stuck his head out of the ship, apologizing to Contrary and telling her that Ray had forced her to bring him there. Ray decided to stay with the Freex, though he might one day return to study further.

(Freex#16) - Contary and the Academy students (Feline, Flygirl, Waver) were among those attending the funeral for Michael (Plug) of the Freex (though he was only part dead...). Contary said she would have his body taken to a resting place in Mt. Shasta citadel, and she asked her students to transport his casket to her ship.

(Godwheel#0 / Freex#18 (fb) - BTS) - Argus summoned a number of beings of power from Earth to Vahdala to assist in his location of the components of the Crucible of Life (the Crystal Crown, the Roc's Egg, and the Windsword), which would restore his own fading power. His choices were influenced by Rune's star-stones, and included Cayman, Flygirl, Feline, and Pressure (pulled from a gathering of the Freex and Academy members in Griffith Park, Los Angeles), as well as Boneyard, Hardcase, Lord Pumpkin, Lukasz, Mantra/Necromantra, Warstrike, and the future Primevil. When the new arrivals began fighting, Val recommended that she and Cayman stay out of it, and Feline and Flygirl followed her lead. Eventually, however, Pressure got tired of the fighting and she tried to force some answers from Argus, who slapped her unconscious. Flygirl convinced Cayman not to foolishly assault Argus as well. Argus then immobilized the lot of them and then released Necromantra, choosing her as his agent. She agreed to help Argus if he would let her kill the rest of the arrivals.

(Godwheel#1) - Argus agreed to let Necromantra kill the others, but then Pressure--who had been feigning unconsciousness--jumped up and blasted Necromantra into Argus, disrupting his concentration and freeing the others. The heroes tried to fight their way past Argus, who swiftly flattened Pressure, Flygirl, and Cayman, but then Hardcase managed to stun Argus. Boneyard, Cayman, Feline, Hardcase, and Warstrike fled and followed Lukasz' lead, escaping to Zumas, the pleasurecraft of Ogma, lord of the gods. Meanwhile, Pressure recovered, but was ambushed by Rune, who knocked her unconscious, took her form, and replaced her amongst the escapees, who used a tutorial program to learn about the Godwheel and the Crucible of Life.

(Godwheel#2) - Cayman was slightly suspicious of his teammate Pressure's knowledge of the technology aboard the Yacht, and the fact that she was showing interest in it all. After completing the tutorial, the group split up to locate the components before Argus' agents (Lord Pumpkin, Necromantra, Primevil) could. Rune/Pressure joined Cayman and Feline in pursuing the Windsword, and nearly sacrificed Cayman to distract Primevil so "she' could claim the sword. Ultimately, Feline snatched the sword first and saved Cayman, and the group returned to the others.
    Flygirl and Hardcase were sent to retrieve the Roc's Egg, but Lord Pumpkin blasted Flygirl as she approached the cave, and she fell to the ground far below, leaving behind a trail of smoke. Lord Pumpkin ultimately retrieved the Egg, but his head was smashed by Argus who had detected his intentions of keeping the power for himself.

(Godwheel#3) - Feline refused to surrender the Windsword to Boneyard, and the sword--having bonded to Feline--unleashed a powerful blast against Boneyard when he tried to take it by force. Necromantra succeeded in claiming the final component of the Crucible, the Crystal Crown. Later, when the disembodied head of Boneyard attacked the others, Feline hurled the Windsword at it, seemingly destroying the head. The Windsword (or perhaps Rune) then took control of Feline, forcing her to fly Zumas back towards the Crucible, despite the others' arguments that they were risking someone gaining the Crucible's power by bringing the Windsword to it.
    As soon as they arrived, Feline (manipulated by Rune/Pressure and possibly by the Windsword as well) added the Windsword to the Crucible, and Necromantra shortly thereafter added the Crown, completing the Crucible. However, the real Pressure then crawled from the shadows and revealed Rune's deception to Cayman. Dropping his illusion, Rune attempted to usurp the power of the Crucible of Life for himself, but lost out to Argus. Necromantra then abandoned her host body, restoring it to the form of Mantra (Eden Blake). Mantra then removed the Crystal Crown, shutting down the force field around the Crucible. The energy disruption affected Argus adversely (you'll have to wait for his profile to see how adversely!), and he opened a portal to another dimension in hopes of summoning other gods to assist him. His portal opened into the Asgard associated with Earth-616, intended to bring in Loki, but he was instead rewarded with a crushing blow from Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor. Thor opened yet another portal, to which he sent the Crystal Crown, and then closed it down after Argus followed the Crown through the portal. After introductions and congratulations, Thor sent the others back to their world, and opened a portal back to Asgard.
    Feline, however, insisted she be sent to the Godwheel to seek out Flygirl, so she at least wouldn't be rotting without even a grave. Feline sensed that there was a place for her on the Godwheel, where she could find acceptance and perhaps even power. Cayman noted that this behavior did not seem like Feline.

(Freex#18) - Waver told Contrary that they had to find their missing teammates (the Academy students, like the Freex and everyone else, were unaware of the reality warp that had placed AJ as a member of the Freex). Contary had Waver transport everyone into her ship and from there to send her and the Freex into the tunnels to the realm of the Fire People (he stayed behind to man the ship. Later, Contary took AJ, whom she had inadvertently(?) incapacitated, out of the tunnels, intending to bring him back to her citadel in Mt. Shasta to treat him. She presumably brought him to her ship, and Waver brought them back to Mt. Shasta.

COMMENTS: Created by Gerard Jones, Ben Herrera, and Michael Christian.

In case it's not clear, Ultraverse Premiere was not an independent title, but rather a flip-book feature that shifted from title to title on a monthly basis. Ultraverse Premiere was on the back of Prototype#13.

The group pretty much met its end with Black September (BS for short).

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to


    Apparently catty in personality as well, Feline was brash and occasionally savage and feral. On the Godwheel, she successfully claimed the Windsword, preventing either Primevil or Rune (in the form of Pressure) from claiming it; but came under the influence of Rune, the Windsword, or both. She was driven to unite the Windsword with the other Crucible components, regardless of the danger uniting them posed. Following the defeat of Argus, she stayed behind to find Flygirl or ensure that she got a proper burial. She sought to find acceptance on the Godwheel and possibly power as well, possibly indicating she was still being influenced by someone or something.


    Feline possesses cat-like speed and agility, as well as razor-sharp claws and teeth. She may or may not have had superhuman strength and other feral abilities, such as enhanced olfactory senses, night vision, etc.


--Freex#10 (11, Prototype#13/Ultraverse Premiere#6, Freex#16, Godwheel#0-3









   Perhaps the most adjusted of the Academy, she followed orders, but also tried to get along with others. On the Godwheel, she joined Hardcase in trying to claim the Roc's Egg, but was blasted from the sky by Lord Pumpkin and seemingly fell to her death.

    Flygirl possesses large, butterfly-like wings that enable her to fly.

And no, she does not dance on television (a reference to "In Living Color's" dancers), as Contrary pointed out.


--Freex#10 (11, Prototype#13/Ultraverse Premiere#6, Freex#16, Godwheel#0-3













    Fiercely loyal to Contrary, he was also the butt of the jokes of Feline and Flygirl. He pretended not to care that they mocked his size and appearance, instead focusing on his studies and serving Contrary.


Waver has multi-faceted eyes from which he emits microwave blasts from his eyes.


--Freex#10 (11, Prototype#13/Ultraverse Premiere#6, Freex#13-14, 16, Godwheel#0, Freex#18





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Freex#11 (May, 1994)
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Freex#13-14 (September-October, 1994)
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